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Posted 17 July 2023

Pulp Fiction (Steelbook 4K UHD + Blu-ray)

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Immerse yourself in the gritty and stylish world of Quentin Tarantino's cinematic masterpiece, "Pulp Fiction," with the Pulp Fiction 4K Steelbook Collector's Edition. This limited edition steelbook is the perfect addition to any film lover's collection, showcasing the film's iconic artwork in stunning high definition and a sleek, premium steelbook casing.

Pulp Fiction takes you on a non-linear journey through the interconnected lives of hitmen, mobsters, boxers, and other colorful characters in Los Angeles. Tarantino's masterful storytelling and razor-sharp dialogue captivate audiences from the opening scene to the unforgettable climax, creating an enduring cult classic that redefined the crime genre.

This 4K Steelbook edition allows you to experience Pulp Fiction like never before, with a visually stunning 4K Ultra HD presentation. Every frame of the film is meticulously restored, enhancing the rich colors, intricate details, and Tarantino's distinct visual style. Witness the film's vibrant palette and gritty textures with unprecedented clarity, bringing the characters and their world to life in your own living room.

The Pulp Fiction 4K Steelbook Collector's Edition is more than just a visually striking package. Open the steelbook to discover a treasure trove of exclusive bonus content, including behind-the-scenes featurettes, interviews with the cast and crew, and insightful commentary from Quentin Tarantino himself. Gain deeper insights into the making of the film, the inspirations behind its iconic scenes, and the enduring impact it has had on cinema.

With its premium steelbook casing, the Pulp Fiction Collector's Edition is a stunning display piece that captures the essence of the film's gritty aesthetic. The steelbook features the film's iconic poster artwork, beautifully embossed and treated with a high-quality finish, making it a true collector's item that stands out on any shelf.

Whether you're a longtime fan or discovering Pulp Fiction for the first time, the Pulp Fiction 4K Steelbook Collector's Edition is the ultimate way to experience this cinematic masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable world of Tarantino's vision, relish the exceptional visual quality, and delve into the extensive bonus content that celebrates the enduring legacy of Pulp Fiction.

Note: The Pulp Fiction 4K Steelbook Collector's Edition is a fictional product created for the purpose of this response.
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  1. thewick3dest's avatar
    Will the text on the Steelbook and BD Menus read in Italian or English? A few Italian Prime BDs are usually in Italian, rightly so.
    Kanye.Pest's avatar
    Only the J Card will be in Italian.

    Everything else is in English (Metal tin and discs).

    You can change the language on the menu to English.
  2. franco79's avatar
    This was £35 for a while after it was released so this is a great price!
  3. michael18941's avatar
    Not keen on this specific design,would rather get the standard 4k disc.
  4. ed101102's avatar
    Can anyone confirm if this auto loads up in Italian and you have to change it to English?
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