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Posted 15 July 2023

MyMemory 512GB USB-C 3.1 Portable SSD

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Our portable SSD helps you store your content and memories. The compact form factor is designed to go wherever you go, and the rubber hook means you can attach it to a bag or belt loop.

  • Solid state performance
  • USB-C connection
  • Compact and solid design
  • Tough rubber hook

Reliable and SecureWith solid state performance you’ll be transferring data in quick time, allowing you to get on with making more memories to store. Back up your content on a storage solution that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Perfect Travel CompanionNo matter the adventure, our portable SSD is ready to go. Plug and play wherever and whenever you need. Compact and comfortable design. The rubber hook means you can attach it to bags, cases, clothing, and more. And with two metre drop protection you can be assured it will keep your data safe from lumps and bumps.


  • Capacity: 512GB
  • Connection Type: USB-C
  • Dimensions: 94mm x 47mm x 9.7mm

TroubleshootingIf you experience issues with your SSD being recognised by your device please format the SSD using one of the following links:

MyMemory More details at

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450MB/s Read, 420MB/s Write
Edited by a community support team member, 15 July 2023
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  1. Optimumsaver's avatar
    I bought a sandisk mp3 player from MyMemory a few years ago, turned out to be a fake. Never using them again.
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    You should've complained and returned it. Mymemory may not of known it was fake?

    When your buying products from China you can never be sure items are genuine. If they send you a sample and you order quantity based on the sample. What arrives may not always be exactly the same. As they can make the highest quality triple A grade products, almost identical looking fakes and also cheap dangerous fakes.

    Especially for certain in demand brands or items like ghd, Dyson, ninja, shark, power supplies, Micro sd cards, usb storage devices, ram modules, ssd's.

    Even fake chips and cpu's that they have scrubbed and reprinted the model number, speed, revision or stepping details of a chip.
  2. Ellipsisdivision's avatar
    Could it be connected to 3.0 usb ports using a regular USB-C to USB A cable?
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Yes, almost all USB devices are backwards compatible with previous USB standards to some degree. So a USB 3.x device should still work on usb 2.0 port and occasionally even usb 1.1 just at a much slower transfer speed.

    USB 2.0 and 3.0 are probably the most common ports around. Only the very newest systems will have 3.1 or 3.2 ports.

    You can easily get various cables from one sort or size to another. From the original size A (full size, mini, micro), to the newest multi directional oval C ones.

    Just be aware if it's connected to anything other than usb 3.1 it will read and write much, much slower!
  3. L_GRL7's avatar
    Looks like the Sandisk one
  4. Muig1972's avatar
    I see what people mean- it's identical to the Sandisk one. I guess it's just a rebadged version.

    EDIT: the specs are a bit different. The Sandisk equivalent is 480GB and has USB-C 3.2. The sequential read speed is 520MB/s, whereas MyMemory's one is 450MB/s Read, 420MB/s Write according to one of their images.


    50595093-DX2Ka.jpg (edited)
  5. LebaneseMo's avatar
    How reliable are these as sleeper backup storage?

    So a copy of my core files I need to keep, updated maybe once a year, otherwise kept somewhere safe.

    So need something reliable.
    Andrew_Smart's avatar
    It has an m.2 inside. For long term storage I wouldn't advise it as it's just a plastic shell, something aluminium would be better advised, plus it would be interchangeable if part was to breao
  6. William82's avatar
    On one hand this seems like a decent deal, however I got a usbc nvme enclosure recently from a deal on here for £11 and a 512gb drive for it would cost you £25/30. So for around £35/£40 you’d have an easily swappable nvme version with at least 3 times the performance and no difficulty swapping the drive for a 1tb or larger drive in the future
  7. f111's avatar
    A question for those who know pls -
    My laptop is running low on space. Can I just plug this in permanently as extra storage? (Laptop is connected to monitors and keyboard, seldom leaves desk). Thanks in advance.
    ultrak3wl's avatar
    These are designed first and foremost for portability and convenience. It's not the first choice if all you need is more storage for the laptop.

    If your laptop is modern then it is very possible there is a small panel underneath it which can be opened with a few screws. Into this you can install an M2 drive. Which means inserting a small gizmo and doing the screws back up. No rocket science required. Does depend on the laptop though.

    Here's one for 50 quid which would give you an extra 1TB storage.
  8. davoodoo's avatar
    any idea what ssd is inside the enclosure and whether it can be replaced with another one or not?
    gen271674's avatar
    No and no.
  9. logansw's avatar
    Seems like this would be perfect to plug into the back of the TV with a few films on
  10. sheffield788's avatar
    Not bad, hot. I wonder why they had to copy the SanDisk design.
    FireOnAWire's avatar
    SanDisk must not own the enclosure design hence mymemory being able to source the same shell.
  11. G.calvin's avatar
    Can I use for iPhone backup storage
  12. phunny12000's avatar
    Perfect for an Nvidia shield or firestick Max
  13. Brutes's avatar
    Lol .. Sandys lookalike SATA getting nearly 1K heat (edited)
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    There are lots of companies the general public will be unfamiliar with. That actually manufacture products for big name brands.

    Sandisk as a company don't exist anymore. The Sandisk brand and all its i.p. is now owned by western digital.

    Wd probably sourced it from the same oem/odm company as my memory did. If you order a quantity from any manufacturer, they will put whatever brand name and logo you like on it.
  14. blaabla's avatar
    If I had photos on this unit could I directly plug into my iPhone 13 and move them across or does it all still have to go through bloomin iCloud?
  15. Tunner's avatar
    Mine arrived today, not in a box, but an already opened cellophane bag! No mention of used or graded!
    Cheap and nasty case too!
    vegalz0r's avatar
    Same! Did you return it or kept it?
  16. Ross81's avatar
    Will this plug directly into my pixel 6 Pro out the box and let me copy files back and forth?
    Swarfega's avatar
  17. Smm0's avatar
    Woulda been hot if it was an imitation SanDisk.
  18. timinata's avatar
    Wondering what components inside it has. Recently bought on Amazon SanDisk Extreme 1TB for £76 up to 1050Mb read.
  19. ivan79uk's avatar
  20. lugworm's avatar
    Forgive my tech ignorance (I'm old), but can I save photos from my iphone and ipad to this simply by connecting it ?
    adebisi30's avatar
    Maybe easier to put them on a pc or cloud?
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