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Mountain bikes have changed the face of outdoor recreation, offering the chance to navigate mountain trails, forest routes, and purpose-built cross country courses that test riders' handling skills and nerve to the limit. The best mountain bikes from the world's leading brands can always be found for less at the hotukdeals mountain bike listings. Read more
Insync Chimera SLR 26" Gents Mountain Bike, 18-Speed £169.99 @ leisure outlet
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
As many stores are out of stock of bikes I found some available on this site. Many still in stock with various frame sizes. Free P&P over £75 spend Never bought from this co… Read more

IF you can get all the bits to build a complete bike and still cost less than this price, I'd be very impressed!!


I couldn't build a box, hence raising a question on the quote about building your own bike. Madness comment


Someone spending this much on a new bike isn't going to be building their own bike and have the knowledge to get everything running smoothly. Something like this would be fine for a few miles commute to work and back. And before anyone says it, not everyone wants to buy second hand although it's agree you can get a lot more for your money if you know what to look for.


I'm talking about the building your own bike!!


The break sets are 40 not the entire bike

Coyote Elements XR Gents Mountain Bike, 18 Speed £156.99 at leisure outlet
41° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
As many stores are out of stock of bikes I found some available on this site. Many still in stock with various frame sizes. Never bought from this company before. First deal im … Read more

Got a second hand Genesis core 50 in mint condition for less than this.It may be desperate times but surely not that desperate. This is a hunk of junk.


Lump o junk




Unless you're really desperate for a cheap bike and can't get anything secondhand, I would avoid this. steel frame 3x6 gears unbranded brakes (and other components) quill stem These are the hallmarks of a Bike Shaped Object rather than a decent budget bike. I know it's getting hard to find a budget bike in stock but it's honestly worth trying to get a Decathlon Rockrider or a Halfords Carrera if you can.

Apollo Charm junior mountain bike with 20" wheels and full suspension for £128.25 delivered @ eBay / Halfords
26/05/2020Expires on 26/05/2020Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Full suspension on this kids 20" mountain bike, not a bad price for £128.25 including delivery from Halfords via eBay. Use the code PRODUCT5 to get £6.75 off — not an amazing savin… Read more

I think people are missing the point. This bike is probably going to get outgrown before it rusts. It'll be mostly used for wheelies and jumping off kurbs. Not everyone can afford an outlay of £300 even if they can sell it for £200 later


I do get that but a £300 bike is a better deal and offers better value over the term but I do get that. I do agree though that Getting a bike with suspension is likely to cost more in the long term than one that does n9t


Nice! #hiddeninahashtag XD


Nope, this bike will perform poorly on flats, it's heavy and the suspension will make it really inefficient but arguably that's great exercise (lol) But fair enough, looks are subjective and a bike is better than no bike I guess, enjoy the heat #pleasedontbuyyourkidthisawfulbike


Okay, but you are making assumptions that it will be used for sports like riding downhill. It is just a bike for a kid, who might want to have suspension because of how it looks. But I don't want to get into a discussion, it's too hot. Cheers!

Calibre blade mountain bike £350 - xs size only available @ Blacks
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
A decent bike for responsible price. The Blade is entry-level MTB done right. A tough yet lightweight alloy frame supported by full range of 21 Shimano gears help syou tackle cl… Read more

(lol) No need to be short with him.


5ft to 5ft5 . Seat and bars can be adjusted higher . But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone over 5ft5


Sneezy, Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Doc and Dopey would all be ok on this


What height range would XS be suitable for? I cannot find a size guide anywhere.

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BLACK ROCKRIDER 27.5" Mountain Bike ST 520 V1 - £274.98 delivered at Decathlon
774° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Black £259.99, Yellow £279.99 + £14.99 delivery Version1 is arguably better than v2 it has the better suntour shocks and sram components for the same money, so probably a better c… Read more

Slight hijacking of the thread but hoping that more experienced people can help me choose a kids MTB. Looking for a 20er for blue/green trails. Torn between these three models.


Is the bike in the OP worth it then?


