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Sony Xperia XZ2 premium smartphone 64gb + 64gb SDCard @ Amazon Germany
Found 3 h, 12 m agoFound 3 h, 12 m ago
This has got to be a missprice. This phone on every other euro amazon is €799-€899 Its £800 on amazon uk. Plus you get the pleasure of a free sd card thrown in. Now pay In euros… Read more

Well, the XZ2 just got reduced by £150 down to 549.00 in CPW, yet you only get about £200 in CeX or O2 Recycle for it. They are overpriced. I have one XZ2. For the amount of money they ask RRP you can get much better devices.


If you need a contract this is a better deal with XZ3:


Guessing their £499 s9 offer has meant they aren't selling any, coupled with the xz3 coming out.


Yeah i know. Strange isn't it


that's cheaper than all the Chinese import sites!!

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium 64GB Chrome Black - EE A £500 @ CEX
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
This phone is over £700 new sim free, and even £600 from the likes of eglobal, so in my opinion this is a great price. They are also £800-£900 on the EU amazon sites, which is sil… Read more

Yeah, they had one in stock when the 10% off ebay code was here a couple weeks back, it was there for £275 and thought it was a chance I couldn't turn down. I gladly sold it for £315 the other day with the £1 fvf, making £55 ish. Probs could have got more if I had of bigged it up a bit more, but I like to be honest in my listings, less come back that way. :)


Grade A XZ2 for £248? Wow, I thought I did well. Brillant deal! I also noticed on another thread someone saying £1.50 delivery charge on mobile phones sold by CEX but I have never been charged a delivery fee by CEX. Maybe it is because the phones I usually buy from CEX are over a certain price and a nice bonus... they where always sent special delivery too.


In my opinion its simply not a good deal, not because its Sony. I am using the XZ3 now.


Still have it, love it! But will be a designated "spare" but will not be too far away.I did grumble long and hard about the missing 3.5mm jack on the XZ2 but I guess there should be an adaptor in the box and I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones somewhere.Seemed too good a price to turn down with 2 year warranty.I paid for all of it with vouchers as I sent off 3 boxes of crap.ok harsh..i mean items surplus to requirements to Cex to pay for it.


I was so lucky, I got a grade A off buyitdirect ebay store a couple weeks ago for £248. It was in absolutely mint condition, with all new accessories, and was the easiest sell on that well known auction site ever.

Used Sony Xperia X. Grade B. Prices from £82  @ CEX.
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
There's quite a few prices and grades. Grade B is the one I usually go for because of price and condition being high enough. The rose gold grade B is £82 and the grade B graphite … Read more
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Moto G hasn't been good value since G3 days really. Price just keeps going up but they keep sticking 400-series SoCs in it and people still keep buying them. Having seen things like the Honor 9 Lite and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite recently, I can't see why the G6 would even be a consideration today.


Fair enough - I am only getting that impression because I have two of you challenging me ;) I can copy/paste a PM I got from a Sony EU Forum member about overheating issues - though my question at the time was about registering it for a Warranty, I just mentioned overheating as an additional question in PMs. Basically, I couldn't register for a Warranty with them - because Sony want a proof of purchase which shows the device's IMEI - which I couldn't provide, as mine was purchased from Amazon. Edit: I also had to do a ton of Sony updates out the box (not a moan, a good thing) - took a while though - now on Oreo - 8.0.0 (just checked).


Don't be so touchy. I wasn't implying anything.


Oh I dont deny it's true just seems spec wise the X wouldn't suffer from it but I guess it does =S


It's not "supposed" - please don't make me sound like a thread downer, I read it numerous places when I was trying to get some info on it for mum - in fact, I nearly cancelled my Amazon order. The biggest problem seems to be when recording video, that's supposedly when it's most likely to happen. Anyway, my only intention, as I said, was to let people know.

Sony Xperia XZ3 + Free SRS-XB31 Bluetooth Speaker (worth £129.99) - £699.99 @ Very
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Okay so I know it's a Sony, I also know it's RRP and worst of all it's VERY but this looks to be the best offer out there at the moment that comes close to the free headphones that… Read more
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Have you already created your account? Strange as I've just gone to buy another and have the option again


I'm at the step 3.Payment, it's only showing me "To pay with Take 3 simply add item(s) to your account below (optional) - 3 months, 3 payments, no interest", then there is the "Add to account" green button which proceeds to step 4.Complete, no BNPL option to select?


During checkout it pops up in a box option


how do you select/activate that option? is it done during checkout or afterwards?


