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Lidl is a huge name on the UK’s retail scene, with over 600 stores in every corner of the UK and products stretching from fresh fruit to seafood, household appliances, cleaning products and toys. Find the latest Lidl discount codes and vouchers at their hotukdeals listings pages. How to redeem LIDL vouchers

All LIDL Voucher & Promo Codes for June 2020

£5 Off a £25 Spend Voucher in Lidl's "Big On" Booklet
Voucher valid from 23/3/20 - 5/4/20

This is not a just eat thread...just sayin


Hi! Does someone got a code which won’t be using? Let me know please thanks




great much better thx!!


These are now available at my store

Lidl £5 off £30 spend in current Lidl Moments Booklet
Usual deal - booklet is being posted to properties in the vicinity of stores, but it's not unknown for some stores to distribute them in store too (by mistake?), so keep an eye out… Read more

I have 2 macaroni cheese ready meals in the freezer that i'll never eat as they taste vile. :S


Received one in post today :) Just for the record I rent on the 3rd worst street in town - no riches here, mostly just working poor! :(


I reckon you’ve hit the nail on the head there. The joys of big city life...........a 15 minute walk here wouldn’t even get you to the nearest village shop


That maybe sounds like Lidl have got the area sewn up so feel they have no need to tempt you in. I get at least 4 of these offers in the post a year, plus they give out the booklets with vouchers in store around Xmas and Easter. But this is almost certainly because there are 7 Tesco's, 4 coops, 8 sainsburys, a Waitrose, an ASDA, 3 M&S (soon 4), 3 morrisons and 3 lidls all within 15 minutes walk - it's absolutely crazy. The lidls are by far the quietest, and overflow with reduced items - I could live entirely off reduced-to-30p ready meals if I could stomach it.


Thanks for taking the trouble to add it! (y)

Lidl Moments November £5 off £40 spend
Lidl November Moments edition has £5 off a £40 spend. Valid from 19/11/18 to 10/12/18. Usual no alcohol in Scotland exception, one per transaction, no copies or prints etc.

Usually only spend up to £15 at aldi or Lidl. Did 2 big shop last week with the £10 off 40 voucher. This is still a saving for those going to spend near that amount. Oh yes I forgot the metro £10 off was only available in London.


You will find them in your local store.


That's what I thought !


Nice thanks


Heat added, just don't buy my namesake in Lidl. Mechanical recovered meat in the own brand copy of Mattesons ;)

Lidl Kids Go Free voucher for SeaLife, Legoland, Chessington or Alton Towers (inside leaflet)
Lidl Kids Go Free voucher for SeaLife, Legoland, Chessington or Alton Towers Voucher in Lidl weekly offer leaflet for Thu 13th July to Wed 19th July.
Lidl - Kids go free voucher at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre (Manchester), Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventure or SEA LIFE Centres & Sanctuaries

Didn't see it, sorry.


Good find but Nikkip13 already posted this deal in freebies a few days ago...

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Lidl 25% and 50% off vouchers

£5 Off £5 Spend using voucher code @ LIDL Photos

I received my order the other day. All good quality. I had a pending transaction in Paypal too because the order didn't go through properly as it got stuck on the screen for sending the designs. After changing the proxy to no proxy it all went through fine, but it did go through as a new transaction. The first pending transaction has now been cancelled. Sounds like there was still an issue with yours. Did you go the whole way through the payment and sending the design(s) process? Did you get an email from Lidl confirming the order or is there anything under order history on the software? If not I'd say the transaction was not completed for some reason and therefore the Paypal payment has been left as pending. They will not send the order while the payment is still showing as pending. No company would. They don't have the payment. I'd contact Lidl again and see what they say.


I have to take back my words. still haven't received my order. transaction is pending in PayPal account. PayPal says Lidl photos probably denied the transaction, as I haven't had any similar problems with any other retailer. Avoid.


Hi I did this but it didn't work, I was told to restore to factory settings which entire the basket yesterday that didn't work either. today it's finally working maybe they're fixed the problem or on second reboot of application from factory reset fixed it. many thanks for sharing this offer :)


Change your proxy settings on the software to no proxy and try again (tools-options-network). That's what I had to do. If that doesn't work send an error report, but it takes a few minutes to do so and then you have to save it and email it to them so more hassle than it should be.


same thing happening for me. when I test network its fine but continuing to next page of order screen from filling on biking details causes 1413 no access to server error. There's nothing wrong with my internet connection. Is this happening for everyone? if so is this just a marketing ploy to gather details of new potential customers with no intention of genuinely honouring this offer??

