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Posted 30 April 2024

LG SQC2 2.1Ch Bluetooth Sound Bar With Wireless Sub ( Discount at Checkout + free click and collect)

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The discount applies at Checkout.Back on offer again - better than half price!! Gets good user feedback and general reviews.

Key Features

Sophisticated design with big sound - the SQC2 Soundbar is specifically designed to match and enhance your TV. With the Wireless Subwoofer you can enjoy superb sound quality and easy placement. Plus with Adaptive Sound Control and the Auto Sound Engine, you can be sure of perfectly balanced audio for whatever you watch. Connectivity is key, with the ability to wake up your bar as soon as you play music via Bluetooth, and connect to your devices through USB, Optical or Portable In. You can also control the soundbar with your TV Remote.

Free your living room from wires. LG's active wireless subwoofer allows you to enjoy superb sound quality without compromising on design. Simply place your subwoofer in your room, plug in the power cable, and it will automatically connect – wirelessly – to the soundbar.

Adaptive Sound Control - LG's unique audio enhancing technology analyses the sound to ensure your audio instantly adapts to provide crystal clear dialogue or punchy powerful action whatever you choose to watch.

  • Model number: SQC2.
Audio processing

  • Dolby sound technology.
  • DTS technology.
  • 2.1 channels within the system.
  • Built-in active amplifier.

  • Optical audio port included (cable not included).
  • 1 USB port.
  • 3.5mm line in compatible.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Not WiFi compatible.
Smart features

  • Wireless music streaming.
Setup and features

  • Auto power off.
  • RMS power output (W): 300 watts.
  • Speaker bar RMS output: 100 watts.
  • Subwoofer RMS output: 200 watts.

  • Size of speaker bar H7.1, W95, D4.7cm.
  • Weight of speaker bar 2.47kg.
  • Size of subwoofer H32, W17.1, D25.2cm.
  • Weight of subwoofer 4.2kg.
  • System size H32, W112.1, D25.2cm.
  • Weight of system6.67kg.
General information

  • Includes: Soundbar, subwoofer, remote control, batteries, user manual, warranty card.
  • Remote control included - batteries required 2 x AAA (included).
  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 8806091902870.

The product page is here.

Demo videos

LG SQC2 2.1 Soundbar Unboxing and Setup with Audio Demos

LG SQC2 Dolby Soundbar Test

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  1. Rhead's avatar
    Also direct from LG at the same price, unless you join their members program (free) and it’s £97.99 with free delivery. Plus …. as a new joiner to their program there could be an additional 5% off. I’ve just joined and waiting to see if the 5% voucher pitches up and can be used

    Update ….. the 5% off works bringing it down to £93.09!! (edited)
  2. MrCynical's avatar
    Just watched the video - the design of the back of the soundbar, and the layout & positionng of the various sockets looks more than suspiciously like my £300 JBL 2.1 soundbar and bluetooth subwoofer. Looks like from the same assembly line, so this is a definite thumbs up
  3. castledine11's avatar
    TL;DR - Definitely worth grabbing if you’re in the market for a soundbar and don’t want it to cost the earth.

    Ordered this last night and picked it up today. Sound is good from both the bar and the sub. Not many options in terms of tweaking the sound but there’s enough (and can’t expect too much at this price point).

    Build quality seems good, the bar is quite heavy which I think is a plus. Looks nice too.

    I have tested it with my TV (standard audio cable only, no optical yet), Switch, Wii U and Bluetooth from my phone. All sound a little different and I needed to change the volume/bass levels to make it sound right for the device. The difference between ‘standard’ and ‘cinematic’ are noticeable and are worth using depending on what you’re watching/listening to.

