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£5 off Services 10% off MOT's £5 off Air con Re-Gas with Code @ F1 Autocentres
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
JUN195 £5 off a service JUNMOT19 10% off MOT 5OFFACRG15 £5 off Air Con Re-Gas YOKOTYRE1 £1.50 off Yokohama Tyres COOPTYRE £2 off Cooper Tyres
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Done my MOT, really happy with service they provide


And it’s only £45 for the recharge and anti bacterial


Personal experience but I preferred the overall service we received from ATS for aircon regas via Groupon, got a free vehicle check & paperwork supporting the regas which F1 didn’t give. With F1 only got the credit card slip, had to ask for proper receipt detailing the work.


I need to get our aircon regassed. Are these any good? Better options out there?

De'Longhi PAC AN112 Pinguino Air-to-Air Silent Air Conditioner £639 @ Amazon - Sold and Despatched by Surplus Trade Supplies
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
About £90 off at the moment, price moves a lot so grab it now

This isn't much of a deal though. It's been £650 from AppliancesDirect for at least a month, but I think it's their standard price


Large ie 12000btu or small 9000btu does not seem to mean anything. As you can see in my pics above the temp coming out seems to be more important. I could be wrong. But the lower the better works for me.£

so I have a Delonghi on loan. It's pretty efficient however the outlet for water is broken so there is no plug/stop on it. I've fashioned a container to fit underneath but it fills in only 10mins... Also whilst being good it's a very big unit. I want one smaller than can fit under my desk as most of the year it wont be in use. It really is only needed for a couple of hours on the hottest of day. I borrowed it to see if ait con would serve my purpose which is does but i'm concerned about buying a smaller unit with all the comments here.


Some of the other sellers do - I bought my older unit from Germany due to the cheaper price some time ago


But won't deliver to UK address ?

Tower fan 60w £24.99 @ Screwfix
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Tower fan white timer 60w 33" tall oscillating tower fan with 2-hour timer. Oscillates 3-Speed Cooling Only 1 Year Guarantee 2hr Timer 70° Oscillation Click and collect

Is youra 60w from tesco


This looks absolutely identical to the tower fan I just bought from tesco at £30.


...from the same review; "64 of 66 people found this review helpful" I wonder why 2 people didn't think it was helpful to know that the fan was good for drying their crack.. (confused)


Give yourself a pat on the back and put a fiver In the charity box next time. (skeptical)


I baught 2 for 35 from tesco 2 years ago (May 2017) and still going strong!

Igenix DF0030 Oscillating Tower Fan, 30 Inch, 3 Speed Settings, 2 Hour Timer with Auto Shut £26.99 @ Amazon
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
*HOT SUMMER WEATHER WILL SOON BE UPON US* Three speed settings - high, medium and low Oscillating fan 120 minute timer Quiet operation ideal for home or office Comes with tw… Read more
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I was just quoting you my friend, my post doesn’t say shutdown anywhere! (y)


auto shut off :) not Auto Shutdown. its not a windows PC (nerd)


Auto shutdown is in the title. The fan has a timer so it will shut after after X amount of time if you wish (y)


Dunno where the OP. Got auto shutdown from. ? It's on existence on the description


Bought this for £28 in April. Works well.

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PNY GeForce  RTX 2070 8 GB XLR8 GAMING DUAL FAN OC Graphics Card £366.44 on Curry's ebay (using today's code)
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Seems pretty good for a 2070. Discount shows in basket (currys takes 10% off, then you can apply the 15% ebay code to take it to £371.10

Yeah not in stock for 3 weeks.. had to contact ebay then wait 20mins on helpline to be told that. Pain


No. I contacted them yesterday and have just been told that they don't have any stock and that they don't know when they're going to be getting any more in. Not very happy.


Anyone had theirs despatched /delivered yet?


Check the warranty before buying any RTX card. I'm on my third one


Thank you :)

Amcor SF12000 slimline portable Air Conditioner £299.99 Appliances Direct
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
This is a slim line PAC and seems a reasonable deal at the moment before prices and stock become issues.
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at this price would it not be worth doing a wall mounted a/c unit?


