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Sony Xperia XZ Premium 64GB Deepsea Black, Vodafone B £135 delivered at CEX
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Fantastic phone with 4K HDR screen at a super price. Just dropped another £15.Free unlock with Vodafone after 30 days if already a Vodafone customer.Handset can be updated to Andro… Read more

Free returns to the store?


They use Royal Mail. Either recorded delivery or sometimes special delivery. Free returns with CEX if not happy with condition.


Looks great but I doubt I'll be lucky enough to get a pristine one. So I'll probably have to go to the royal mail depot, open it up and return it straight away. It'd be different if I could get it delivered (and returned) to a store. Do you remember which courier they used? If it's one that takes a phone number (and uses it!), I could get it delivered to work


Mine arrived today, excellent condition, not a mark on it.Well pleased.Unlock codes start from £2.50 on ebay if you are not a vodafone customer.


Vodafone seem to be hardest to unlock, but I have used this site numerous times and it's the best for unlocking I have found. You will get your unlock codes about 5 days later on average. Here the link

Sony Xperia touch  Projector £799.99 at VERY
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Latest Sony ultra short throw touch screen projector discounted by £600.. Full price nearly everywhere else. Note negative reviews are when projecter is reviewed at full price. Po… Read more

Not voting but I would have expected more at that price than 100 lumen at 720p.

SONY XPERIA 10 Vodafone 64GB Black In Pristine Condition £189.99 @ Envirofone
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Crazy reduction here for a pristine handset, possibly one in stock but a brilliant buy at this price, @Bavy @xavierluther Black Vodafone 64GB SONY XPERIA 10

That sounds like my next phone 8)


Battery life not too bad considering resolution, but XZ2 took it to another level


Mine is reading 102% battery health via AccuBattery, Sony quality :D


I'm stating facts here derived from specs, not my opinion which of course could possibly be considered biased as I'm using the more powerful, higher resolution screened, Sony device :{


Ah yeah, no doubt.

Sony Xperia L3 - 5.7inch HD+ Display, 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage, Dual 13MP Rear Camera - £169.99 @ Ideal World TV
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Ideal World have got UK exclusive release of the GOld colour of the Sony Xperia L3... They are advising the usual price would be £299 and they have a release price of £169.99 with… Read more

What about it's fancy USB plug as well?, lol.


According to O2: What's In The Box Phone USB lead Head set Quick Start guide


Without charger most definitely and quite possibly without headphones.


Mediatek? lol


Available on O2 PAYG for £129

Sony Xperia XZ1 64GB memory Black £195.40 @ Amazon
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Nice little drop, cheapest it's been. Highlights: - Scratch-resistant 13.2 cm (5.2 inch) Full-HD HDR TRILUMINOS display - 19 Megapixel Motion Eye main camera with predictive rec… Read more

No problem, need a bit banter


I know, I was just being an arse, for that I apologise :(


Meant typing


I believe the charger and USB cable is included, and its a UK charger as well. Its even more of a bargain now, as Amazon has increased its price to more than £400


Got this when it hit £199 a couple months ago.. great phone for the money, no lag, good (but not brilliant) camera, 16:9 ratio (I personally hate these 18:9 remote control shaped phones that are all the rage), no nasty notch or 5mm diameter dead pixel *cough* I mean camera hole in screen, and *tips hat to Sony* how the hell did they manage to make that "tiny" 2700mAH battery last so long... I get 6-7hrs SoT no bother over a day or two. Now being a bit of a phone junky myself I couldn't resist trying a Mi Max 3 when ebay did their recent 15% off and nabbed one new for £185 from a reliable UK seller and in spite of the 18:9 screen I really love it.... wanna talk battery life.... 16hrs SoT over 3 days easily achievable, pushing 18hrs if you hammer it in a day. Amazing. Camera surprised me too.... better than the XZ1. The XZ2 Premium has been on my radar for a while and is getting very affordable for those specs.... will no doubt be the last flagship spec phone with 16:9 ratio and no notch/hole sadly too.... but do I need *another* phone right now with a Max 3 daily driver and a XZ1 backup? 1st world problems... But yeah, can't go wrong with the XZ1 at this price from amazon.... great phone. ps. I like my bezels thank you very much! :{

Sony Xperia xz2 Compact 64GB Black (The Best Compact Android?) £344 Fee Free Card (£358) @ Amazon Italy
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Price Drop on the compact, was £390, now £344 with a fee free card, paying in euros at checkout. (Black only) Used items ranging from £307 - £330 are available too The best… Read more

Why are you in this thread trying to sell Pixel 3's?!? The 2 phones are not comparable! Every alternative you've listed has a bigger footprint. I had a Sony compact a few years ago and loved it. Switched to a Pixel 1 which i've had for a couple of years now but would ideally prefer to go a bit smaller again. This is pretty much the only option of a newer phone fitting the criteria.


