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Samsung HW-N400 2Ch Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer - £119 @ Argos / eBay
Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Discover an amazing entertainment experience with the HW-N400. From crisp high notes to warm and life-like tones, two wide-range tweeters and two mid-range drivers bring music and … Read more

Am I right I’m thinking “built in subwoofer” actually always means “does not have anywhere near enough low-end” with sound bars?


yes strange (confused)


Neither bar has a hdmi input... Both just use optical. Its weird.


most prob the Tesco one hasnt HDMI CEC


Only soundbars with support for HDMI CEC will allow for volume control over a HDMI cable. Rarely do TVs implement volume control over optical, so do prefer an HDMI connection over an optical if available...

Wharfedale Diamond SW150 Walnut Subwoofer £141.55 avopro eBay
Posted 11th AugPosted 11th Aug
Not a massive saving but seems like good value for money, was looking at getting a new sub where I need a powered one for my new system rather than the older one I have here.

I had one of these with wharfedale diamond 9.1's and I was never impressed with them, they just didn't sound good. Sold them after a few months at a big loss.


I was going to go for the Wharfedale but then saw this. After seeing most of the comments, im leaning more towards the Tannoy or trying to find another pricier model but nothing too expensive. Ive got a monitor audio bronze center and bookshelf, one of them is version 1 the other 2 cant remember which way around! The subs for these seem quite pricy so why i was looking at something else


These threads are like Dejavu. It starts with a few people praising the sub. Eventually you have someone come along and say that you may as well spend a bit more and get a BK gemini which is far superior quality. Having gone through the experience my view is this. The BK gemini actually costs £216 including delivery, and the odd time they are sold second hand they go for around £190-200. Now the wharfedale usually has 2/3 a week being sold second hand on ebay and you can get anywhere between £50-80. I got lucky with mine and found one for collection only for £40. My view is that yea for £40 cant go wrong. Job done


I have the tannoy ts2.10 and been very pleased with it. Amazing bit of kit really and lots of punch. Had it since 2016.


I have this sub and the port noise from it is horrendous. Yes I should have saved for a BK but I was already pushing it spending £300 on a music system for my garage gym

Sony HT-S20R - 5.1ch 400 Watts Soundbar with wired subwoofer and rear speakers, £189.05 at Curys/ebay with code
Refreshed 12th AugRefreshed 12th Aug
Nice system on offer here. Specification Brand: SONY Model: HT-S20R 5.1 Sound Bar MPN: 4548736107137 4K pass-through: No Preset sound modes: - Auto Sound;- Cinema;- Music;- Stan… Read more

Anything Wireless ?


Nooo I just clicked the link and now I'm waiting for the price of Sony HT-RT5 to go down...


I am waiting for price of Sony HT-RT5 to go down can't be bothered with so many wires. Is there other similar product from a good brand?


They probably don't watch much TV seen as they've only got one bit of furniture for a family of 4!


Maybe they're got built in zoom lenses XD

Sony HT-S20R 400W 5.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer and Rear Speakers 2 Yr Warranty - £199 inc. delivery @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Sony’s HT-S20R is a powerful 5.1 channel sound bar system boasting 400W of Dolby Digital audio. Two wired rear speakers and an external subwoofer work in unision with the 3 channel… Read more
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You need a wire to connect to TV either optical (which I believe is supplied) or HDMI. The subwoofer has its own independent power and all speakers including the soundbar plug into that. The only wireless aspect of this unit is the ability to stream music to it via bluetooth.


Sorry for the silly question, but not got a clue about these. When people say wireless, do you mean wireless to the tv, but independent power?




Are rear without wire?


wired sub unfortunately, will have to keep on looking.

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Q Acoustics 3010 x2, 3090C and 3070S Subwoofer (Graphite) 5.1 Speaker Package £429 @ Richer Sounds
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
This package includes the Q Acoustics 3010 (X2), 3090C Centre & 3070S Subwoofer. Q Acoustics 3010 Although still a relatively new brand, the Q Acoustics 3010 speakers already… Read more

I'll take a look, thanks.


I'll take a look, thanks.


Monitor audio C165 ceiling speakers are worth a shot, pick them up for around £150 a pair (y) 🏻


Amazingly my wife said yes to a receiver upgrade, as long as it is smaller than the current Denon AVR1610. Looking at the slimline Marantz NR1711 to future-proof somewhat. I'll chance my luck suggesting this new speaker package too and see what response I get....


It will be more than enough for all those things.