Yep mines on 12 month BNPL

Sony Xperia L1 Only £19.99 @ Carphone Warehouse (with cancellable 12 month Vodafone/O2 SIMO)
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Buy the phone bundled with the SIMO on a 12 month contract via CPW, then cancel the contract with Vodafone/O2 under 14 days cooling off period. Bargain price, might be worth going… Read more
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i havn' I havn't opened the sim or have another vodafone sim to call that number.


Try 191 then


i tried 03333 040191 - the 2nd time i called they immediately told me to go back to CPW as it was nothing to do with them as they said it was bought through CPW.


What number are you calling on, have you tried 191?


after being passed around several people at vodafone, they told me they cant cancel and i have to go back to CPW. is there a better number to ring them on? I have now called twice and get the same answer from each person i have spoken to.

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Sony Xperia XZ3 Smartphone Bundle (6 Inch) Dual SIM, 64GB Internal Memory, 4GB RAM, Android 9.0) + Free 64GB Memory Card + Free 12 Month PS Plus Membership [Exclusive to Amazon] - German Version, 64 GB £728 (0%) @ Amazon Germany
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Maybe a bundle too far. Haha £728 with a free memory card, and free 12 month PlayStation plus membership. Unsure of what these will be on launch in the UK, but wouldn't look past… Read more

If Whatsapp was able to run on SD card this would help, All you need is a few pics to come in and then it won't upgrade apps. That's one for Google to sort.


xz premium came out 7 months after the xz, xz2 premium came out 3 months after the xz2. There wasn't an xz1 premium.


defintely best looking sony phone to date with their first oled hdr screen, but as mentioned above it's really quite pathetic to still only have 64GB storage for a flagship phone when your competitors are all 128GB or above, I know you can add microsd card but many apps installs and uses internal storage only, so once it's full you must delete. I'm still on my xperia z and have been wanting to upgrade, thought finally the xz3 will be 128gb (there were rumours, the oled screen rumour came true), was then hoping to see if there is a XZ3 Premium with even higher spec and 128gb storage but so far nothing, very weird as sony usually have 3 models compact/regular/premium for their flagship. Oh and specific to certain asian markets eg HK & TW they get 6GB ram whereas RotW gets 4GB only.


Sony phones always looked like crap in my view but this is looking better 😁


Bit overpriced to say the least. Sony phones have fallen behind due to their obsession with pathetic storage (16gb into 64gb age) and poor design from a company who used to set the design standards Ripped off in UK ? Definitely - and the supplying companies are even more to blame for that than the shops, this time

Sony Xperia XZ1 64GB Smartphone in Pink + 0% Finance For 12 Months (plus cashback) @ AO
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Good price for this, plus 2% cashback at either cashback site, gives you an extra £7 ish in your back sky rocket. So £272 for this, ain't a bad price. Runs Android 8 Oreo - enjoy… Read more

Well yeah. As I own one and sell them :p . Mostly we rarely see the pink ones but it’s really red-pink on the Compact and a blush pink for the full size one. Great phones anyway. Always bugged me only the bigger one had 64GB storage onboard and a proper metal unibody.


Only you would notice that :S I just took it from the website. (y)


Confused me OP, that’s a XZ1 Compact in the thumbnail! Different shade of pink as well:


they do the job, the phones are not made for catwalks


Sony phones are so ugly

Sony Xperia X Compact F5321 - 32GB - Mist Blue (O2) Refurbished Good £74.99 @ Music Magpie - Ebay (more in op)
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Still one of the best compact phones ever released, in my humble opinion. And at this price, its a steal. There are three available, all separate listings, locked to o2 and Voda… Read more

The camera wasn't very good. Battery drained repeatedly (I factory reset over 10 times, nothing fixed it), software also continued to slow and lag


Haha thanks


:)) off course has everything to do with that deal. Just I was not planning to stop at the shop, was planning to investigate via the website. And by coincidence, managed to bump in the shop, so why not, made a decision straight away. One of the best deals you've posted, but I can't say is on top 3, as all your deals are great!!! So, thanks!!!




Damn. So nothing to do with me posting that exact deal? Lol

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Black 64GB (1 Month Contract) £239 + £15.50 @ CPW
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
First of all go through topcashback for £10-£35 cashback. Then as soon as you receive the phone/Sim card, ring Vodafone and give them 30 days notice, that way you only pay 1 month.… Read more

I've lost the Sony demo videos and pictures after resetting phone, is anyone with this handset able to share them?








Is the phone locked to Vodafone?

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact 32gb for £189 with topup at Carphone Warehouse  (or possibly £155)
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
I missed out on the Currys' deal yesterday and so went looking around. I hit upon CarphoneWarehouse selling the Compact for £199. I rang them up to check that it was unlocked to … Read more

Anyone tried to redeem the exclusive PS One theme on their XZ1 Compact from the Sony Lounge app? ( welcome gift ) The code generated keeps coming up as invalid, Sony say it has nothing to do with them and to contact CPW despite it being an excusive Sony theme, offered through their own app and their own handset..Not impressed.CPW just referred me back to Sony. Anyone else tried to redeem offer?