Oh wow that's a great price. Noticed last night Amazon uk have dropped the price for the XZ2c to £399.99, lowest it's been since black friday/christmas. Really wanted to get this phone, unlike what some might say ;) this phone is awesome. Sony pack their phones with interesting tech sometimes, and the overall build and quality of materials is awesome. Unlike some other androids that are just marketing exercises. Irony is my brother gave me his old moto E4 and now i'm playing around with that for a while.


I would say Samsung more Mercedes overrated big time, pixel audi good but not as good as BMW, by the way I drive a bmw 320 64 plate, good car performance and handling, but extras lacking similar to a Sony


I'd say Samsung is the Bentley of leading pack, Pixel more BMW type (with some flaws), etc...


Ok..hum DE hum DE hum... Nothing changed :)

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Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra 32GB/4GB Ram Black £169 existing / £179 new customers @ Giffgaff
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
£169 for existing giffgaff customers or £179 with goodybag for new customers If you don't have an active giffgaff SIM you’ll need to buy a minimum £10 goodybag with this phone. You… Read more
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Yes if you talking Motorola, no if LG


Compared to a G6 , this is marginally faster but with a significant uplift in camera performance ?


Yes to be fair it is a big phone.


Just realised I wasn't looking at the aultra specs and after seeing the dimensions and weight Mrs james is ruling it out.


Quite nice when holding the phone for games or media

Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
Unbelievable that these phones are still over £600 on some sites, and yet a small company like box can sell it for this price! Excellent price and cheaper than laptops direct, don… Read more

£4 cheaper now.


Thanks mate


Gooood price, good find Mrswich


I think that's way too much money for Mate 10 Pro, frankly (late 2017 phone). I know it well, I think with Mate 10 Huawei came definitely at the doorstep of premium market. However, it'd take for P20 Pro the real challlenger of incumbents last year, to step over the line. P20 Pro is kind of natural rival of XZ2P. Prices are in roughly in same region, I don't think Mate 10 has held up as well. That Huawei for some reason is not ageing as well as Pixel 2 XL, its contemporary, or P20 Pro - I see this one holding value for longer.


Ok 👌

Sony Xperia XZ2 UK Sim Free Smartphone £319.00 Inc VAT  / ZX2 Premium £389 @ Box
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
KEY FEATURES Liquid Black Google Android 8.0 5.7" 2K HD Touch Screen 4GB RAM 64GB Storage 19MP Camera Sony's Latest Flagship Phone SIM Free Unlocked Mobile 1313-7944
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I have 2 of these via CEX. Great phone.Battery life is excellent.PS4 remote play too. No complaints at all.Using both with official SCTH40 cover. Interested in new model in May.


Should anyone be interested in a comparison between the XZ2, XZ2 Premium and the XZ3...


It's not even the 2nd latest, but it's great


Voting cold as screenshot misleading. Not latest flagship



The Illusive World Of The £10 (or less) Smartphones - MEGATHREAD
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Hi, this is my first megathread, so be nice! :) I was on the internet today, looking for cheap smartphones to tinker with and landed on one of my favourite websites; Cex, and en… Read more
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The problem with these for 'old people' is that they will 'hate it' and therefore hate all 'smartphones' forever despite them being nothing like the experience they'd have with current models. I can't imagine any good use for these unfortunately. I have an old Nexus 4 plugged in but hidden away forwarding texts from an old number and even that's pretty dire. Save your money.


You were lucky


I've found the customer service to be excellent myself.


I think so too, something in the £50 range would be far less restrictive and you can pick up some good bargains for that price.


A prime example that cheap does not always mean cheerful. People may want a cheap phone but I suspect they wouldn't mind paying/expect to pay a little more to have a much better experience. As others have said, bettery life on these will be trash. Security risks are an issue as support for these handsets will have stopped years ago. New apps or even semi-new apps won't work as developers will need access to the stuff only higher versions of android provide. Memory will be really low. Screen resolution very low. Hardware for WiFi and GPS etc will be poor. The list goes on. However spending triple+ this price will bag you something 10x better. And doing this makes sense, and as said people will be able to afford it. The effort is a really good one, and I don't think anyone is knockimg that, it's just the £10 restriction that is the issue, so my advice to the OP is to do the same again but say with a budget of £30/£40/£50? Max. Would be very insteresting to see what is available for that price. I'd personally argue that learners need a slick experience, and I dount these provide that. Using these for tinkering, I think these used old handsets will be sluggish and will get grating after a while. Again, Top marks for effort made though! Better than me!

Sony Xperia L1 White/Black  New Delivered £49 No Top Up @ O2
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Good price and no top up required and should come unlocked, if not O2 will unlock it for free. Click and collect also available and make sure to scroll down and click pay as you … Read more

Anyone know if xa or others use same case?


Thank you :) . Why can’t o2 just provide us with the phone chargers in the box, I know they say they are trying to be good to the planet. I wonder if the chargers get removed from the box on the manufacturing line or are they just not manufactured for o2 orders


Hi my phone just arrived there's usb in the box just no plug thats everything that's in the box hope it helps.


