Unfortunately, this deal has expired 15 September 2023.
Posted 17 July 2023


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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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Super-focused lights, epic blacks and a brilliantly intense picture
Catch all the action from any angle and see every brilliant detail, without distracting glare*
Exceptional detail unveiled with bright colour and rich contrast
As quick as a flash, ready for your next-gen console
The brilliance of AI-powered 4K TV viewing

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  1. COUPONKEV's avatar
    One year warranty only.

    T&Cs (edited)
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  2. Tendr's avatar
    Buy Lebara SIM to get access to Samsung discount site
    Trevbil's avatar
    How does that give you access please? I have a Lebara sim
  3. silentsource's avatar
    is there much difference in this and the QN95? need a set for my parents so doesnt have to be fully spec'd out but dont want any issues at the same time.
    mgk's avatar
    Qn95b had a one connect box
    This TV has connections built into TV. Other than that I don't think there is much difference.

    Historically there have been lots of problems with one connect box but anecdotally seems better on this model year (edited)
  4. Nicolas's avatar
    What’s the correct model no
    COUPONKEV's avatar
  5. universe1992's avatar
    I have the 55" in this model its a cracking tv , amazing picture and sound !
  6. Huckster's avatar
    Does this come with 5 Year Warranty?
    Arranguest's avatar
    Unfortunately not. I would have purchased if it does. Looks like the RGB deal for £999 including 5 year warranty has expired also.

    Richer Sounds showing £1099 but only have display stock left. They did say they would sell that for £929 and it would include their 6 year warranty, as long as isn't a manufacturer demo or return.

    Currys will match £1099 too with 5 year warranty. You can get them to give you a code using the online chat, however you can get it on Curry's for £1089 if you trade in any electrical item, which can be broken...
  7. Moonmonkeys's avatar
    You get a soundbar free with this now. C430 C series. Goes for about £200 (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Lovely, if only it was my deal
  8. dralanhart's avatar
    You have to be part of some sort of Samsung scheme to access this. That should be in the title. Yes, I know it says EPP. I don't think most people have any idea what that is.
    B_Marvel's avatar
    Alot of people have access to this through their normal work perks or students apps.

    Probably 50% of HDUK has access now.
  9. emperordalek's avatar
    This is a cracking set. Bought a few weeks ago from the main Samsung site.
    Excellent for gaming on too.
  10. dralanhart's avatar
    It's a very good price for the minority that can access it.
  11. Em-Pop's avatar
    I couldn’t go back to LED these days and with Samsung playing silly buggers by not paying the $3 per unit for Dolby Vision adds up to a definite no no for me.
    PsychoSonny's avatar
    LCD you mean?
  12. rowly73's avatar
    Great price. I would have bought if I hadn't already purchased the QN85a from the deal 2 months ago
    DealHunter666's avatar
    Same here, though the 85A is a great set.
  13. Sem-M's avatar
    I need a tv. For the experienced, is the worth a purchase or shall I get the LG C2.
    Big_Steve's avatar
    I was weighing up this issue myself a few months back. I personally sided with the LG G2 because i received a half price Atmos soundbar and decided after seeing the Lg that I wanted the flush mount fit to the wall and I'm still happy i did. But at this price point.... You'd be mad not to go for this.
  14. i_need_bargains's avatar
    The wrong model is in the title.
    Hexadecima1's avatar
    I was about to say. The model in the title is £899 at Richer Sounds
  15. technobot's avatar
    If this came with a 5 year guarantee, I'd buy it immediately. Heat anyway.
    mgk's avatar
  16. CS76's avatar
    Roughly £200 extra for the 95B... tempted 😬
    simon_white2000's avatar
    Whats the difference, just one connect box?
  17. Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    Cold, this should be the price of their OLEDs

    £1500 for a 65" OLED>?

    In this day and age?
    BIGPHIL69's avatar
    Even the LGC2 is still almost 1500
  18. obsydian's avatar
    2022 models
    sasuke0's avatar
    Still a really good set, just how LG C2 still is and the C3 isn't as worth it
  19. Wideboy72's avatar
    dani121's avatar
    That's a different model.
  20. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    If you want a 65" TV but can't spend this much, wait till this TCL drops back down to £400-430, it's not quite in the same league as this Sammy but it's superb value as picture quality is great, the speakers aren't utter junk either (bought one for my parents recently) -

  21. BargainHunta96's avatar
    Anyone have the QN90B 43 Inch? How is it? Its due to arrive this week and would love to know how it's like when watching content and gaming (Xbox Series X). Have heard a lot of good things so far. Ofcouse there are a few negatives, nothing is perfect, but it looks like a solid choice for general use and gaming. I was sold by the Gaming Hub. Having the ability to play Xbox titles over the cloud is a game changer. (edited)
  22. Kevster's avatar
    Has Samsung left perks at work? Not seeing Samsung listed in my perks at work at the moment.
  23. Mcpaynter's avatar
    Back up to £1349
  24. simon_white2000's avatar
    Given this went back up in price, I am a bit tempted by this model...
  25. MartinBurman's avatar
    Ah missed this. If it drops back down to the £909 price point i’ll be buying one
  26. simon_white2000's avatar
    Ordered this set today outside of EPP. With stacking codes, I got it for £833 plus I also got £50.00 cashback tracked through Quid Co. I sold my 65" Q90T for £399 leaving £384. Happy with that. Had considered OLED but at this price it was a no brainer for a fairly bright room
    MartinBurman's avatar
    Are those codes you can share or personal cash based codes? Looking to get this TV myself
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