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Advantage Spot On Flea treatment £9.01 + £2.99 delivery or free over £29 @ Pet Drugs Online
18/07/2020Expires on 18/07/2020Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
£2.99 delivery or free over £29 Apparently this is better than frontline and half the cost (y)
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Highly recommend this company, got flea and worming treatment at about 50% off and it arrived in a couple of days. Will get apoquel with a private prescription from the vet next month which will work out at around 3 months for the price of 2.


are the ingredients the same for cats and dogs


Only downside they don't kill Tick :s


I do this! X


From memory one of the main benefits of Advantage was that the strength of mixture was the same whatever the size, unlie many other flea treatments. This means that you can buy bigger size packets at lower relative cost and ensure you regulate the amount needed for your size dog, with a small syringe. Obviously any one interested in this would need to check this is still the case by looking at the % of active ingredients with each size.

Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment - cats and dogs £9.48 @ Pets Drugs Online
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment - cats and dogs £9.48 @ Pets Drugs Online
Advantage Flea Treatment Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment is for treating flea infestations in dogs, cats and rabbits. Using Advantage Flea Treatment, fleas are killed within one… Read more

The name of the treatment is "Bravecto", cats are now flea free and lasts for three months. We were charged £26 by vet, but if you can get a VET PRESCRIPTION, it can be bought online for about £16. Dear enough for a single treatment, but cheap when you consider the amount we have wasted on other products.


Advocate is even better as it also kills ticks, ear mites etc.. It 100% works. I'd know if it didn't because first sign of a flea and my dog gets a severe rash! I've heard stronghold is good too but will stick with Advantage/Advocate until the fleas become resistant.


My cat too is prescribed Stronghold but as others have said it’s expensive via vets. I know you can ask for prescription then purchase elsewhere but ours will only prescribe a 12 months course (shock) (mad) Blooming expensive! If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative to Stronghold let me know! (highfive) I’ve not used Advantage so may give it a whirl thanks op


Same experiences here with Frontline (now ineffective), Advantage (effective), Stronghold (great but expensive from the vet) on my cats. 3.03% TCB presently.


My dog had a flee allergy, I used to depend on Frontline as it used to work but the fleas seemed to have built up resistance to it. Had a nightmare trying to get rid of them. Used Advantage and it worked straight away. Fleas dead and allergy cleared up. You're very lucky if it worked for you, maybe your cat didn't have fleas to begin with or the fleas aren't resistant yet. I'm not alone with my experience. It seemed to stop working when they made it prescription free. That may or may not be a coincidence.

Pet drugs - prescription & non-prescription savings (examples in description) @ Pet Drugs Online
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Posted 26th Aug 2018Posted 26th Aug 2018
Pet drugs - prescription & non-prescription savings (examples in description) @ Pet Drugs Online
Well i know its not actually an offer, but the savings that can be made are awesome! They sell both prescription & non-prescription drugs & food etc For example: We buy our… Read more

Exactly how i feel about asking the vet too! 🙈


I ordered dog food Specific last week 72 pounds vets charge 112 pound a 15kg bag, next cheapest was Amazon at 86 pound... so highly recommend this company And for ticks & fleas I use sersato collars ( not spelt correctly ) it costs me 85 euro's ( any French pharmacy websites ) and that does 3 cats and 2 dogs for whole 9 month's, brilliant product


Super. Thank you!


We saved a fortune for our old Labs water and heart tablets etc by buying off prescription when on holiday in Spain. Branded £20 UK. Generic £12 UK. £2 over the counter in Spain. Frusimide for example was Frusimida with exactly same composition. Take old packaging with you.


It’s a reference to one of those modern songs, pop culture eh.

Petdrugsonline - save money compared to vets (An example of saving money on pet prescriptions)
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Posted 28th May 2018Posted 28th May 2018
Petdrugsonline - save money compared to vets (An example of saving money on pet prescriptions)
This is just an example of saving money on pet prescriptions I visited my vet and they prescribed loxicom pain relief for my dogs arthritis they charged me around £12-£15 for 30ml.… Read more

If I take too many drugs, I start giving them all petnames...


I love my dog. It was a joke . I loved my old dog and I got the vet bills to prove it . I call him my burden , same as my mum calls me her mistake. Don't mean nothing by it .


It's with the Healthy Pet Club. But the £12 is a treatment plan, not insurance. We pay extra for that but I tend to shop around every year or two. Thankfully our dogs haven't suffered any long term conditions, just a couple of injuries which were sorted with operations. £60 pm seems very expensive for insurance. I think it's about £14 (five year old) and £18 (12 year old, both Border Collies) each month for our insurance. Hope this helps but please don't think of your pup as a burden.


The THING you speak about is usually part of the family mine definitely is and yes I would pay anything to keep it from suffering but if I can save a few pence I will.


God love all you people shelling out loads on pet treatment, you must be compassionate and kind people. Of course sometimes things can get so bad that the best thing to, depending on your own ethics of course, is the hardest thing to do. Good luck with it all, I'm glad I lived in ignorance of all of this for years and my old cat lived for about 15 years and only had a vet appointment back when if I'm honest it was my parents cat and only mine in name. I'd just take care of the thing myself and over time it just kept on being a happy and healthy cat until one day it wasn't anymore but that's old age and what can you do. Seems to me dogs are much more expensive and more hassle with health issues and lots of them develop sudden and debilitating illnesses. I say well done to you all and buy your meds online just don't be tempted to take them yourself.

Advantage Spot on Flea Treatment for cats, dogs and rabbits - 3 packs of 4 pipettes each from £27.03 delivered. Dogs and others also available @ Petdrugstore
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Posted 30th Jul 2017Posted 30th Jul 2017
Advantage Spot on Flea Treatment for cats, dogs and rabbits - 3 packs of 4 pipettes each from £27.03 delivered. Dogs and others also available @ Petdrugstore
I have seen people pay a fortune in vets for Advantage or FrontLine flea treatments. I found a cheaper alternative, order from Pet Drugs Online for under £10 a pack. Prices are: … Read more
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It's such a good job they don't allow people to buy entire bottles of bleach, instead making them buy single shot packs every time they need to clean the toilet. Most people are capable of maths & can read ingredients on boxes, this is just common bloody sense. Similarly to buying a large bottle of nicotine to make your e-liquid instead of a pre-made one to save money, you just do the math & treat potentially dangerous substances with the respect they deserve. As we're on a money saving oriented site, & what he's suggesting isn't actually dangerous provided you have the slightest modicum of common sense & can save a LOT of money long term, I think your reaction is way OTT.


FWIW 'we' are talking about both AND the OP is talking about both - and Rabbits :)


We were talking about cat's not dogs. They're much smaller animals with different anatomy. Good day to you also.


(lol) (lol) chill winston! I think there is a lot of scare mongering when it comes to these treatments. Yes there are accounts where dogs have had some serious negative side effects to these treatments. That being said, these things are far from accurately measured. I use advocate which is a prescription only treatment. My pug is classed as a large dog for these treatments. Large dog measurements range from 10-25kg.....that's a huge scale to worry about going a mil or so over or under if measuring.


I think the fact keep trying to insult me to make your point says it all. If you were really comfortable with what you were doing, you wouldn't feel the need. Good day to you too.

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