Thank-you. I appreciate the info (y)


Reviews look good to me 6,427 5 star reviews 3,084 4 star. I have an old Rockrider and it is excellent - I have upgraded it rather than buy a new one as Decathlon seem to downgrade their bikes each year or two.


For what you describe it's fine. It's probably a bit heavy and the components are all bottom end - but they're bottom end Shimano parts which work fine, as opposed to the trash parts you see on supermarket Bike Shaped Objects. For £300 I would say this Decathlon bike or a Carrera Subway from Halfords are better value if you can find stock - both have better brakes and gears and probably lighter frames. But the Raleigh does have the advantage of a a lockable front fork which makes life better on any reasonably smooth path.

Clarks Lock on mountain bike Grips £7.30 ebay / laxzo
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Seem to be about £2 cheaper than anywhere else. Thought they would go nice with my Bizango which has awful grips. You can get cheaper grips, but not branded ones and the reviews fo… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I agree, and I often dont mind paying a bit more to get something there and then. My point this wasn’t a bit more this was FIVE TIMES the price. Absolute joke. Anyway glad your grips weren’t inflated as much. (y)


Have to agree with you here - I had these and they were, for me, really uncomfortable.. too hard and give me really bad hand ache/fatigue after relatively short rides. I've had a few sets of ODIs in the past and they've been amazing - wore them down to powder :) Will give uberbikes a go next. Oh - and the bar ends are naff :D


I always check prices before I buy. The grips I'm looking at aren't any cheaper elsewhere. I don't expect bricks and mortar stores to be the same price as random amazon or eBay seller's. Now and again I find a decent price and I'll pick up things then.


I wouldn’t bother. I bought some clarks pads in halfords a couple of days ago. £9 a pair. Later that day checked amazon out of curiosity and same pair was £2 delivered! Needless to say they went straight back to halfords. Pretty disgusting. Unbelievably greedy f*****s.


Handy. Someone stole mine off my sisters bike. Who does that? They also stole one of the microshift rubber covers. Any idea where I could get one of those from?

Challenge Conquer 26 Inch Men's Mountain Bike - White + Delivered + 2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee £103.94 @ Argos eBay
259° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Website not allowing delivery, however the eBay one is! Well..for my postcode and some others too around London especially. 2 Year guarantee. Challenge Conquer 26 Inch Men's Mount… Read more

That doesn't happen to all bikes like this although it could be a common issue I don't know. It could be a manufacturing fault but also user error. When you look at the reviews on the Argos site its over 4 out of 5 across more than 200 reviews and many of the critical reviews clearly haven't checked and adjusted the bike. If you are buying a bike in a box which you have to setup yourself this is clearly a different experience to buying a from a bike shop that sets up the bike for you. You see bikes like this in local bike shops under brands like Raleigh which they charge £250 approx and the shop sets the bike up for the customer and it works as expected. The same quill stem, basic tourney gearing, caged bearing bottom bracket etc. The same simple steel riveted cranksets. I'm a very heavy cyclist and bought a similar bike many years ago and my commute was up a steep hill. I never had any issues with the steel crankset and used it for many thousands of miles and the original crankset and bottom bracket is still on it.


The £99 Mountain bike I bought the missus over a year ago from Argos has been great, still like new and been used a fair bit.... Well happy ;) Thats partly why I bought the Ebike from them last week, over £200 cheaper than the Halfords crap.... maxmix


I got one called YOSE power . Although last I looked prices had shot up. I got a rear wheel motor hub and battery all in. It comes with all the gubbings I think mine was £320 all in. So add the 'free-ish' bike it's pretty decent. I think there are loads of kits. Try a website called pedelecs for more info.


Poor quality products have an environmental impact too because it fails too soon. Plus returning things is a chore, I would rather avoid. I am pretty sure most people here can spend £300 on a bike that will last at least 5 years.


its worrying seeing comments like they fall apart within a few months though used decent bikes seem to be £300 or thereabouts dont see decent ones for £150 maybe in normal times youd get bargains like that but in these times when bikes are in demand its a sellers market

Calibre Rake Mountain Bike £427.50 with code @ Ultimate Outdoors
551° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Calibre Rake is a great Mountain Bike with some amazing specs for the price especially with the code NEW10 reducing the price so you can get this awesome machine for £427. 50p Cal… Read more

Thanks, I'll take a thorough look tomorrow.


