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Black & Decker Cordless Drill Driver 18V Li-ion with 1.5Ah Battery - £32 + £5 delivery at Wilko
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
This looks a really good price even with having to pay £5 delivery. Only 2 in stock online so be quick but may also be available in store I don't know. The Black & Decker 18V … Read more

.......and there is 1 showing in stock now so there is always the possibility of more stock being available.


This is the one that was (and possibly still is) in Lidl for £39.99 37nm torque 1 battery With charger Bought it. Nothing special, but does as intended, and the specs match the price


This is a good price, shame is OOS.


Delivery is £5 as originally given in the post.


Because for less than 5 minutes of my time possibly 2 people have grabbed a bargain as a result and if there is store stock anywhere others may be looking out for it as a result. Sorry if I wasted 2 minutes of your precious time, but it won't stop me doing so again. If I know I'm visiting a particular store I try to remember to look at HUKD to see if there may be anything worth having, if people don't post I won't know.

Bosch 18V Twin Pack GSB 18V-55 Brushless Combi Drill + GDR 18V-160 Impact Driver (2x2.0Ah Batteries Charger & L-Boxx) £199 KelvinPowerTools
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Bosch 18V GSB18V-55 Combi Drill & GDR18V-160 Impact Driver (2x 2Ah)This is a *KELVIN SPECIAL* that you won't find anywhere else! This Bosch 18V set contains the GSB 18… Read more

That's good to hear, as it sounds like although it's a cheaper option now it will still have reasonable longevity. Have ordered the ryobi kit for now and tomorrow will get other stuff you suggested. Always good to "save" isn't it?


I'd probably say the Riyobi is the sensible choice for you; when starting out my business, and on a budget I used Riyobi which served me well despite being what I would consider DIY, but the higher end of DIY. It's also got a massive range of interchangeable household tools (and garden tools) priced competitively for the DIY market, so may save you money if you look for further power tools in the future. I'd say, buy the Riyobi, and use it along side the better quality bits I linked to with the cheaper set for the other bits & bobs, and it will make life much easier when hanging those shelves (y) With all that money you're "saving" (!), don't forget a spirit level ;) - I think smart phones may have an app for that (oh, what a world!), but still worth investing in one IMO


Wow, thank you for such a comprehensive reply. I basically just want to be able to do stuff such as: Put shelves up and fix furniture to walls (plasterboard in my house as it's a new build) Install shelving in a brick garage Whilst I'm all for buying things that last, your comment is making me wonder if it's a bit too much overkill buying this set and instead whether I should go for the Riyobi set posted here? Ryobi I realise I'm asking you to tell me how to suck eggs... but I guess spending a bit less means plenty of cash for quality drill bits.


This will be suitable for all DIY jobs where drilling is necessary; so drilling wood, masonry and metal - the impact driver for driving screws into or out of wood, loosen any troublesome screws bolts or just a simple driver. As a novice DIY user, this may be a tad overkill for you, but won't let you down and will last you a lifetime - you will also have the batteries and charger and will be able to add other tools to your workshop (or under the sink!), and Bosch has a lot to choose from, but again Bosch Blue is professionals stuff, so prices to match Drill bits and screw bits are something you gain over a lifetime, but as starters - you will need a decent drill bit set (the ones with metal, wood and masonry bits), and a decent screwdriver set (some sets will cove both). Cheaper is not always better, but this set is half decent and fine for DIY. If you want something that matches the quality of the drill, then you want this and this (and also get the cheaper set for the wood bits and spare drills/ screwdriver bits - you'll be amazed by the gulf in difference of quality between the cheap and quality)


As a complete novice, I want to address my shameful lack of DIY skills and I think buying some tools would provide the impetus for learning how to do basic stuff like putting up shelves around the house. Would this be a good set to get me started? And what else, if anything, will I need? Thanks in advance!

