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Parkside 3-in-1 Gas Soldering Iron Set, 3 years warranty - £16.99 @ Lidl

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Versatile 3-in-1 tool with various uses:
Blow torch with precise flame - ideal for soft and hard soldering tasks
Hot air gun for moulding plastic or removing paint
Soldering iron for cordless electronic soldering
Practical piezo ignition
Short heat-up time
Practical, cordless working
Easy to refill with standard lighter gas or fuel gas cartridge
Max. Flame temperature: 1300°C
Max. Hot air temperature: 600°C
Max. Soldering tip temperature: 450°C
Included accessories: 4 soldering tips (1 pre-assembled), 1 hot air attachment, 1 hot air deflector, 1 cleaning sponge in container, 1 container with solder, 1 fuel gas cartridge, 1 protective cap, 3 refill adaptors (20mm)
3-year warranty
Lidl More details at Lidl
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    Oh so you're the one who made me have have '78'
    Did a double take, as literally half hour ago looked at something like this is brand new Lidl and through seemed good deal, then noticed it with my name on, thinking how! Just not quite.

    Heat just for the name.

    Wonder if new stores (literally opened today) get things early, as this should not be there yet, but I am 99% sure it was. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Dare I venture into the Isle of Shame again? Once more unto the breach, dear friends.
    It isn't the Isle of shame my friend, it's the Isle of men looking at stuff they don't need trying to think of how to justify the purchase to their wife who's wandered off to the next Aisle for coffee.
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    How much is it to replace gas
    The last time I looked I'm sure it's lighter fuel
  4. Avatar
    Anybody has one? Would like to know if its any good (I'm assuming it has been on offer before)

    Previously bough the cordless glue gun and been very impressed with the quality/performance.
  5. Avatar
    Unless you are needing it immediately, I would wait for the Dremel one to come back on offer. Extremely well reviewed.
    What's the offer price?