If it helps iv reordered another bike from they seem to have stock on some nice bikes


Same here.


Ordered from here last week just had an email saying sorry out of stock refund issued.AVOID


Another possibility for your son.

Calibre Blade Mountain Bike at Go Outdoors for £334
254° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
An entry level bike that's in stock, from a well regarded brand and with hydraulic brakes for £329+£5 card isn't bad going! XS, S and M available at time of posting Only XS Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

If you can find stock at your local Halfords store the Carrera Subway is a great choice. A very versatile and low maintenance bike with a very comfortable ride.


You'll get a proper bike and not a BSO, not necessarily anything to make people envious!


£250-350, can you get decent configuration in that?


Thanks for the detailed note. Please could you recommend a decent hybrid bike as need one for casual rides? Thanks in advance


I think decathlon best choice for quality and value of money I had 2 bikes from decathlon last 10 years

ROCKRIDER 27.5" Mountain Bike ST 520 V2 - Grey/Yellow £299.98 delivered at Decathlon
737° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Decathlon Finally managed to get a delivery slot!
Get deal*Get deal*

Brilliant thanks for this buddy! Now just got to wait for it to come back in stock lol


depends how fit you are lol I didn't have any issues climbing steep hills with a bit of effort and i'm average fitness. So unless you're very unfit it's absolutely fine. The chainring is a 36tooth and the gears go from 11 to 34 so decent range.


Thanka that useful. One last question, i know its got one single gear, how is it uphill? Is it a struggle. Looking to use it casually with the occasional uphill ride


No issues with mine, theres nothing to go wrong with it really, its a simple bike. As long as the brakes and gears are adjusted correctly then happy cycling.


Thanks for this, had a read of the reviews and some people mentioning reliability issues, did you experience the same?

InSync Shock 36V 250W 7-Speed Electric Mountain Bike £899.99 + £9.99 del @ Ideal world
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
60 Day Money back guarantee. This is a great price with flexibility payments options interest-free. Sounds a really good deal to me. The InSync Shock provides an assisted range of… Read more
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Got one online I can't remember the site maybe ebikes direct?? Other from a local bike shop. If shopping online I wouldn't bother with LeisureLakes Bikes. They don't respond to clear, precise questions (such as is this bike and size in stock, or can you deliver to my postcode), and when/if they do reply, their responses are not related nor relevant to the question(s) being asked. For example, I'd ask about a specific bike, provide the link, and ask what size wheels it has (made up question, but similar). They'd reply with pictures of other bikes and say "You want this". Also, reading many reviews, they do the Bait and Switch sales tactic of allowing you to purchase a 2019 bike online due to them apparently being in stock, then once money is taken, they say it's out of stock but they can give you the 2020 model, which is much more expensive but they can discount it. Still ends up costing more than the 2019 version...


Where did you get these from?


While supply is definitely an issue, there are some cracking deals to be had. For example, I picked up a 2020 Haibike SDuro 4.0 Trekking for £2100 delivered (£450 discount). Also got a Cube Acid Allroad 2020 for £1800 delivered (£200 discount). Both 500 Wh intube batteries, one with new Yamaha PW-ST motor and one with Bosch Performance motor. All I had to do was be polite and courteous at all times which I think is a golden rule in general let alone shopping for 'big' items (y)

MazingerZ I found this one for around £1,500 and it has a good battery. It's not a folding one which I think now, I need a folding one for commute (train).


tawse57 Thanks a lot, tons of info and all very helpful. I've decided I can easily just hold out on 2 tech items (I am a junkie afterall) and simply use that money for a good e-bike that. I'll buy insurance with it too so that would cover most probably of damage and theft, etc. And factoring servicing costs, yeah it's going to be expensive but worth it as I intend to permanently use it for commute into the city, I've had enough of the underground clogging up my nose with black stuff! I did lots of searching for good brands but I'll check the ones you recommend. I found a brand called Gocycle, brilliant looking bikes, but lack the power and being proprietary in all aspects, no doubt would cost a bomb to maintain. I also checked out cycle to work schemes which confused me, I thought you were buying the bike in finance plans but you actually rent it and can buy it at the end for a percentage but apparently, some of these scheme companies are a little on the dodgy site of pricing, I've heard some people end up paying more than if they were to buy the bike outright (including the tax saving!) thanks again, i'll update you what I go for, will be a good exp considering I have not cycled in about 15 years, but I think I can pick it up no in no time, it was easy back then right?

