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Mountain bikes have changed the face of outdoor recreation, offering the chance to navigate mountain trails, forest routes, and purpose-built cross country courses that test riders' handling skills and nerve to the limit. The best mountain bikes from the world's leading brands can always be found for less at the hotukdeals mountain bike listings. Read more
Vitus Nucleus 29 VRS Mountain Bike 2021 £514.99 with code @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Was £749.99 now down to £514.99 using the code clear2022. You can also get £7.00 Quidco. Info added by @PD2K79 Details Vitus Nucleus 29 VRS Mountain Bike The Vitus Nucleus is the 4…
Avatar aronandjim

I'd definitely have to agree with the poster above the Vitus Mach 3 looks a great choice. If you want something a little more off-road capable but without front suspension the Carrera Subway is a good option at Halfords. It's basically a mountain bike with rigid steel forks and an ideal everyday workhorse commuting bike and general purpose bike.


Take a look at the Vitus Mach 3 deal posted on here 3 days ago maybe? No experience with that bike, but it looks pretty good for the money to me.


Can u recommend any good value road bike. I dont like drop handle


It's an absolute superb mountain bike for the money with a very well judged spec but if you are only really riding on the road and very light off-road use then its pretty pointless. The gearing isn't ideal and you'll be hauling an un-necessary suspension fork everywhere and having to maintain and service that fork. Saying that you see plenty of people who ride mountain bikes as everyday commuting bikes.


If you're only ever going to use it on roads then there's probably better options.

The Vitus Nucleus 27 VR Mountain Bike - Grey Sin Size Large Frame £499.99 @ Wiggle
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
The Vitus Nucleus 27 VR Mountain Bike - Grey is a four-time winner of the MBR magazine (500 UK pounds) Hardtail of the Year award. In Size Large Was £599.99 Also has the burnt red version …
Avatar Deal_or_no-Deal
Get deal*Get deal*

Blimey guys check out the GT Bikes. A great old brand that used good components. Silly prices cheap as chips though they alls eem to have an aversion to putting weights and proper frame sizes grrr


Must get there one day....................ah if only.


That's Windermere. You can probably rent a canoe nearby, I pedalled a short distance from a cafe.


Im too old to adapt. I want the old school back. I must I will have it.......stamp stamp. Wow check that place out, where is it and where is the canoe parked up?


Sounds like you just need to adapt the gears you have. An old 21 speed doesn't have a significantly wider range than many modern 1x set ups. I'm currently riding a 25 year old (I mean right now - see pic, I've stopped to post this) with a sticky front shifter so effectively the bottom set don't work). It's fine for most purposes.

POLYGON Siskiu D7 29" Full Suspension Mountain Bike £1,099 + £5 members card @ Go Outdoors
207° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Bargain Info added by @wadz The Siskiu D7 from Polygon is an entry level full-suspension mountain bike designed to handle everything from local trails, to all-day adventures in the mou…

M back in stock


Congrats on your first deal, @jonnm :)


This'll be alright for getting on the trails and pointing down hill a bit, you'll quickly want slx brakes and beefier fork but it's a good start.


The full suspension vs hardtail is a really difficult one and it comes down to personal preference largely. I currently have a rigid, a full suspension but it's the hard tail that's easily my first choice to ride as I just love the feel of it, I can ride aggressive trails better than the full suspension and it's a lot more fun. That's my personal choice and I have plenty friends who prefer their full suspension bikes. The Vitus hardtail deal does have better spec but if you buy this FS bike then you have the option to upgrade the parts later as you need whereas you can't easily change the hardtail for a full suspension bike.


You are quoting a reply to dajoebombregarding fitting a mid-drive motor to this bike and the issues of the motor sticking out. Maybe in the future you could read the post in question properly and not use childish emoji's in your poorly judged reply.

Vitus Sentier 27 VRS Mountain Bike 2021 - £1,229.99 With Code @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
20% discount plus extra £10 with code CLEAR202 Info added by SebK : Vitus Sentier 27 VRS Mountain BikeIdeal for XC, Trail and All Mountain riding, the Vitus Sentier 29 VRS is a hardcore…
Avatar Jim3

1199 now op


Looks great for the money, although I also prefer a 29er. Only slightly disappointing thing is it's a ittle bit heavy - a bit more than the much cheaper Voodoo Bizango. I know weight's not everything but it would be nice to see a bike at this price level get under 13kg.


