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Posted 14 August 2023

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Refurbished Good (+ add £10 PAYG goodybag for new customer)

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giffgaff refurbished peace of mind:
12-month warrantyA more sustainable option30-point phone health check80% battery health, or better
Why choose giffgaff?21-days no quibble returnsUnlocked to any networkSpread the cost with interest free Klarna

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giffgaff Refurbished Peace of Mind

  • 12-month warranty
  • A more sustainable option
  • 30-point phone health check
  • 80% battery health, or better


  • 10 MP Mobile Telephoto Camera; 40 MP Mobile Front Camera; 108 MP Mobile Wide Camera; the power to take your best smartphone shots yet
  • 120 Hz smartphone 6.8 Inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display: keeps everything looking brilliant & smooth
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra mobile phone battery packs in 5,000 mAh so you can stay in charge throughout the day
  • Exynos 2100 5nm smartphone processor brings all the performance you need. Packed with the oomph to rule your social feed while effortlessly keeping up with 8K video editing
  • Featuring the toughest Gorilla Glass Victus & an AL7s10 Metal Frame for mobile phone protection & peace of mind
  • Smartphone preloaded with the Android mobile phone V10 operating system
  • Note: Available apps and benefits may vary by device, OS or region/country. Edge apps are available on models with Edge panel only

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  1. abdurrr_'s avatar
    128gb for anyone who's looking
  2. teabag36's avatar
    Common fault with this 20 ultra and 21 ultra camera blur on 1 X main lense I've had it with S20 ultra and just returned s21 ultra on Amazon renewed, there is a fix which is giving it a tap before taking video or pics. Gutted I had to send s21 ultra back as it was mint and loved everything about it otherwise.
    hkphooey's avatar
    Yup purchased a pristine one from magpie to replace my trusty old 21 ultra that just went blank.
    Phone was lovely set it up went to take a picture and camera was blurry as hell.
    Sent it straight back.
    My old ultra 22 was mint camera perfect.
  3. Andrew_Griffith's avatar
    Upgraded from this to an S22 ultra and have to say I think the S21 is a better device.

    Especially fact you get 12gb ram as standard on these rather than 8gb plus VRam on the newer models
    knockout60's avatar
    I'm about to return my S22 Ultra.... It heats too much, the battery less than 5 minutes (at least it is what it feels like to me) and I've got poorer reception than with my old P30pro. May buy a Honor 90, but I'm still undecided.
  4. orlovekat's avatar
    Surely a pixel 7 would be the better buy
    DarkyR7's avatar
    Different phones. Pixel 7 would have newer tech but this has a larger/better screen and stylus support. Also pixel 7 isn't ~£350

    Personally I would prefer the pixel experience myself but there's a market for people who want/need these (edited)
  5. navneet1311's avatar
    Cheaper on Back Market. Seen these for £279 - £290 starting range
    hkphooey's avatar
    I've never used them are they any good?
  6. paperdragon's avatar
    Its stylus compatible yet doesn't come with one.
    That was the deal breaker for me when it first came out.
    You had to buy your own stylus and then carry it separately.. I meen come on Samsung stop trying to be apple.
    Crossbow's avatar
    Come on, they've been doing them on the Note series since 2011, you should have gone for one of those if you needed it so badly.
    The S22 Ultra was the first S Series product with an embedded S Pen.
  7. Spark's avatar
    Has anyone bought one of these before? How is the quality?
    Crossbow's avatar
    Bit of a lottery apparently hotukdeals.com/com…858
    Also read the other posts in that thread, some were very pleased with what they received.
    Free returns if not quite up to scratch.
  8. hkphooey's avatar
    Good condition? Got a pristine from magpie for £340 (edited)
  9. KyleKeighley's avatar
    Get them brand new for 380 on ebay
    utkhan79's avatar
    But Giffgaff one has a guarantee no?
  10. grahamohara2's avatar
    Great phone still holds its own against many new releases
  11. Toup's avatar
    I've got one to sell . It's phantom brown with mint conditio. No scratches or anything else (edited)
    MrOnions's avatar
    Swap FOR a 256gb yellow pixel 7?
  12. SimonPlatts's avatar
    I've got a navy one 128gb to sell , really great condition...£300 unlocked (edited)
    hkphooey's avatar
    Is it on ebay?
  13. sanni.mlm's avatar
    This phone got external memory card slot?
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