Yes - works a treat


Thanks, assume you mean you just hang the hose out without sealing the window with a kit?


To anyone wondering if an open window stops these working effectively - don’t worry. We have 2x portable air conditioners approx 13 years old - always had a round hose hanging out of one or both of our children’s windows in summer. Cools quickly and as pointed out earlier heat rises so never a problem with heat coming back in. I’m half expecting one or the other of our units to fail this summer after 13 years - probably during a heat wave when there is no stock ...


TIL: 'laddo' is a gender

Addis Mini Dehumidifier £5 @ B&M (In-Store)
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd MayLocalLocal
Further reduced to £5 now in-store. Addis Mini Dehumidifier. Reduces damp, mould & condensation from all around your home. Ideal for use in the kitchen, bedroom, conservato… Read more

Guessing by the water tank size that it's a mains powered peltier based unit. Terribly ineffective, but they will work for somewhere small like an airing cupboard.


Just bought 2 from Darlington store they are actually good for caravans




Is this battery powered or mains? There doesnt seem to be much about this online anywhere other than eBay where its being sold for £50!


Good price but it's B&M, hopefully they'll have three all over the country

DeepCool GAMMAXX S40 120mm Fan Intel/AMD CPU Cooler, £22.47 @ Scan
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Good value for this CPU cooler.

For Ryzen, I can't see this being any better than the stock cooler.


Specifications page they say 4 heatpipes ?? definitely not 8 , 4 looped up on both sides


£13.19 del. to Northern Ireland.


+£5.48 delivery


Shows £16.99 for me, that's great price

Addis Mini Dehumidifier £10 @ B&M (In-Store)
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th MayLocalLocal
Down from £15 to £10 now for this mini Dehumidifier. In-Store only & limited availability. Reduces damp, mould & condensation from all around your home. Ideal for use in … Read more

Three types on sale peltier, compressor and desiccant. Peltier is the cheapest and uses a peltier devices to make a cold plate to condense the moisture out the air. From my experience they are useless. I had one and it barely produced a cup of water in a month of being on for hours at a time. I bought a desiccant one and within two hours it produced a 2 pints. Compressor and desiccant is the type that you will want and will make results.


What you mean?


If this is a peltier dont bother. They are useless.

Keep cool this summer! Amcor SF8000E Portable Air Conditioner £259 @ Appliances Direct
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
ALL-IN-ONE AIR CONDITIONER Perfectly sized for small to medium spaces like a home kitchen or bedroom, the Amcor SF8000E slim-line portable Air Conditioner delivers unrivalled coo… Read more

Hi there, are you using it this weekend? 😃


You're assuming the air outside is cooler, which it generally is but during the recent heatwave my area was seeing temperatures above 20C well into the early hours of the morning. In conditions like that you need air conditioning not a fan.


Arrived quickly, but not tried it yet, still not been hot enough to warrant it (skeptical)


You received yet & any good?


I bought a trotec 2000e a few weeks ago for £205. Very similar spec and generally well reviewed. Still available directly from trotec via eBay at that price..

Blyss Mobile air conditioner 9000 BTU - £259 @ B&Q Free C&C
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Summer is potentially coming. After last summers heat wave, and not being able to buy an air conditioner for love nor money. Maybe worth getting in a bit earlier. Really good pri… Read more

screwfix is the same model.


