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Free coffee maker from Pact when you purchase starter kit for £6.95 @ Pact coffee
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Free coffee maker when purchase your first starter pack. (Make sure to cancel if only want the coffee maker)

the Hario skerton pro or the rhinowares coffee grinder


you will get some filters with the kit and its a 02 hario


Have you had a look on the site? It should say. My notifications ain’t coming through so missed your previous comment 😏


Thanks all, does anyone know what type of filter fits the Hario V60. There seems to be two types. Odd my previous comment was deleted... for rude words ?!? (angel)


Thanks got one. What type of filters does it take 01 or 02 size? maybe they're all the same?

Pact coffee free Hario coffee V60 drippern - cancel before payment if you wish
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Just sign up for a months subscription (can cancel straight after) and get this dripper for free.

Alternatively Topcashback has a £5 off first order if you don't want the filter.


They do. This offer is in quite often. Decent coffee and good service but costly if you're not used to paying premium prices Vs supermarket brands. A lot of their offering is single origin low yeild farms. Good deal for the filter, keep the subscription for a month or two see how you feel or bang some cheap old dark roast stuff in and drink happy.


Thanks just tried.🤞 they still deliver it.

3 bags of speciality coffee and FREE Hario V60 KIT! £5 @ Pact
Found 22nd Aug 2017Found 22nd Aug 2017
The kit alone is normally £11 on it's own, so along with 3 x 80g of coffee this seems like a very good deal! Make sure you select 'Drip' as the method of brewing! You may just nee… Read more

Anyone else find the website really awkward? Just ordered 3 advent calendars instead of 1.


Well I looked at several guides for the dripper and have to say I was underwhelmed by it compared to my bean to cup machine, I needed 2 full scoops for a reasonable mug and then a couple of minutes faffing about keeping it going. It did however work better for me to take on holiday instead of the cafetiere as it's only me that refuses to drink instant coffee so I will be taking it on my next holiday! Thanks OP. Subscription cancelled as they are expensive, if I am not slumming it with pre packed stuff from supermarkets I tend to use Rave coffee and buy enough for free delivery to make the most of it.


Love Pact. Use them for the office too. Well worth 6.95 for freshly roasted, small batch coffee beans straight from the farmer.




Great coffee, but just too expensive at 6.95 a pack. Wait for the £1 trial offers.

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Half Price Aeropress when you buy a bag of Pact coffee - £20.95
Found 22nd Aug 2017Found 22nd Aug 2017

There's nothing to be wary about. A little googling would tell you that Pact are a reputable company. This is a great deal to get hold of an Aeropress. It's just a shame that their coffee is rather mediocre and samey.


So what's the actual price of the coffee? Is it £6.95 for 250g of whichever coffee you order? wary of a website that just says "Hey give us your email address to Get Started!" when there's very little detail about what you're actually subscribing to.


Been waiting on a aeropress deal for a while, just got to remember to cancel the subscription once it arrives!


Great deal thon op


Hot from me - was about to buy a new bung for mine (£8), but might as well get a new one at this price.

Found 1st Jun 2017Found 1st Jun 2017
BUY YOUR FIRST BAG OF PACT COFFEE AND GET AN AEROBIE AEROPRESS FOR £14 (NORMALLY £28) - I haven't bought this deal yet but it's a subscription and I'm not sure how difficult is to … Read more

Great gadget, especially to take away with you on holiday etc.


What is this?


good deal for an aeropress tho? We have one, it's really good.


​last time i took up an offer with them, it was approx £7 for 250grams. Nice coffee but too expensive to continue with.


How much is the coffee? It doesn't tell me unless i provide email details etc!

The Pact Coffee Advent Calendar 25 Flavours £25  (Free delivery) or 2 for £40.
Found 6th Dec 2016Found 6th Dec 2016
Want to enjoy a different cuppa everyday until Christmas and do charity at the same time? The Pact Coffee Advent Calendar (Free delivery) You can also get our special two pack … Read more
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The last time I got a Pact trial pack it was truly horrible coffee. At least with this deal a whopping 1.4% of the price will go to charity...


