Unfortunately, this deal has expired 21 August 2023.
Posted 17 August 2023

Oppo Find X3 Neo 256GB 5G Smartphone, Like New Condition (24 Month Warranty) Add £10 Top-Up For New Customers

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Worth the extra for the extra warranty and better condition, plus the ebay deal now OOS

Transcend the light
Video that shines, whatever the occasion. With AI highlight video, lighting intelligently adjusts to match the setting-so you can shoot video that eclipses expectations, even in low-light.

Shoot like a Pro
With a 50MP camera, plus larger sensor co-developed with Sony and All-pixel omni-focus, you can flex limitless creativity.

Vibrantly rendered video
Harnessing the powers of Ultra Night Video and Live HDR, Find X3 Neo's AI Highlight Video recognizes lighting conditions in order to enhance or neutralize-rendering every video you shoot vibrant and balanced.

For the Night owls
Go nocturnal with Ultra night video. With delicately rendered color and details that pop. Find the X3 Neo gives you the tools to shoot stunning video all around the clock.

Expertly exposed
Find X3 Neo's live HDR protects bright spots from overexposure and preserves detail in darker regions-for video that comes alive with lifelike texture.

Focus tracking
With a global 2x2 OCL structure and 8192x6144 pixels, the responsive focus and automatic tracking makes it easy to capture subjects in motion clearly.

See from both sides
Don't just record what you see - record how you see it. With Find X3 Neo's dual view video, use the main camera to film the scene and the selfie camera to catch your reaction.

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  1. nigelbutler's avatar
    12gb of ram?
    MrSwitch's avatar
  2. thales_l's avatar
    Hey , I am still rocking a Huawei mate 20 from a deal you publish 4 years ago. It is solid and the battery is fine (it means I can wait). I am photographer and I was looking for a camera phone that would feel like a update from my current phone. Is this the one or should I wait for a "like new" find x5 pro or a xiaomi 12t pro? I don't want to spend more than 250... Cheers
    MrSwitch's avatar
    If camera is a priority, have you not thought about the pixel 7? £289 is best price, bit out of budget of course
  3. tek-monkey's avatar
    Need something like this but a touch smaller, my step dad needs a new phone but finds mine too large, looking for something no more than 6" really. Anyone got any thoughts?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    If android you have very little choice, the pixel 6a is 6.1 inch, and the zenfone 8 / 9 / 10 are both under 6 inches
  4. punjabputer's avatar
    Release date was march 21 so not sure how long you'll receive any new updates
    one_eight_seven's avatar
    And Oppo aren’t open to allowing custom ROMs on their phones!
  5. bOoMbAsTiC's avatar
    Can't decide between this or the Honor 70!
    Higher refresh rate & bigger battery in favour of H70.
    Neo has the greater RAM, only differences I found.
    Any idea which has the better camera ? (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    The X3 neo we had up until recently, and it has a very very good camera, can't comment on the 70's camera
  6. dude786's avatar
    Topcashback offering £29.75, but you need to order as new customer

    • What will stop me getting cashback?
    • Giffgaff handsets cashback is not available to existing giffgaff members.
  7. sean_csc's avatar
    Sadly doesn't come with original charger, otherwiwe great deal
  8. kobirulali's avatar
    The phone has received August 2023 security update!
  9. move2view's avatar
    Brilliant phone for the money got two for the kids last Christmas and they love them.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    It really is, on par with the p30 pro / mate 20 pro in it's longevity, helped by that Snapdragon 865 of course
  10. thewolf8u's avatar
    No wireless charging
    Eckers88's avatar
    It has 65w regular charging. Don't see any reason for slow as hell wireless charging that is still hard wired into a wall just placed on a Matt?
  11. griffithsrush's avatar
  12. dude786's avatar
    How is the camera on this comparable with the pixel 7? Do you know

    I am struggling with the poor battery life of the pixel 7 and was thinking of 'downgrading' to Oppo X3 Neo

    I would just like to take some decent pictures as and when needed, not expecting a pro type result
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Not as good, but i think you'd be satisfied with the quality
  13. auxiliary_bro's avatar
    This or the Reno8 from 2 days ago?
  14. samgillespie1990's avatar
    Yes as stated by in the description but keeps dipping in and out of stock. Also Like new (giff gaff) v Good (ebay), Worth the extra £20 odd quid for condition. (edited)
  15. Chris_09's avatar
    what is the battery life like?
  16. kobirulali's avatar
    I got this for the Mrs off CEX and I have the X3 Pro.

    Great hardware and software. The only niggle is the camera. The original camera app has terrible shutter lag like most android phones. As soon as it detects a face it cranks up the brightness of the whole image, blows out the shadows and makes it look overall over exposed. It does something similar in video recording too much is annoying as you'll see the same scene go bright then dim again.

    I've tried multiple Gcams on it, shutter speed is so much better (as it's taking photos before you click the shutter button) but overall photos are lower in brightness.
  17. BlockABoots's avatar
    Hmm, my trusty HUAWEI Mate 10 has served me very well for the last 4 years but maybe time for an upgrade. How does the Oppo Find X3 stack up, a significant upgrade??
  18. thetreelogger's avatar
    switchy you really are the goat
's avatar