LEGO 76896 Speed Champions Nissan GT-R NISMO Racer Toy with Racing Driver Minifigure at Amazon for £12.99 Prime (+£4.49 non Prime)
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
This will look great next to the Audi everyone got the other day! The Nissan GT-R NISMO (76896) has fans all over the world and holds the record for the fastest drift. Now fans o… Read more


Missed that I will delete


WORX WX104.2 12V Drill Driver 1.5Ah with 18pc Accessory Kit, £27.59 at Worx/ebay with code
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Nice offer on this kit, hope it helps. The WX104.2 is a lightweight cordless drill driver featuring a keyless chuck for one handed operation, forward and reverse bit rotation, a… Read more

For basic DIY drilling into wood and screwing small screws this would be fine. Looks like a neat bit of kit with the accessories and box. Cant ask for more than that. However there are plenty of drill that are more powerful and probably at the same price that are sold in lidl or Aldi if you have one near by. The parkside or Ferrex tools are pretty good.


Looks .like fixed battery ?


Does this have the same battery as the hydroshot as was looking to buy a new battery?


I have many WORX 18v tools, they are well made, reliable and quite powerful. As for the 12v stuff I can only assume the above stands, but less powerful. For the price its worth a punt.


Can anyone comment on the power of this... Looks a neat bit of kit for basic DIY

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WORX WX178.1 18V (20V MAX) AI Cordless Drill Driver with x2 2.0Ah Batteries £89.99 ebay / positecworx
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
The revolutionary WORX WX178.1 AI Drill with advanced intelligence technology embeds sophisticated electronic controls in a powerful and handy 20V drill, making every task easi… Read more

I have a worx drill, about 2 years old and the chuck barely grips so looking for something new. Have 2 powershare batteries so This looks really good for my need. Surprised to see it is 4 year old tech though.


It says the torque is only max of 20nm in the manual. Is that not so good. I was thinking about the 12v Bosch GSB 120 li with the 2 batteries and max torque of 28nm.


Despite the fact this was voted cold when it was just a tenner more, this looks like a good deal to me. I bought into Worx tools just a couple of months ago (cordless hedge clippers, clever reciprocating saw / jigsaw and a small vacuum) and they are all excellent. Well built and nicely finished. Note however that the batteries are expensive, which makes this one a good deal. I tried out two aftermarket batteries: one Creabest, which wouldn't click into place properly, one Dsanke which claimed to be 3.0Ah but I opened it up and could see it was only 2.0Ah. So I think you need to stick with Worx batteries. If only this drill had a hammer function too, I'd be all over it!


Here is a direct link to the PDF version of the user manual for this drill on their website: Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver WX178 WX178.1 WX178.9 It's not very comprehensive but does explain the various features, specifications and usage. I hope this is what you were after.


That video whilst being a sales pitch actually explained the features pretty well. It does look good, but still not sure how it stacks up in performance compared to the Einhell. My main annoyance with Worx is the fact you can't find specifications or details of its products on its website, like the manual to get more detail.

Bosch Cordless 18V 1.5Ah Li-ion Brushed Drill driver 1 battery PSR 1800 LI-2 £50 delivered with code @ B&Q
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Bosch PSR 1800 Cordless Drill for £50 using code CLUBWPJSFE at checkout. Comes with one 1.5Ah battery and carry case. Free delivery. Looks to be selling for £80+ elsewhere. … Read more

PSB 18 Li 2 is a slightly larger drill housing a more heavy duty motor. 54nm Torque 1650rpm 13mm chuck. 1800 li 2. 38nm Torque 1350rpm 10mm I have the 1800 li 2 and a DeWalt DCD 776 I used to own a PSB 18 Li 2 and it outperformed the entry level pro tools ( DCD 776) It is well made quality tool that's made in Hungary.


I've orders the £90 from Amazon and better suited. Thanks for heads up on that one. Still heat added to this deal as seems good price if it suits.


