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Posted 21 May 2023

Lyca Mobile 20GB Data -£3.50pm / 30GB -£4.50pm / 100GB - £6pm -EU roaming - first 3 months price - no contract, Student offer @ Lycamobile

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It says student offer, but I tried and you can just buy as its not asking any sort of proof.

Lycamobile More details at
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  1. Rimi's avatar
    Lyca is bad, very bad. Better avoid as disappointment guaranteed. No VoLTE, no WIFI calling, no customer support, 5G speed is nearly the same as LTE. Hit and miss for roaming, had no connection in Greece, in Germany worked only when switched to 3G, same in Poland.
    Cyril_Blake's avatar
    So if I don't go to Greece, Germany and Poland or use WiFi calling for the next three months I'll be fine? (edited)
  2. 22copperfield1's avatar
    Goddam awful company
  3. YourUserNameIsTaken's avatar
    Tempting to get this just for an upcoming holiday. Hmmm
    irradiated's avatar
    cheaper than paying for a roaming pass
  4. DocH's avatar
    Lyca does not gave great internet speed. I have 3 bars but still struggle as compared to Lebara which has 3 bars and we can run netflix on hd tv. I will be changing to lebara very soon.
    emlin's avatar
    Lebara use a different network so there's no surprise that you may find different performance at a particular location.
  5. CaptainRogers's avatar
    I think I’ve seen wireless sim routers in the past or something like that. Could I put this sim in one and share the WIFI with the kids for an upcoming holiday. Also any recommendations for such a device?
    KennyBania's avatar
    Those are mifi devices, you need a specific SIM for those, strictly loaded with data.
    These sims and their data do not register on mifi devices.

    Alternative is that you create a hotspot out of your phone, that will allow approved devices to tether the data from your plan.

    Also be aware there is a fair usage limit on these sims, so the data you're buying is not what you can use abroad. (edited)
  6. ahotukdeal's avatar
    Is there a way to access free wi-fi on the tube London underground when on Lyca?
  7. wakkaday's avatar
    What network this run off ?
    sajidtg's avatar
    sajidtg Author
  8. ggfergy's avatar
    This seems to indicate it's a 12-month contract but it's very unclear
    sajidtg's avatar
    sajidtg Author
    No, it's no contract so can cancel anytime

  9. goldengraeme's avatar
    What is the data allowance for roaming in the EU? It mentions that data is capped but doesn't state the limit.
    Rimi's avatar

  10. nnj10's avatar
    I am just waiting for Lebara to match/ provide better deal than this.
    Rimi's avatar
    So Lebara has 20GB for £1.99 already HERE , cheaper than Lyca's £3.50 (edited)
  11. ssc1's avatar
    Can u hotspot/teather?
  12. G00NER1980's avatar
    Doesn't work in turkey lol
  13. thebiggishman's avatar
    Think my cheap Lebara is so to run out , are these any good?
  14. Monkeyface's avatar
    I'm using the £1/mo bundle at the moment but I have no idea how many minutes / data are left because it just says dial a ussd code to check your balance but when I do the response is just INF minutes, INF mb which I doubt is true.
  15. Zaak's avatar
    Anyone use / recommend Lyca?
  16. ketsunoanna's avatar
    So switched from Vod and needed cheap SIM, coverage not brilliant and you need to edit APN to get any reliable speed
  17. gary333's avatar
    On Lyca's website it says to get a PAC code to leave to text 65075. Yet, when texting that number is says the message is not deliverable!
    Louis1229's avatar
    i can send out the message, but i get a message “Sorry, your PAC request has failed for the mobile number: 44xxxxxxxxxx. Please try again later or contact customer service!”

    anyone know how to get a pac?

    i have try to use live chat in the ios app, but it will disconnect every time i confirm i need a pac code
  18. Junesama's avatar
    Great if you dont mind 10 spam calls a day without ever giving your number to anyone
    gary333's avatar
    Yep, something fishy going on. I had my number over 20 years and probably had 2 or 3 spam calls in that time. Move to Lyca couple of months ago and had 5 already!
  19. BarneyRubble's avatar
    Are the lyca/lebara 1p deals not on at the moment?
  20. dreamypuma's avatar
    When buying Lyca SIM offers, do you need to activate the SIM card and offer immediately on receipt?

    My current contract is not due to finish until 1st July, and typically when I look for offers there's never quite the right one at the time.
  21. pinkpanther123's avatar
    I’m just in the process of getting out of Lyca. Appalling service, no network most of the times. Calls get dropped or have no sound. Lebara are much better
    dreamypuma's avatar
    Two different networks, Lebara use Vodafone and Lyca use o2 - I'm sure that others will have opposite issue depending on where they are.
  22. Louis1229's avatar
    Anyone know how to port out from lyca?

    i had text PAC to 65075 but i get a message
    "Sorry, your PAC request has failed for the mobile number: 44xxxxxxxxxx. Please try again later or contact customer service!"

    i have try to use live chat in the ios app, but it will disconnect every time i confirm i need a pac code
  23. uncleroger's avatar
    How to get this as an ESIM?
    crazydad's avatar
    You have to order this deal with a physical sim, then when it's delivered and started order a free esim then do the sim swap in "my account" after you have registered. I prefer to use their website rather than the app.
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