Would have been quite a fun gift - at £10 and three weeks ago. Cold.


I've had pact coffee before as a trial sample. £1 I'll never get back.


Still, and it's pot luck as to what the coffees are (I think?) I've had pact coffee before and it is nice. Using Starbucks as an example is a completely different concept to this, you're paying someone else to make it in Starbucks, whereas with this you're making it yourself (plus you need to have a drip filter/aeropress etc beforehand) I'm not hating on the deal, I've heated it, i just think it is a tad pricey


It is £1 per pack. If you go to Starbucks, it be more than that.

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Free Hario Starter Kit on first purchase of coffee with Pact coffee - £6.95
Found 30th Nov 2016Found 30th Nov 2016
Free Hario Starter Kit on first purchase of coffee with Pact coffee.
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Just in case you can use this in combination with the above offer, using code CHRISTO-1AD722 will get you (and me) £3 credit towards further Pact purchases.


Good deal, the starter kit is £7 on amazon on its own and you get 250 grams of coffee free with this, just remember to delete subscription.


Aww, read it as Haribo starter kit! Kill cow Break bone Take out Bone Marrow ????Sugar???? Haribo

250g ground or whole bean coffee delivered for £1 @ Pact
Found 18th Jun 2016Found 18th Jun 2016
Pact coffee deliver either whole or ground beans in 250g bags to your door. You can even choose to have it made into nespresso pods. They offer a discount of delivery of the first … Read more

Do I have to wait for my first bag to be dispatched before cancelling?


Sounds like you're grinding too fine and yes it will taste horrible in that case as over-extracting. If the Lavazza is ready ground, or your machine set up to grind that correctly then that's why you're experiencing what you do. Every bean type requires different grinder adjustments, sometimes quite pronounced. I used to adjust 2-3 times a day due to changes in humidity. Most folks won't do that but you can still get decent ball-park results. Lavazza is actual OK for a shop grind blend but you should get better results from fresh roast quality beans.


I use RaveCoffee regularly. Good coffee and free postage over £25. :-)


I'll try it on pc, on my mobile I looked again using desktop mode but still no cancel option.


2nd the enthusiasm for Rave. I get it from Rave/Amazon depending on if I'm ordering anything else from Amazon. Decent coffee beans + Burr grinder + Aeropress is my daily method.

250g Pact Coffee for £1
Found 27th Jan 2016Found 27th Jan 2016
Click the link and follow the instructions, get a 250 gram pack of coffee for £1, will continue payments for next time whenever you want for £6, but you can cancel it....
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What like?


We love pact coffee, all the cold voters are I guess instant yucky coffee lovers. Thanks op

First 250g Bag of delicious Coffee for only £1 @ Pact Coffee
Found 11th Dec 2015Found 11th Dec 2015
If you subscribe to the Pact Coffee subscription service and use the code COFFEEQUID you get to have your first pouch for £1! Subsequent pouches are £6.95 and you can adjust the d… Read more

I emailed them several time and they took 3 payments off me regardless of my requests. After showing lloyds my emails they refund the money. Still to hear anything from envelope


I've had both and no problem with envelope either. Emailed them asking to cancel and got an email back confirming cancellation. But I did later find a cancellation button in my account.


Sorry I mean envelope coffee, I had both ordered. Pact are easy.


some of the quest coffee I have tasted


just take the offer and (easy to) cancel. Shame its so expensive, as the coffee is actually really good.

250g bag of coffee + V60 Coffee maker + 8oz KeepCup for £8.95 delivered @ Pact coffee (Using code)
Found 3rd Dec 2015Found 3rd Dec 2015
It's back, i grabbed this last time, the keep cup and filter/maker are really handy to have. Click "get deal" > "Get started" > enter code: xmasbeans > Choose whole bean… Read more

Thanks. Made the order but couldn't see anywhere the size of cup or even the colours?


Where it states 'Your next regular coffee', you can always extend the shipping date to a lot later, ensuring they don't take the money out for the next batch and then close your account when the promo coffee arrives.


