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Excellent Refurbished ROG ALLY Z1 Extreme - 1 year warranty w/code sold by Tab Retail

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ASUS ROG Ally Handheld Gaming Console 16GB / 512GB 120Hz Windows 11

Refurbished item. Fully working. If there are any signs of use they will be very minor. Generally most units are in like new condition. Some items may not be in the original retail box. However we back this up with a 1 year warranty!

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PC gaming has never been this portable - the ASUS ROG Ally puts a Windows gaming machine in the palm of your hands. And it doesn't compromise on specs. It packs an impressive AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme CPU with Radeon graphics. So it's got plenty of horsepower to run your favourites. They'll look amazing on the 7” Full HD touchscreen. And with refresh rate up to 120 Hz, they'll be gloriously smooth, too. To match the amazing visuals, there are Dolby Atmos speakers that'll draw you into the game. And with battery life up to 8 hours, you can have a proper gaming sesh wherever you are.

Good to know

- The Xbox-style controls are responsive and accurate, so you won't be missing shots
- It only weighs 600 g, and thanks to the ergonomic grips you can game for hours without cramping up
- The Armoury Crate UI makes it super easy to customise the controls, performance profiles and much more
- Let your little one have a go! Parental controls make it easy to manage things like screen time and spending
- The USB Type-C port lets you charge it or hook it up to a monitor or TV
- There's a microSD card reader on the top, so you can expand your library
- You can connect the ROG XG Mobile external GPU (sold separately) to take the performance up a notch
- Your data's for your eyes only – there's a fingerprint sensor on the top that works with Windows Hello to keep you safe
- It wouldn't be a gaming machine without RGB – you can customise the lighting to match your style

Returns policy
After receiving the item, cancel the purchase within 30 days. Buyer pays for return postage
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  1. JohnnyMcJohnFace's avatar
    Finally gave in, ordered one. Will let you know how it turns out (edited)
    jammiejam2k69's avatar
    If youre thinking of upgrading SSD eventually get 1 of theses
    52524966-U2pEq.jpg52524966-xwhaU.jpgLets U put a full size m.2 SSD in it, also don't get and SD card as it could burnout, changing the SSD is easy, 6 screws to take back off then 1 screw to change SSD
  2. Sinan_Goekceoglu's avatar
    This is the deal we have been waiting for. But how about seller?

    Edit: I pulled the trigger. I will edit my post when it's arrived. (edited)
    jammiejam2k69's avatar
    When U get it check out lossless scaling, they sell it on steam for about a fiver but U can download it for free if U know where to look, makes games run much smoother! Check out vids on YouTube
  3. StevieW0nder's avatar
    Does this run dragons dogma 2 well?
  4. welshinzaghi's avatar
    Does anyone have experience with both this and the steam deck? I have a deck, love it, but I’m curious as to what else can be done with these windows variants. Eg like the idea of fifa on a handheld but ea anticheat doesn’t run on steam os
    OllieFTH's avatar
    Yes I went from using the ROG for three months to then selling it on for the Steam Deck OLED. I got frustrated with windows, the really bad battery life (basically always tethered to a power outlet) and the thumbsticks and face buttons felt a bit cheap.

    Since having the OLED Deck battery anxiety is gone, beautiful screen and it super comfortable to hold. It just works and feels like a console experience. OK you might not be able to run the very latest AAA games but that’s not my use case anyway.

    Ultimately it’s whether you want the extra raw power and are happy to concede to windows and battery life.

