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Pair of 5kg - 32.5kg Quick Select Adjustable Dumbbells £320 @ MuscleSquad

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5kg - 32.5kg Quick Select Adjustable Dumbbell SetEasily shift from 5kg - 32.5kg in 2.5kg intervals with these expertly designed, heavy-duty adjustable dumbbells. One pair of these dumbbells replaces a complete set of 12 fixed dumbbells, meaning you save on space & cost - 1m2 & well over £400.

Each quick select adjustable dumbbell is precision engineered to allow you to quickly & easily change your resistance across 12 settings up to a maximum weight of 32.5kg; they represent the evolution of the old, spinlock style, adjustable dumbbells, removing the faff of dismantling the dumbbell to change weights and bringing it bang up to date - dock the dumbbell, turn the dial & pick up a different weight - simple & fast, an adjustable dumbbell that allows for drop sets! With such versatility, they provide the most flexible, cost effective strength training available, all encompassed in a tiny footprint

The 32.5kg quick select dumbbells come with their own dock to facilitate simple shifting and tidy storage.

Versatile & CompactThis pair of quick select adjustable dumbbells is the equivalent to 12 individual free weights. Dial up and down the weights in 2.5kg increments (5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg, 22.5kg, 25kg, 27.5kg, 30kg, 32.5kg) meaning you can do compound and isolation movements, e.g. chest press, shoulder press & lateral raises, with one piece of kit.

Dimensions: In tray (mm) - (H) 210 , (W) 420 , (D) 200

ComfortableThe handle is engineered with soft, textured grip for comfort and ease of use.

This product is built to last with a heavily tested gripping mechanism providing a secure attachment to the weight plates. There will be an element of movement/sound from the plates but this is normal. This highly technical piece of equipment is designed for controlled movements, if you're looking to perform more jerking movements like snatches and swings please see our hex dumbbells, round dumbbells or kettlebells. It is also important that they are kept dry to avoid damage.
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    Had mine for roughly 18 months now, been great for the most part however last couple of weeks the odd plate has started dropping out when using the heavier ranges on the set. When using above head there's no way the plates can fall on you as long as u grip them the correct way up but I've put them down a few times and a disc has fell out. I've been ultra careful with them, no dropping from a height etc but had hoped they wouldn't start doing this yet. I know they aren't the most expensive adjustable dumbbells on the market but it's still a lot of money. Anyone else experienced this? Don't know if it's worth trying some WD40 on the mechanism or something to ensure they lock into place and feels tougher to change between weights now after over a years use. (edited)
    You might have done it already, but the bolts to tighten are under the circular branding sticker. It's a hex head bolt which I assume loosens over time when turning the selecting disc. Don't over tighten or you won't be able to turn the selector!
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    They don't seem expensive they are!
    I find I train with dumbbells with the same weight all the time. Once they are screwed on, they stay there.
    I suppose if different people use them and want different weights they could be convenient?
    If your doing dumbbell bicep curls with the same weight as a dumbbell bench then your doing something wrong
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    They are made in the same factory as the sports direct ones but just rebranded
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    Wonder how heavy is 32000 pennies
    114.048 kg
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    Although these seem expensive, and they are, you won't get cheaper and this version is one of the best and safest I've used.
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    Go and buy some second hand weights, people with too much much money to spend and not enough time to think about it properly.
    Might want to check the price of second hand, it's still expensive and beat up to boot
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    Good price for these.

    If anyone says they are expensive, try buying dumbbells individually throughout all those ranges. Then report back.
    These take up far less room too. 
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    For those with imagination, somebody posted a cheap deal on here for new brake discs where the seller did not mention the car model they fitted.
    Brake discs actually make very good DIY weights. So next time the garage changes you discs, don't throw them away!
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    So tempted. Just qualified as a personal trainer and these would be perfect. Got so many weights at home though already!
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    The benefit with these is you've got 5kg up to 32.5kg in a very small package.

    All things are relative, if you were to buy 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg......32.5kg dumbells it would be a lot more expensive that way and would take up way more room.
    But you don't have to buy individual dumbbells, just weight plates and a couple bars.
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    Lots of armchair experts around...
  12. Avatar
    I'd be paranoid that the weight would unlock and fall on me
    Honestly, that's not paranoia - the plates do come loose on adjustables. There are some newer designs that mitigate this though.
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    I paid £325 for 40kg (set) but they have deleted my deal
    From where?
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    Good price, but once you start to bench press, 32.5 won't be a worry for long. All depends on your usage though.
  15. Avatar
    Got these for much more and they are great. Just make sure you properly lock them when switching weights and they are solid
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    Seems like a lot of expense to save a few seconds here or there. I have one heavier and one lighter dumbbell and fine tune by swapping out plates as required.
    Can share plates between dumbbells, bench, weight vest, belt etc which is way more versatile. But to each their own!
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    I have similar 40kg ones. They are expensive (mine were anout £500) but good quality. Certainly cheaper than buying individual dumbells at all the different weights and considerably more convenient.
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    32KG! ; do you even lift bro? my hamster/guinea pig etc...has to use at least this to even work up a sweat....
    A lot of people like me use a barbell for heavy compounds aswel as lighter dumbbells for isolation movements. This is enough weight for most in that context.

    Edit- Also, stop giving you guinea pig tren. (edited)
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    Got a pair of these and they are good for the price but if it’s a long term investment still recommend the hex rubber dumbbells sets. But if space and price are an issue then absolutely can’t complain
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    Better off paying a little bit extra and getting 5kg-40kg adjustable dumbbells. I got mine on Amazon last year for £340 the pair. Highly recommend, faultless so far.
  21. Avatar
    More than the price of a years gym membership
    Would rather pay the extra and workout at home away from the general pop, each to their own though.
  22. Avatar
  23. Avatar
    Invest in some proper weights...

    How are the weights in the deal not "proper weights"?
    More expensive getting a set and a rack assuming not secondhand.

    Both options are valid...
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    Just gain 300kg and carry that weight ever wonder why big people dont have chicken legs?