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Every day, millions of Britons do their regular food and drink shopping at Lidl, one of the world’s largest cut-price grocery chains. But Lidl offers more than cheap food, with product lines stretching from clothes to toys. Customers can keep track of the latest Lidl deals and find out about discount codes at the Lidl hotukdeals listings. How to redeem LIDL vouchers
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£20 Discount
£20 Discount
Lidl Plus App - Possible Free £20 coupon
So I downloaded the new Lidl plus app and noticed I had a free scratchcard. Was amazed to see I had won a £20 coupon. Minimum spend £20. Cannot be redeemed on alcohol or baby formu… Read more

Used about 10 times and no luck on scratch card. Just unlucky i think as I’m aware of people using it a lot less and having wins.On the plus side I’ve nearly spent £200 this month so I can get a tenner off!


It had expired. Didn’t realise you only get a week to redeem it..


You have to activate it


I won £1, but when I scanned the app on my next shop it didn’t come off? How do you use it?


How do you use the app at till?

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 Off a £25 Spend Voucher in Lidl's "Big On" Booklet
Voucher valid from 23/3/20 - 5/4/20

This is not a just eat thread...just sayin


Hi! Does someone got a code which won’t be using? Let me know please thanks




great much better thx!!


These are now available at my store

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Lidl £5 off £30 spend in current Lidl Moments Booklet
Usual deal - booklet is being posted to properties in the vicinity of stores, but it's not unknown for some stores to distribute them in store too (by mistake?), so keep an eye out… Read more

Great store here in lidl except they could have more staff :)


I have 2 macaroni cheese ready meals in the freezer that i'll never eat as they taste vile. :S


Received one in post today :) Just for the record I rent on the 3rd worst street in town - no riches here, mostly just working poor! :(


I reckon you’ve hit the nail on the head there. The joys of big city life...........a 15 minute walk here wouldn’t even get you to the nearest village shop


That maybe sounds like Lidl have got the area sewn up so feel they have no need to tempt you in. I get at least 4 of these offers in the post a year, plus they give out the booklets with vouchers in store around Xmas and Easter. But this is almost certainly because there are 7 Tesco's, 4 coops, 8 sainsburys, a Waitrose, an ASDA, 3 M&S (soon 4), 3 morrisons and 3 lidls all within 15 minutes walk - it's absolutely crazy. The lidls are by far the quietest, and overflow with reduced items - I could live entirely off reduced-to-30p ready meals if I could stomach it.

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Lidl Moments November £5 off £40 spend
Lidl November Moments edition has £5 off a £40 spend. Valid from 19/11/18 to 10/12/18. Usual no alcohol in Scotland exception, one per transaction, no copies or prints etc.

Usually only spend up to £15 at aldi or Lidl. Did 2 big shop last week with the £10 off 40 voucher. This is still a saving for those going to spend near that amount. Oh yes I forgot the metro £10 off was only available in London.


You will find them in your local store.


That's what I thought !


Nice thanks


Heat added, just don't buy my namesake in Lidl. Mechanical recovered meat in the own brand copy of Mattesons ;)

Lidl Kids Go Free voucher for SeaLife, Legoland, Chessington or Alton Towers (inside leaflet)
Lidl Kids Go Free voucher for SeaLife, Legoland, Chessington or Alton Towers Voucher in Lidl weekly offer leaflet for Thu 13th July to Wed 19th July.
Lidl - Kids go free voucher at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre (Manchester), Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventure or SEA LIFE Centres & Sanctuaries

Didn't see it, sorry.


Good find but Nikkip13 already posted this deal in freebies a few days ago...

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
Lidl 25% and 50% off vouchers

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 Off £5 Spend using voucher code @ LIDL Photos

I received my order the other day. All good quality. I had a pending transaction in Paypal too because the order didn't go through properly as it got stuck on the screen for sending the designs. After changing the proxy to no proxy it all went through fine, but it did go through as a new transaction. The first pending transaction has now been cancelled. Sounds like there was still an issue with yours. Did you go the whole way through the payment and sending the design(s) process? Did you get an email from Lidl confirming the order or is there anything under order history on the software? If not I'd say the transaction was not completed for some reason and therefore the Paypal payment has been left as pending. They will not send the order while the payment is still showing as pending. No company would. They don't have the payment. I'd contact Lidl again and see what they say.