Sumvision Ncube Pro 2 LED Bluetooth Speaker 5.0 Stereo Multimedia Wireless Speaker 2.1 with Bass Boost Subwoofer £39.99 @ Amazon
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Decent Price for this Fantastic looking LED Light 2.1 Subwoofer speaker. The Look and sound quality is GOOD Next generation n-cube-2 2.1 speaker set with elegant and powerful e… Read more

cools (y)


very stylish. thanks for the photo.


Good deal. Thanks @garyoliver


Yes. camelcamelcamel


time machine??

LG SH2 2.1 Channel Soundbar & Wired 100W Subwoofer - £75 Delivered @ Hughes
471° Expired
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
I posted this a few days ago from John Lewis here for £79, now Hughes have reduced it plus using the code takes it to £74, an extra fiver in your back sky rocket. A set I pers… Read more

I didn't even look for one, but you may be able to get one separate on ebay, maybe.


Great price - but lack of remote puts me off!


Was going to post this yesterday, going for around £90 new. This is a refurb.


Missed out - any other good deals out there?



Panasonic SC-HTB700EBK 3.1 Ch, 376W Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X - £279.99 delivered @ Costco
201° Expired
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Decent offer at Costco for this quality Panasonic soundbar kit. :) Next best i think is Amazon for £303.86 -- The HTB700 offers various sound modes so you can enjoy the best … Read more
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Many thanks for this I ll give the TCL a trial as well its just that its out of stock at the moment, will keep an eye out for it.


Yes I've got the TCL, it's a pretty amazing soundbar to be honest. It is still short some software updates to enable the smart assistants, however it's otherwise been flawless. It's got better output than the phillips in both the speakers and the sub woofer and pretty great clarity that I'm impressed with. I have heard better, but not for that price or anywhere close to it, and after breaking in a bit I'm actually continually impressed with the audio and the waveguides offer a really impressive alternative to surround sound that actually works unlike some of the fully digital systems I've set up in the past painstakingly using a remote mic to calibrate and being disappointed. To be honest the biggest metrics for success that have stuck with me have been that unlike some soundbars in this price range I always notice if it hasn't came on no matter what content I'm consuming. And generally I'm listening to things quieter than I have before as the clarity and soundstage are phenomenal(also the subwoofer is powerful enough to be anti-social).


Do have the TCL to give your Opinion on it, I bought the Philips TAPB603 and its sunds amazin, I wonder if the TCL will have anything better to offer?


sold I take it, got that email today so follow the eBay page for alerts as always coming on


Yep can’t find the link either.

LG SH2 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wired Subwoofer, Black - £79 Delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
433° Expired
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
I have this set, and it is genuinely very loud and great bass, I'm no expert on soundbar, but this is a great price. Sorry not the best photos :) Enhance the sound of your … Read more

No probs, thanks for the feedback though




I want (a lot) better sound than my TV. I want it to last years not weeks. I want to pay about £100. Am I dreaming? Whaddya think?


Heat. Have 2 lg sound bars. Latest is sk5r with wireless rear speakers. Works great.


As long as it makes you happy switchy then its all good ... Heat added

TCL TS9030 RAYDANZ, 3.1 Ch, 540W Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer with Dolby Atmos - £269.89 @ Costco
76° Expired
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Features - Dolby Atmos and RAY-DANZ Technology - 540W Total Output Power - Ground-Shaking Bass and Specialized Sound Modes - Wireless Subwoofer - HDMI ARC and HDMI input - Bluetoo… Read more

I was quite impressed but sent mine back as I couldn't connect to WiFi.


Back in stock but now £299, what's the opinion of it now you guys have a bit more time to play with it?


Went to Costco last night none in store. Hope they get this back in stock ;(


Given this is new on the market I don't think it will be any cheaper and I did a fair bit of reading and having now lived with it getting better will be a lot more cash. I considered Sonos, but it looked like you were paying for the brand and the songs features which like you I wouldn't use. With the tcl the moneys gone into the speakers themselves and squeezing in the hardware to do atmos decoding. I suspect the reason this is cheaper than even rrp before the discount is that it hasn't had the software update for the assistants and the fact it appears at least a good number are short a uk power cable. Its a cracking deal, once these are gone and they've got the word out and the issues corrected I suspect it might creep up to 350 to 400.


I'm just not in any rush to buy, so don't mind waiting. I'm looking for a sound bar in the £200-£300 range and this seems quite good. I was also looking at the sonos beam but not convinced and feel like i'm paying for the whole sonos experience when I wouldn't be adding to it...

