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Posted 18 September 2023

Panasonic RZ-S500WE-K or (W) Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds W/code

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Lose yourself fully in the music, with no distractions, thanks to the combination of Feedback and Feedforwad technologies with analogue and digital processing of captured noise.
Rounded body for a perfect fit combined with a choice of 5 sizes of in-ear sizes, so your wireless earbuds fit comfortably every time. No more dropped or lost earbuds while running or during other activities.
The optimised touch sensor and antenna in the compact cabinet ensures uninterrupted music or calls, even in crowded places. The stable connections are also due to the Left-Right Independent Signaling System.
Perfect for the gym and no disruption to calls or music if you get caught in a shower due to the IPX4 level water resistance.
The built in virtual assistant for handsfree operation allows you to ask Alexa to make a call, set a reminder or check your schedule or the weather

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Stay connected. No matter what.

The S500W true wireless noise cancelling earbuds provide high-performance noise cancelling so that you can fully enjoy your audio content anytime, anywhere. Your calls will also sound crystal clear thanks to the unique antenna and twin beamforming microphones.
4203291-yiwsh.jpg4203291-wCaTh.jpgExcellent Call Quality
Six high-performance MEMS microphones are built in a unique labyrinth cabinet structure that can suppress wind noise. Unpleasant noises are reduced and the noise cancelling performance and call quality are improved. With the added beamforming technology, the S500W wireless earphones enable your voice to be efficiently transmitted while suppressing ambient noise.
4203291-nYNYR.jpgStable Connections Even in Crowded Areas
Say goodbye to brief interruptions to your music or calls, even in crowded places, thanks to the optimised touch sensor and antenna in the S500W earphone’s compact cabinet design, complemented by a Left-Right Independent Signalling System. Enjoy the stable connection you deserve, wherever you are.
4203291-fU2aQ.jpgUnique Antenna Structure
The S500W wireless earphones’ small size was achieved thanks to an integration of our Bluetooth antenna and touch sensor inside the earbud’s control section, while also improving connection stability.

With our own proprietary design of the antenna structure, antenna performance is maximized even in a small product cabinet.
4203291-iDbDo.jpgLeft-Right Independent Signalling System
Relay-type System
Previously, audio data was transmitted in a relay-type form from one earbud to the other. This method consumed more power and was vulnerable to sound interruptions.

Left-Right Independent
With our new method, audio data is transmitted from the smartphone to both wireless earbuds simultaneously, ensuring low power consumption and stable transmissions.
4203291-jwDLk.jpgCustomize to Suit Your Needs
Panasonic Audio Connect App Support
• Easy Pairing
• Initialize Settings
• Noise Cancelling / Ambient Sound Control
• Sound Mode Settings
• Find headphones
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  1. adibolo's avatar
    Just bought these for £90 sound quality is good but are really uncomfortable.
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    How is the voice quality for calls? Thank you
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    Is there a different code?
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    "Feedforward"- oh, they've invented time travel? Or perhaps have heard that saying "feedback" is now "wrong think", and must be replaced by "feedforward"- I wish I were joking.
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