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Posted 22 May 2023

Silvercrest Mobile Air Conditioner 2.06kW (7000BTU) £179.99 @ Lidl

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Versatile and stylish unit that can cool, warm or dehumidify your home
3-in-1: cools, dehumidifies or fans
2 fan speeds
Automatic oscillation function (horizontal)
Temperature adjustable from 16 to 31°C
Suitable for rooms between 30 and 45m³
Digital 24-hour timer function
Dehumidifying function for up to 1.5L/h (room 30°C/80% rF)
With room thermostat
Control panel with soft-touch buttons
Wheels make it easy to manoeuvre
Includes removable air filter
Includes remote control with batteries, 1.5m drain hose, seal for tilting windows and hose connection
Cooling capacity: 2.06kW (7000BTU)
Energy efficiency class A
Air flow: 300m³/hour
Water tank capacity: 0.5L
Noise level: 65dB (A)
Power consumption: 785W
Weight: 18.7kg
3-year warranty
Lidl More details at
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  1. bigbadwolves's avatar
    Dont waste your money
    ummtrio's avatar
    I've got 2 of them, my rooms are fairly big, they do the job. I'm happy with them. I'd recommend them. I also have 2 ac units that are 12000 btu, I use them in the attic rooms as they get unbearable in summer
  2. anouj's avatar
    7000 btu is pathetic and irresponsible, how many of these will just end up returned or dumped.
    r9000's avatar
    Bought one last year, great investment. Cools my 4x5m room with high ceilings and terrible insulation just fine, even with a couple of computers on and the air conditioner set to low speed. The compressor only turns on 50% of the time at most.

    I wonder if this myth about needing a massive air conditioner persists because people aren't blocking their windows correctly. These come with a kit that you stick onto the window frame. It's velcro so you can remove it. That stops the worst of the loss. They used to come with useless bits of foam so maybe that's why people think they need to waste money on a huge unit.
  3. miaomiaobaubau's avatar
    £37 from wilko the other day for a 7000btu
    LJB1790's avatar
    It wasn't though, mine was cancelled due to a pricing error.
  4. eldaniel's avatar
    7000BTU for rooms up to 45m?? Yeah, right
    gary333's avatar
    Cubed not squared!
  5. nesnoor's avatar
    I wouldn't go for less than 12,000 BTU
    ondert's avatar
    The problem here in the UK is that these models are all single hose thus making them uselessly inefficient and none of their marketed btu values are correct. The manufacturers should state the SACC values in BTU. Back in last summer, in Canada we used to have a dual hose 14000 btu midea unit with a sacc value of 12000 btu. For single hose models sacc value can be even half.
  6. joyf4536's avatar
    OK and good price for a Small room.
    r9000's avatar
    My room is 4x5 with high ceilings, maybe ~3m. I also have two computers in here (laptop and workstation). It cools the room adequately with no problem at all, on the low speed setting, with the compressor running about 50% of the time at most, usually less.

    My house is crap too, very leaky and poorly insulated.
  7. MrFerret's avatar
    I keep looking at these, has anyone a recommendation for my basement? It is always going to be a bit cold, but reducing the humidity would be a good thing. At the moment I keep the windows open, but will have heating installed soon, so won't want to!

    These look like toy to be frank, what would others use? I have en external vent too, so am already halfway there....
    Zaouk's avatar
    In that situation you might want to look at a heat recovery ventilator instead? Keeps your heat but swaps the air with fresh from outside. Eg Kair K-HRV150
  8. Techfrank's avatar
    There were loads in stock from Thursday in Bournemouth store. I picked one up for daughter's bedroom. It was so good, I bought another yesterday for our room (spent £250 this month in Lidl, so was able to get 10% off it too!). I already own a Devola 10k BTU one for my garden room, which was £300. I'd say these Silvercrest ones are just as good and are actually quieter. If you can get one that is.
    stuartorme's avatar
    It looks like they are all in Bournemouth then - none in Leyland, Fulwood, Blackpool or Standish
  9. plunet's avatar
    There were 7 available in Lidl Portland DT5 1SA this morning. There were 6 available when I left.