As long as spend is £30+ should work


And is that a standard mains powered drill or a battery drill? And is that a granite house, or made of sandstone? Saying that a normal drill drills "stone" isn't that useful, as the Mohs scale is pretty wide in terms of hardness


Try reading my comment. Did I say stone? I'm pretty sure I said brick, concrete and dense blocks, none of which are stone.

Cordless Drill 18V Driver And Screwdriver New Set Li-Ion 1500mAh Battery Mylek £31.41 ebay / hsd-online
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Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Taken from eBay desc: An Amazing Value Drill Kit: Quality. Versatile. Affordable. This cordless drill kit has everything you need for those everyday DIY jobs and more. It’s solidl… Read more

Now back in stock - just ordered. (y)


Sold out


Cheaper on their website - £29.99


We use these in the school where I work. They are very basic. Not much torque for long screws. Ok for kids to abuse.


Good price for a variable speed drill/driver. Great for anyone who needs a "general use" tool for around the house.

Black & Decker 18V 1.5Ah Li-ion Combi drill & impact driver twin pack 2 batteries BCK25S2S-GB £80 at B&Q
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
I was looking for a kit reliable for my basic DIY and I got this offer at B&Q... I am not an expert but i thought was worthless the impact driver and the combi drill with 2 bat… Read more

Awww there’s no my drills better than your drill comments, I only come to these posts to read those now :(


Online delivery or collect from store?


Getting forced refunds now, the stock count is inaccurate online so a lot of you will never get the item


Thanks OP. Ordered for £75


I've had these for a few years and can highly recommend for DIY use. The impact driver in particular is very powerful, more than most for the price point. Batteries don't last forever when doing a big decking project but fine for most household jobs

Ferrex 20V Impact Driver with 20V Battery - £35 Delivered @ Aldi
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Saw this just pop on their site, thought it was a good deal with battery. Earlier deal posted was just for the bare uni and came up to £50 after you added the battery and the charg… Read more
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Anyone manage to find a hard case to fit this driver and charger?


Have a look at the comment before mine by @alu355 it had been posted as you said #simples (y)


Cos when I initially looked I could only see the drill. Then I saw the impact driver. Whatever I said ,you said it had already been posted. It hadn't Simples


So why imply in your initial comment that it was for the drill?


In fairness, it has been the direction portable power tools have been going in for the last 10 years. Now that routers, jigsaws, angle grinders, nail guns and table saws can be powered by the same battery, the need for a charger with each tool became redundant. That is all predicated on the fact that you have more than one tool of course. Passing the savings onto you! Though I doubt an impact driver would be anyone's first purchase in any line of portable power tools.

Aldi 20v/40v cordless DIY power tools bundle (Combi Drill, impact driver, angle grinder, charger and 2 batteries) £125 delivered
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Having just posted a deal for an Einhell bundle deal of cordless DIY tools for £187 I’ve found out (credit to @mchilli for pointing it out) that Aldi have a bundle of tools com… Read more

Well that was a first for me waiting for Aldi to open this morning, at 10 to 8 there was already a queue, bought 2 of the 20/40v batteries a charger a drill and the grinder, everything performed well and I now have a full set of seats in the car, had no trouble cutting 4mm sheet steel to sandwich the floor pans to spread the load of replacement front seats. Money well spent. I also bought a set of drill bits that claim to need no centre punch and they performed as promised too. Only negative I have is the grinder comes with no case, so I will modify one from an old 240v grinder.


It It says that for the other bits but cant see mention of it for the charger.


In store from Thursday 😁


Chargers out of stock now


Glad I’m not going mad.

Ferrex 20V Cordless Impact Driver £20 delivered @ Aldi
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Other items needed. Activ Energy Battery Charger - £15 20V/40V Battery - £30 OR 20v Battery - £15… Read more

Respectfully disagree. Cant speak to this particular impact driver but I bought a Ryobi one years ago and found it to be one of the most useful tools. I now have a compact battery SDS drill for drilling holes and an impact driver for screws and bolts. My combi drill hardly ever gets used. I have some impact rated bits, but mostly use standard 50mm bits straight into the wrench an had no issues with bit longevity. Point taken about the noise if you have loads of people working on a site with them, but for most serious DIYers wont have this issue and an impact driver is a great tool to have in the bag (y)


I find the quoted torque figures are false. They cant cope with some stuff that a Makita can which is a lower torque tool. LIDL Parkside are the same!


popped into an Aldi on the way home and both had chargers and batteries (20v) in stock.


