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Posted 8 June 2023

Motorola G13 128GB Smartphone - £119 | Motorola E13 - £69 | Xiaomi Redmi A2 - £79 (PAYG) Delivered @ O2 Shop

£119£13914% off
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Nice pricing for all these three budget handsets, standout is that G13 I reckon

Xiaomi Redmi A2
Motorola moto e13

Motorolo moto (g13 6.5 Inch 90 Hz HD+ Display, 50 MP Quad Pixel Camera, Dolby Atmos Stereo Speakers, 5000 mAh Battery, TurboPower Charging, 4/128 GB, Dual SIM)

About this item
  • 50MP Quad Pixel camera system. Capture sharp low-light photos, beautiful portraits, and incredibly detailed close-ups.
  • Ultra-thin, modern design. Engineered to impress with a thin build, narrow bezels, and thoughtful attention to every detail.
  • Dolby Atmos and stereo speakers. Immerse yourself in multidimensional sound, listening with improved bass, cleaner vocals, and more clarity.
  • 6.5" 90Hz HD+ display. View photos and websites on a wide screen with a fast refresh rate for a smooth experience.
  • Unbelievable battery life. Leave your charging worries behind with a massive capacity 5000mAh battery.

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  1. DopeyDunker's avatar
    Nice prices. G13 gets the editors choice on gsmarena for budget phones for what it's worth:

    innocent's avatar
    Yes, review of G13 on a reputable site such as gsmarena is well worth it especially for waverers amongst us on tight budgets. Link appreciated.
  2. Jimmyboy's avatar
    I had the same new customer email but also had a confirmation of the order email. Last night I had a "your order is on it's way email" and today a text from DHL saying they're awaiting my parcel.
    I think I'd risk it and order again.
    Gaz_Oafc's avatar
    Thanks, took the risk and I think it may have been my fault.

    I didn't tick the box on the final page yesterday and confirm order. I just got the two emails from O2 and assumed it had gone through.

    Now I've done it again I've got the confirmation of order of phone email with an order number instantly.

  3. Deals.Fiend's avatar
    hey MrSwitch do you have a recommendation for a cheap decent android phone for £50 or is the G13 the best I'd get for such a cheap price range?
  4. xajb's avatar
    Do I just need to put a big BUNDLE PAYG SIM in the basket then cancel it when it arrives with phone?
    Pattersons21's avatar
    Wondering the same
  5. edde's avatar
    I just pulled the trigger on a Poco M5 with 128GB for £129. But would have also considered the Moto G13 for £119.
    I think on paper the Poco is marginally better but not much in it for a basic user.
    The important factor was a reasonable mobile with 128GB rather than 64GB. (edited)
    pourradass's avatar
    You do get a nicer launcher with Motorola
  6. Leon_Marshall's avatar
    Bargain for a backup smartphone 🏽
  7. Bargainsrule's avatar
    Cheers MrSwitch, the g13 is very tempting especially as I've just had a £75 offer for my s10. Heat given

    I've just got WiFi calling after switching from Plusnet to idmobile and it's a game changer for where we live so I'll have to investigate whether it supports that and whether idmobile support it supporting it (edited)
    BucketMan's avatar
    What's up with the S10? I'd ride out the updates. It's a great phone. My S10+ battery is a bit flaky, but other than that it's brilliant.
  8. Leon_Marshall's avatar
    Brought one. Collect from local 02 store
    doctorreeve's avatar
    Where did you bring it?
  9. TheFutureIsUnwritten's avatar
    Benzal's avatar
    Same price on PAYG right ?
  10. BargainsUK's avatar
    Motorola G13 or the oppo Reno 8 lite 5g?
    NocturneBuzz's avatar
    Or the honor x8?
  11. Omnivoracity's avatar
    I can't see the 3GB version for sale thru any official UK vendors so I'd be very surprised if it's not 2GB. Intrigued to see how the stripped-back Android Go OS runs these days :/
  12. sully01's avatar
  13. mr1_2_3's avatar
    Are they unlocked 🔓?
    Jimmyboy's avatar
    Pretty sure all phones are unlocked nowadays
  14. dudtwo's avatar
    Do you have to but a SIM with this? If so, which is the best option... if you intend to cancel it almost immediately? (I'd rather use my existing network SIM)
    Jimmyboy's avatar
    Read my reply above to XAJB. You add the SIM to the basket but it costs nothing. Nothing needs to be cancelled. Just put it in the bin and use whatever SIM you like
  15. donbarney's avatar
    Hate them forcing you to buy credit or whatever to be able to buy the phone
    Jimmyboy's avatar
    Read my comment above, you select the SIM but it costs nothing extra
  16. Gaz_Oafc's avatar
    Anyone else had an issue with the order?

    I ordered yesterday, it said next day delivery, all went through. Had 2 x emails asking me to confirm email for new O2 account (new customer).

    But I had nothing regarding the phone, checked my bank this morning, no money and no pending transactions.

    Currently on the phone to O2 who are telling me they can see an order for a SIM card but can't tell me whether a phone is attached and the SIM should be with me in 3-5 days?

    Not sure whether to risk ordering again or not but it's for my daughter's birthday present so I'm running out of time!
  17. DonkeyKonk's avatar
    The reviews in the website aren't great, 4 of them, 1 5 star, 1 3 star, and 2 1 star...2.5 /5 overall 😳
    Jimmyboy's avatar
    Difficult to judge from 4 reviews.
's avatar