Samsung HW-R530 2.1-Channel Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer (EU Plug) - £139.57 (£136.68 via Revolut) Amazon Italy
220° Expired
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
This a good price for this soundbar and you can save a further £3 by using a fee free card. Put yourself at the heart of every movie with the sleek and powerful HW-R530 Power… Read more

anyone had delivery yet? I bought two weeks back but still not shipped


Coming in at £141 something....


You have to send back to Italy at your own expense and they don't speak English either. Amazon UK won't deal with anything bought in Amazon Italy.


what happens if items become faulty, would amazon UK take care of it or will i have to send back to Italy?


This is a great post bud, will be buying a few of these, cheers.

Majority K2 / Ben Nevis 150W soundbar with wireless subwoofer £59.99 with voucher Sold by iZilla and Fulfilled by Amazon.
294° Expired
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
25% code option takes price to £59.99 at checkout. Not a Sonos or a Bose but a good price for a nice looking soundbar with a wireless subwoofer and optical and HDMI inputs. Avail… Read more
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Anyone know the promotional code? Thanks!


Expired now


Anyone know the promotion code? Thanks!


I think it’s me being used to the Z623s which have THX and stuff. No worries.


Thanks for the fair comparison and it sounds pretty much what you'd expect from £60's worth of tech. Tinny is the killer word for me so I'll pass on this one.

Philips Soundbar TV PB603/10 Dolby Atmos Soundbar (Bluetooth, Dolby Atmos, 300 W, Wireless Subwoofer, HDMI ARC, USB) - £209.99 @ Amazon
292° Expired
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Best price yet for what seems like a good sound bar and subwoofer.

Yep just tested this with plex and DTS it downmixed it to stereo.


Does anyone know what happens if its fed a DTS signal? Downmixed to stereo I presume?


Heat from me I’ve been waiting for this to drop in price want it to go with my Philips oled tv. I have the LG SK5R 4.1 at the moment it’s nice but no Atmos so Fleabay for it (y)


Thanks for posting and welcome to hotukdeals (y)


I went in to currys to try this as I have an LG TV. It was woefully quiet for the money. I wouldn’t recommend it.

TCL TS9030 Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer - £299 delivered @
64° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Slightly Cheaper than the Costco Deal if you don't have membership Whether you’re watching a film or dancing the night away, this TCL soundbar will bring your room to life. The 3… Read more

Sorted now.. Think I've either got a dodgy HDMI cable or connector in the Soundbar. Thanks


Try turning the TV and soundbar off at the plug and wait a few seconds then turn both on. That fixed it for me :) plus you'll need to enable to TV ARC.


Has anyone else that has bought this, tried the HDMI feed through.. (where you have an external HDMI source plugged into the soundbar, and the TV plugged into the HDMI Arc input).. Can't get mine to work at all..TV not detecting any signal coming up from the Soundbar


I bought this on the costco deal last week, really happy with it. I don't know a lot about this sort of tech but it sounds great to me. Crazy powerful too. There's some really helpful info in the costco post for anyone that's interested

Q Acoustics 3010 x2, 3090C and 3070S Subwoofer (Graphite) 5.1 Speaker Package £429 @ Richer Sounds In-Store & By Phone ONLY.
567° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd JulLocalLocal
This package includes the Q Acoustics 3010 (X2), 3090C Centre & 3070S Subwoofer. Q Acoustics 3010 Although still a relatively new brand, the Q Acoustics 3010 speakers already… Read more
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I need a new centre speaker. Is there any difference between the 3090c and 3090ci can anyone tell me? There is £50 difference


Is this overkill for PC setup as I watch my movies through a 49in monitor :o ?


I replaced my Onkyo skh410 with Elac Debut A4 Atmos, they're better, but all upfiring speakers are a bit pants


You can sell the sub for over £100 on eBay at the moment no questions asked. Not that the sub is that bad, it's better than a Cambridge Audio one I had


Ah I think you are right..I bought one recently and actually thought it had power on and off.. hey ho.. it's a great sub and huge difference between this and 3070s

Tannoy TS2.8 Subwoofer (Refurbished Item) £- 149 Delivered @ Richer Sounds
241° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
This is a decent price 50% off, very few in stock ONLINE only, if you fancy a BRAND NEW one the BEST Deal if can find is the Peter Tyson deal which is £189 but ONLY on the walnut o… Read more
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Great, that's exactly the sort of answer I'm looking for. I hear good things about the BK and if they're anywhere near as good as people say then 3-400 is probably a bargain. Thanks, I didn't know about the new PR so will definitely look into it!


