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Posted 1 April 2024

ASUS ROG Ally Console | 7 Inch FHD+120Hz IPS Display | Ryzen Z1 | 16 GB RAM | 512GB SSD | AMD Radeon Graphics | Windows 11 | White

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This is the Ryzen Z1, not the Ryzen Z1 Extreme version.

Cheaper with a fee free bank card.

  • With its cutting-edge AMD Ryzen Z1 processor, ROG Ally can handle every AAA game and every indie title. The forward-looking APU design provides a whole new definition of handheld gaming
  • A strong performance needs a corresponding panel - and here, too, the Ally has a lot to offer: The 120 Hz Full HD (1080p) panel with Adaptive Sync support gives gamers a clear view of high-speed games without tearing or stuttering with an FPS drop
  • Full-fledged Windows 11 gaming. This means that gamers have access to all their publisher libraries and game streaming services on a single device. No matter where exactly the latest and best game titles are available
  • The touchscreen display also allows seamless navigation of the Windows desktop - practical if gamers want to change their setting or install their next game
  • Ergonomic and light: With a weight of only 608 grams, the ROG Ally is light as a feather in the hand - for real comfort gaming
  • Accelerate your ROG Ally with the WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD, the first M.2-2230 NVMe SSD from the proven manufacturer for gaming storage - up to 5,150 MB/s (1 TB and 2 TB) for ultra-fast game installations and extremely short loading times

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  1. send-pc-deals's avatar
    how’s the Z1 vs Z1 Extreme?
    Ben_Hawkins's avatar
    Z1 is quite weak in comparison, it's suitable for indie games, retro titles and emulation, but would likely achieve a better battery life.

    Z1 Extreme is considerably more powerful and is suitable for modern AAA games. (edited)
  2. vI_M4YH3Mz_Iv's avatar
    What should I go for a handheld for use at home.
    Currently got a 34 oled monitor for desk gaming and 77 oled for controller gaming but thought about getting a handheld for short gaming sessions on indie games or emulation (I work at home) so I get in a few times during the day and rather than scroll on social media I thought about gaming instead

    I was looking at the handheld like the steam deck
    Rog ally

    Or could I get a small tablet and stream games from my pc to it and get a controller to attach to either side of the tablet?

    Or is a dedicated handheld just better?

    I will just be using it to play small games like slay the spire style games, vampire survivor style games, some emanation of gba games and other smaller indie games, mouse and keyboard games will be played on my 34 oled primarily and aaa controller games on my 77 oled.
    EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    If your games are on Steam, I would get the Steam Deck OLED, it'll be relevant for a very long time for the type of games you've mentioned. It doesn't quite have the power of the Rog or Lenovo go but the battery life and OLED screen make it my go to for that type of game.

    If your PC is wired into your Internet the Steam Deck is a phenomenal little streaming device for AAA games, too. I played abut 50% of Starfield via Steam Link - it's pretty much seamless and very comparable to the PlayStation Portal in terms of streaming chops.
  3. Mr_Chondo's avatar
    That's no good, pay the extra £50 for the Z1 extreme version.
    Ben_Hawkins's avatar
    £150 extra new, RRP is at least £499 at the moment.
  4. JustLikeArkwright's avatar
    How much inferior is the Z1 to the Extreme for purely emulation?
    Patryk_Jjm4's avatar
    Switch games being playable or not. So quite a major one.
  5. Swayeee's avatar
  6. hellojoe2's avatar
    What the heck is this thing? You lot have too much money.
    Pingu_NOOTNOOTMF's avatar
    This might be suitable for you. You can play Roblox on it
  7. kcai's avatar
    At this price I would rather get a r7 8845h based 14 inch portable laptop instead.
    maybefoodforthought's avatar
    I haven't seen any such laptops for less than a grand yet, well over double this price. Where are you looking?
  8. lidds's avatar
    Does anyone know if the charger comes with UK adapter?
    normal's avatar
    No it doesn't (edited)
  9. daazzaa92's avatar
    Honestly wouldn't bother, go refurbished sub 400 on the z1 extreme, there isn't a point to the z1
    BoroFc's avatar
    What is the difference between z1 and extreme sorry for sounding thick I'm new to hand held consoles
  10. MrPhilo's avatar
    Rog Ally 2 should be coming out in 1-2 month, shouldnt be much perf upgrade but better battery life and working sd card slot maybe. But should help bring down the Rog Ally price in general, so if you don't mind waiting.
    Yesgo's avatar
  11. Sinan_Goekceoglu's avatar
    I am waiting for discount code to buy refurbished one from Ebay curry's store for £360 z1 extreme version
  12. John.Host's avatar
    I would buy one of these but the screen is way way too small.
  13. EricStrongman's avatar
    Steam Deck LCD probably has double the FPS than this.
    Z1 should not exist
  14. forcedv's avatar
    What's it like running one of these as a regular portable Windows PC?
    noahsdad's avatar
    Isn't that called a laptop?
  15. normal's avatar
  16. forcedv's avatar
    Is there an app that will allow me to test every single button to confirm they work as they should?
    daazzaa92's avatar
    You can use online gamepad tester websotes, that's how I found out my joystick was dead on two directions, sorted it though and it's been fine ever since.
  17. forcedv's avatar
    What carry cases are you all using?
's avatar