I went the route of buying these types of deals many years ago, batteries always end up giving up first and no chance of getting spares after a few years. For the last 15 yrs I been using Ryobi. I picked up a two drill & battery deal years ago from one of the big DIY stores sales and have never looked back. Throughout that time the original Ni-cad batteries have died but were replaced by lithium ions, all of my Ryobi tools are still working and even picked up a 'compatible' battery from amazon which has been very good for a fraction of the cost. The tools aren't pro quality but fine for heavy home use and better than most of these type of deals. The Ryobi impact driver is a beast! plus it has to be more environmentally better to use the same kit for ever!, since using the One+ system I've never had to throw and tool in to landfill.


Don't know, haven't tried. In theory, maybe (yes I know it's an impact driver not a wrench) if the 180Nm is correct and you have a 1/4hex to 1/2sq adapter. I think you'd be better off with a breaker bar though.

Makita DLX2142SM 18V 4.0AH LI-ION LXT Cordless Combi Drill & Impact Driver Twin Pack - £199.99 delivered @ Screwfix
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
20% off this makita set seems good value. Makita 18V LXT twin kit containing both a combi drill and impact driver, along with high capacity 4.0Ah batteries. Compact impact driver i… Read more
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damn that's a good deal, brushless or not...


That ones £240 inc vat

mikepugh1981 Same price but think it comes with a better charger


For Plumbfix and Electrifix customers only though.


Code Support10 gets you 10% discount

Truck driver for Xbox One at Microsoft Store for £24.49
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Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
2 days left for truck driver on the xbox one
Get deal*Get deal*

Exactly how I felt. ETS2 is just too damn good.


Just like Euro Truck Simulator 2. Apart from it being total crap.


Does this allow you to hog the middle lane? Then it would be a real sim


More my experience when driving home from work on a Friday afternoon, only to be met by two truck drivers intent on being in front of each other.


Is this an ETS2MP reference?

Makita 18v Cordless Li-ion Combi Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Twin Pack Lithium £164.89 at
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Was looking at buying everything separately but then found this Hammer / Impact Driver kit. Brushed with 2 x 1.5ah Batteries and 60 min charger

Hopefully the feedback in here helps explain why this one was voted cold @RogerBall Thanks for sharing your first deal with the community and i'm looking forward to seeing your next one! :)


Personally I'd spend a bit more and get a kit like this If the 5.0Ah batteries are overkill for you then try and get the individual bits separately. Makita has recently launched a 2.0Ah battery for the LXT range as well - yet to try one but its meant to deliver 50% more run time than the 1.5Ah and charges in around 25 minutes. Charge times for the Makita DC18RC The DC18RC Will charge 18v and 14.4v LXT slide battery's in the below times: 3.0Ah - 22 minutes4.0Ah - 36 minutes5.0Ah - 45 minutes6.0Ah - 55 minutes


G series aka garbage series, avoid. Compatibility nightmare. Go for the 18v LXT. If your budget is tight or for mainly 2nd fix the 12v CXT series would be better than this and similar money.


60 mins to charge a 1.5ah battery? get in the bin.


Avoid 1.5ah battery's

Makita DLX2145TJ 18V 2x5.0Ah Li-ion Hammer Drill Impact Driver Kit Rapid Charger £251.10 FFX ebay
78° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Makita 18V 2x5.0Ah Li-ion Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Kit DLX2145TJ The Makita 18V 2x5.0Ah Li-ion Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Kit is ideal for professional use and DIYers as it con… Read more

This is for an entry level drill dhp453 which is 43nm torque... the one I posted is heavy duty 82nm torque.


