Cordless drill suggestions for basic DIY

Posted 19th Feb 2023

I recently purchased a house and anticipate I may need to purchase a drill for some basic DIY tasks.

I will mainly be building a lot of flat pack furniture to start with but will likely hang a few picture frames, put up a shelf of two and install a Ring or similar doorbell to start with.

If two batteries were included, this would be a plus.

Would anyone have any suggestions of a good cordless drill for basic DIY tasks?

From doing some research, I found these but not sure if these would be overkill for my needs.

Amazon Brand Denali Hammer Drill - I was mostly interested in this one as it was an Amazon brand but doesn't come with a bag or any bits that other drills come with at this price point.

Ryobi Cordless Drill - Seems to be the best choice but might be a bit overpowered for my needs and expensive for something that will likely not be used very regularly.

I would be hoping to pay around £50-£60 but would pay more if if would be worthwhile.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  1. JHD007's avatar
    You’ll likely build on the battery platform so choose a brand that has a good variety of bare tools at budget prices.

    Einhell aren’t too bad as are Worx
  2. TehJumpingJawa's avatar
    For basic DIY like screwing, or drilling into wood/plaster/tile/soft brick/block there's no need to shell out £90; all you need is:…616

    It won't last forever, but for the casual DIYer, it'll last as long as the batteries.

    You'll only need something more capable if you intend to drill stone or engineering brick. Though for infrequent jobs like that I use a corded hammer drill.
    crevitz215's avatar
    best recommendation on this list I reckon.
  3. Stanmorepark's avatar
    Both those choices are good for general DIY. The most important thing by far though is to always use the best quality drill bits you can afford. A drill is only as good as the bits you use. Don't use blunted drill bits for one thing. Cheap drill bits blunt quickly and can be dangerous and can easily break/shatter under heavy load. (edited)
  4. EndlessWaves's avatar
    You want to be careful using power tools for furniture assembly, especially as cheap cordless drills do have a reputation of not having much in the way of control. They may lack or have poor implementations of features like variable speed trigger and clutches.

    Drilling into walls would depend on the fabric of your new house. It varies a lot and the softer bricks and so on can be managed by anything, while the harder bricks would be slow going with any cordless drill.

    Amazon don't have a great reputation for own brand products, but I haven't seen their power tools tested. Ryobi are more interesting in that they're pretty variable in quality but I'd expect a core product like this to not be one of the bad ones.
  5. MonkeysUncle's avatar
    Just buy corded for under £30.
    For the few times use cordless is pointless.
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    Nothing more annoying than using a corded drill for a job that a cordless could do a thousand times quicker.

    Also they want it for flat pack building so screw option is a key feature on Battery drills.

    I have just retired this - Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Combi Drill PSB 1800 LI-2 (2 batteries, 18 Volt System, in carrying case) : DIY & Tools - They come up on offer all the time.

    Bought in 2014 and batteries are still doing well, however the drill has past its best as I have abused it doing jobs I should have used a SDS for - I now have a SDS! (edited)
  6. Griffinpark1982's avatar
    I've been using my Aldi drill for 5 years plus and it's never let me down. Only £25 it was!
  7. Tanuki334's avatar
    House brands like Amazon or Ryobi are pretty crap - they cheap out on component quality

    think about your use cases and then search for the right type of drill

    example - need to punch through mason brick? you need a drill with a hammer setting that work

    I'd look at Makita, Milwaukee or Dewalt consumer lines. good luck
    EndlessWaves's avatar
    Ryobi isn't a house brand, it's the same company as the Milwaukee brand, Techtronic Industries.
  8. blackburnman04's avatar
    blackburnman04 Author
    Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I really appreciate it.
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