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Auchentoshan 21 year old £99.90 @ Master of Malt
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Auchentoshan 21 year old on offer with free delivery. Yes it is still expensive but going rate on amazon is usually around £120 so a good saving if you're looking to step up your b… Read more

spent far too much on whisky over Nov and Dec otherwise I would be pouncing on this, great price


Got a bottle of 30 year old Aldi whisky for £15.99. Sorted.


Great price. Thanks for the post


A mass produced bottle form an authorised retailer will not be fake. This study was on rare bottles that are sold at auctions. Bottlings that will fetch thousands, if not £1M+


Good price

Highland Park 12 Year Old Whisky £19.95 (Masters of Malt - £6.95 delivery)
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Decent whisky for the price. Nearest is Amazon at £25 Basic shipping charges below (read through the website for additional charges you may be subject to). If you're from Northern… Read more

£25 in asda at the moment


Got to stock up at they prices. Got a free 3cl sample as well so merry christmas all round (y)


I don't know why but I appreciate the way you live life. I hope they throw in a sixth for free 🤞


I just ordered 5 bottles for £99.75 as that qualifies for free delivery. Saving over a fiver a bottle on the cheapest I normally get it so heat from me (y)


That's true. It's aimed more towards people creating a larger booze order. Fingers crossed for Amazon though

Glenfiddich Experimental Series - Winter Storm (Batch 2)  £149.95 Masters of Malt
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
This is a deal for only the whisky collector. If like me, you have the other 3 bottles in the Experiment series and were waiting for this price to drop, master of malt have £50 off… Read more
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Great price


and so it is, my apologies, i did search for white storm, which didnt bring anything back


Duplicate post


Good price (y) 🔥


5% Quidco worth a shout

Naga Chilli Vodka Escalation Advent Calendar Was £99 now £24.95 at Masters of Malt  & 11% cashback on Quidco
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
P&P £4.89. let me know if anyone can find a code for more discount or free delivery
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Should make Christmas morning in the loo interesting. In my experience their Naga vodka (though tasty) is 10 times worse on way out than on the way in. Your tears of pain can be used to gently moisten the loo roll before wiping ;-)


And in the 24th window is an NHS coupon to have your melting prolapse rectified... Hot from me... (Literally)

Glenfiddich Experimental Series - Winter Storm (Batch 2) FLASH SALE £149.95 @ MASTEROFMALT.COM
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Glenfiddich Experimental Series - Winter Storm (Batch 2) this amazing whisky is now on sale for another hour at £149.95 bargain! was £199

and also great delivery at that, incredibly well packaged, they took out my batch 1 bottle and packed it separately. Also got a little bottle of singleton for free with it with this #whiskysanta thing they are doing


Great deal and deserves more heat, you will also get quidco with this. Raging i just ordered batch 1 from them on sunday (arrived today) and batch 2 went down £50, nevermind. Got £13.33 back with quidco at £199.95


Thanks insight is a wonderful thing..


BTW, as a starting point you might want to have a look at, or even get a subscription to rarewhisky101 - I think you would find their insight into what is achievable in terms of appreciation interesting.


LOL. In that case I will wish you the best of luck.

Gin advent calendar, was £124.95 now £44.95 at Masters of Malt
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Gin advent calendar from Masters of Malt, down from £124.95 to £69.95 Then use code GINADVENT25 to make it £44.95 Delivery £4.89 Contains 24 x 30ml gins. Full list available on … Read more

Just to say this has been really nice so far. Ordered it and been getting through them. Some real premium gins in here, a couple of ordinary ones, like Edinburgh Gin and an inexpensive Whittley palma violet, but some really nice ones I would never have tried. My favourite so far in the Dictador, columbian aged gin. But looking at the list, a far more eclectic and rare set of gins than the costco. And at £44 was basically only a tiny bit more than a single expensive gin. (party)


To put the price in perspective, Costco have been selling a similar product but containing 24 x 50ml bottles and it is £60. The quality of the gins is pretty much on par. This therefore seems way overpriced to me especially before but even after the discount.


Back in stock, but £85 Ish now. Code still works to take it down to £60


My local Morrisons in Eccles has quite a few of these for £44.95


Love him haha

Chivas Regal 25 years old £219.90 @ Masters of malt
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
Awarded 95 points in the 2010 Whisky Bible, Jim Murray rated this his Scotch Blend of Year in the 18 years and over category. Chivas Regal 25 year old is a delicious blend, with no… Read more
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Seems a bit expensive - The 18 can sometimes be picked up for £40, bit of a price hike to the 25.


Sure is. Best to snort it after the drink


Any good with coke ?


They already have and free delivery for prime


Amazon will probably match this?

Gin advent calendar from Master of Malt was £124.95 Now £69.84 + 11% Quidco + Free Dram of Deadman Fingers Coconut Rum @ Master of Malt
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Discounted down from £124.95 to £89.95 Then Add Code GINADVENT25 for another £25 Discount. Delivery cost is £4.89 arrives in approx 3 Days. Also Get another 11% cashback Via Quid… Read more

These are now much lower in price! £41 with the discount


Great find thank you. Worth it for the not run of the mill gins - quality not quantity. Ordered, free Irish gin and delivery tomorrow! Heat heat heat!


Some unusual gins in this one at a more acceptable price (half of what I would have paid had I bought it last week, not that I would have) heat from me and thank you for taking the time to post


Ordered (y)


Morrison’s £44

Whisky Advent Calendar - Red (2018) - (Master Of Malt) - £119.99 delivered
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Flash sale (limited time, expires tomorrow midday). Free delivery. Was £124.95 on Ocado over the last few days but its out of stock there. 24 x 3cl samples, the price is because t… Read more

I’ve been through the list of the contents. Nothing special in there. It is a nice gimmick. Who wants a shot of whisky every day though? I’d much rather spend £40 on a whisky tasting session and then buy a bottle of something I fall in love with for £80 or more...! Join your local whisky society to find out!


