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Posted 26 July 2023

MAZDA CX-30 2.0 e-Skyactiv G MHEV Prime-Line 5dr, solid paint - 3 year standard warranty

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MAZDA CX-30 HATCHBACK 2.0 e-Skyactiv G MHEV Prime-Line 5dr with Solid paint

  • Body Glass

    • Electric front/rear windows with one touch auto up/down
    • Front wipers with adjustable speed and intermittent wipe
    • Rear wiper
  • Brakes

    • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
    • DSC - Dynamic Stability Control
    • Electronic parking brake with auto disengage function and auto hold function
    • Front smart city brake support
    • G-Vectoring control plus
    • Hill launch assist
    • Mild Hybrid system with regenerative braking
    • Traction control system (TCS)
  • Communication

    • E-call with GPS
    • Integrated bluetooth
    • Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Driver Aids

    • Adaptive cruise control (Mazda radar cruise control)
    • Blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert
    • Driver attention alert system
    • Emergency stop signalling system
    • Intelligent speed assist
    • Lane keep assist system (LAS) with Lane departure warning system (LDWS)
    • PAS
    • Rear parking sensor
    • Reversing camera
    • Traffic sign recognition
  • Driver Convenience

    • Engine start/stop button
    • Tailgate
  • Driver Information

    • 10.25" display with Mazda Connect infotainment
    • 7" TFT Colour driver instrument panel display
    • Integrated Mazda navigation system
    • Mazda connected services
    • Service indicator
    • Trip computer
    • Windscreen projected colour active driving display (HUD)

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  1. sowotsdis's avatar
    Mazda have really lost their quality and reliability reputation, unfortunately they represent poor value for money compared to Honda and Toyota.
    stuie_looie's avatar
    Bought one last year. At 20k miles. For this price bracket, you can't find any other car on the market with all the useful extras and quality build of the interior that you get on cx-30 and cx-3 models.
  2. _STIG_'s avatar
    Never buying a Mazda again. Mine spent more time in the garage than my drive and was under 2yrs old
    pazzyt's avatar
    Mazda Diesels have a bad reputation so are best avoided certainly  if buying second hand  , the 2.0 petrols are supposed to be pretty bombproof, for instance having no turbo to go wrong etc.
    The Honda 1.6 DTEC diesel is the exception in the motoring world , well designed and generally reliable /hassle free , many people who owned a Honda dtec ,my mate included assumed to their cost that all manufacturers diesels would be equally trouble free when  changing cars.
  3. RedSnail's avatar
    This is a very good deal not sure why people are slating Mazda for reliability as a brand they are 8th of 32 according to whatcar (95.2%)
    We have an ND MX-5 with the 2.0 sky active. Great fun and the interior is pretty good. The Display is my only negative as they don't and will not let you use the touchscreen while underway and you have to use the joystick thing (like idrive). They do it because they think it's safer but personally I think they are wrong you end up spending more time looking at the screen to workout what you have selected. Touch a screen button takes far less time.
  4. scoutfinch47's avatar
    Mazda are hugely reliable cars - speak to any mechanic - as they are still one of the very few manufacturers deploying aspirated engines ie non turbo.

    See how many time Mazda features across numerous car categories and CX-3 is No 2 here, and that’s only consumers! whatcar.com/news/2022-what-car-reliability-survey-small-suvs/n23402

    Mazda interiors are luxurious without paying much for it, or adding any extras. Read any independent review and they refer to the premium feel and contrast with a BMW or Mercedes without paying the price as much is standard / model variations are not numerous, having formerly had experience of the former high spec model.

    The best two features are the non touch infotainment displays, using BMW type metal dials in this age of fiddling around with screens - very dangerous when driving - and their heads-up display, allowing drivers to see speed, warning signs and navigation on their windscreen without moving your head or eye-line view. Note: people moan the screen is locked when driving due to posture, arm, concentration and body movement, as like Volvo they prioritise safety (even XC 40 / Volvo fails this test I believe), you’ll be thankful, as someone who drives many hirecars also!

    A fun drive too, especially on bends (BMW type smooth gearbox based on 5 star MX5 sportscar), whatever model or spec you buy, not always an aspect found in many cars. Finally, good looking cars with fab metallic colours. Ticks so many boxes without paying a heft price, especially if you plan to keep it for 5+ years.