Me also. Plus its the same model so it's the same. B&Q and screwfix are owned by the same company. Guess they get away with the higher price in B & Q 😁


I baught mine from screwfix and it has wheels


Dont have high hopes on these, the single pipe models take the air cooled from the room and send it out the window, I have in the past hacked one and converted to 2 pipe design, drawing air from outside and ejecting it back, keeping the cool air in the room, it looked crap but did the job, it will also debumidify air so you will have a large difference on a hot and humid day but the tank ia going to fill rather quickly, I have put the ac on a chair and ran a pipe down to a bucket which during heatwave would fill in a day (12L) Unless the room is very small, you will likely have to run this thing on full blast to get the results


Anyone got one of these Blyss air conditioning units? I know they are going to be noisy when on their highest cooling level, but what are they like when on medium or low? (to maintain the lower temp after running at high for a while)

10l Evaporative Cooler - £60 @ Homebase (C&C / free delivery)
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
10l Evaporative Cooler is easily portable with wheels, ensuring you remain cool in whichever room you choose. Remote control for convenience. 3-speed fan settings Water level i… Read more

I wish I could tell you, but I'm UK born and bred, come across them.on hols :S


These are useless - I had the misfortune of being stuck with one in a hot office. You might as well save your money and buy a fan. Or do it properly and get an air conditioner; they actually work.


Maybe this is why it's on offer? 4 times louder than a volcano


Works by extracting heat in the room to evaporate the water Strangely some folk let this then form condensation which reheats the room as it releases energy as it changes state. If used properly the air with evaporated water should be in an airflow leaving the room, to prevent the condensation & heat being re-release within the room You can achieve similar results by directing a fan at drying washing in a room, but again you need to let the airflow then leave the room.


It's just not possible to bring the temperature of a room down without pushing the hot air outside. They don't work. If you're gonna get this just buy a cheap fan, if you want to actually cool down your room then you need a portable air conditioner.

Blyss WAP-07EC35H Mobile Evaporative Air Conditioner £299.99 @ Screwfix
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Mobile air cooling and conditioning unit. Features LED display and remote control. 3-Speed Evaporative 3500W Model No: WAP-07EC35H 12,000 btu
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It does hot and cold read the manuals


just got this unit and I am wondering if it is faulty or not. Supposedly the AC function should dry the air but whenever the compressor turns on the cold air coming from the main outlet vent is very humid. Is this normal?£

if this product isn't great could anyone suggest a possible sub £300 alternative. My garden office (15m2) gets hot in the summer and I want to be prepared this year. Did some research in the winter but only really found reviews from the States and half the brands and models aren't available over here. UK reviews seem thin on the ground...


Its looks like the previous version I boguht, so maybe this model has some minor changes/improvements.


Strangely enough it only has reviews from this year.... Does that mean this is a new version? I am sure there were reviews left last year also.

Blyss evaporative mobile 9000BTU air-conditioner/dehumidifier/fan for £249.99 with next day delivery @ Screwfix
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Just recieved mine today, nice looking and at decent price. Was out of stock since last summer.
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I bought this one from B&Q last week and tried it today, made my room lovely and cool within 20mins/half hour. It is a small room though! I did have to add an extension to the hose though as my room has top opening windows but still works great! Is quite noisy though (as loud as my metal fan).


If gary333 is right and this one is quieter that would tempt me as the Amcor is pretty noisy. They are both rater 65dB but this one has 3 fan speed compared to Amcors 2 so should at least be quieter on the lowest fan setting. The lowest fan setting on the Amcor is virtually as loud as the highest. If I had the choice I would probably get this Blyss or even the 12,000 BTU one for £299


Yeah, I'm thinking of just taking the plunge and getting one, then figure out how best to rig it up. If I hesitate till the summer, they're bound to sell out.


As long as the hose reaches (1.5m) and as long as the window opens wide enough (150mm) then you are ok. It would just look nicer with a sash window because you could use the window fitting then. You can get one of these for a casement window but I am just going to try it without first.


I'm a complete ignoramus about this sort of stuff, but you've given me a very good starting point so I can do a bit of investigation. Thanks.

Meaco 9000 BTU air conditioner Instore at Costco - £227.98(inc VAT)
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th MayLocalLocal
Edit: Credit to forum member 'xfield' who spotted that this is now priced at £227.98 from 13th-19th May 2019. (y) Went into Costco today and noticed they have a Maeco 9000 BTU a… Read more

If you are planning to spend over £200 on air conditioning I'd save up for wall mount air conditioning.