Charming ambitious thought,but at £4:99 a! :{


Pretty much works out at £120 for a standard bottle of whisky


Me neither! Nothing beats a chocolate !


So it equates to £4.99/ bottle. Not for me.

Glenfarclas 105 22 Year Old £149.95 @ Masters of malt
Found 8th Oct 2018Found 8th Oct 2018
In celebration of Glenfarclas 105 's 50th birthday, the distillery in Speyside has released a limited edition variation of the robust, punchy expression made exclusively with whis… Read more
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This is my second bottle. (y) 🏻 Wasn’t expecting the another chance to buy another for retail. Really surprised when I saw it. When I cork it at Christmas, I’ll be safe in the knowledge another bottle is sitting pretty in the collection. I learnt this a couple of years ago with a Dalmore Mackenzie I bought. Always regretting never tasting it when it went off to auction 6 years after buying it.


For anything exclusive and low volume like this, always try and buy 2 bottles. Drink the first, and keep the second until it doubles in value, and sell it to fund the cost of both. That way someone who appreciates the whisky (you) gets to enjoy the good stuff, funded by a wealthy collector!


Haha. Probably! Yeah, i keep an eye out for my year. It’s always worth seeking expensive bottles via the auction websites. Can make a huge saving on the ultra premium stuff.


You must be older than me or it’s an exceptional vintage! I got mine for about £250 off a scotch whisky auction website. Maybe have a look you might be able to save some cash compared to retail. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a bottle but it’s kinda special and Glenfarclas do a great job.


I’ve always wanted to buy my birth year family Cask. Sadly MoM want £570 for it! That’s way too rich for me.

Springbank 12 Cask Strength £54.09 / £58.98 delivered @ Masters Of Malt
Found 13th Feb 2018Found 13th Feb 2018
Springbank 12 Cask Strength £54.09 / £58.98 delivered @ Masters Of Malt
QUICKLY NOW! Best bang for your buck whisky in the world. Very hard to find at retail! It’ll be £90 next week once sold out! The latest 12yo cask strength follows the normal matur… Read more
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Luckily mine arrived from there today.


No more stock at Royal Mile anymore. Had to order from Master of Malt.


I got one of last year's release from an auction site for £50 last month, worth checking as when loads of people put them on the price drops


I was on The Green Welly Stop website yesterday and saw these on sale (more expensive there, £62.99 inc delivery) - I immediately panic ordered and am now slightly annoyed at myself - OP is absolutely right though, the price will shoot up so by next week and stock will just disappear


Nice. Epic whisky. Worth every penny! Don’t enjoy it too much though as it’s hard to get hold of throughout the year! Haha

Cardhu Gold Reserve 70cl Gift Pack £24.95 (£29.84 delivered) from Master of Malt online
Found 9th Feb 2018Found 9th Feb 2018
Cardhu Gold Reserve 70cl Gift Pack £24.95 (£29.84 delivered) from Master of Malt online
£29.84£43.9932%Masters of Malt Deals
Current Asda deal £26, for £4 more a gift set with two glasses.

That would be good.... Get free delivery then as well


Amazon do price match?


I have to admit that I do love this whisky. Often at this price, but without the glasses. Hot!


great price £43.50 on amazon thanks op

Choya extra years 70cl - £24.98 delivered @ Master of Malt
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
Choya extra years 70cl - £24.98 delivered @ Master of Malt
Great price for 70cl and free postage, usually £30+ Adifferent drink for an Xmas pressie.
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£10k advent calendar for £9995 @ Masters Of Malt
Found 16th Sep 2017Found 16th Sep 2017
£10k advent calendar for £9995 @ Masters Of Malt
I'm just gutted I can't afford one each for all my kids. 24 drams of rare whisky, which considering the value of a full bottle of some of them does make this a good deal. At l… Read more

I tried that one, but the judge wasn't biting (shock)


if you add all their ages up they are 18


Agree. I had a bottle of the caol Ila cask strength, something like 65% and thought no way am I adding anything to this. Nearly burnt my throat haha so water is definitely the way forward with some. I'm a snob so I never use tap water, needs to be Voss it at a push evian.


Perks of being IT director, can have a glenfarclas whilst swearing at SQL code.


Lol, I'd love to see if they could justify Brexit causing an increase in price. It's all Scottish Whisky. Though I love how you can have a dram at work (y)

Sobieski Vodka (70cl, 37.5%)  free shipping £16.25 delivered @ Masters Of Malt
Found 15th Jun 2017Found 15th Jun 2017
Sobieski Vodka (70cl, 37.5%) free shipping £16.25 delivered @ Masters Of Malt
Sobieski is a Polish vodka made with golden Dankowski Rye from the fields of Mazowsze and water from Oligocene springs. It's named after King Jan III Sobieski (1629 - 1696), who wa… Read more

sorry to interupt but this is not a polish vodka. why ? because it is only 37.5 vol. let another cheaply made british taste imitation


For me it's much better, as for the price, i agree, is a bit too much, but i still think it's worth it...


Much better than Stolichnaya ???... You must be joking mate. £16 for Sobieski is simply waaay too much...


It's cheap but much better than Stolichnaya which is around £9 in Poland and taste like SxxT!


This is cheap vodka, nothing more - around £6 for 70cl bottle in Poland... better to buy Stolichnaya for £13 at Asda or Tesco