    Overall, engine and body are solid as vouched for in reviews, when compared to the price, age and competition in a relative sense. Fabulous if you plan to retain for many years without refinancing or adding on-going payments / derisk breakdown at a high cost eg. every 2-4 years.

    The best of Japanese, German and Scandinavian design and technology all rolled in - whatever models, they’re all pretty well equipped and sleek styled in their class which isn’t personally an easy find should you identify or shortlist another car that ticks many other interior; exterior; drive and engine boxes.

    Any one not sat in a Mazda in recent years, I’d be keen to hear views having checked one out at a dealer/car showroom (edited)
    ruudy's avatar
    Reddit seems to absolutely love the Mazda.
  5. berisford's avatar
    Similar price from DrivetheDeal, you deal with the dealer and get to be the first owner on the log book - non of that 2nd owner 6 months later malarkey.
    ruudy's avatar
    Is that what's happening here? They put you down as a 2nd owner?
  6. realitybites's avatar
    I don't understand if the make is so reliable why they don't offer the 5 or 7 year warranties like others do
    hellopeeple's avatar
    As of 1 April they offer 6 years standard across 28 European countries... Of course that doesn't include us anymore
  7. leighton1271's avatar
    So sad to hear the quality issues with more recent Mazdas. I owned a couple of 90s Mazdas and they were fun cars and bombproof. There is so much competition in the car market you need to be making reliable cars as bad reviews travel fast in the modern social media phenomenon.
    chicaneuk's avatar
    I was replacing the brakes on a friends 5 year old Mazda 3 and I have to say I was pretty horrified at the amount of rust showing on the under body components.. not just surface rust but really gnarly looking stuff, especially on the front subframe. I can’t help but think it will be actually dangerous in another 4-5 years time. Also found various bushes seriously perished and cracked etc. I know these cars aren’t comparable in terms of price but I own a 140000 mile 5 series from 2008 so actually a 10 year older car and the underside of mine still looks like new in comparison. It’s scary.
  8. carpediemjay's avatar
    complete novice here - is this the price of the car outright? or is this like a 3 year lease plan
    ruudy's avatar
    I think it must be outright because the little finance calculator says "as an alternative to outright purchase"...
  9. DuckDuck86's avatar
    I had the sport model 2019 with all the extras and hated it.
    Was slow and boring, for a 2.0 sport model. I'd come from a Mini Cooper 1.5 2016 (Not S just standard) so perhaps I expected more.
    Fuel usage was 'ok' but not great.
    And the BOSE Subwoofer-7speaker system must have been limited. Because while quality was exceptional the volume wasn't as loud as I'd expect.

    After moving back to greater london parking in my tiny flats space was insane as well, I bought a Mini S JCW a week after moving into that flat.
    Sold the CX-30 for more than I paid though :).
  10. Hammondhammond's avatar
    I heard they are super quiet. Has anyone had one and noticed ?
    dahokolomoki's avatar
    It is quieter than most ICE cars I've driven on the motorway. Very good noise insulation. When you then add the amazing Bose sound system, it has been a dream to drive on the motorway.

    But the initial 0-20mph acceleration has a bit of a growl/grunt from the engine. I quite like it, but others might not. Subjective. (edited)
  11. ktok's avatar
    Had Mazdas (new) since 2008 diesel and none of them ever failed me. Not sure where people take the nonsense about Mazda quality from .
    parvatik's avatar
    I have had mazda cx-5 for the last 7 years and it's been super reliable and great car
  12. adoks4me's avatar
    23k for a Datsun. World gone mad.
    leelukehope's avatar

    I’d take one of these Datsuns over anything on the market today.
  13. kane_th_gaming's avatar
    Buy a 2012 Mercedes c63 amg instead
    Pesci's avatar
    Who would like to buy over 10 years old money pit with dogdy history over this?
  14. BidAde's avatar
    Bought one new Feb 2022, albeit a higher spec and higher output petrol engine but no major problems so far. The radar cruise control occasionally has a wobbly but soon sorts itself out again.
    The interior design, finish and build quality is excellent
    sueyc's avatar
    Feels cramped inside my dad got one I don't like it
  15. MincedMutton's avatar
    We’ve had a Mazda 3 sport lux for about 18 months now and the interior quality, ride and spec are all great. No issues at all. You wouldn’t really expect there to be on such a young car anyway but I’m surprised to see folk saying the quality and reliability are poor as its not borne out by my experiences, the experiences of other folk i know with mazdas or the usual surveys etc.

