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ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 300 7.1 Gaming Headset - Black £90 @ Currys Clearance eBay
Posted 10 h, 56 m agoPosted 10 h, 56 m ago
Looks like a decent price for a decent headset. Cheapest I've seen anywhere else reputable is £105. They also have a pair of the exact same headphones but with a damaged box for … Read more

Bought xbox one s as "open - new". And it was "open - new" (y)


I bought the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless from their clearance store - box was damaged but all the plastic wrapping had been untouched on the headphones themselves and looked like it had never been used. Guess I could've been lucky though!


I bought an open box msi laptop with codes from for nearly half price. I was concerned but It was literally open box but brand new. My only experience. At half price or 60 percent go for it but less than that I wouldnt bother.


Buy brand new Sennheiser HD 599 instead imo unless you really need a mic


In all honestly, who knows with curry's.

ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB ROG Strix OC Graphics Card - £450 @ Currys PC World
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Don’t know if you consider this a good deal, but the next cheapest price is £520

looked at the deal, why the F aint that hot????? ah that would do it :>


Cold. Not super




I got the ASUS 2070 Super dual evo oc for £500 yesterday cheapest for that by £69 on Curry’s


Was going to say the same, overpriced.

Asus RT-86u Router £158.05 / £135.93 w/fee free card at Amazon Germany
292° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st MayShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
ASUS RT-AC86U Wi-Fi AC2900 (AI Mesh USB 3.0 Router, AiProtection by Trend Micro, AI Mesh, WTFast Game Accelerator Adaptive QoS, Dual-WAN 3G/4G Support)

BT router you also can't separate modem with router....the other option is a use bt router modem and new router to do the heavy lifting as such as routing and WiFi...with this setup the NAT is done from original modem/router...I believe but not 100% sure.


Thanks will do..


Find my post further up the comments it has a link to Aimesh review, pretty up to date the guy has used different router variations and there is also plenty of info in the comments

greg666 There is a list of devices you can check


Asus 1200g+ does this have a mesh thing in it any good as a router.

ROG Zephyrus G14 G401IV WQHD 14" IPS Level Gaming Laptop (AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS - £1,799.99 @ Amazon
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
PC Gaming Just Got Smaller But with AMD's latest R9-4900H processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 and IPS level WQHD screen there's no need to compromise power for portability Featurin… Read more

Gone for the msi deal here from curry's same specs for £800 cheaper


Retail but the keyboard is so bad you can barley make-up the letters when they are lit up that bad had to return it shame because the rest was good


Is this on sale or the RRP?


Just about to post a better deal boys. It’ll take off the S after the H


Anyone who ordered has got delayed?

Ryzen 5 3600, X570 Motherboard, 16Gb Corsair Ram, ROG strip Bundle £385.98 delivered @ ARIA
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Seems like a good deal for an X570 motherboard bundle. PC part picker comes up at 401.99, (motherboard, RAM, CPU) and £25 for the RGB strip total £426.99, so this deal saves £43. … Read more

its a start as AMD fanboys told us Intel fans....


The main issue was the mainstream platform being stuck with B450 until next month for B550,which is probably a lot of post summer 2019 Zen2 owners being dissapointed with no Zen3,and amd calling out intel on reddit for their constant changes. People who bought b450 with zen+ have another generation. One of the big german system integrators was also promised by amd,b450 would work with zen3. They then found out last week,it was not going to happen. LOL.


I had a 920 (albeit overclocked) and 12GB ram and went with a 3600x and 16GB ram - amazing upgrade.


Thanks so much for the feedback. As you can tell, I don't upgrade very often so i'd be happy to go for the more expensive option to ensure future proof. I've already got a 256GB SSD as my main drive, and a spare for storage so I think all I need are the parts you mentioned. Any recommendations on cooling/fans? My current box isn't quiet and it would be nice to have it run as quiet as possible (although i'm not convinced about putting water near electricity).


Will be a massive upgrade from a i7 920, I had that cpu back in the day, amazing cpu that was. I would recommend b450 msi mortar £93 but no support for Ryzen 4000 series. Ram at £70 and cpu at £145. Total £310. If you wanted a x570 board which will support next gen Ryzen chips, go. With a msi x570 tomahawk which will retail around £200 release date June. That will make it £415 but will be future proof. If you go the b450 route you will have enough money to get ssd storage.

