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Installed Panasonic 4.2kW Single Split Air Conditioner, Model KIT0TZ42-WKE £1899.99 @ Costco
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Hello, slightly niche but I think its a good deal for an installed high end AC installed. happy to receive comments on what people think. I have noticed 910 as the price for the ju… Read more

Half a day, funny man.


Hey sorry man. Tried to ring but no go, but can ring any Aircon independent guys and ask a quote for fitting etc


Hey bravedwarf hopefully the pub was fun I’ve still not made it to one (lol) any joy with digging out that chap’s details please?


A very good company around London Very professional engineer and offer best quote. Annual servicing charges also very less compare with many companies.


A very good company around London Very professional engineer and offer best quote. Annual servicing charges also very less compare with many companies.

electriQ EcoSilent 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner £260.05 delivered at Appliances Direct
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
This is a graded product. A1 products are "as new" but have been box opened. All A1 products will be fully bubble-wrapped for transportation. GRADE A1 What stands out Slim Foo… Read more

I've had mine for a couple of years. If you want to hear the TV at night with it turned on. No chance! I wish I'd found a quieter one tbh but they're all pretty loud. Doesn't really fully cool down my loft either. I have to point it at the bed at night. Also wished it had a swing mode.


In case anyone was interested I bought the GoodHome Takoma Reversible Mobile Air Conditioner (966HV) from Screwfix for £299.99. It's 12,000 BTU and seems to have good stock levels in the couple of areas I checked. I haven't used it much yet but initial thoughts are that it's huge - significantly bigger than I was expecting, and very heavy - I struggled to carry it upstairs and I'm no waif. However noise levels were less than I was expecting - it's not quiet but I think I could sleep with it on if it's not having to try too hard - it gets noisier if you turn the target temperature down and it ramps up the cooling/fan. It has a sleep mode which I think is supposed to stop it from making too much noise. Anyway based on very limited use I'd recommend it.


Bought the 11,000 BTU one - will collect this weekend at some point. Will report back my findings!


Did you buy that Screwfix 9000btu one? Any good?


It is. I have found myself in the same position as lots of people here - suffered last summer in the heat especially when working from home, have been on the look out for a portable air con deal, but never get to them quick enough, most recently missing this and the Zanussi ones here on HUKD! Also conscious that, like the inflatable kayaks, all it will take is a warm spell of a couple of weeks and they'll all be sold out for the year. Anyway, mentioned to a friend who suggested Screwfix - they have 9,000BTU and 11,000 BTU models available at a fair price and no need to wait for a deal. I'm sure now I've bought one, some amazing offer will pop up here but at least I've taken the uncertainty out of it all :)

Zanussi ZPAC11001 BTU Air Conditioner, 1250 W, 1 Liter, White [Energy Class A] - £322.50 @ Amazon
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
2 Functions In 1 (air conditioner and dehumidifier) 11,000BTU Cooling Capacity Suitable for Room Size 13-21m² LED Display 53dB Noise Level Removes up to 1.5L an hour 1L Water… Read more

This is exactly me too!


Very good deal. Normally its only covers parts (5 years) based on the condition you servicing every 12 months. Do you have his website address? Many thanks


They can usually be used as dehumidifiers. One side gets cold to chill the air so moisture condenses on it. Mine for whatever reason doesn't have a dehumidification function but it does heat so during spring/autumn on the right tariff it can be the cheapest way to heat my home, that's an easy way to get more use out of one.


5 years parts and labour. Dealer supply and fit. He said it was cheaper for him to buy it as I had planned to source the unit online first.


Its showing as £429 for me?

Kleeneze KL3139V2 Ice Cube Plus+ Personal Space Table Top Air Cooler £12.70 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
This Ice Cube + cooler offers two 300ml freezable water tanks along with a replaceable filter making it effortless and simple to use. The 7W cooler provides an adjustable directio… Read more

Got a load of these of Amazon end of summer for £2 haha , they actually work well and do blast cold air out. Not same model mind


For anyone looking for the science behind these, Technology Connections reviewed these kind of products -


You did not think its to cool the whole room did you?... (confused)


Had mine for 5yrs now all good here


The cold temperature of this deal is the only thing cold about the actual product. You're better off putting an ice cube on your table and hoping it cools the room

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Swan 9,000BTU Air Conditioner & 24L Dehumidifier only £237 Delivered with Code at Swan
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Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
Swan 9,000BTU Air Conditioner & 24L Dehumidifier only £237 Delivered with Code at Swan£240 Free P&P FreeSwan Deals
Can't find many reviews on this, or the Db rating for the aircon, but expect to to be around 65db on high as that seems the general rule when looking on Amazon. Equviallent models… Read more

Just had my cashback confirmed too! £26.07...lovely jubbly!




Bloody Brilliant! Have you seen today's price..... £349.99!!


CB has been paid! So this was a very good deal, thanks again OP


Thanks for the heads-up, I'll mark this as expired now. A bit of warmer weather, and this is what unfortunately happens to the price of these type of units. Well done to everyone who got a bargain.

ARGO Relax Style Portable air Conditioner 10,000 BTU - £206 @ Amazon
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Posted 6th FebPosted 6th Feb
ARGO Relax Style Portable air Conditioner 10,000 BTU - £206 @ Amazon£206£32036% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Deal: ARGO Relax Style Portable air Conditioner Portable air conditioner, energy class a, 3 modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification and 3 ventilation speeds + auto Portable … Read more

I did try a couple of apps, not sure how accurate and they said around 50-60db from 2-3 feet away. It is a fairly loud unit but I think the benefits will far outweigh the negatives come summer!


Any luck with getting a reading?


I'll try dB meter at some point and let you know. It is quite loud but I think I expected that anyway, it seems most AC units are unless they are a split system. Even so, we'll be thankful in summer!


I have a big sheepskin on the seats either side of it that may help, the unit fits perfectly between the front seats when they are facing forward, the unit faces the rear, sounds daft but the sheepskins keep you cool in the heat when driving as they let air flow through, the bed is in the ceiling and lowers down at night, we have a front and rear lounge so lots of cushioning (y) Maybe try sitting yours on a mat or some carpet if its not already.


Sounds like the soft furnishings help absorb a lot of the sound. Worst case if our neighbours downstairs complain we can put it in our kitchen which is off the living room and is small and leave the door open. Most the sound will stay in there and I don't see how the neighbours could complain if they hear noise in their kitchen below. Hopefully the cool air will move through the two rooms which aren't too big and total is less than 30m square.