I have to take back my words. still haven't received my order. transaction is pending in PayPal account. PayPal says Lidl photos probably denied the transaction, as I haven't had any similar problems with any other retailer. Avoid.


Hi I did this but it didn't work, I was told to restore to factory settings which entire the basket yesterday that didn't work either. today it's finally working maybe they're fixed the problem or on second reboot of application from factory reset fixed it. many thanks for sharing this offer :)


Change your proxy settings on the software to no proxy and try again (tools-options-network). That's what I had to do. If that doesn't work send an error report, but it takes a few minutes to do so and then you have to save it and email it to them so more hassle than it should be.


same thing happening for me. when I test network its fine but continuing to next page of order screen from filling on biking details causes 1413 no access to server error. There's nothing wrong with my internet connection. Is this happening for everyone? if so is this just a marketing ploy to gather details of new potential customers with no intention of genuinely honouring this offer??

Best LIDL deals from our community

Big K / CPL Barbecue Charcoal Briquettes 5Kg - £3.49 instore @ Lidl
Posted 1 h, 40 m agoPosted 1 h, 40 m agoLocalLocal
Big K / CPL Barbecue Charcoal Briquettes 5 Kg

Don’t be a dickhead mate.


Ahhh That’s fair enough, I just couldn’t find the ingredients listed. I cook using big K’s lump wood so nothing against them as it’s great but after reading about what goes into briquettes and what some wholesalers have mentioned with the “differences” it does vary hugely between brands. Good to know these are only using vegetable starch then, I couldn’t find it anywhere.


Can you find a list of ingredients? Briquettes are compressed with binders - normally listed as “other ingredients” if listed - They are made from the fines left over from lumpwood production, Fines won't stick together, so they mix other stuff with them to make a briquette in a mould. This stuff includes coal dust, clay, rice starch, sodium nitrate, borax, sawdust and cement amongst other things. Would you want to smoke meat over that? Just my personal opinion and if you can find what actually goes into these exact ones and they are clean, well then I’m sure they’d be great, otherwise I just wouldn’t risk it and buy lump wood charcoal restaurant grade. Who knows, maybe I’ve got it all wrong.


All these are is regular lumpwood charcoal crushed and mixed with vegetable starch water. No nasty chemicals in these at all. I cook with these and Weber briquettes all the time, they are perfect for longer cooks like pulled pork. Definitely avoid things that say "Instant light" like disposable barbeques etc. Whether the gentleman means you shouldn't cook on charcoal at all, I do not know.


Also biting and curious :) I used these to smoke a pork shoulder and beef short ribs. About two thirds the life of the Weber Briquettes and a third of the price. Win to me. A full charcoal basket of these lasted 10 hours.

Parkside Spanner Set - £4.99 instore @ Lidl
Posted 1 h, 51 m agoPosted 1 h, 51 m agoLocalLocal
Made from high-quality chrome-vanadium steel, matt chrome-plated, with polished heads In a practical plastic holder, suitable for wall mounting 8-piece set Choose from: Open-Ende… Read more

20mm- most uncommon size. 21mm- very common.

Vanish OXI 1.5KG Gold £2.25 @ Lidl (Bolton)
Posted 8 h, 22 m agoPosted 8 h, 22 m agoLocalLocal
Laundry oxi gold is scanning at £2.25 at lidl bolton manchester road with a free bottle of olive oil and pink is £4.25
Lidl Bellarom Gold 100% Arabica ground coffee - 1kg £4.49
20/05/2021Starts at 20/05/2021LocalLocalPosted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Part of Lidl’s XXL week deals from Thursday 20th May, usually £2.49/500g

I always see people buying this coffee when in Lidl, so it is popular. Can anyone give me an idea of what it tastes like or what other brands taste similar please?


It's definitely a finer ground, best with filters (machine or pour-over). I do use this with my French press but there'll be some fine coffee at the bottom of your mug... Which I like. That last sip will give you a kick!


I wish they would have decaf the same price ... decaf always seeems to be more expensive


I've been using Lidl's Italian ground in my Melita machine this past week and I really liked it. I'll give this a shot when I go shopping next week. Thanks OP.