​I found it as an option if you went back into your account and then preferences, just not when you initially sign up


Also if you cancel, they may offer you a half price bag of coffee to restart your subscription


I get one bag from Pact a month. Their website might not show it as an option but if you ring them, they are really helpful and gave me no trouble at all in setting a non-standard delivery interval.

250g pack of Pact Coffee + V60 Coffee maker (Normally £10+) + 8oz KeepCup (Normally £9+) for £8.95 delivered @ Pact coffee (Using code)
Found 1st Oct 2015Found 1st Oct 2015
This is a cracking deal for the coffee lovers out there... Click "get deal" > "Get started" > enter code "octobeans" > Choose whole bean or ready ground coffee > choos… Read more

Their deals to sign up to are always good-however, additional coffee after that is about £7 a 250g bag. Take the deal, then cancel. And do multiple accounts, just use different email addresses, and a different payment card.


i got the v60 when i signed up on another offer with them. It came with the dripper and a filter pack. 40 i think. Surely this will be the same.


Are they sending the dripper or the paper filter only?


the link is working okay now. told my sister to order the fruit and nut. delish!


Great deal. If I didn't already have enough coffee and a v60 I'd be all over this.

Get a KeepCup 8oz (Worth approx £10+)  + V60 coffee maker  + 1 250g Bag of Pact Coffee all for £8.95 delivered using code @ Pact Coffee
Found 1st May 2015Found 1st May 2015
Get a KeepCup 8oz (Worth approx £10+) + V60 coffee maker + 1 250g Bag of Pact Coffee and tips for brewing all for £8.95 delivered ** Use code mayweekend ** You can also select … Read more
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Did this deal and cancelled the subscription once I had the stuff delivered. Pretty happy with it. They do lay it on thick though with patter


Received my order: coffee, hario v60 kit, and the keep cup. Once I got down the v60 method the coffee was pretty nice. I'm not sure if I've been influenced by reviews but I did have the experience that the coffee was good but not excellent. Already had one phone call and two texts from them. Paused my account immediately after shipping.


Same here. Just received the coffee, nothing else - assuming the rest of it ships separately?


I got mine yesterday and gave it a test drive last night and this morning. The KeepCup is tiny, but having said that ideal for carrying around or small cupholders. The V60 is interesting, a touch slow for a quick cup but does make a good coffee. I can see being used a lot as its easy to clean and smaller to store. Coffee is good, but not worth the amount they wanted for the next bag.


The coffee was delivered today together with the V60 and the cup, very pleased, thank you for posting the deal.

Pact Coffee £1 for your first bag Inc. Next day delivery,  normally £6.99
Found 6th Mar 2015Found 6th Mar 2015
They take the world’s finest coffees, roast them, grind them to suit my brewing method and deliver them with P&P included. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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I tried this for a quid. It was fairly nice but probably not worth £6.99 and when you cancel or suspend your account they pester you with emails ....... a lot. This £1 deal for your first bag is a continuous offer with codes being given away all over the place. I got mine from a leaflet with an Amazon but I've also seen an offer code in the Metro newspaper.


I've had this coffee about 4 times now, all different flavours. A bit steep at £6.99 but you don't have to have it every month you can have your next bag in 6months, say. It just makes a change from having the same droll coffee


I had this coffee some time ago. Seemed flavourless and weak to me. It only cost me £1 fortunately.

Pact Coffee - 250g freshly roasted coffee for £1 with code NEW
Found 20th Jan 2015Found 20th Jan 2015
Been posted over a month ago but the offer still stands for new customers. They do great coffee roasted a couple of days earliers and posted to you 1st class. No obligation to buy… Read more

Definitely nice coffee and the bag I had was worth a quid but I think the regular price was over £6. It's nice but not worth that much.


I think the one I had was described as "the blandest roasted bean with a hint of nothing, finishing off with a slight touch of dusty boringness"


They are all 'normal' ones, they're just described by a coffee snob/expert. None of them are coffee beans with extra bits added, they're just from different areas/climates etc. Same as you'd have someone describing wine with a bunch of flowery terms.


do they not do normal ones, whats with the gimmick flavours?