Asus ROG Phone 128GB/8GB (Opened 'Never' Used) £235.99 @ XS Items/eBay
541° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Not sure if already posted. Asus ROG Phone at £235.99 with 20% off PERCENT20 code on eBay XS Items store. Allegedly opened never used condition but take that with a pinch of salt… Read more

Good you are happy I guess, but for me EMUI was garbage and I'm certainly not the only one to think this.


I kept the huawei launcher and have had no issues as I said. Not sure why you've had those issues but must be annoying.


Software is ugly, outdated, buggy as hell with lots of lag and crashes. Nova kept on crashing and reverting to horrendous Huawei stock launcher with no app drawer and hideous icons. Gesture navigation refused to open recent apps so I had to use Nova to trigger it. Huawei aggressive battery management prevented me from getting notifications for apps all the time. While battery life, face unlock, and camera were incredible, Huawei's software is its biggest problem.


I've got a Mate 20 pro and software is great IMHO. What did you find bad about it? Gestures are good, notifications good, smooth and fast, what's not to like?


OOS, expired.

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ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 300 7.1 Gaming Headset - Black £72.00 Delivered using code @ eBay / currys_clearance
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Description Key Features Top features: - Dive into your favourite games with 7.1 virtual surround sound - Noise-cancelling microphone lets you delegate orders without disruptions… Read more

Is the corsair Void Pro not better than this, I have the old void wireless and it's pretty good imo.


As always needs to be clarified, 7.1 won't work for everything you plug them into.


see, this is what I am talking about. They tricked you into thinking they are. They are not. The wireless ones are called "wireless" instead of 300 and cost double that.


Where they pre owned? If they weren't it couldn't of been this exact model. On games own website they are well over £100.


Does anyone have this headset and is it any good, or would I be better off looking at steel series or razer


I got it refunded don't think this one if for me so it should be back up


I have this laptop and I am very impressed with its performance. For the price it packs a good punch.


I dont see one ?



No u can get it new from amazon Spain for the same price

ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 Super OC Edition "Used Good" £496.58 @ Amazon Warehouse
-221° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Personally i cant stand ASUS but this is a top of range 2070 super,10 left at the moment

2070 Super


I've had a few "good" that were flat out dead, others in good condition. I guess its a bit of a lottery sometimes, easy enough to return. Generally "like new" are solid though, and very good tend to be as well.


Not true in my experience. I've ordered 15 gpus in total on amazon warehouse for myself and friends. Two weeks ago I got two 'good' 1080Tis. Both were brand new and sealed as far as I could tell, one with a mildly damaged outer box.


More like china shut down so supply dried up and prices got hiked.


A 2070 for £496, I paid £412 in Dec 2018 for mine. These things are holding their value better than a VW golf. I just find it weird for a tech product.

Asus ROG Strix Flare Mechanical Keyboard - MX Red / Aura Sync / RGB / Macro & Media Keys - £89.99 Delivered @ Box (Discount at basket)
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Decent price on this and almost as good as we saw from Argos a little while back. This includes delivery though. If you're an RGB fan then it's worth a look. Each key is individua… Read more

price went back up seems like


Only showing £109 for me.


I'm getting £109 instead of £89. Am I missing something? Cheers


Don't see any discount? (confused)


This deserves so much more heat thought this was gonna go straight to highlights its a bargain

ASUS ROG Strix Impact II + Free Res Evil 3 Game £44.99 + £2.95 at
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Here again with more strange deals in this very weird market... ASUS ROG STRIX IMPACT II GAMING MOUSE. an over prices mouse "cos of the name" which should be worth 2/3rds..... p… Read more

Thanks for the informative reply, appreciate it


code // what you could try n do is reg it under a new account n flog it that way, if thinking it.