Tried mine last night too. Found most things fairly straight forward. You need to wait a moment between changing setting and the unit reacting. I also looked into the drainage. Unless you're using it as a dehumidifier, leave the drain plug in. The unit will display FL (full?) when the water needs draining off. I've read reviews of people removing this and running it, coming back to a puddle and complaining.


thanks Toothy1911 will try it tonight


Yes, no other assembly required. Works on a thermostat to the desired temperature via various settings.


do you just plug and go after you put the external hose on thanks

Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan - £19.99 (Prime) / £24.48 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Quiet operation Variable tilt fan head with up to 90 degrees pivot Powerful three speed motor Wall mount feature saves floor or desk space Ships in certified frustration-free p… Read more
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I have this at work. The fan does make some noise though


Back up to £24.25 for Prime or is there a code?


Honeywell as in those that make smart thermostats etc? Guess this isn't WiFi enabled for the lazy?


Does this ger reposted every day?


58decibels mine came with motor inside broken off if you want it packaged chose 'its a gift' else they slap a sticker on the unsealed honeywell box

Igenix IG9902 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner - Down from £478 to £289.99 @ Amazon
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
If we get another summer like last year this will be really useful! 3-in-1 multi-functional air conditioner with fan and heating function with a 1.5 m exhaust hose … Read more

12000BTU for £289.97


Well, it's as noisy as any portable or window air con (noisy), somewear in the 55-65 DB region. There all very similair as I have used all types of air condioners (it's as noisy as a window air con ) while I lived in the US, Canada, Hong Kong and China . The only way your going to get a quietish air con is by buying a Inverter Wall Split Air Conditioning System unit bolted to your inside wall and the much larger and more noisy condenser outside the wall. They need more work to fit and costs around £400+cost of fitting and are limited to where you can put it outside as you obviously dont want it sitting outside the front of your house.. Conditioner


What's the noise level? I can't see it on the website. Thanks


Hardly a great price,i posted a deal a few weeks ago but thanks to the moderators it did not go live (obviously hotukdeals where not going to get a cut of the sales to fatten there 4+ million pound annual turnover from the company that was selling it) My new 8000 BTU unit ( £68 cheaper than amazon ) arrived the next day and works well and only uses 8p per hour according to my smart meter . There website had a 15% discount as well as being reduced to £230 which it still is (£260 on amazon) Amazon £259


Very mixed reviews on this.




Are they really that bad ?


£30 added on if you are a woman. £100 added on if you believe all the rubbish they come out with about things needing replacement..


Also there's a £2 off wheel alignment voucher (printable) here:

MeacoFan 1056AC Air Circulator £77.98 Instore at Costco (Sheffield )
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th MarLocalLocal
In store at Sheffield today but assuming it’ll be in any Costco. Seems to be around £100 everywhere else, for example:… Read more

A bit late, but just wanted to say that this deal deserved much heat. Comparable fans, such as the vornado 6303 and iris ohyama hm23 are closer to £150. This fan is very powerful, very quiet, cools an entire room, very cheap to run at 10-20w due to DC technology. Also, if you have tall ceilings, where heat rise is an issue in the winter, it is very useful to mix the air, cheaper than turning the heat up / longer. If you tried both this and the popular £20 Honeywell, you would quickly realise why it's worth five fold the price.


It is great isn’t it, far better than any other fan we’ve had before. Appreciate its more expensive than other fans but it’s far better and like you say a very good deal. Ta


Just picked this up today so thanks for sharing. I don't understand how it's getting downvoted when it's almost £30 than anywhere else. Having seen some reviews and comments calling this the best fan you can buy, I had my doubts but they're not wrong, it's fantastic.


Little surprised by how badly this has been received, appreciate you need to be a costco member but it’s over £20 cheaper than buying direct from Meaco, 34 five star reviews on amazon and having had one myself for a year it’s far, far better than an ordinary fan - it really does work amazingly well.


which, trustpilot, ... are pr0st1tutes and can not be trusted.

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