£5 off £30 spend Valid from Sat 11th-Sun 12th October using printable voucher @ Lidl

Damn missed this, will there be another before November, grab some Fireworks.


used and made some one's day at lidl giving them my spare ty


went to lidls today but forgot to print out the voucher...doh!


Many thanks op, split my shop in 2 and got £10 off using 2 vouchers.


thanks, just used it today

£5 off £35 spend - 2nd May to 5th May (Perfect for a Bank holiday weekend shop) using printable voucher @ Lidl

Made in France? Where else would it be made? oO


3 bottles of Champagne made in France.


You cant access this? Just tried and still working thanks


cant seem to access the pdf version as just keeps redirecting me here! can anyone help? please?


cant seem to access the pdf version as just keeps redirecting me here! can anyone help? please?

£5 off £35 spend 28th Nov-1st Dec using printable voucher @ Lidl

Thanks OP. Heading there tomorrow so this is a good wee voucher for me. Had a little problem getting it, but soon worked it out. X)


Used mine last night with no problem!


Can't find any other thread, thanks OP


I did a search before posting and couldn't find any listings.


been posted at least twice here already today

lidl photo gifts 20% 25% and 30% off photo books and calendars plus free delivery code
enter codes during check out process. for 20% of orders over £30: lidlgifts121317 for 25% of orders over £60: lidlgifts121318 for 30% of orders over £80: lidlgifts121319 Also get … Read more
Lidl printable vouchers for.. Daz - 99p off, Ariel - 50p off & Fairy - 50p off
Lidl vouchers for: Daz Citrus Splash (38) - 99p off, Ariel Excel Gel (24) - 50p off, Fairy Non-Bio Liquitabs (20) - 50p off Vouchers valid until 13/11/2013 https://www.lidlwashi… Read more

thanks :)

£5 off £30 using printable voucher @ Lidl

Thank you! Heat!


MaximusRo , did you try this one i put on a few posts before you ,


The link is not working any more.


Reason is that the laws of England & Wales do not cover the UK's Northern Ireland and Scotland which have their own law. But that the law (of companies ) and is no shows stopper for offering a discount.


How would they tell the difference? It's the same voucher for everybody, nothing on it is personalized in any way. I used one yesterday as many times before and I don't have a FB account.

£15 a £40 order on photo products using voucher code @ Lidl Photos

Their products are really good quality, especially photobooks.

£5 off £30 spend - use between 30/05 and 02/06 (download and print from 27th May) using printable voucher @ Lidl
Like Lidl on Facebook and print a voucher for £5 off £30 spend. The voucher is available to download and print from 27th May 2013. Voucher valid 30.05.13 - 02.06.13. Terms and co… Read more

can anyone explain the keg offer? - graffenwalder pils are usually sold by the 50cl can for 85p : that makes 10 cans for £8.50. yet they want £11.99 for a 5L keg - so it's £3.40 for the `convenience` of a keg? or am i missing something?


Thanks for excluding Northern Ireland !


Aussi roadkill yumyum


p.s. i see they're got kangaroo in stock!!


It added £5 to my bill and it took several minutes to get the SA to understand that it should reduce the bill, not add to it. The manager couldn't get the bill down to the right amount so we had to pay the bill that was £10 too high and he then refunded the £10 overcharge by approx. £12 so we got a bit extra off for our trouble. It caused a massive tailback at the checkout whilst they sorted it out.

Newest LIDL Discount Codes:

DiscountLIDL Discount DetailsExpires
£5£5 Off a £25 Spend Voucher in Lidl's "Big On" Booklet16/04/2020
£5Lidl £5 off £30 spend in current Lidl Moments Booklet7/05/2019
£5Lidl Moments November £5 off £40 spend29/11/2018
% offLidl Kids Go Free voucher for SeaLife, Legoland, Chessington or Alton Towers (inside leaflet)8/07/2017
% offLidl - Kids go free voucher at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre (Manchester), Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventure or SEA LIFE Centres & Sanctuaries6/06/2017