Great company to deal with, prompt delivery, nice coffee. Definitely recommended as like mikeandclare said you get a surprising amount of coffee

Are you a posh coffee drinker? 84% off your first order (250g) at pact coffee. £1 trial, cancel anytime
Found 26th Sep 2014Found 26th Sep 2014
Pay just £1 (delivered) for a bag of posh coffee usually £7 delivered. Use voucher code "goodmorning" on registration and cancel once you have received the coffee. Free next day … Read more
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code METRO4 is working too as of now


That's just what they're called, "Lavazza Espresso". It's a slightly darker roast.


Thanks. What makes espresso beans any different to other ones? Surely it's the grind size that makes it suitable for espresso or not?


There really isn't anywhere these days. I'm giving the pact bag a try, but it'll have to be very special for me to shell out £7 a bag for. If you live near an Asda you can get 2 250g bags of Lavazza (Black bag) Espresso beans for £5. Pretty much the best espresso roast you'll find on the high street.


Anyone know where to get cheap whole beans online?

250g bag of delicious Pact Coffee for just £1 incl. P&P - a saving of £5.95 on the standard price!
Found 19th Aug 2014Found 19th Aug 2014
Dear Jackie By pledging to cycle to work on September 4th, you're helping to fly the flag for cycle commuting in the UK! As a small token of our gratitude (and as a nod to the intr… Read more

I tried it. Coffee was nice enough, but no better than Tesco's Premium stuff.


I've done this, coffee received and of a good standard. Cancelled account afterwards (for now). All do-able via your online account. Just make sure you do it quick enough otherwise you'll get the odd SMS and/or call asking how you're getting on.


Good coffee!


OK, if it's PayPal or direct debit that's fair enough (as easy to cancel) but if it's credit card I smell trickery.


Subscription - I haven't looked but its usually possible to cancel after the free/discounted item.

Bag of freshly roasted Pact Coffee worth £6.95 for £1, delivered tomorrow, using code GOURMET100
Found 26th Jun 2014Found 26th Jun 2014
You can now try a bag of freshly roasted Pact Coffee worth £6.95 for just £1. Order now and get it delivered for free tomorrow! Pact Coffee is on a mission to get people drinking … Read more
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Received choccy digestive blend. Seems nice. Shame I can't afford to keep subscription but keep in mind for future. Thanks OP <3


Mine's here I received a walnut blend. Had a cup this morning it was delicious thanks for sharing <3


Mine arrived this morning, as promised :)


That's... Weird! Type it in manually :D


already have. takes you back to the page. Now spamming for persistent harassment!

1st bag of coffee and delivered for £1.00 (Normally £6.95) for 250g of ground coffee with code see description @
Found 24th Jun 2014Found 24th Jun 2014
Just had this emailed too me and looks good with no commitment or contract and you can cancel at any time! Just use code ZV62A and you get it for £1 sent to the door. Details from… Read more

They can supply the bean un ground too


I'd quite like an Aeropress but I don't drink coffee that often to justify it.


I use this which is great for making coffee and makes it quick so it take alot of the bitterness out


Had some a few weeks ago. They will send whatever's suitable for whatever you use to make it. Ended up with the espresso blend. It's good coffee. Great aftertaste but it was a bit weak for all its bitterness for my liking. Will definitely try a different blend though. Full price is way too high. There won't be many people sticking around after the £1 bag.


Can't see fresh beans unfortunately.

250g coffee £1 with free next day delivery @ Pact
Found 13th May 2014Found 13th May 2014
It's back on, you just sign up and tell them what you use to make your coffee (cafetiere, aeropress, etc) and they will recommend a blend and send you a bag for next day delivery! … Read more

I have a code too for the same promotion if anyone wants it: LONDONCALLING14


What didn't you like about it? What kind of flavour was it?


I got this and it was awful coffee! So I didn't cancel and gave them a second chance, that wa awful as well!! Good price though


Link, in case the one above isn't working EDIT: can't seem to get the link to work, it's correct, but redirects back to hukd? It's