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Posted 24 November 2022

Ryzen 5 5600X - 16GB - AMD 6800 - 750W GOLD - 1TB Gaming System at £1044.97 at AWD-IT

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The AWD-IT Black Friday 6800 is here and it starts at £999.99
# But im not giving you that, because im going to lock and load it straight into my budget £1044.97

  • Ryzen 5 5600X
  • TEAM 16GB 3200mhz
  • AMD 6800 Graphics card
  • WD 1TB GEN 3


+39.99 FOR 5700X
+29.99 for B550 prime
+40 for Adata 32gb Ram
+39.99 for 120mm Mirage AIO

which makes a sweet: 5700X / 6800 / 32GB / 1Tb system / AIO system at £1194.94

Remember 1.57% cashback = £15.70 on 1k spend is available.

PS: windows is loaded on awd-it systems, but are not activated.

The infinity case is a split style, offering the top half of the glass, with the bottom half open with very fancy RGB splitting it,

White and black case available.


Your going to ask:

and your going to ask aint u?

Because ur going to compare it to the hellfire. there is the information on the VS for both elements.
AWD-IT More details at AWD-IT
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  1. Avatar
    Hi guys is this deal ok? awd-it.co.uk/awd…tml Sorry havent been in this world lately but im looking for a nice white built pc as a christmas present
    # mutton dressed as lamb lol.
    # Vauxhall nova idiot at McDonalds with a loud exhaust n underskirt neons.

    but as soon as u see them on dual carage way, ull soon pass it with ur 2 tone 7seater Vauxhall zafira whats got different colour doors as ur kids have kicked doors off.

    its that for the price. haha.
  2. Avatar
    Hi Sarden.
    Very nice deal.
    Comparing this and the Palicomp with rtx3080 that I saw recently, wich one is better?
    The hellfire is at £999.99 for that 12400f/3070
    +45 for the 750W EVGA
    +300 3070-3080 (keep default hellfire to 3070 and backdoor this link into same basket)

    #i did the 5600X/3080 at 1290 but its gone upto £1340.
    #palicomp adding 750w into the hellfire so its switch around, as u might as well do hellfire.

    12400f/3070 at £999.99
    12400F/3080 at £1344.99
    5600x/3080 at £1340* as stated.
    5600x/6800 at £1044.97 as shown.
    5700x/6800 at £1085.99 but id add the cooler too so: £1125ish

    give this a watch:

    AMD 6800 review, for the graphs and u will see how it compares with 3080/3070
    dont get too caught up in his sales talk though, his card price will be different, his market then is different.
    he aint comparing these deals.

    but it helps u on the graphs what it lacks against Nvidia in its rich features and most of all where it actual does make ground.

    u have 3 deals which are cracking price VS the web

    i can only help so much, so can others. now its about people looking, researching what matters to them. because its ur cash.
  3. Avatar
    Hi any help would be greatly appreciated, which motherboard and WiFi bundle is the best option here, and is the stock cooler up to the job on these processors? Thanks!
    +14.99 on site for the b550Matx as long as ur happy with MATX
    +29.99 for the prime B550 ATX and then id go for the gigabyte wifi/bluetooth at £25 = 55

    Gap of £40 beween matx and atx.
  4. Avatar
    @sarden84 great deal. Do you have any recommendations for between 1.5-2k. looking to upgrade my 5 yr old workstation (was a very decent gaming pc), used DTD for 2D and 3D cad. Can increase budget if recommended.
  5. Avatar
    You have me in a pickle lol, can’t decide between this or the hellfire. Admittedly my hellfire options take it to £1450.
    but ur in a pickle on good value systems. count ur blessing, its a dangerous world out there ha. ha. ha.
  6. Avatar
    Very nice mate. I’ve gone for a hellfire with a 12600KF to the spec I wanted so sure I’ll be happy, but it pains me to see the fps stats compared to the 6800
  7. Avatar
    I’m still on the look out for a gaming pc for my son. He has a 4K monitor but to do 4K isn’t a priority £1k is my budget and with all the deals you put on it just confuses me more on what one to go for. OP if you was to buy a system now with that budget what would you go for? Or shall I hold of for a week or so
    1k spec is more 1440, but u can do medium 4k.