    Oh and the manual gearbox is just lovely to use.
    BidAde's avatar
    +1 for the manual gearbox
  16. brian.maurer's avatar
    Datsun = Nissan, not Mazda.
  17. gigaspek's avatar
    Mazda is a lovely car with full of kit
    dahokolomoki's avatar
    Exactly. I was looking at the Mercedes GLA and got this instead. Much better tech, similar interiors. Only letdown is the screen size, but they've purposely gone smaller screen. But then you get a HUD. And loads other tech. At much cheaper prices.

    For the price you pay, the interiors are very nice on these Mazda CX-30s. (edited)
  18. kiranmk2's avatar
    What I love about Mazdas (and Asian cars in general) is that they don't do you over with options packs. Even the base level Mazda 3/CX-30 got adaptive cruise control and a HUD as standard. Even a top trim BMW or Mercedes doesn't give these without adding options packs.

    Mid-spec 3/CX-30s give (or at least, last year gave) keyless entry/go, matrix LED headlights and upper-spec models give heated steering wheels, 360-degree cameras and electric seats.

    Mazda interiors on the 3/CX-30 are also a large step-up from Toyota/Honda/Kia etc.
    ruudy's avatar
    What about fuel economy and reliability? Two things that are getting quite a bit of criticism here that I haven't seen elsewhere. I've been thinking about a CX30 or CX5 and comments really positive on other forums, but not as much here.
  19. ruudy's avatar
    The 3 has a bit of an ugly bum on it though don't you think?

    I think the equivalent model is the SE-L Lux as well, which is more expensive.

    What sort of real life difference do you think between them in MPG? (edited)
  20. FunkyDomino's avatar
    Unless you're desperate for the smaller model there are new cx5s on autotrader for £25-£26k.csome pre reg some first reg.
    ruudy's avatar
    Is that the base model CX5?
  21. ScottishDealHunter's avatar
    Heated added.

    I've got a 7yro Mazda 3 Sport (2.0L Petrol, 165BHP) that I've had since new with 60k miles and - touch wood - the only things needing changed so far are wearables (tyres, brakepads, disks etc.). I love my Mazda as it just "works" and has been very reliable for me.
  22. johnnystorm's avatar
    No other manufacturer offers innovation like Mazda does with its Rear wiperbrakes.
    TheBigShort's avatar
    Enlighten Us in a strictly non-religious sense.

    Do they simply break, or more to it?
  23. Intrepidity's avatar
    Thanks! Great offer! Just ordered six......
  24. guest5234's avatar
    mazda IMO best cars out there
  25. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    Very good price they're more than this 2nd hand
    ruudy's avatar
    I was looking at a 3 year old Lux model for 19.5k with about 10k miles. 1 years Mazda Warranty. Not sure what route to take.

    Not sure about the new model names either. Very confusing
  26. kugz's avatar
    I would go for the yaris cross
  27. djgomatt's avatar
    I can't see air conditioning listed on this model which I've had on every car I've owned since 2003
    MicroManaged's avatar
    It will have ac.
  28. ruudy's avatar
    I was looking at getting a used SE-Lux model around 3 years old 10k miles with 1 years Mazda Warranty for around 19.5k.

    Is it worth paying 3.5k extra for this?
    JCLARSSON's avatar
    Absolutely get the new one with full warranty if you can afford the difference. Just sold my CX5 brilliant car. Moved to full electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 love it.
  29. wackojacko99's avatar
    I've got to change my car due to my job but planning for a baby.

    I assume this is too small but are there any recomendations?
    fozzibear's avatar
    I'd say this car is more than adequate for a baby.
  30. kop40's avatar
    What does this do?
    TailgateDriver Information
    Tushar8790's avatar
    It automatically records information about tailgaters (those riding ur ass on the motorway). It then forwards it to your phone so you can stalk them and take revenge as you see fit.
  31. Liyra's avatar
    Very good price.
  32. Judosteffer's avatar
    Blimey that's a hell of a lot of car for the money. Hot hot hot
  33. teerex's avatar
's avatar