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Posted 20 September 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Titanium 45mm 16GB Smart Watch (No Strap) + £100 Google Play Voucher - £306 / £206 With Trade In @ Samsung EPP

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Reduced even further now, Get this price going via perks at work, however you can try others like student beans, totum, reward gateway etc. Reduced to £306, £206 with any trade in, plus claim the £100 google play voucher (https//20…GB) You can pick up cheap straps to save you some money.

Purchase from (http://Samsung.com) before 30.09.22 £100 value based on any working smartwatch. Charges apply if you fail to send us your trade-in device. T&Cs apply.

About this item:
  • GPS route tracking guides turn-by-turn directions for cyclist and hikers
  • The biggest battery in a Galaxy Watch - built for outdoor adventure
  • Measure your body composition with Samsung BioActive sensor
  • Monitor your health around the clock even at night
  • GPS route tracking - The all-new Route Workout feature lets you import GPX format workout routes from your smartphone to your watch, syncing your route list.
  • Long lasting battery - Go hard knowing that your watch can keep up, with the biggest battery capacity among our wearable series.
  • Bioactive sensor – The powerful 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive Sensor controls three health sensors effectively, monitors your heart rate and tracks your cardiovascular health to detect unusual heart rates and blood pressure.
  • Sleep tracker - Our improved sleep tracking technology tracks your sleep stages to help you create healthier sleep habits and identify your sleep.
  • Durable smart watch - Now 2x tougher front display thanks to Sapphire crystal. It even looks indestructible with Black Titanium or Gray Titanium body.

  • Provided when GPX format route file is imported for hiking and cycling and route is set as target under Samsung Health settings.
  • Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or management of any medical condition or disease. Any health-related information accessed through the device and/or application should not be treated as medical advice. Users should seek any medical advice from a physician.
  • Requires Samsung Health app version 6.22.1 or later and paired with Samsung Galaxy Phone with Android 8.0 and minimum 1.5GB RAM.
Samsung More details at Samsung

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    1 - log into your favourite perk website and let it redirect you to Samsung.com
    2 - come back to this post and hit the "Get Deal" link to take you to the product page
    3 - scroll further down and there'll be a "Frequently bought together" section that shows the strapless watch for £306. Add this combo to your basket
    4 - go to your basket and remove the strap version of the watch
    5 - add the £100 trade in if you are going for it
    6 - you should now see the final price at £206
    Screenshot of step 3:

    (edit, guess screenshots don't work for me) (edited)
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    No trade in for Galaxy Watch 4? Or am I missing something?
    There's not, but I would humbly suggest that you don't do so anyway, unless they suddenly offer a stonking price. Currently, a £5 throwaway from eBay is worth £100 on trade-in. So unless your 4 is worth like £200, it will always be best if you sold that privately.

    I have no right to tell you what to do, but that's just my tuppence worth.
  3. Avatar
    Can you share the product code please so I can search on the site for this?
  4. Avatar
    Aww is there anyway a normal person can get this price I don't have any of those things or work for Samsung but 206 is an amazing price
    It's free to sign up for perks at work
  5. Avatar
    Search for this SM-R920NZKDWEU
  6. Avatar
    I've got mine. Bear in mind there's 2 links on it to redeem 2 x £50. It caught me out when I got mine. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Mine arrived today :-) I ordered some straps from amazon to tide me over (4 straps for less than £10 with a voucher) amazon.co.uk/gp/…QPQ. I'm using one now and it feels comfortable enough for the money. I'm tempted to eventually go for the Spigen Rugged case/strap : amazon.co.uk/gp/…9FN
  8. Avatar
    If anyone is looking for a strap and likes the rugged Gshock look, check out the all in one Spigen case/strap. I'm loving it so far :-)

  9. Avatar
    @MrSwitch Sorry to bother but I'm confused with the google play voucher claim.

    During the form submission, the model number is showing as Watch 5
    48332256-bT4QI.jpgBut I have bought Watch 5 Pro.
    48332256-jRa6O.jpgWill the claim still be valid? Thanks!
    See post literally just above yours - same thing
  10. Avatar
    Does this one still have certain features that only work with a samsung phone like the 4?
    Yes, some health tracking only works with Samsung phones.
  11. Avatar
    Anonymous User

    This guy (link) does really good unbiased reviews on how well they perform for those that use them to determine health metrics.
  12. Avatar
    I wonder if they price match there own prices ? Any idea @MrSwitch
    Just been on chat with them and it doesn't look like they will
  13. Avatar
    Will my watch 4 classic strap fit and can I trade it in without sending the strap ?
    From this page:

    A 20mm band width will work with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro as well as the Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Watch 3. This includes multiple sizes, which, for these models, range from 40mm to as large as 46mm.