Hi, Is the resident evil 3 a physical copy or a code?



im getting the mouse pad on this deal here for the next mice up from this post:

Asus ROG Strix B450-F Motherboard £117.99 + FREE RES Evil Game worth £35.. 3600x 3700x 3800x 3900x combos too. from AWD £117.99
372° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Thought it would be interesting deal to share, may not be everyone's cup of tea but its defo worth sharing. // see disclaimer further down, // Asus ROG Strix B450-F Motherboard … Read more

Anybody else having problems getting a VAT invoice from ADW-IT? All emails and prices show VAT correctly, then when the invoice comes in the package, VAT is shown as 0. No responses to contact attempts either; dodgy as can be... be warned.


Are there any better alternatives than this to go with a 3600 or 3600x


Thanks for posting! I'm doing my head in looking for parts - any mini-ITX motherboards (for nzxt h200) bundled with a 2600x or 3600 anywhere?


Yip. Basically anything Asus on B450 is bad. Any other make is better with MSI the best. Then for X570 Asus did ok and the others not so much besides Gigabyte Aorus/Master.


Was £110 on Amazon a few days ago

Asus ROG Scabbard Gaming Mouse Pad + Free item - £39.99 + PP £2.99 from box
156° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Asus ROG Scabbard Gaming Mouse Pad Splash-proof surface Scratch-resistant surface Glow-in-the-dark lettering Coloured rubber base Lets see who reads posts...... Buy this iRead more

Arrived today


Yeah, same here. Just don't sell codes on eBay. I got scammed thankfully on something cheap but they just claimed their account was hacked and you're not protected with digital codes.


I got the code which you add to the game site and it zeros the cost of res evil. Now I need to find a place to sell the key as I only wanted the pad, my pc might not be able to play this


Brilliant, hopefully mine will soon :)


My overclockers order has shipped


I agree and in terms of performance there doesn't appear to be a huge gap between the 4800H and 4900H.


Decent price for a 2060 with nice rounded spec.


Good find. No info on this particular model, but Scan stocks the 4800H version with more info. I hope this helps.

souljacker13 Anyone know what's going on with this one? Tried looking around on google and on the ASUS website but can't find this model at all. Also, I know it will most likely weight 2-2.5kg but curious about it spec wise.


It was more of a general comment for someone looking for a powerful, relatively affordable laptop. I understand there is more of a niche market for something like this, and in that area this excells but as a general gaming laptop for someone who isn't looking for a small formfactor they would be better value. Personally hoping to see some 4800H/4900H in some Alienware laptops. Its been a while since I've owned one.

Asus ROG Strix Flare Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard £83.99 at Argos
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Product description Style Name: Cherry MX Red Prod… Read more

A lot of their offers are on Asus, Steelseries and Corsair branded products. Game update their stock early hours each morning. I just search by the brand name and have a quick look each day (y)


y tho


Anything that sticks out for you? Trying to use up £42 game credit. Ideally want to put towards a keyboard or headset




shame the font on the keys looks a bit naff, decent price for this. also red switches are nice for gaming but even better if you add washers to reduce the travel a bit

ASUS ROG STRIX AMD X470-F 15% Off @ eBay / currys_clearance
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Key Features Top features: - Create your dream PC with the AM4 socket built for AMD Ryzen processors - Made from premium materials to give a great look - Fast storage option… Read more

Sad case of affairs, PC components as with many good, they will very rarely retain or mature in value. As X470 was effectively an improved/fixed X370 chipset it will by it's very purpose cause the X370 boards to drop in price. I've seen your board going for £120 - £160 on eBay alone.


Where? Just saying because I own one and it'd be annoying to see it depreciate so much


Looks good although the general consensus is that the MSI Tomahawk MAX or Mortar MAX are better boards overall due to having better VRM. That said, if you're interested in this one, don't care about overclocking too much and are in the market for a bundle deal, there's a few deals out there to be had. Here's a selection that I've spotted while looking for myself over the past few days: - - B450-F + Ryzen 3600 + Resident Evil 3 @ £269.99 - - B450-F + Ryzen 3600x + Resident Evil 3 @ £279.99 (£299.98 with a ROG Gladius II Origin mouse) - - B450-F + Ryzen 3600 @ £247.99 Worth knowing that the Ryzen 5 has jumped up in price a bit this week so the Box deal in particular seems good value if you want one right now (it seems hard to get a standalone one for less than £160 right now!) Disclaimer: this is more for people wanting a 3600 rather than something slightly cheaper like a 1600 AF (for example) Hope that helps! :)


Ooo sweet that board looks pretty exquisite too!