Fox 34 fork will get you pretty far in mountain biking, you gotta be very good to 'need' more, you can always spend more for the luxury of it but it is definitely fully fit for purpose of going down actual mountains quickly and safely.


Really good value for money. Vitus bikes always are.


I would personally take and on one scandel over that but thats because i prefer a 29er

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Barracuda 26” (66cm) Draco DS Full Suspension Shimano Mountain Bike £199.99 delivered @ Costco
66° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
The Draco dual DS26 MTB bicycle is a dual suspension bicycle which is the perfect choice for anyone looking to go off-road and on the trails! With its sturdy steel 18" frame, front and rear …

Thanks so much very helpful of you (highfive) (y)


Hi, not familiar with that Tiger bike but if in good condition £100 is not a bad price. I'd check the following.... brakes - smooth action when pulling the lever and they stop the bike. When stationary, pull front brake hard and rock the bike back and forth. There should be no significant knocking or rocking (there may be some movement in the suspension forks) gears - change as you would expect on the front and back. All gears should be accessible. wheels - lift the bike and spin them. They should be fairly true, i.e. no significant side to side wobble at the rim. Brake rotors should not catch on the brakes. Grab the tyres and move the wheel side to side, there should be no movement or knocking. Bottom bracket - hold the crank/pedal on one side and move it towards and away from the bike. There should be no movement. Tyres - not bulging or cracked Take a look at the rear sides of the saddle, the ends of the grips and pedals. If they are scuffed or damaged, it can be a sign that the bike has been crashed


What's your thoughts on a tiger Ace 27.5? Someone local to me is selling one for £100 odd... Seems in decent condition... No idea if it's rubbish or not... Only want one for bike riding with the kids around the park and general exercise.


I wish I'd kept my Chopper, I paid I think £3 for it secondhand decades ago as a child and it was in a rough state but going by current prices I would have made a grand on it. I utterly abused that bike and didn't really have any problems although I bought it with the gears not working and never sorted them. The top tube shifter was broken on it probably due to the previous owner landing on it or something. It was a rubbish bike but also a great bike for novelty value and unique riding style.


This is what I had in the 1960s second hand a mk1 Raleigh Chopper which everyone used to say was really dangerous (and it was because mine was the single shift with the ball which fell off revealing a metal spike and I landed on it…straight to hospital) and like with this everyone said what a rubbish bike it was. The components were rubbish, was totally impractical, poorly designed, extremely unwieldily, heavy and very dangerous and it rusted as soon as it hit rain but it was the best bike I ever owned. I sold that rusted piece of junk last year for £1500. So for all you aficionados a bike means more than just a transportation device.

Vitesse Force E-Mountain Bike £899.99 delivered @ Aldi
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
This has just popped into my inbox. Quick google shows prices much higher elsewhere, so this maybe a good deal. I don't know much about e-bikes but I'm looking to get one. Hoping those here…
Avatar swiftguy
Get deal*Get deal*

Lol. At 100kg plus more of a hoppet


Oh I'm sure they are nonsense like the MPG claims for most cars. I'm just providing a comparative spec. (y)


True. Its a plodder and great for the majority, probably, general road with the odd off road gentle trails. 10,4Ah will be good for 15 miles safely on the flat and at a push till flat battery 25 max. Depends on your input but I buy an ebike to do most of the hard work so my input only about 30% at best.


Forget the claims they are nonsense. Hahahahaha bunny hops at a gotta put a video up we would actually subscribe to see you get away with that nonsense :) Hahahahaha bunny hops at a gotta put a video up we would actually subscribe to see you get away with that nonsense :)


Out of curiosity. What is so junk about it? I mean the cheapest decathlon Stilus is £3k. I agree this Aldi bike definitely isn't a mountain bike but for roads, flat trails, and old railway line cycle routes it looks decent.