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Lenovo Tab M7 (3rd Gen) 7 Inch HD Tablet (2GB RAM, 32 GB Storage, Android 11) - Iron Grey - £59.99 + Free Collection (Selected) @ Argos

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Price dropped on this low cost budget tablet, don't expect iPad levels of performance of course

Fitted in a clean, compact and classic all-metal casing, the third generation Lenovo Tab M7, compared to its predecessors has inherited major performance boosts with a new quad-core processor and faster LPDDR4 RAM. Stream and play all day with a battery that enables up to 12 hours of video on a single charge and up to 30 percent faster charging speeds.

Premium metal cover compact and classy with a full metal cover design. Multi-user account everyone gets a profile with multiple accounts built in.

TDDI Display Vivid 7-inch IPS display with TDDI technology. Rapid Charging Up to 30% faster charge (compared with the previous generation).

Google Kids Space - Built-in kids' mode with Google Kids Space - Quality content to help kids discover, create and grow. Comes with Google Entertainment Space - One delightful home for all the entertainment you love.

About this item
  • Your daily tablet: Wonderfully refined design for a tablet with a premium look and comfortable hold, the Tab M7 is the ideal device for fast browsing and video watching.
  • Crystal clear display: A 7 Inch high-definition IPS screen (1024x600) LED equipped with brighter 350 nits and rich colour saturation for a truly vivid experience when watching videos and graphics.
  • Premium look and feel: At just 8.3 mm thin, the M7 is beautifully crafted with a premium smooth round-edged 90 Percent Iron Grey cover.
  • On-the-go-fun: With a battery life of 10 hours and weighing just 236.9 g, you can easily take the M7 Tab with you anywhere without having to worry about the next charge.
  • Safe and secure: Preloaded with the latest Android 11 software so as you can stay up to date and browse safely and smoothly.

Your new family tablet
Fitted in a clean, compact, and classic all-metal casing, the Tab M7 Gen 3 tablet is now significantly faster and longer lasting than its predecessor. This means a performance boost from its quad-core MediaTek® processor, and with a faster-charging battery that provides hours of video streaming on a single charge.
Argos More details at Argos

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    It's worth noting that this is Android 11 Go, I have two of these tablets and they perform much better than you'd expect as they don't have any of the usual bloat that android has.
    ^^ This! 
    I got a spare phone recently and it had Android 11 go and I was like "what's the Go version?" lol and I found out by Googling it. Much lighter version and it makes older/slower hardware run it a lot better. 

    No idea how this tablet runs but I can only imagine not too bad...considering the price! 
    So anyone reading/wondering, it might be worth taking note of this information. 
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    For £10 more you can have double the performance, more than double the screen and an extra gig of RAM hotukdeals.com/dea…078
    That's linking to an Amazon Fire Tablet?
    Don't they limit you and to get Google Play on it don't you have to do something custom?
    Or can you get them to end up like a normal tablet and have freedom to do what you want? lol
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    Whilst i havent read all the comments my initial thought when i saw the tablet was how can a 7 inch 2GB unit be so hot.Especially with the amount of times i see people berating 2GB tablets these days.
    Kids tablet. Perfectly fine.
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    Completely fine with kids... Have two and am surprised how well they run.... Usable and im very impatient lol (edited)
    What about the tablet though
  5. Avatar
    why are they still doing 2gb ram, please just stop.
  6. Avatar
    "Your new family tablet". I agree with the main description OP. Good for the price. Nice find 🔥
    EDIT : With £5 off for £40 spend when signing up for marketing emails that you have just posted, price is even more sweet 🍬 (edited)
    Do you have the link for that offer? Thanks
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    Tablet…..its the size of a phone.
    I hate 7 inch phones, will not fit in my pocket. I like 7 inch tablets, as it is very compact, perfect for when I go abroad.
  8. Avatar
    Thanks. .
    But now I don't know what to do with it😁
    49401296-og8kS.jpg (edited)
  9. Avatar
    59.99 for a chopping board. not bad
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    If it’s not faster than the newest iPad out currently I’m holding you responsible
    LOL. There is a disclaimer by MrSwitch "don't expect iPad levels of performance of course" , in the very first line of description about this deal (edited)
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    2GB RAM and Android 11 = pain. However that's why it is £59.99. Will be useful for somebody I am sure. Kids most likely, patient ones
    They DO patient ones. Dammit. I have ordered some, if I'd known
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    I bought this exclusively for RetroArch with 8 and 16bit games. Perfect size, I see no latency issues when paired with my 8BitDo bluetooth controller, and it takes micro sd cards too! All in all a lovely little emulation machine :-)
    For 8 and 16 bit I would have recommended a Nexus 9 to you for the 4:4 ratio.

    You can get wide-screen hacks, a big of a hassle as some are game specific but it's worth it.
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    I've got one for my little one ,and I was very surprised how good its runs.
  14. Avatar
    2GB RAM? Oh noo. Don't be surprised why everything will load slow or will stuck. Please don't buy tablets with less than 4GB or 6GB (edited)
    OK, I will not buy a table with 4 or 6gb ram, promise
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    Got two for the kids at Christmas. They run well enough for them not to get frustrated and the kids zone software is really good. Let's you control exactly what they can put on it, monitor usage, disable the device when it is time for it to 'rest' all wrapped up with an easy to use parents app for your phone.
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    I feeling slowly just reading the characteristic
  17. Avatar
    I was thinking the same re: RAM but hoping the positive feedback above is legitimate and not a windup.
  18. Avatar
    can i use this as a sat-nav?
  19. Avatar
    Would this be powerful enough to just be used exclusively for on,one banking apps?