    Palicomp RTX3070 is 1k on the dot.(hellfire)
    this ones just over at £1045

    compares the 3070 to 6800 in good detail, and check the other 2 videos.

    u need to see the performance difference, what it misses and how it hits between them

    what i would buy, is for me. which may not be for u.

    if there was a clear cut, id be the first to say get this, get that. if u asked me last week best 1k.
    = hellfire, as ive done.

    but this gives it a run for its money for many users but not enough kill the hellfire, absoutly not.
  8. Avatar
    Cant see ur personal basket sorry
  9. Avatar
    Hi Sarden awesome as always , in my excitement i didnt read on and went straight to configure . Missed the juicy bonus the first time round.

    Im leaning towards this one as i had thought about getting a 6700 with the 5800x3d , but im thinking get this one and next year sell my gpu and get a hopefully reduced in price 5800x3d is this logical or am i just not getting it ? (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Monster gaming PC.
    Always on the ball sarden 🏼
  11. Avatar
    A 6800 :). Outstanding @sarden84 . Any idea on the airflow/cooling of this case.
    top half is glass, bottom half is open mesh, so it offers some very unusual styling, airflow is great, which as usual with any casse can do some improvements by adding extra fans (phone call after with adding some site fans if u want them to do it).

    upgrading cpu cooler will improve things further, u can add any from the site, just add to same basket then call to inform what u done.
  12. Avatar
    Had virtually same spec as this from Lenovo, CPU died after 3 weeks replacement has been fine though

    And was 1500 (edited)
  13. Avatar
    AMD 6800
    Maybe silly Q but why only 8GB mem on this card

    If you look down in Features it will say 8GB on the web site. (edited)
    The features list on the page has quite a few errors GPU, psu. Ignore what they say there are just take note of the top of the page
  14. Avatar
    Hi @sarden84

    Did you manage to do a self build list?

    If not its OK. As time is running on so I was thinking either this one here that you posted or


    ... with £19.99 for 3200 ram

    I just don't know what to do
  15. Avatar
    This may be a dumb question, can this support a 1440p and a 1080p monitor at the same time?
    certain can, just make sure the settings are correct in windows for the reso.
  16. Avatar
    Is it possible to build a PC for my nephew for £600 that could at least run APEX?

    He doesn't have any peripherals.
    search some of the deals posted recently as there was a couple around that money in the last 7 days or so
  17. Avatar
    How would this perform with flight simulator using VR please?
  18. Avatar
    This current build

    AMD Ryzen 5700X +£39.99
    Arctic Freexer 7 X Cooler +£24.99
    Adata 32GB 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM +£44.99
    1TB Gen 3 NVME M.2 SSD +£39.99
    Gigabyte 1733MBPS DUAL band Wifi + Bluetooth +£27.99

    so £1,177.94 in total, what do you think guys?
    If you have the extra buck, higher performance storage drive, and keep it just under 1100
  19. Avatar
    About this deal... i went for it and bought it.. so far 2nd week now waiting for delivery. which is understandable this time of year.
    But yesterday I called, and they told me that Asus b550 plus board is not in stock ( which is still available to buy from their website ) they offered me a ASROCK board which is around £50 cheaper on their website. without price reduction. I asked for a similar board like b550 plus. They charged me again 30 quid for a gigabyte board which is again cheaper then Asus B550 Plus.

    So far i am not sure if I'll get it by this friday, or probably i will get refund. So far they are not that helpful, I called them and they told me that board is out of stock. Otherwise they didn't email or called me for that. means order was getting late. Not good service so far..
    What's interesting is them selling a product that is not in stock to begin with.

    I could start a business today, advertise something better and cheaper than that and sell it, and actually deliver the product myself if it's within driving distance all within a week, or 1-2 days after I get all the parts in.

    I might start a business and do that, been wanting to for a while - but just like a buyer is worried about being scammed, the retailer is also worried about being fleeced by a customer as well.

    Swings and roundabouts I guess. Hope you get what you paid for dude, if not just ask for a refund and look elsewhere.