    Chris206's avatar
    Did they only appear today or have you not looked before?
  10. themoz's avatar
    Who else is here because of the cancelled Wilko/Homcom orders?
    miah2018's avatar
  11. djlondon22's avatar
    Stylish? If you're R2-D2's interior designer maybe :/
    AC-ZEP-GEN-DC's avatar
    I thought the same but in fairness if you look at the other pictures, the one shown here is the back of the unit.
  12. themachman's avatar
    Think I'll go for one of these. My living room isn't that big, 3 year guarantee and if it's rubbish Lidl are good with returns
    Keep me, the Mrs and the Cat cool for the three hot days of Summer we usually get
    ajhawley1's avatar
    If that living room of yours is bigger than 3mx3m then I seriously wouldn’t bother wasting your cash
  13. ajhawley1's avatar
    Perfect for cooling the cupboard under the stairs
    jamgin's avatar
    Be OK for Harry Potter then
  14. cbflazaro's avatar
    People worry too much with btu.

    The difference between a 12000 and 7000 is that the 12000 will run for 10min and "idle" for 50min every hour and the 7000 will run for 15min and idle for 45.
    If you're worried with efficiency or noise, get one on the wall.
    Actionnotwords69's avatar
    Actionnotwords69 Author
    The main lounge
    room measurements here are 3.60 X 4.1 meters with a ceiling height of 2.75 meters. Would this machine be sufficient? (edited)
  15. Nawaaz's avatar
    Thanks- couldn’t see this in the magazine though?
    Actionnotwords69's avatar
    Actionnotwords69 Author
    It appeared via weekly Lidl email I get with link....

  16. Mr.Krabs's avatar
    Rumour has it these are only shipped to The Shire
  17. HotAddict's avatar
    Versatile and stylish unit that can cool, warm or dehumidify your home

    How does it warm your home? Is turning it off classed as a feature
  18. nja1's avatar
    Will this be in store only?
    Actionnotwords69's avatar
    Actionnotwords69 Author
    Not aware Lidl that have an online offering.
  19. miah2018's avatar
    65db... louder than a vacuum
    (Hoover Telios Extra Pets is 64db) (edited)
  20. Strawberry3's avatar
    What date are these in store from please?

    None in our Lidl today.

    Many thanks
    dacdac's avatar
    Website says today, but none were delivered to Watford
  21. ThereHeIs's avatar
    None in my local store today 👎🏼
  22. colin7777's avatar
    None in Norwich, staff couldn’t even find it on their app
    themoz's avatar
    Same in the Reading store on Bath road
  23. tippferenc's avatar
    None in Hanwell store, staff also couldn’t find any stock..
  24. P-H's avatar
    Went to 3 diff stores today to get one of these for my log cabin - none of them even knew what I was talking about and couldn't find it in leaflets, planned stock floorplans etc
  25. unreality's avatar
    None in my store either and staff never heard of it
  26. AN_786's avatar
    None in Harrow Weald (London).
  27. NGG's avatar
    Nor Romford
  28. Vlad_D's avatar
    Nothing in Borehamwood (both places). One said latest they should have is tomorrow
  29. andylol's avatar
    How does it work with the hose and sealing against the windows? Does it only work with specific type of windows?
  30. coreyuk's avatar
    Did anyone find one of these in London?
    AN_786's avatar
    Nope - got the biggest Lidl near me…having spoken to the manager and staff - they’ve not seen it come in. They do have a similar shaped/branded dehumidifier - that’s it.
  31. Selbygardener's avatar
    Rocking horse manure. None in Google, Selby, Knottingley, Castleford, Featherstone and Normanton. Shame we can’t order online like Aldi. Be nice for Lidl give us a clue about stock and not have us store hunting
    coreyuk's avatar
    I went out today in 3 of the largest West London stores with no luck, stock or clue of when or if they will get them very disappointing...
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