Posted 13 May 2024

Samsung S60B All In One Lifestyle Soundbar Speaker (2022) - 5.0ch All In One Soundbar With 7 Speakers, Adaptive Sound, Alexa, Dolby Atmos 3D

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Also available on amazon from a different seller for £259.

Seems a great price for a 5 channel soundbar. Is 399 at richer sounds.

  • Experience Truly Immersive Doby Atmos 3D Surround - Hear objects as if they were in the room with Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound on your S60B Soundbar Speaker. All without the need for wires as our soundbar provides wireless Dolby Atmos.
  • A 5.0ch All In One Lifestyle Soundbar Speaker That Fills A Space With Sound - Thanks to our built in AVA, Centre speaker and also side speakers, the S60B can fill your space with sound. The centre speaker enhances dialogue, so you never miss a word.
  • Sound That Suits You - The S60B comes with Adaptive Sound and Night & Voice enhancement modes built-in, this means that the sound will automatically adjust to suit your content of choice. For the perfect audio every time.
  • Control And Connect With Ease - Not only does the S60B come with Amazon Alexa built-in, it is also made for seamless connection thanks to Bluetooth, Airplay 2, HDMI and Wi-Fi connection all there for limitless pairing possibilities.
  • The Ultimate Home Cinema Experience With Q-Symphony - Put the power of a cinema in your living room when you pair a Samsung TV and Samsung Soundbar. Smart AI works to utilize the channels from both devices for an immersive sound experience.
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  1. bruce287's avatar
    Superb price
    whyhellothere's avatar
    i agree, I've gone for one of these from ebay brand new for £185, but even at the 299, (or 260 from the amazon seller), it's a great price for all of these specs
  2. sheffield788's avatar
    I don't know why some find this as a superb price. I had 2 and sold them for £100 each. Sealed. And I paid much less than this price for them. Also, got cashback from Samsung.
    To me, a good price for this is £100, and an ok-ish price is max £150.
    green422ow's avatar
    agree. paid 500 for the s800b and got 250 off samsung 2 years ago. same range, much better package
  3. Neil82's avatar
    I got one free with a S90c TV a couple of weeks ago. It's decent for what it is, comparable to a Sonos Beam I also use. For some reason though, I can't get Alwxa to work with it
    Calumt's avatar
    Have you tried alexa?
  4. Uns's avatar
    whyhellothere's avatar
    Really? When I searched this model on hukd, I only saw it as part of deals where you bought a TV
  5. whyhellothere's avatar
    What do you think would be a good price for these?
  6. denk's avatar
    At this price you might as well get the Q700C (edited)
  7. Dealmaker's avatar
    is it any good or does it need a sub to shine?
    Calumt's avatar
    Pretty dam good tbh I have a q990c and a cheaper hisense this is fairly decent
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