    A 22mm band, meanwhile, will fit models like the Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm), Galaxy Watch (46mm), Gear S3 Frontier, and Gear S3 Classic.
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  15. Avatar
    I can't seem to find the watch on perks at work :/ other samsung things but no watch :/
    Use perksatwork to direct you to the Samsung store. Then click this deal link. Check my update here hotukdeals.com/com…964 as well
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    Hot for the deal and secondly Hi everyone, whats the most logical/less trouble way of selling google play voucher?
  17. Avatar
    Seems to be working on perks at work if you follow the link after signing in as @chiggz has described. Thanks

    Can anyone recommend any straps pls?
    Glad to have helped. I just bought a black strap off Amazon for less than £9. Search "Syxinn Galaxy" and you should see it.
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    Does anyone know if you can claim £100 trade in if you've already claimed trade in on a Gakaxy Watch 5 from Samsung direct?
    Yes, the trade-in is part of the purchase transaction, so as long as that goes through fine, no problem with getting the £100 off.
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    Can anyone please advise which features of the Samsung smartwatches are/are not available to users of other brand Android phones? I'm specifically concerned with heart rate monitoring, answering calls, replying to texts/emails and paying with NFC. TIA
    All of that is available. As far as I could work out it was just ECG and blood pressure which require a Samsung phone.
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    Hi HUKD Memebers,
    Anyone using Google Play credits... I am going to buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, however I have no idea how to utilise Google Play Voucher which they are going to give as a deal. Is there any way you can redeem that for cash ?

    Any suggestions would be really helpful.
    You can try and sell it via gift card websites, which is safe-ish. Another alternative is to find someone locally and exchange the code for cash. Whatever you do, don't turn to eBay or similar!
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    had my google claim successfully accepted by samsung

    However when i was submitting the claim the model number for my watch was showing as a galaxy watch 5 SM-R920NZKDWEU. Not a galaxy watch 5 Pro SM-R920NZKDWEU.

    i just want to make sure i receive the £100 voucher for the 5 pro i purchased and not the lesser amount of £50 for the watch 5.

    so i have emailed samsung and them to confirm how much im getting.

    Anyone else had similar

    Update: had reply from Samsung to confirm £100 voucher has been granted. (edited)
    Had exactly the same issue and done the same emailed them to confirm. Any ideas how to turn the Google Play credit into cash?
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    Will my mi band 6 be eligible?
  23. Avatar
    Is anyone else using the eBay trick from the last deal? Just getting the cheapest, sub £2 smart watch and trading that in?
    Did that work for people? I wanna go down that route too but obviously worried ebay deliveries are unpredictable and idk what standard Samsung requires for trade ins
  24. Avatar
    Just ordered thanks
    Works out £106 taking into account the play voucher (which is of use to me)
    Coupled with the stupid deals on straps at the moment.
    I can't see this been beaten for some time
  25. Avatar
    Thanks OP, £95 after the trade in and the Google Play £100 voucher is worth it, as I use that to pay for my Google One Plan!
    How do you get it to £95 from £103?
  26. Avatar
    Oh. I only ordered yesterday at £224!
    Cheaper than this deal? With trade in or without? (edited)
  27. Avatar
    OMG, this is a great deal. gutted that i paid the pre-order price now!
  28. Avatar
    Another excellent find 🔥
  29. Avatar
    Excellent price 🔥
  30. Avatar
    Have the old friends and family referral links disappeared? Been a while since I bought from Samsung. S21 ultra. Thanks @MrSwitch
  31. Avatar
    I ended up going through Totum, and am sending back an old Huawei watch, so £206 is a decent price ... thanks !!!
  32. Avatar
    chiggz' instructions work and ordered.
    Thanks OP!
  33. Avatar
    Should be (edited)
  34. Avatar
    Trade in offer appears to have been extended to 25th of October according to term 2 at bottom of this page (although the trade in FAQ page doesn't seem to have been updated yet): samsung.com/uk/…uy/
    Bought the strapless version with trade in price today so definitely still working... they've also reduced the strapped version to £366.
    Only got my BlueLight card application verified today so cheers Switchy!
    Still says by 30.09.
    So a bit of gamble.
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    On the non-epp store it automatically adds free buds pro to your basket when you add the strapped version to basket (can't seem to get the no strap sku on the normal store). What are the odds of the free buds coming to epp? Are the deals normally different? I'd rather the buds that the play credit tbh
  36. Avatar
    Thanks for this deal Switchy, obviously heat added. Still trying to get it going with Xiaomi 12 no joy. Worked fine with my Samsung A71 but it's not connecting to my main phone the Xiaomi 12. Anyone that can help please
  37. Avatar
    You got me finally @MrSwitch
    Managed to evade the previous deal for £224. But you didn't give up...My wallet felt lighter today
  38. Avatar
    Thanks @MrSwitch after a whole host of Samsung phones over the years, you've now made me throw my wallet at a smart watch
    You're welcome
  39. Avatar
    Can't find the no strap watch. Any help anyone?
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