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Planet X on one enduro MTB Helmet £16.99 delivered
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
£13 + £3.99 p&p for a decent helmet. Not many colours left but worth a look

Not great reviews on venting but good value if it fits yo


Agreed, I bought one as well and it was so uncomfortable I gave it away, shame as they look nice


I tried one of these last year. They look good but for me it was very uncomfortable. There is very little adjustment and it simply fits where it touches. I ended up sending mine back and buying elsewhere. You have to pay for returns so it turned out to be an expensive experiment for me.


Try it for a day first, some peoplele find the fit at the back of the lid uncomfortable.


Was considering a new helmet, for this price I've got to give this a go. Great find!

Fire-Maple Star FMS-X2 outdoor Cooking System 37.99 delivered @ Planet X
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Fire Maple Star X2 portable cooking system, 230g gas canister fits in pot for transport, as does stand and burner. Best Value portable outdoor cooking system you can buy? Vote: Ho… Read more
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Ooops, sorry! Didn't notice that... clicking around too fast. XD


It always was, the postage is 3.99 on top if the 34 quid


This is now £34!!! Great deal. I was bought the Alpkit version for Xmas.


Thanks. I've now got the model number, C300 Cheers


Get a free helmet (worth up to £25) when you buy a £30 planet x voucher + £3.99 del
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
£3.99 shipping is not included unless you spend over £70 to earn free delivery. Treat yourself while treating your friends and family. Buy them a voucher worth £30 or more and ge… Read more

After the order is processed it's available in your account, you can priint it out as a pdf for instore use or gifting or just use it online or email it. I actually used mine before I received my first order. Same sort of process as the amazon e-giftcards I suppose.


Is the voucher emailed or sent through post?


Ordered yesterday arrived today and I'd already spent the voucher on another order because of their fibonacci sale which should arrive Monday or Tuesday I guess. Quite a haul for about £40 and the helmet is great, fit's me perfectly. Some of the tyres are great value at the moment bought a couple of 700c tyres for £3 each, red kendas and some 26" tyres for a fiver each. Would of bought more but they limit you to 2 of each. The helmet I bought has gone up to £34 but it hardly matters as its still part of the free offer. My other helmet is a Cannondale and to be honest the Planet X one is better both in design and manufacturing quality. Not that it's really Cannondale anyway they are pretty much an importer themselves nowadays both for accessories and bikes except high end bikes where they have design input but still the Cannondale brand is seen as a premium bike brand.


Go on, try it. You can just generate a limitless collection of helmets! :D


Very good deal. They do some great offers. If you use Planet X anyway for regular orders it's basically a helmet for £4 delivered. The £25 helmet in the offer is only available in the large/extra large size. Not sure how it works if you already have a gift card, can you use a gift card to buy a gift card and get the free helmet?

Planet-X Full Monty Gravel Bike SRAM Apex 1x Groupset Mudguard and pannier mounts 6061-T6 Aerospace alloy frame £600 Planet X
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Specification: Bottom Bracket: SRAM GXP XR Bottom Bracket (With Spacers) / 68/73mm Brake calliper: Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake Road / Direct Mount / No Rotor Brake lever… Read more
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Great! Thanks ... just what i was looking for (y)


I'd buy this if I didn't already have a gravel bike that's nicely seeing me through winter. After 35 years of wobbling about on 23mm tyres it's a joy to hurtlle over the wasteground on proper tyre !


plus delivery min £20


32mm tyres make it perfect for communting, mechanical discs so easier to service Lightweight frame made of 6061 aluminium and mudguard/ pannier mounts make this a cracking buy. If you want to do more adventurous stuff then a 2nd set of wheels and wider tyres would be a good idea. More road use, then maybe a change of front sprocket and skinnier 28mm tyres


That would make a cracking commuter or winter training bike. Gearing maybe a little on the low side for road use, unless you live somewhere really hilly.