£200. Why do my phones always pack in when these deals expire?!?


Maybe I'm missing something but isn't that's on contact and this isn't. No hassle with cancelling after a month and whatnot.


Hmm don't get why this is cold.snapdragon 835 Sony with good specs for 180 I'd rather this phone than iPhone 8


Story time?

BRAND NEW Sony Xperia XZ Premium - Chrome or Black. £299.99 @ CPW
Refreshed 13th SepRefreshed 13th Sep
64GB internal storage extendable to 256GB with microSD TopCASHBACK £10 BACK!
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I've lost the Sony demo videos and pictures after resetting phone, is anyone with this handset able to share them?


Cheers mate


I was going to purchase it but I bought XA2 ultra couple of weeks back for under £170 a new one but checked opened box. I saw Xz premium on amazon, curry's and carphone warehouse all at the same time. It wasn't a mistake. Just hoping people who actually bought this respond back.


I ordered this phone for this price. I have an order confirmation. To cut a long story short they screwed it up by trying to withdraw the price of the phone n the following day (£200) more. Got my card blocked etc and won't let me have it at the price is ordered it at. So I'm bugging them to try and get it at the price I ordered it at. They tell me that it was never the s price and nobody has bought it at this price. So, did any of you guys buy this phone at this price?


Yeah. I want new or I want to have it in my hand and see it before I part with the cash. I really appreciate you trying to help...but I think I just missed this one...well I didn't...carphone warehouse screwed me...but you get the idea. Was a brilliant deal btw.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium 64 GB 5.5-Inch UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black - £299.99 @ Amazon
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
5.5" 4K HDR display Super slow motion - 960fps Water resistant and dustproof Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor Qnovo Adaptive Charging Please note that Sony XZ Premium 'Dispat… Read more
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Sounds like a faulty phone. My XZ premium doesn't have any of the problems you describe. If it did it from new you could have returned it for a replacement from where you bought it.


Sony are good at warranty, you will get back within 5 days, they send a courier to collect phone. I would reset phone, 1st to see if it sorts issue out. Unless you have damaged the the digitiser by dropping it, that could be the issue, the wife has the phone and has dropped several times, it's well built, she dropped it from the upstairs landing on our laminate floor and it survived.


I thought about it. Life without a smartphone hear days just doesn't bear thinking about from a practical point


Awesome price. HOT :D


Why not send it back to Sony? They may give you a new phone without the issues.

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact 32GB Sim Free/Sim Only  - £139 + £15.50 (1 month) @ Carphone Warehouse
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Great deal this, go through topcashback for a potential £10-£35 back, taking total payment to £144.50-£129.50 Cancel the sim on arrival to pay just one month. 4.6-inch HD displa… Read more

Got £5 TCB today. Not quite the £35 some people may receive but I did cancel on first day so means I paid a grand total of £134 for a brand new shiny Sony xz1 compact. Thanks OP.


Anyone tried to redeem the exclusive PS One theme on their XZ1 Compact from the Sony Lounge app? ( welcome gift ) The code generated keeps coming up as invalid, Sony say it has nothing to do with them and to contact CPW despite it being an excusive Sony theme, offered through their own app and their own handset..Not impressed.CPW just referred me back to Sony. Anyone else tried to redeem offer?


So I phoned Vodafone and told them i was going around in circles speaking to them and Carphone Warehouse trying to cancel my contract. Finally spoke to someone nice who apologised and said they could cancel and refund me pro rata - checked and they've refunded me the full £15.50, so I've not had to pay for the contract at all! (highfive)


Oh ok. They told me I would have to pay for a second month before I was able to cancel. Will try again.


No, just the first, then they cancel, have just had my cancellation letter through the door.

SONY Xperia XZ Premium - 64 GB, Black £299.99 @ Currys
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Seems to be the best price at the moment from a major retailer Top features: - Incredible 4K HDR display using LG TV technology - Shoot super-slow motion video at 960 fps … Read more

I hsave got this and great phone but battery life sucks on it. Stunning screen and CPU is fast, caemra is great the 3d scanning feature is a bit rubbish however the 960fps camera is very good but you have to get the timing just right. Never had any issues using none Sony headphones either wired or bluetooth as I have used Bose QC35's with it and numerous wired headsets all none sony.


Mine is fine on oreo? Only problem I had is Bluetooth and compatibility with older tech. I had to go into developer options and set the Bluetooth to an older version.