Muddy Fox Girls Nebraska Mountain Bike 24” £151.20 + £4.99 del at Sports Direct
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
A great deal for a girls bike for ages 8-12. After using the discount code, comes to £151 + shipping. A lot cheaper than other online stores.

I think it's more about longevity and quality than weight...


It can time travel when it reaches 88 mph, it won the Tour De France for 3 consecutive years, it was co developed with McLaren Technologies, it can do the loop the loop.... it’s a kids bike FGS! as long as it keeps them active and away from the tv, don’t really care how much it weighs, the more metal the better! Means if they fall off, they can pick it up and keep going. Bike geeks, spare your geometry lesson for somewhere else


What’s with the bike? Too heavy?


Boycott Ashley. He probably won't even send it like half a ton of ppl who ordered a trampoline and a only got half.


Dead weight heap of junk.

CALIBRE Rail Mountain Bike - £265.50 delivered using code @ Blacks
205° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
CALIBRE RAIL Mountain Bike Small and Large Saving £105 then another 10% Calibre's Rail is a great choice to get you into mountain biking, with its tough, lightweight alloy frame t… Read more

Steel frame whereas carreras are alloy. I'd go with a carrera.


Yup They're around 269ish but not sure about their quality. How do they compare to carreras?


They sell them on Amazon UK but they are not this cheap. But if you find a cheap one please pop the link on here. Cheers


Where from? May I ask


Definitely didn't

Rockrider ST100 Mountain bike, Aluminium frame, 21 Gears, = £179.99 +£14.99 p&p = £194.98 @ Decathlon
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Considering most decent bikes at this price range are out of stock - this seems like good buy. Great for keeping fit during lockdown. 5 sizes available in either yellow or grey (… Read more

Thanks, appreciate that. It’s out of stock now but as I don’t need it until near end of July I’m hoping for a little bit of normality by then lol


Yes go for the the Small, I was a medium by their guide, but i ordered Large and it's fine.


My son is almost 10 and is 150cm tall which would put him in the XS frame size but would I be better off getting the S size that starts at 154 and the seat right down so it lasts longer than 5 minutes ?


Thanks for the links, much appreciated. I am tempted by the ST350, however would you opt to spend another £70 and get the Marlin 5?


If the ST100 isnt available in your size, they also have the ST520 here for £280 and the ST530 here for £330 They both are currently showing available in all sizes

CALIBRE Rail Mountain Bike £223.20 at Blacks
267° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
A fast, fun and trail-ready mountain bike with full front suspension and large 27.5" tyres. Seems like a great price. Don't forget 6.4% Quidco.

Speaking of which, someone might find one of these in their local GoOutdoors despite being OOS online.


Lots of Calibre bikes going OOS. The designer has moved to another company. On Go Outdoors the bikes listed for sale are very few and far between. Either everyone has bought a bike for lockdown or they are getting out of the game!


Evans probably do the best "ready to ride delivery". They use a large new box rather than trying to fit in back in the one it came from the factory in. Last bike I had from them just needed the bars turning straight and the pedals fitting. They also included clear instructions and decent enough quality tools to complete the job.


Looks like a recent commuter optipn, if a bit over geared.


Been looking for a good calibre bike for a while, but now its oos

Avocet Insync Zenith Gents Mountain Bike With Free Delivery £121.49 @ Groupon
13° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Decent mountain bike. Only 18inch frame available. Details on the photo. Only new accounts on Groupon can use the coupon.