Planet X Pro Carbon EVO Shimano R7000 Carbon Road Bike £900 @ Planet X
Refreshed 9th JanRefreshed 9th Jan
Absolute bargain in my opinion. Full carbon and the new R7000 groupset. A range of sizes and colours available. Bottom Bracket: Shimano Ultegra SM-BBR60 Bottom Bracket Brake cal… Read more
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I agree. Open mould isn’t necessarily a bad thing, they’ve probably had more chance to perfect it and avoid issues. People banging on like they are Mark Cavendish. The fact is this bike will be more than 99.9% of people need. Some people try and massage their ego by pretending they are in the 0.01% and spend £5K on the lightest bike they can find. How, for example can someone be ‘better’ than Giant and wouldn’t be seen on one - it’s laughable. I’ve seen loads of reports on social media of people saying they waited months for a Canyon and it was damaged on arrival. One reason I went with Ribble is because I got a Carbon Sportive bike with full Ultegra and I’ve changed the wheels to Mavic Kysrium and tubeless tyres at a total cost of £1250. They are 30 minutes up the road from me so any issues I can drive straight there. That’s definitely more bike than I need as well with doing the odd 100 miler.


It's interesting - Planet X seems to suffer from snobbery far more than other open-mould brands out there. I'm not sure if this is because they are keenly priced and everyone knows this, so there's no question when you turn up for a club run on your bike that people know you've bought to a budget. It's not like they are the only cheap carbon brand out there, but for some reason, they have a big, negative image that just seems to get worse with every passing year. FWIW, I've got a stable of some pretty exotic road and MTBs, but my PX RT57 (which I bought used a few years back) is my current winter steed and is seeing a lot of miles at the moment. It's a bike I've always enjoyed riding and I've never considered it to be "lesser" to the other bikes, even though it cost a fraction of what they did!


If your buying a aluminium Canyon why not just buy a bike from the real manufacturer of the frame Giant rather than an importer/assembler. Also Canyon has moved away from Giant for their Carbon frames to Quest Composites and that is not a high end factory. You shouldn't swallow the marketing crap either as I've seen forum postings where their carbon frames have cracked on the first ride and they definitely have a history of poor carbon frames. Canyon sell on innovating with their frame designs but then are manufactured in Asia. Also for their lower end models they are having complete bikes assembled in the Far East, not all of their bikes get assembly in Germany. Personally if I was buying Carbon I'd want it to be a state of the art factory like Giant and would actually expect the Planet X carbon frame to be safer than the Canyon. Pretty sure Planet X use mainly if not exclusively open mould carbon frame designs these tend to be used by many brands/importers around the world so get the most feedback to the factory with improvements. Canyon tend to innovate and that means new designs which have not evolved and improved with a much higher risk of failure. Again though I get tired of these importers/assemblers pretending to be full bike manufacturers. A Giant bike has a much better lifetime warranty, higher weight limits and you have a local store that can provide support assuming you buy locally and you are riding a bike actually made by the brand on the bike which seems novel nowadays. Canyon once used Giant for their carbon frames then they became too expensive and they went to a cheap carbon frame manufacturer in mainland China maybe they have moved again, who knows, importers don't really represent a quality level same with most brands, I thought 'Felt' were good but saw many of their bikes now are made in low end factories in Bangladesh, crap mechanically formed frames not hydro-formed. Many brands keep moving to cheaper factories to remain competitive. As far as I know Giant have resisted creating factories in countries which don't get hit with additional EU duties due to quality concerns. Giant represent a quality level because they are a real manufacturer not an importer. At least Canyon represents fairly decent value as previously stated many high end Italian bikes have extreme markups compared to their manufacturing cost and that industry is driven mainly for exports as Italians tend to buy quite cheap bikes on average themselves. I definitely wouldn't assume a Canyon carbon frame is better than Planet X the reverse could easily be true and I would likely think the Planet X is safer and stronger even if that is at the expense of a small amount of additional weight.I certainly think aluminium frames are a better option for most people as less brittle but remember the most likely component to fail is carbon forks rather than carbon frames statistically.


