Unfortunately, this deal has expired 2 February 2023.
Posted 28 January 2023

Sony Xperia 1 £99 / Oppo Find X3 Lite £109 / Samsung Galaxy A51 £89 / Find X3 Neo £179 Used Good @ Giffgaff / Ebay

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Update 1
Only xperia 1 left

Some back in stock here, limited stock on some of these, but still bargains from giffgaff on ebay, the X3 Neo will come as the 255GB version (from previous postings) and the Xperia 1 will come as the 128GB as opposed to what they state 64GB. Easy returns if the phone doesn't come as described

There are four in the title

Oppo Find X3 Lite - £109.30

Oppo Find X3 Neo 256GB £179.10

Sony Xperia 1 128GB £99

Samsung Galaxy A51 128GB £89.10

Features & details
  • Camera: capture the world as you see it, effortlessly crisp and clear photos with the powerful 48MP Rear Camera and its quad-camera system
  • Design: designed to stand out and turn heads with an immersive Super AMOLED Infinity-O Display
  • Battery: Giving you the freedom to go further
  • Video: you can film super-smooth action, putting professional mobile video at your fingertips
  • What's in the box: Samsung Galaxy A51 Prism Crush Black smartphone, UK charger, user manual, warranty card tray pin, earphones
eBay More details at eBay

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  1. cooper182's avatar
    Anyone can advise the battery life on the X3 neo if they bought it last time....thanks
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    My wife hasn't complained about hers, which is a rare thing indeed, so one would assume it is fine
  2. bigjoeftq's avatar
    This man never sleeps and dreams of deals 🙈
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Good Morning, or is it good night?
  3. DopeyDunker's avatar
    Some proper bargains there. Giffgaff usually one of the (few) sellers you can trust in when it comes to grading condition as well. (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Defo agree. Though as previously discussed, 99.9% of them are hit or miss, not a bad thing with ebay for example, as its easy returns
  4. H1ghSk1ll's avatar
    Great price. Bought Find x3 lite, looks like it's better phone than mine Redmi Note 10 5G, more RAM and better Antutu score too.
    Thank you very much.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    It is, and you're welcome
  5. innocent's avatar
    Good morning call for all the phones on your giffgaff/eBay listing 📱🔥📱 (edited)
  6. MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Thanks man
  7. SILLYCLINT's avatar
    Thanks, gone for the x3 lite (edited)
  8. Akshai_Raj's avatar
    Thanks, Switchy. I was looking for a back up phone.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Nice one
  9. thesim79's avatar
    I have the find x3 lite and for that price it's a bargain. Upgraded to android 13 couple of weeks ago as well
  10. SILLYCLINT's avatar
    Received the x3 lite today and it's mint! 👊 💥💣 (edited)
  11. gakem11's avatar
    This is a great deal switch I would have snapped up one of these if I hadn't just bought a realme 9 pro+ used this week
  12. Chubzino's avatar
    Only the 128gb available on the oppo find x3 neo btw
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    It is the 256GB, giffgaff have it wrong, I bought one of them, and many other did too
  13. NuffinisFree's avatar
    @MrSwitch Does the sony xperia have 128GB as the only option in the drop down box is 64GB?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Yeah, again from previous postings these come as 128GB
  14. MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Not surprised
  15. stelo's avatar
    Looks like a51 gone too :/
  16. jakeyjakey's avatar
    Looking for a backup phone for around £100. What’s my best option to be looking for? Happy for refurbs.
    PC59's avatar
    An oppo find series I think , they are all pretty decent without any big known issues unlike the Samsung's A5x series . I personally used X2 Lite , X2 Neo and now X3 Neo. No issues whatsoever, painless updates which actually fix and improve the phone over the time.
  17. stec77's avatar
    Hi @MrSwitch . Sorry to ask you again but in the past I asked you about finding a phone with a wider screen and less tall? I think it maybe a 16:9 ratio although I could be wrong! Do any of these phones have this feature? Thanks in advance.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Unfortunately not
  18. BMF073's avatar
    Hi @MrSwitch please need your expert suggestion to choose one Oppo find x3 neo or oppo find x5 lite or honor 70?
    Please can you suggest best to go for?
    Many thanks
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Personally I'd choose the X3 Neo, having never used the other two I can't form an opinion, my wife currently uses the X3 Neo and loves it, must say it's a decent phone, good camera, display, processor, ram and storage battery is pretty decent as well
  19. Grinchyaaa's avatar
    Hi @MrSwitch . Quick question if you don't mind. What are your thoughts on buying from Ali Xpress? I bought my Mi9T pro on there like 3 years ago without issue. I see deals are no longer allowed from there so was wondering what your thoughts are on it now? Was mainly looking at buying a Mi12 or 13 on there. Thanks bud
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    For buying pgpnes it is a lot riskier these days in terms of customs etc.

    Maybe stick to the likes of Wonda, trading shenzen, giztop etc.
  20. Super.Noob's avatar
    Received email from Giffgaff (Ebay) that they are issuing refund, as the phone did not meet their quality check. After they had email to say that it being posted and supply tracking ref day before
  21. theballboy's avatar
    I see they have an oppo x5 lite. any one care to comment of functionality / issues?
  22. Stumead's avatar
    xperia1 now £110
's avatar