Thank you, appreciate the reply


The T0 is an extremely elegant looking REL sub. Which means that it is overpriced. The BK Gemini II like most BK subs is an attractive box. So on looks the REL wins hands down. On performance just about any BK sub will be better. If you are not a bass-head then for music in a moderately sized bedroom either will do the job. Personally I would have to be earning a lot more money to consider buying any REL sub when most of their competitors make subs at least at good for less money. But REL has a following because their subs are said to be musical. I doubt very much they are 100s of pounds more musical than a BK.


Is the Gemini II a good sub? I’m considering it over the REL T-zero, appreciate it is larger but is available in a similar price range on eBay. Mostly need for music and using in a moderate size bedroom. Thanks in advance!


It depends what you mean by cheap. The best "cheap" subs out there, and I mean the best by far are the BK P12-S300 series, made in Essex I think. These start at around 320 quid on eBay. That's why I put cheap in quotation marks. But here's the thing, these subs sound as good as subs twice their price. Read the reviews. Tight bass, sub 20Hz LFE with 300w amplifiers. The new PR range has a passive radiator just like Tannoy TS2.8 which increases the surface area for (apparently) even deeper bass. I would love someone to compare the original and the PR but if I was buying a sub now, I would be seriously looking at the PR. Unfortunately they start at around 400 quid. If you don't want to spend 300 quid then the TS2.8 is a great sub for the price. .......and yes I've been through a few cheaper setups ;)

Sumvision Ncube Pro 2 Bluetooth 5.0 , Bluetooth Speaker Multimedia stereo 2.1 speaker with Bass Boost subwoofer - £39.99 @ Amazon
308° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Simply the best 2.1 speaker for the price right now. Really astonishing sound with probably one of the most detailed intricate bass I have tried at this price range (And I have tri… Read more
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i have this speaker, worth the money. very good (y)


really nice speaker, been using it for 2 weeks now. no problem


Got this for my new pc build great build quality and sound for the price. Also has Bluetooth so can connect phone etc which is handy


very stylish design, cools


price good, sound good, look good on my desk and I am (y)

Sony HTXF9000.CEK 2.1 Ch Dolby Atmos/DTS X Bluetooth Soundbar with Vertical Surround Engine and Subwoofer £242.19 with voucher @ Amazon
282° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
10% OFF voucher will be applied at checkout. Voucher valid until Tuesday, 07 July 2020 or while stocks last.
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I once had this unit and the firmware update sorted the sync issues. I have the sony ht zf9 now


Hmmm uses about 15 times more space too...... It's what soundbars are all about, unobtrusive, barely noticeable and use minimum space.I know it's only my opinion but those speakers are an eyesore.


I have this soundbar. I bought it to match my Sony tv. Just make sure you update to the latest firmware straight away. I did and no sync or drop outs at all since then.


Thank you, good idea, as I never remember about warranty and never find the receipts.


Unfortunately not 10% off everything! ;( This is just a promotion they're doing on certain Sony products. Still worth being a member as the app saves all your receipts (online + in-store) which is handy for checking warranty dates, and pre-Covid you got a free coffee + cake voucher every few months.

LG SL4Y 2.1 Wireless Soundbar & Subwoofer incl 6 months free Spotify Premium (45% off) £159 @ Currys
202° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Impressively powerful A great picture needs great sound to match. The LG SL4Y 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar sounds as good as it looks, and it's powerful enough for everything from cup f… Read more
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It only has optical in, so no Arc


Yep, optical only, so it's pretty limited. You need to go up the range for HDMI connections.




Would like to know also


Is this only optical ?

Sonos Sub Certified Refurbished wireless subwoofer - £499 delivered at Sonos Shop
31° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Sonos Sub Certified Refurbished wireless subwoofer - £499 delivered at Sonos Shop
£499 Free P&P FreeSonos Shop Deals
Only Black seems to be available (Gen 2) The wireless subwoofer for deep bass. Hear and feel the difference when you connect Sub to any Sonos system.
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Go to unidays website and see if your eligible. Basically you need to be a student.


Can anybody use one and how do you get it thanks


It means 15% discount


What does the Unidays discount mean !


I'm sure they will. The Play:1s went OOS yesterday I think, now there's more again. Unfortunately my PerksAtWork says they have no more codes available, which I haven't seen before.

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