Not an option for those of us with knee conditions. My advice would be to slowly increase the power through the legs bit by bit...


Less than 1000 for hydro discs is a breakthrough TBF. I paid 1200 (heavily discounted) for my cube with 105 (505 brakes) 2 years ago.

OKO Self-Sealing Bike Inner Tube £2 plus  £3.95 P&P  Planet X - good variety of sizes still cheaper than 1 x Slime tube. Lots of bargains!
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Forget about punctures and just ride with OKO's self sealing inner tubes. Fewer punctures, better air retention, lower rolling resistance and more grip. Just fit and inflate to ge… Read more
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Is SLIME is a bad brand?? (skeptical)


Yes kinda why I posted I'll 're edit. Thanks


its worth mentioning that the tube itself is only £1.99, if you are just buying that then the £3.99 postage is steep, but there is loads of cheap stuff on the site so worth stocking up, and will offset the postage cost

Jobsworth Steel Wall Mounted Bike Hanger (fixed hook) - £2.00 + £4 Delivery @ Planet X
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
4 quid shipping
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Just got 5 of these for £10. Not fitted them yet but they are extremely robust and sturdy, way better than the other suggestions here. Fantastic deal at £2! (y)


it is actually showing as 2 pounds atm, cheers OP (highfive)


I bought a pair of these off Amazon recently and they are pretty good. The advantage over a plain screw-in hook is that these have four fixing holes so it's perhaps a little more secure, and there's a plate for the tyre so if you have it mounted in a "nice" place it won't make the wall grubby. Warning though! The fixings that came with mine are pretty rubbish quality (as is common with most Chinese stuff), so use quality screws and plugs from elsewhere. If you have large tyres on the bike then it might be a tight fit though - I have 27.5 disc wheels with 2.25 tyres on my MTB and it only just fits.


These don't scream 'space saving' to me


If you imagine spinning the image counter clockwise 90 degrees it makes more sense. You place the wheel into the hook and the tyre then sits on the ridged plate which keeps it from slipping around. I'd say if you can get them 4/ £10 on ebay like other people have said it's worth paying that over standard hooks.

Cycling bundle - £30 @ Planet X +3.99£ postage
Found 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
Helmet, socks, base layer, arm warmers

Good deal thanks (ninja)


The helmet alone is £19.99 (also on offer) so just be aware of that. Thr bundle is probably a saving of you're in need of the other bits.


Code FLASHBUNDLE for extra 10% off. Also OP you need to add on £3.99 delivery charge.


Good deal, just paid £30 for a helmet!

Carnac Notus 'Race' Road Helmet £9.99 / £13.94 delivered @ Planet x
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
Quality road cycling helmet at 9.99 plus £3.95 delivery Total £13.94. Ps note selective colours only @ £9.99 atm. Gloss White /SKY Blue Matt Black/Gloss White Matt Black/Neon Gre… Read more
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Anyone interested in a review of the Carnac Notus Race Helmet please find link below. Cheers




Morning, as per description selective colours only.


Not working ... price goes up after selecting the size

Planet X RT58 (Blue only) Alloy Road Bike with 105 5800 RRP £699-£559.20 after discount code
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
PX RT58 Alloy Road Bike with 105 5800. In blue only. Normally £699 20% of with code BLKFRI20 A lot of bike for the money, brilliant for a winter trainer audax or commuter.

Exactly what i had with my Cannondale - "105" with FSA and Tektro. In fairness the FSA cranks are pretty decent, the Tektro's were not. Just single pivot jobs, so bought 105s and swapped them over. Made a noticeable difference.


Agreed. It just irritates me that they call it a "5800" bike when it's not.


Not bad for base package, perfect opportunity to upgrade at later stage imo.


Tektro brakes and FSA Cranks. Shame.