Scewfix has this for £199. Only difference is that it has 4.0 batteries instead of the 5.0 here. Not sure the 1.0 is worth £50. Screwfix


I understand it isn’t brushless, but as someone has said it is a very quick job and couple pound to do it should they need replacing. Plus the main selling point difference is the extra 20nm of torque the makita offers, meaning all masonry drilling will be a lot easier which is what I need for the work I’m to do. Hope all works out with your new toy tho 😁 (y) 🏻


Agree, but missing the biggest difference. My two suggestions are brushless. It looks like the Makita isn't. That's an important spec to disregard (in terms of quality and price). I've just gone with the DeWalt. Got delivered yesterday. It's incredibly powerful


I have to say I prefer Makita. Not that Dewalt or Milwaukee are bad and by and large they are all very close in quality and features, but in the UK Makita have a wider range available from a wider range of retailers and are often better priced. If I was looking at things like portable table saws and other bigger tools I would probably go with Dewalt but for smaller power tools there isn't that bag a difference.

Makita DTD152Z 18V Impact Driver £53.14 with code @ eBay FFX Store
1004° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
It's a cheap 18V Impact Driver from Makita. Body only. High torque, job light, electric brake, brushed motor. Haven't seen this cheaper. Developed for main applications such as ti… Read more

Doesn't really matter to the majority of people. There's a reason trade deals aren't posted.


What are the amazon business prices like. Are they that much different.


Yeah mine came this morning. Watched the postman arrive from an upstairs window and thought he was holding a crudely wrapped joint of meat XD Like you, have tested and seems to be in fine working order.


Just took delivery. Came bubble wrapped in a postage bag so not great at all. But tested and working, with extended warranty registered.


Second that. The Milwauke bits are good and I get mine from Screwfix.

DeWalt DCF887N 18v Li-Ion XR Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver - Naked Unit - £71.27 @ eBay FFX store
178° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
LINK - DCF887N 18v XR Brushless 3 … Read more

Is this really worth it why not just use normal drill? I have two Stanley fatmax drills with 4x batteries 2ah but i have two 5ah dewalt batteries that i just have no where to use just occasionally on my dewalt wrench. I just don't want to waste a good batteries..


£85.44 now


Oooh i didnt know this. I hadnt come across this before. Do you have a link


No issue with mine, but apparently the fix is only about £3 (y) (y) (y)


Got mine for £67, hold out kids 😬

DURATOOL D03205 - 10.8V 1.3Ah Li-Ion Cordless Impact Driver - £33.53 delivered at CPC
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
I posted the twin pack version of this the other day (with a drill/driver) and it didn't get the pasting I was expecting. I've just come across the Impact Driver on its own for jus… Read more

Ecosystem is just marketing, All the big brands sell batterys and body only drills, So Ryobi is doing nothing special, Einhell have the same thing, Your actually better off with the cheaper stuff as a lot of them use the same battery system a lot of the time, And even that Duratool battery looks the same fit as the Worx, Which is the same as Erbuaer and Argos Guild 10v drills, So easier to pick up cheap kits here and there,And I don't think Ryobi are all that.


In theory a corded hammer drill with some quality masonry bits and the driver listed would be good enough for light DIY. If it were me though I would wait for a deal on an 18v Bosch or DeWalt combi drill and invest in one of those. If you feel flush or fancy a new tool add an impact driver to the kit at a later date.


Just tell her you're not feeling well!


My dad gave me his old wired drill which luckily has hammer mode. But a part from that I have power tools. And with the coronavirus the wife is expecting me to do millions of jobs around the house.


This tool is perfect for fitting decking at home. Yes the battery won't last all day but it will get the job done easier than just with a combi drill. It's not going to be much use for hanging blinds unless you have already drilled the holes with something else. Another listing has the drill and impact for about 55 , unfortunately though it looks like it doesn't have an hammer mode so it wouldn't be much use for masonry work. Do you have any kit at the moment?

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