It’s medium ground so filter or caffetiere would be fine

BT Video Baby Monitor 2000 £29.99 in store at Lidl (Glasgow)
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th MayLocalLocal
Saw this in store at Lidl in Glasgow so could be store specific but worth a check as it’s a great price.

Reliable baby monitor. Far outlived the Chinese branded ones I've had before


Fair price but Very tiny display screen.


Also available at Squires Gate Blackpool

3 in 1 digital jug scale £14.99 at Lidl Derby
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th MayLocalLocal

Sam14 might be an idea to add the merchant?

Snaktastic Crisps 30 x 25g £1.99 @ Lidl
21/05/2021Starts at 21/05/202123/05/2021Expires on 23/05/2021LocalLocal
I love these nicer than Walkers and better value.

Got till Wednesday haven’t we lol


Yes, you're quite right! I bought one for £2.10 today using the Lidl app voucher. We have to wait until next Friday for it to be £1.99. Still, if you can't wait until then, you've got until tomorrow to get a whole bag to yourself(!) ;)


15% off this week 23% off next week !!


Lidl weekend deals are just not what they used to be.


Now on Lidl plus card

Stewart Brewing NEIPA Pale Ale 440ml £1.79 at Lidl
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th MayLocalLocal
This very decent NEIPA is back in my local Lidl for the bargain price of £1.79 for 440ml. Juicy peach and passionfruit flavours with a bangin mouth feel for this price.

Had the bubblegum and it's horrible, couldnt finish it - will avoid this brewery as had a couple of other poor ones from them The DIPA from 71 Brew is good value though


I couldn't agree more. I am a big fan of Salt's Ikat at £3.50 a can (440ml) from Tesco, its beaut and Salt's '3 Minute Instagram Shoot' TIPA is divine although 10.5% and £7.50 a can. I'm really looking forward to trying the Luminous Nights DIPA @7.4%. I only popped in for some apples for work. :-D


Good find @James_Davis and well done on your first post


(annoyed) Hope you lot have more luck than me, didn't bother..


Mate, you've said it again. :/ It's New England India Pale Ale..... maybe tag IPA instead and correct your title?

10KG Basmati Rice for £10.49 @ Lidl (Gosport)
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th MayLocalLocal
10KG Basmati Rice for £10.49 Lidl

you_gotta_be_kidding13/05/2021 23:3710kg basmati for £6 in farmfoods That is unbelievable price So unbelievable that if you posted a photo it would go scorching hot, I'd vote you up on it!!!


That is unbelievable price


I think it's something like Lyla, in a green bag. We've poured ours into a large plastic tub so don't have the packaging.


Awesome, do u know which brand is that. Although the Lidl £10.49 version is quiet good, have tried myself recently.


10kg basmati for £6 in farmfoods

Kids Playtive Premium Play Kitchen 3+ 0 - £69.99 Instore @ LIDL (Brooklands, Milton Keynes)
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th MayLocalLocal
Playtive kitchen for 3 plus kids 109x120x40cm Wxhxd Made from sturdy real wood Comes with accessories- Frying pan, sauce pan with lid, whisk and Ernesto branded spatula and meat… Read more

i've just said to my Mrs what on earth are we going to buy for our soon to be 4 year old when he doesn't play with even 90% of the stuff we bought him at Xmas. The 7 year old has a switch and the young one just wants to either watch him on that or play on it himself and it's so hard to spark any other form of play!


Very true! It's crazy that it's hard to keep kids away from tech distraction these days. Miss the good old days when we as kids didn't need devices to keep us happy.


I'd buy something like this if I thought the kids would play with it, bloody tablets and consoles have wrecked imaginative play now for mine. All I hear is Tiktok this and that. Really sad in my opinion.



(lol) wish it was this cheap to put a new unit in haha.

Newest LIDL Discount Codes:

DiscountLIDL Discount DetailsExpires
£20Lidl Plus App - Possible Free £20 coupon21/09/2020
£5£5 Off a £25 Spend Voucher in Lidl's "Big On" Booklet16/04/2020
£5Lidl £5 off £30 spend in current Lidl Moments Booklet7/05/2019
£5Lidl Moments November £5 off £40 spend29/11/2018
% offLidl Kids Go Free voucher for SeaLife, Legoland, Chessington or Alton Towers (inside leaflet)8/07/2017