Planet X Pro Carbon 105 R7000 RRP £1099 - £825 (with code) @ Planet X
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Great 'full carbon' bike at £825 after applying discount code. Comes with the latest 105 groupset 'R7000'

A grand opens up a lot of contenders, but I'm loving the colour scheme on the Wilier.


Cheers Crumbz (y)


My sentiment also! Heat!


Hmm interesting, tempting as it could be this or the boardman carbon at £899 after £100 off trade in at Halfords, leaning to the boardman as any issues I can take it in but this internet bike is more tricky to deal with .


Yeah, caliper brakes are totally rubbish. I don't know how I have managed to ride with them for the last 30 years.

Planet X 25% Off Most Bikes
Found 15th Nov 2018Found 15th Nov 2018
Great bikes at a decent price already, 25% Off makes the an even better deal. New bike day?

Banner on this post needs changing - its not Most Bikes on Planet-X. As Pagemaster says is the Pro Carbon only, - not 'most' bikes. Most bikes are nothing like 25% off. Please change Op.


Sadly this voucher is only for 'pro carbon' bikes (starting at 1K) - good if that's what your after I guess...

Planet X Pro Carbon 105 (5800) - £749.99 @ PlanetX with code
Found 28th Oct 2018Found 28th Oct 2018
Further to my deal the other day for ultegra. This is the 105 version - not the latest being 5800 but still a brilliant price. Appears to only be available in Matt Black, White, C… Read more

Ah I didnt know they had released the r7000 so I see what you mean know.


Ahh. Well the latest 105 is r7000. So I was referring to the fact the 5800 isn’t the latest 105 group set but still a good deal. Doesn’t read as confusing to me.


I thought so; your description 'This is the 105 version - not the latest being 5800 but still a brilliant price' is a confusing.


It the link


I thought it was the 5800 version as oppose to the older 10 speed 105 5700 version?

Planet X Pro Carbon Ultegra R8000 (full) £974.99 w/code @ PlanetX
Found 25th Oct 2018Found 25th Oct 2018
25% off Planet X pro carbon bikes. Only available on medium and large frames in the black and cerise colours. Use code Clangers25 New code now seems to be Bankers25 A couple of… Read more

I did the Cingles last summer, on my rim braked Canyon Ultimate - it's a great day out, and quite a ride. I was scared of it getting too hot later in the day and started at dawn, was fine in the end, although windy (surprise surprise) at the top. Bedoin, Maulacene then Sault in that order. The descending is fast, though not hugely technical, I had no worries with rim brakes at ~70 kg, though if heavier this might be slightly more of a worry. I don't think a bike as fancy as my sub-7 kg ride is necessary. What is more useful than losing a kg in the bike is having the correct gearing. I normally ride 52-36 cranks with 11-28 cassette, but swapped to 50-34 11-32 gearing, which I was very grateful for. I think the change of cranks wasn't necessary, but at the end of 4500+m of climbing, it helped. I'd love to go back and have a full tilt at the Bedoin ascent to see what sort of time I could do up there without thinking about two more ascents! Enjoy.


Planet X have added the Pro Carbon Shimano 105 R7000 Road Bike to the 25% offer, so it works out at £824.99 + deivery. Link. They have large only for this version. I'd suggest that this bike is the pick of the deals if it's your size as it has the latest 105 groupset and FSA Team 30 Comp 700c Road Wheelset and is listed as weighing 8.0 kg in its medium version.


OK you got me here. I'll bite. So I've be done Mt ventoux once And it was awesome and brutal at the same time. On a rented bike. I'm planning on the ie 3 accents in a day next year. N+1 is needed not wanted to achieve this. What would you buy?