I would say £120 is about the maximum price for this bike. You can get it under different brands for less. Also on the description it states suspension fork but the image is a rigid fork. I assume the image would be correct but you never know. Something like this is cheaper, it doesn't have the gear range as only a 1x setup so a simple 6 gears but with these low end drivetrains keeping it simple has huge benefits for less frequent maintenance. These bikes are ideal for cheap ebike conversions. They are 26" wheeled same as the cheaper ebike kits and they are strong with little consideration for weight plus a simple 1x drivetrain is a better combination with an ebike motor in my opinion. Add a £120 ebike kit and maybe £200 battery and you have an ebike for £400 approx.


sold out


Sold out already lol


Sold out

CALIBRE Line 29 Mountain Bike - £764.15 with code @ Go Outdoors
191° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Size M,XL in stock The Line 29 is the best hardtail bike yet from Calibre, designed for fast flowing single-track and big mountain riding. It’s a refined beast with all the ingr… Read more

please check trustpilot before purchasing from go outdoors.


All bikes have been selling out quick , well most decent ones . Grabbed a Voodoo Bizango the other at £650 . I wasn't planning on spending that , but all the £400-£550 ones where gone and all 2nd hand ones on gumtree and ebay are selling for silly prices.


Sold out already


You can actually use these on the road at the moment.


You mean Go Indoors.

Carbon handlebars MTB mountain bike £20 +£6.99 delivery @ Planet X
256° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Selcof's first carbon MTB riser bars offer 50mm of rise with a 6 degree back sweep to give you that perfect position for staying in control on any trail. All-mountain and Trail … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I found their CS fine. But perhaps I was lucky.


I spent £2k on a bike in 2016, they didn't send an extra cassette I ordered, they fitted it and kept the standard one, even though I wanted it for a turbo wheel I had. The bike frame was scratched and they refused to accept the return unless I paid a LBS to inspect it and put in writing that it damaged the carbon. The bike was also several weeks late, after taking payment they then realised the wheels were out of stock. The whole thing was shocking and after getting nowhere i wrote a review on trust pilot and it was only then they accepted their mistake and offered a £15 online voucher! I wouldn't order a thing from them again, even if they paid!


740mm wide and 50mm rise, bit old fashioned specs. Its a pity they don't still sell the 777mm Knuckleball for a good price, I should have bought 3 when they were £30


Agreed. I bought some wheels from them a decade ago and a week after they arrived the spokes on the rear wheel started snapping. It was my fault apparently for not checking and correcting the tension of the spokes. Strangely enough I have never had a problem with any other wheels before or since from any other supplier.


Not heavy duty enough, just the weight of all the controls would stress it. Also the clamp points would be different and doubt they’d be reinforced where you need it.

Calibre Tripple B mountain bike £1274.15 @ Go outdoors
187° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
A seriously good bit of kit for the price and a brand that is consistently delivering great bikes. Marked price is £1499 but with code EXTRA15 it brings it down to £1274.15 Full d… Read more



You're joking right? (annoyed)


How many tools do you need to maintain this thing do you need to wash it every time or it will go rusty?


The latest Sram with an XD driver and Shimano 12 speed can fit a 10t on the back which helps but flat road pace wont be their forte.


S/M/L all back in stock just purchaced one using voucher code and topcashback came back as £63.96.

Merida Big Nine 300 29" Mountain Bike 2019 - Hardtail MTB £500 at Tredz Online Bike Shop
361° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Posted yesterday but expired (tried to mark as unexpired but not working and didn’t want anyone to miss out) Sizes available 17“ (Medium) & 18.5” (Large) Awesome bike for the… Read more

I like the colour. Thankfully I'm too tall. If that bike we're in my size and was a 29er I'd have wished I'd gone for it. Doesn't come with pedals though? Is that normal? I actually got Tredz to send me some free upgraded pedals with my order (y)


If you can hack the colour and aren’t too tall, yes 8)


IMHO this bike feels really light


That looks like a brilliant deal! Smaller wheels and only available in small frame but I would post that as a seperate deal if I were you!


Thanks for that info! Much appreciated. I have ordered now and will see how I get on with the suspension and look at replacing if it feels heavy. I'll need to research susoension forks now! :D

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