Save yourself 50 quid and get the b450 version if you like this board You'll thank me, as I doubt you'll be doing SLI/Crossfire anytime soon, in every other regard the b450 should be a dream.

Asus ROG ZS600KL 128GB Smartphone 6" 12MP Camera Mobile Black Unlocked Grade A £237.99 @ XS Items Ebay
255° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Some serious but of kit here for the price ACCESSORIES: The unit comes with its internal battery, original box and USB cable only. Please note that the power adapter is not incl… Read more



I wasn’t aware it needed a specific charger. I used my iPad one only and that worked. I did notice that it wouldn’t charge from my p.c’s USB port though... maybe it does need a certain amp.


Thanks but this 3.0 and 45w charging doesn't help me, this isn't the box standard plug what I've understood. Does the phone require a 30w onwards plug and 3.0 fast charging, is this the required kit? Could someone please help clarify?


I'm using this one:


Is it a 30w or just a generic USB c type charger?

ASUS ROG Swift 27" WQHD G-SYNC 165Hz Gaming Monitor £529.98 @ Laptopsdirect (free del)
-164° Expired
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Gain a Competitive Edge with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology The ROG Swift PG279QE incorporates NVIDIA G-SYNC display technology to deliver the smoothest, fastest, and most breathtaking … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Yeh I've got decent setup not amazing like just a Ryzen and Vega 56 but I'm happy with my cheap 1440p 144hz panel. Games look good enough for me!


Just premium stuff man. Check out lims cave, the monitor is supposedly dope. I've got a £140 electriq one and its great for me, but premium stuff is expensive, and usually better.


Yeh the HSU is the 1080p. I wasn't aware it's TN panel but I briefly used the panel and I thought the picture was great on it.


That one is 1080p and a TN panel, so not comparable to this deal. Edit: actually it's 1440p, apologies, Google lying to me. It is still a TN panel, however.


iiyama GB2760QSU gets my vote if your happy to spend around the £275 mark. If you want cheaper try find the EG 1440p 144hz (ebuyer brand) monitor instead. They regularly go for around £200 mark but the stand is poor and needs replacing with an adjustable VESA mount.

Asus ROG Delta Core Gaming Headset For Xbox One / Switch / PC / PS4 + Free Xbox One Controller £72.99 Delivered @ Box - Headset
344° Expired
Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
Asus ROG Delta Core Gaming Headset For Xbox One / Switch / PC / PS4 + Free Xbox One Controller £72.99 Delivered @ Box - Headset
£72.99£ Deals
Pretty good and the best price for both since around Black Friday time. The next best right now is £84 delvered, so £72.99 is decent at the mo. FOr the headset alone you're looking… Read more

Getting a £12.95 price to deliver to Northern Ireland takes a bit of the fun out of it for me...


Can you use the controller on pc? Or is xbox compatible only?


It's life Jim. But not as we know it. Good for Vulcans?


Just to put this in perspective, the headset alone is currently £67.93 on Amazon. So for a fiver more you get the controller too! <3


Good sound and especially mic given how most gaming headsets are pretty terrible but if you have larger ears these might be a little tight/uncomfortable due to the triangular shape of the ear cups.

Opened Never Used Asus ROG ZS600KL 128GB Smartphone 6" 12MP Camera Mobile Black Unlocked £299.99 W/Best Offer (Not ROG2) @ XS Items Ebay
196° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Opened Never Used Asus ROG ZS600KL 128GB Smartphone 6" 12MP Camera Mobile Black Unlocked £299.99 W/Best Offer (Not ROG2) @ XS Items Ebay
£299.99eBay Deals
The original beast of a gaming phone, the OG ROG, opened never used, no plug supplied, they are taking best offer as well, so maybe even more savings to be had. A new era of mo… Read more

Thanks (cheeky)


Very true. Alarm bells should be ringing.


(lol) (lol) Its the times we live in. Nothing I can control.


Public worship currently suspended in U.K. Sorry MS you'll get your adoration from tech-loving masses back soon



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