That is common with aluminium which normally fatigues over time and cracks and they only really offer warranty on duff welds etc unless the frame is very young within the first couple years but I don't get the excuse for carbon. It is a very strong material that shouldn't naturally fatigue. It's only really manufacturing errors that cause it to fail unless the frame has been damaged with a fall or crash etc which should normally mark the frame I would of thought. I believe Planet X carbon frames are open mould frames, so not state of the art but tried and tested designs by many importers around the world and tend to be safer carbon bikes at the expense of weight possibly. So many different importers selling the same frame designs feeds back much information about where the frames have failed to the manufacturers and provides design or manufacturing improvements. Higher end frames often have to justify higher prices with lower weight and innovative frame geometry which are 2 reasons they are more likely to fail. I'm a Giant fan I have to admit but if I wasn't buying Giant I think I'd be happier with an open mould design rather than one of the brands that designs bike frames without fully engineering them and then relies on the actual manufacturer in the far east to finish the process, sometimes whoever is the cheapest to tender for the contract. Saying that many brands use open mould for their entry level carbon frames and try to innovate for their high end carbon frames. I feel the cheaper frames not only represent a cost saving but superior safety for only a tiny loss in performance. As ever make sure you use a credit card and its best to pay for the bike directly on the site and not use an intermediate payment system like paypal or amazon which might lower your consumer rights. Paypal specifically are not going to be great at obtaining a refund if a frame fails 3 years after purchase, they barely offer any consumer rights after 3 months. I could be wrong about that but saw a Watchdog or possibly Martin Lewis episode where they said your consumer rights were reduced by using paypal but don't know the full technical details of why.If your spending big money on a new bike best to sacrifice a bit of convenience and fill in the credit card details on the bike shop site itself.


Depending on the type of riding you do really. People do indeed (myself included) have a bike suited to a particular type of riding. You can get all sorts of different frames/geometries, wheels, etc specifically suited for different types of riding. Most folk go for a good all-rounder, but it depends on the person. If someone came to me looking for a bike for climbing, the last thing I would advise would be disc brakes. However, descending Mont Ventoux is a different thing altogether! But yeah, despite common belief, rim brakes can be just as effective as disc brakes. Some professional riders actually believe them to be better.

Carnac Notus Road Helmet (Team Carnac & White/Blue) £9.99 / £13.94 delivered @ planet x
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
I've seen these at the same price before, I don't believe for a second they are worth £80 like they say but they're a decent enough helmet for double the money so a tenner ain't ba… Read more

ordered one and very impressed on how adaptable it is, it holds very well onto your head, feel very light and comfy, I did not buy it for myself but might go back and order myself one.


dreadful website that barely works. managed to order it eventually


You lucky people with your small/average heads. Here's me with a big old 63cm noggin' :(


Tempted to get one for use on scooter in Goa. The ones you get with rental bikes there are a joke, and realistically I am not gonna take a proper half face motorcycle helmet. A skate/bmx helmet or one of these is what i will take.


excellent just what I was after, thanks.

Carnac Kronus Time Trial Helmet £28.98 delivered in blue/white/yellow @ planetx, plus other bargains (See post)
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
Some decent buys in sale I.e. Kenda tyres £2.99 》 Multi tool £4.99 》… Read more
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Yes says so in title?


blue and white only this price


Thx. Ordered a few bits I needed in a new helmet. Worth a squizz here for bits:

Holdsworth Elan Sram Apex 1 Hydro Disc Road Bike - £520 at Planet X
Found 21st Oct 2018Found 21st Oct 2018
THe drop bar version of the Holdsworth Elan Sram Apex 1 Hydro Disc Road Bike is now £500 at Planet X. Delivery is £20 Sizes Small, Medium and Large are currently available. A de… Read more
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This bike is now back up to £699.99 so the deal is expired.


It’s roadbike focussed I guess. Some new endurance bikes have bigger clearance but then you run into adventure/CX/Gravel bike territory. I wanted steel for winter duties. Guess I’ll use my CX with 35 mm slicks.


Many thanks, that's a shame


28mm tyres max


Couple questions. I could not find any information of up to what size tires clearance it has? Would it be ok for cyclocross/adventure bike?