This must be the shortest deal for a phone I've seen


Bought this to replace iPhone 6. Lot larger & still getting used to it but wow its way faster & slicker then the iPhone £300 is a bargain for a premium model


I have owned 3 Xperia's. All there specs and speed tests are always impressive. For me the real world experience has consistently gone down hill. I have found after 6 months of use the phone (currently version XZ) gets slower and slower, battery life appalling, don't get a day with normal use and heavy use gets half a day. Also noticing when the battery is 15% or less the phones does not respond at all and is unusable. For me it's a massive shame as I have been a Sony man for years now. This is not to mention the value of Sony devices falls faster than Apple's from trees. For the first time in years I will looking elsewhere even at extra cost. Sorry Sony you need to up your game..

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact  32 GB, Black £199 Currys
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
First post so go easy. I've been searching for a smaller android phone and the cheapest for this phone on contract is around £22 per month with 4gb data. Makes sense to buy this d… Read more
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ADB method.


You can disable some of the pre installed bloat. But the ones you can't, possibly force stop them? Shouldn't affect anything as you don't want them anyway.


I took the Vodafone deal, cancelled contract day I received phone. No issues, great phone and battery life but has anyone managed to remove any of the Sony apps? Like lounge, What's new, weather, sketch etc? I have turned off notifications for these but still get adverts and notifications on home screen. If anyone can point me to where I can delete these..would be appreciated.


I've sent mine back to currys after getting the cpw Vodafone deal, one might come back into stock, I'm still awaiting my refund right enough


Looks like Currys have removed the xz1 compact from their site, cpwh have put the price back up to £299, and also noticed Giffgaff raised the price from £299 to £329. Glad I managed to get one at £199.

Sony Xperia XZ1 black £279 at mobile phones direct with free next day delivery
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Brand new Sony Xperia XZ1 for £279 Experience an immersive world of entertainment powered by Sony innovation. The Xperia XZ1 is the richest Sony experience yet. A smartphone that … Read more

No experience of this seller myself as far as buying from them but some of the REVIEWS show a pattern in their practises,customers upgrading but instead receiving a new contract with new number and also receiving refurbished phones instead of new.I emailed this company twice over a week ago and still no reply and a premium rate number on their website,one that does not come out of most bundled minutes.Buyer beware indeed. Glad I did not hit that buy button.


It's single SIM as Sony don't make a UK variant of this model in dual SIM and mobile phones direct at a very large company


Good price but not sure about the seller, little detail on the handset if it is the dual sim model. But argos are out of stock so not much choice now where to buy.


Why would Sony put the same size 2700 mAh battery in XZ1 Compact(4'6" 720p screen ) and this one ?


I've got this phone and paid a lot more, honestly had no problems with it. Great camara, responsive just very good for this price.

Genuine Sony Xperia X Compact 32GB - SIM Free Unlocked Refurbished Good - Black & Blue £98.10 @ Envirofone Shop - Ebay
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
For all you compact lovers out there, a phone envirofone hasn't actually raised the price on today. Good little phones, for the little handed people on hukd. ;) Sim Type Nano-S… Read more

The camera is definitely better and faster on the X Compact. The X Compact has 3GB of RAM vs 2 on the Z5c but the CPU is a fair bit slower. Technically the X isn’t waterproof but people keep saying it actually is just without the certification. It’s a really nice phone though, the only thing that’s bad about is the glossy paint finish on the back and sides scratches if you touch it with anything other than cotton gloves so expect a ‘good Envirofone’ X Compact to look like someone has sanded the back of it down. The bezel argument is so boring, I don’t necessarily prefer having them but I don’t notice them enough to bother me.It’s £100 for a very good all-round phone.


The Bezels are on par with the iPhone SE yes it has it but not excessive. The newer XZ2 compact has 18:9 (2:1) aspect ratio so it slims on the bezels even more so, so no their newer model has LESS bezel.


Thanks, that'll be superb! :)


I've one on the way from toby. Will let you know what it's like when it finally shows its face :)


Thanks for voting Poco hot (highfive) I am yet to bite the bullet with Poco... still in two minds about getting it from Eglobal :/ Hence keeping an eye on the phones thread :)

Sony Xperia XZ2 H8216 Android Mobile Smartphone 64GB Black/Green Unlocked/EE Refurb Good To Excellent - Prices Range From £307 - £336 @ XS items - Ebay
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Some good prices here, unsure if you can also use cashback and your £3 bonus from topcashback, but you're quids in if you can. £307 for one of these is quite ridiculous, hopefully… Read more

And remember, this is still a current model, it’ll sell alongside the XZ3 when that comes out - other than the display, this is still very much top-end.


As long as they are not your cast offs that is!! (lipstick)


Yes mate!


Does this use a USB - C lead?


Sounds good to me lol. Heat added op !

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