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On One Hello Dave Mountain Bike - £999.99 + £29.99 delivery @ Planet X

£1,029.98£1,899.9946% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The best deal Planet X have done in my opinion.

  • Rockshox Pike Select 150mm fork
  • SRAM GX Eagle 12 Speed Groupset
  • SRAM G2 R Hydraulic Brakes
  • WTB I30 29er Wheels
  • Approx Bike Weight (Medium) -14.5KG

info added by @wadz

Our most aggressive mountain bike, the Hello Dave offers a different approach to mountain bike design, with a long and stable frame paired with a slack head angle, meaning when the going gets steep and fast, itll remain unphased and composed until you reach the bottom. The low and steep seat tube provides plenty of clearance between the rider and top tube, but with the dropper extended for the climbs that youll be in a good position to tractor up anything in front of you.

A Rockshox Pike fork with 150mm of suspension provides a supple yet supportive ride, while also being stiff enough to endure the rigors of the roughest terrain you have in mind. Featuring a tunable air spring and adjustable damping, this fork allows you to tailor it to your own preferences.

SRAM 12 speed GX Eagle groupset offers a huge range of gears for getting you up any gradient. A clutch derailleur and narrow wide chainring mean the chain will be noise free in rougher terrain. This great drivetrain has been paired with SRAM's Guide G2 R brakeset, top-flight 4 piston stopping power combined with great lever ergonomics.

Using a quad piston caliper and big rotors, Srams G2 R brakes provide all the braking power youll need for the steepest terrain youre willing to roll down.

WTB I30 wheels provide fast rolling confidence. Tubeless compatible, the 30mm internal width gives you a wider tyre profile, offering more grip and control. Selcof finishing kit is used throughout the bike, including the wide and stable Enduro6 bars and a stubby 35mm stem for responsive yet controlled steering.

Pedal choice is a personal thing. Some people prefer to ride with clipless pedals matched to cleats on the underside of your cycling shoes, others may prefer a flat pedal paired with shoes with a tread designed to provide grip without the aid of cleats. At Planet X our bikes dont come with pedals included but we do sell a wide range of clipless and flat pedals for all types of cyclists, see the following link for our range - Pedals

NOTE: Please make sure you check the size guide to order the correct size of this frame.

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  1. Avatar
    So this is for people who want to do steep and rough stuff but can't afford a decent full-sus?
    Great spec for the money but it's still a hardtail.
    It's been the general thinking that a full suspension is always better and a hardtail is the budget option but having gone forward and back between bikes over the last few years by far my favourite is an aggressive hardtail. I really like the feel of it and in turn I can really attack tough technical features with it rather than just riding over them, I've had some great segment times with it. Definitely not for everyone but it's good to see more of these hardtails coming back as I'd get something similar if anything happened to the current one.
  2. Avatar
    Mega mega spec for the money!
  3. Avatar
    Would this work well for bikepacking? Tempted... Just bought a sonder camino (gravel), now I want this as well... Too many bikes arghhhh!
    honestly, this bike is 200-300 undervalued.
    incredible price. i could calc £1000 just by reading half the spec sheet.
  4. Avatar
    Is it possible to use cycle 2 work scheme on this deal?
    Planet X accepts cycle2work but I wonder if they allow it on discounted bikes. You'll need to ask them.
  5. Avatar
    You could buy a decent second hand car for that and always arrive safely and warm. Only takes one motorist who can't see through the windscreen and you're lying in the road waiting for an ambulance or worse.
    I've never tried it but I'm pretty confident my car will not handle a single track trail at all and also never met another motorist on any of the trails either
  6. Avatar
    You're my wife now...
  7. Avatar
    superb spec for the money, but what is it trying to be, a hardtail downhill bike, a slack xc or an enduro bike.. can't help thinking it can do a bit of all of that, but would it do any of it well ..
    I mean that’s the point of an n+1 bike. I do feel like hardcore hardtail riders are a bit like vegans in the sense they have to tell you about it but you don’t really believe they enjoy it as much as they say
  8. Avatar
    Came to post this myself.
    Saw the photo on the email and thought it was going to be a bait and switch with the pictured spec. Nope.
    Bonkers that it includes a Reverb/Pike Select/GX groupset for this money.
    Santa Cruz can't do that for under 4k bike these days!

    Obviously that head angle is only going to suit some riders, but similar to what a lot of cultish steel hardtails are like these days.
  9. Avatar
    Insane price... shame i just bought a new bike or id be all over this... Voted hot
  10. Avatar
    I am so tempted by this!
  11. Avatar
    I would get this but can’t use it without pedals.
  12. Avatar
    Amazing spec for the money but ... the name - "Hello Dave". Really?!
    Buy yourself an inbred while you’re there
  13. Avatar
    I would of preferred it being called Hello Rodney
  14. Avatar
    The frame geometry is not for me, but this is a great deal. This also includes a Rockshox Reverb as standard which isn't mentioned in the main blurb.

    If I didn't already have my Vandal, I'd buy this for the parts alone and sell the frame.
  15. Avatar
    Complete overkill for riding to work on road? I don't want a road.bike as will do some.off roaring but infrequently
    Yes! Unless you're wanting to point it down steep stuff and winch back to the top it is overkill for most. Sounds like you want a gravel bike or an XC bike.
  16. Avatar
    This is a sign of things to come. Bike and bike components supply issues have really cooled and that's showing in falling share prices of the likes of Shimano. There should be some good deals coming in 2023.
  17. Avatar
    wow. spec is unreal at this price point.

    wouldnt waste a second and buy it if you need a good bike to last a life time.
  18. Avatar
    Looks a strange shape with them mental angles,makes it look like it’s going to be cramped with the steep seat angle and slack head angle,the spec is amazing you could buy it and strip it down I suppose,the frame itself would survive putins best,but must weigh 3.5-4kg.It’s a bargain..
  19. Avatar
    Well I’ve want one just because….
    Because "Hello Dave" Dave?
  20. Avatar
    Came to post the same deal and it got merged to this one. I got this bike last Spring (a return XL raw gloss) for around £1,500 or so. A fantastic do it all hardtail that climbs remarkably well whilst eating up descents.
  21. Avatar
    Wow incredible price, this would make a great winter bike if you don’t want to get your full sus muddy. Shame I’ve already used my bike to work voucher this year
  22. Avatar
    Needs expiring now.
  23. Avatar
    Bargain. But it would definitely be worth the extra £50 to get the lyriks over the pikes.
  24. Avatar
    Cant find it for this price??
    Was a one day offer.