    I’m no audiophile but I’d say this is definitely worth picking up at £99. I used BlueLight to get a bit more off because I’m too lazy for the other vouchers.
    Sherbat's avatar
    Thanks for your input, was it heavy in terms of weight? Planning to pick it up and walk home but might change to delivery if it's too heavy. 6.6KG didn't seem like much.
  4. shmittty's avatar
    This one has Dolby and DTS … but I can’t see Atmos and DTS X virtual listed… someone who knows their sound - this soundbar is compatible with both Dolby and DTS but it won’t take advantage of the latest sound files ? Is that right ?
    Alex_H's avatar
    Probably because it doesn't have any upward firing speakers so no hope of creating Atmos or Dolby x content. Too much to expect at this price point tbh.
  5. marco806's avatar
    Picked this up today for £91.50...hooked up to bedroom tv. Optical cable on the way, but bluetooth is absolutely fine. No delays. More than adequate. Very happy. (edited)
    dazzler1972's avatar
    Where is it £91.50 mate ?
  6. Mervyn_Taylor's avatar
    Excellent ordered
  7. jimbo23's avatar
    Fab... I don't like my neighbour.
    Winter98's avatar
    I live in a terraced house ... is this guaranteed to annoy neighbours ? Don't plan to turn it up to 11 , just general sound quality enhancement
  8. Skyler85's avatar
    Would this be OK for my pc? Could do with new speaker. Ta (edited)
    kev.markwell's avatar
    yeah you have 3.5mm or optical out to choose from.
  9. Paul1802's avatar
    That's a really good specification for the money. Excellent value.
  10. MrCynical's avatar
    Just noticed the "‘the difference between ‘standard’ and ‘cinematic’ are noticeable and are worth using" comment too, which backs up my suspicions that this might be a re badged JBL, as mine, on that mode...its hard to describe, but wow, it makes most things sound so.....wide....3d almost. I use it constantly, so, if its a rebadged JBL, this is an utter steal
  11. Jojo_PM's avatar
    Picked up today, thanks op
    marco806's avatar
    How is it? A decent buy...Thinking of getting this for bedroom tv....
  12. gallshau's avatar
    Anyone got one of these and can provide feedback? Reviews look good
    Patryk_Jjm4's avatar
    I've been using it for donkey years. Amazing. Very tempted to get 2nd one.
  13. dazbrady's avatar
    Just got mine direct from LG for £93 - and I will get TopCashBack on this order too -

    Don't know how I ended up at LG instead of Argos, but thank you

  14. RichtersParty's avatar
    Bought. Used the £5 voucher for new Argos email sign up, and x3 Nectar points back (May 1st to May 7th promo), making this £92.
    Heat added.
  15. MrCynical's avatar
    Oh Im tempted - many thanks OP
  16. astons_prince's avatar
    Will this work for Samsung?
    castledine11's avatar
    My TV is Sony and it works with how I have it setup.
  17. mcfly666's avatar
    Anyone pairing this with an LG G2? Not certain if the G2 will even support dolby?
    stec77's avatar
    I’d be interested in what you go for as I’ve also got the LG G2 in the 55” size but it’s still boxed up unopened at the moment. The standard TV has 60 watts of power for the sound as far as I’m aware which is pretty decent for a TV although I don’t know how they’ve managed that in such a thin set? 
  18. wohnair's avatar
    Cheaper on LG website with free delivery.
  19. anuruddha's avatar
    Just ordered it for £78.39 from LG after seen this video. Thank you for the post.
  20. dazzler1972's avatar
    Superb just signed up and got it for £93 quid so perfect,cheers for the info op
  21. poulsej's avatar
    This is still on offer. Replaced a JBL sb 150. This is way better. Thanks
  22. ZeroTheGhostDog's avatar
    Went for this today with £5 off using random email, so £94 collection.

    Only using default TV speakers on my B2 currently so hoping for a nice improvement!
  23. phantomx's avatar
    Just received £93 with code direct from LG excellent sound perfect in Bluetooth no need optical cable
  24. SilviuTns's avatar
    There is no discount, price is 200£ I’m doing something wrong with the discount or the price changed?
    poulsej's avatar
    Discount has ended. Fantastic soundbar though.
  25. Hoopman88's avatar
    How often does this go on sale ?
    poulsej's avatar
    Never seen it on sale before
's avatar