Does this work even if you never activated/used the O2 SIM they send with the phone?


Thank you (y) much appreciated.

Sony Xperia XZ3 PRISTINE condition unlocked android smartphone - £319.99 @ 4gadgets
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Seems a great deal. £10 sitw qide discount, and additional £10 when you sign up to their newsletter bringing the p[rice to £320 with free next day delivery. Superb phone - beautif… Read more
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Back in stock again, additional £20 off with MOTHERSDAY code. Couldn't resist!


Received mine yesterday - handset only as stated, but absolutely pristine. It was last charged 173 days ago, so I don't think it has had a lot of use. The screen is fantastic, real highlight and a noticable improvement on the also very impressive XZ2. I have put nova launcher on it, and its a fluid as anything I have used before. Great device for £320


All out of stock


You're gonna turn ladies' heads...(& lads' too)


I I tried one. Tbh I didn't notice the speed difference from the standard 6t just incredibly smooth!!!

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact dual sim £359.99 @ eGlobal Central
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
I was looking for a while. Seems a good price for a compact dual sim. Not sure about Eglobal
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Even better :D


That seems to be an XZ2 not XZ2 compact.


What about Toby deals? Are they any better? They price is the same.


Didn't make any difference because by the time my phone developed a fault and they'd strung me along for so long I was outside of the 6 month claim period


What about paying with pay pal?

Sony Xperia 10 Navy 6" 64GB £278.97 & Sony Xperia 10 Plus Silver 6.5" 64GB £321.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Whilst these two phones are overpriced for what they are, in my humble opinion. These are the cheapest these have been.. Enjoy Sony Xperia 10 Navy 6" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM … Read more

You'll probably need something like this


Had it in my hand in Vodafone store and it feels amazing, actually it was surrounded by flagships in same table and didn't look out of place. It really is special design... ...but I think pricing policy is misguided, looks like HTC crashing into the ground all over again. Sony is like LG, now an underdog in smartphone market, just like Huawei was 2 years ago, and can't charge any premium, on the contrary it has to give more than others at better prices, there's no other way to succeed.


Sony mobile division do make for some good case studies on what not to do.


I couldn't agree more


dont like this design choice of new sony series ..they are easy to hold but too tall for a phone need long finger to reach at top of screen all sony needed was to stick with old Xperia z5/Xz1 design but to minimise the bezel and improve the camera to be more competitive with S10 and pixel

Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Sim-free Smartphone Black/Silver/Gold - Flash Sale @ Sony Mobile Store for £249
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Strong contender for best midrange phone of 2018, with dual selfie shooters, large battery, OIS on front cameras, 4K video recording and usual Sony multimedia strengths, classy (th… Read more
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Mrswitch is a crack (eagle-eyed)


My mum had the regular xa2 for over year nice phone, the display really bright and sharp, build quality is good to, good midrange phones, sony store are overpriced laptop direct seem to be the cheapest for Sony phones right now. As pointed at £200 this bargain at Giffgaff, well spotted Mr switch


Actually your help appreciated, £200 is price this phone should be now, 1 year after launch It's embarrassing to point others in wrong direction, good for Giffgaff


Sorry mate :(


Thanks to @Mrswitch for pointing out, £40/50 cheaper at Giffgaff, that makes it much more competitive, don't think there's any advantage from buying direct from Sony store, unless you want it in Silver or Gold

Sony Xperia XZ1 64GB/4GB Black Grade B EE - £125 @ CeX
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Technical Details: Network 2G Network GSM Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900) 3G Network HSDPA Penta-band (850/900/1700(AWS)/1900/2100) 4G Network LTE Display 5.2 inch, 1080 … Read more

God I paid £170ish for the same deal about 3 months ago. Very solid phone with same specs as an S8, good battery life and an OK camera. Not quite an S8 or P20 Pro camera, but it's better than quite alot, especially at this price point.


Brilliant phone, had the premium version before but it's essentially the same thing


pretty good photo quality in this price range

Brand New Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Chrome Black 5.8" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £399 @ Laptops Direct
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Really good value this now, reduced by another £20. Key Features: Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds Ultra-sharp dual 19 + 12 Megapixel rear cameras… Read more

Yeah it's wide, but watching Netflix and sky q is beautiful, but at this price its so tempting, there isn't anything that can really touch this at this price, originally £800, but at half price a true bargain


It's actually bigger, wider, less hand-&-pocket friendly, heavier, a tank like @Bavy said, especially screen and camera in another level XZ2 more ergonomic, stylish, higher aspect ratio, better battery life


Thanks. Sony have so much going for them but make some bizarre decision around various aspects of their phones.


Quite a bit, size, screen resolution, the xz2 premium has 6gb ram as opposed to the 4gb on the xz2, the xz2 premium can play native 4k videos, the premium has a dual camera...... So they may look the same, but the premium is a lot better in key areas, as well as having that bigger battery.


Worth 70 more than the xz2? What's the difference

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