    This is an incredible price for what you get though, I paid £599 for mine last year and I’m still tempted to buy one back now at this price despite probably never using it
  5. A..Khan's avatar
    I ordered from them last deal posted here for £379, Had a broken volume key. I retuned it back they sent replacement device which was pristine. Great seller quick responded to the issue to fix. I Recommend if any doubt.
    jammiejam2k69's avatar
  6. Eulaca's avatar
    Mine arrived in the original box. Looks to be in perfect condition. There’s a sticker over one screw saying warranty void if removed.
    cigbunt's avatar
  7. komi's avatar
    I use mine in desktop mode alot, very good device and does replace most of my stuff. not touch my PC or laptop for sometime
  8. richstroller's avatar
    These are great. Bought one refurbished for a similar price, a 2TB WD SSD from AE for about £80, and one of those INIU power banks for about £40. Couldn't be happier with it. Only really has home use, and won't bother using the SD card slot due to the well publicised overheating problems.
    komi's avatar
    Same, using 2TB from Ali and also 1tb SD card. Not had any issues and Card mainly used for side storage. (edited)
  9. cigbunt's avatar
    My delivery is due today so can feedback on condition etc 🙌
  10. forcedv's avatar
    Arrived in a plain brown box with power brick.
    Looks clean and without scratches.
    Will not know if all the buttons work until it's used but looks all good so far.
    Has a warranty void sticker so opening for upgrade would be an issue.
    Great deal OP
  11. Weehamish's avatar
    Brand new with 2 year warranty tiny bit more... don't see what all you refurb buyers get hyped up about
    OllieFTH's avatar
  12. Joonyer's avatar
    Can’t believe I’m making the “I remember when” posts myself now, but 20yrs ago when building gaming PCs if I’d known this would be the situation in future I think I’d have peed myself. How far we’ve come that we can continue to fill our Steam libraries with unplayed games forever via handheld PCs.
    zer0nis's avatar
    My brother in Christ the PSP was out just under 20 years ago, this was always something we knew was coming since the Game & Watch.
  13. xchirhox's avatar
    Got a refurbished one of these after two faulty Steam Decks (directly from Steam). Much better than a Steam Deck IMHO, even when they were - briefly - working as they should.

    Better screen (than the LCD), slightly smaller which I think is better for a portable console (in the middle between the Switch and the Deck I’d say) and full Windows by default makes gaming so much simpler.
    MakazoleMaquiqui's avatar
    I use it now as my office PC docked, much better bang for buck than a Minisforum
  14. iwo's avatar
    Helldivers 2 seems to be the game which brings these mobile chipsets to their knees. Even desktops can crumble once it all kicks off on harder difficulty settings. It's a pity because that one game sort of makes me think it's worth waiting for the newer, more powerful versions which are bound to be on their way.
  15. Pingu_NOOTNOOTMF's avatar
    here you go mate. Another deal you been after.
    hellojoe2's avatar
    Thanks N
  16. forcedv's avatar
    Will changing the Windows 11 key to a Pro key be a painless update without a reinstall ?
    jammiejam2k69's avatar
    Yes u change it easy, but I don't see the point as U will probably only use it for gaming
  17. nonono's avatar
    This is perfect for nearly all games if you do not mind connecting to wall charger as battery life is not good for a long session.
    jammiejam2k69's avatar
    Or 65w or higher power bank
  18. m14x74's avatar
    Nearly pulled the trigger on a brand new one yesterday.... now today this! Have purchased, thank you so much O.P.

    Truly hoping the condition really is 'Excellent Refurbished'

    Super excited right now
  19. RicShaws's avatar
    Now this, this is what I have been looking for. Brilliant find. Heat added (edited)
  20. DanRea's avatar
    The sheer amount of refurbished Ally’s from different sellers is concerning
    bromingo's avatar
    Unlike Steam Deck, which is only available online, you can buy the ROG Ally in stores, making the return process nice and easy.

    This, coupled with the fact it's a much more popular device than say Legion GO, explains the number of units sold as refurbished on the market.
  21. bromingo's avatar
    Thanks OP!
    I was looking for the oled deck initially, but this deal seems better value - all due respect to the deck.
    Surely my inner fps snob will be satisfied picking up the ally between using the 4080+oled pc. (edited)
  22. spacehopper19's avatar
    Has the price gone up? It's showing £377.99 on my screen.
    Eulaca's avatar
    Yep, was £399 yesterday
  23. KJ2016's avatar
    The price has gone up. This needs expiring or editing. The price is now £419.99 - £42.
    cigbunt's avatar
  24. konan100's avatar
    This or PSVita?
    adil171's avatar
    Depends what year you are living in ?
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