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Artrom Evaporative Air cooler EA-181 from groupon - £89.99 Delivered
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Artrom Evaporative Air cooler EA-181 from groupon - £89.99 Delivered
£89.99£148.9040%Groupon Deals
free delivery with this air conditioner.also add code SALE10 for a further 10% off and top cash back are 14% finishes today This evaporativ… Read more
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Repeating someone else's error does not make it right...


At least the photo is showing it's correct usage. It will produce a stream of cooler air if used outside and heat generated will dissipate to atmosphere. If you use it inside it will increase the temperature of the room overall and increase the humidity. Increasing humidity will actually reduce evaporative heat loss from any humans in the room. It is most definitely not an air conditioner usable indoors. All airconditioners generate heat which is why the units are usually outside the rooms they are cooling.


Crafty wording


Good one, thanks for sharing :)


Thats groupon for you. Half the deals arn't what they seem.

TINTON LIFE Portable Mini Air Conditioner Fan Personal Space Cooler The Quick Easy Way to Cool Any Space Home Office Desk £22.06 @ tinton life store / aliexpress
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
TINTON LIFE Portable Mini Air Conditioner Fan Personal Space Cooler The Quick Easy Way to Cool Any Space Home Office Desk £22.06 @ tinton life store / aliexpress
This looks a decent price for this

Put a plant-mister in the fridge and mist your air occasionally. It lowers the temperature noticeably and costs about £1.50.


Must be a a cool AC, even this thread gone cold.


They work great. I have one


Similar prices for them on Amazon. Reviews are fairly average. There's usually a dozen of these under various names for sale.


This is junk! Motor will heat air more than it cools... another money spinner.

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Alexa (!) controlled air conditioner, not from Viking, and under £300 / £299.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Alexa (!) controlled air conditioner, not from Viking, and under £300 / £299.99 @ Amazon
£299.99Amazon Deals
Getting there? Still not £100 pounds, but should actually turn up. Yes, it’s noisy, (they all are), yes it’s dearer than a non-Alexa one, but that’s important to some people that … Read more
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I couldn't have put it better. Try this handy Alexa Skill "Alexa: make some loud clattering sounds and heat-up the room"


Wow. Mixed bag. I think we’re really getting to the bottom of a cluster of balls here.....


I had one of these and it was totally useless. Very noisy unit that struggled to reduce the temperature by even 1-2 degrees even when left on for several hours, I sent it back to Amazon and have gone back to just using a fan. Amazon's (usually excellent) customer service for managing the return of this was also incredibly poor and I had to arrange a courier myself for which I was initially offered £4.75 to cover return costs. I've spent thousands with Amazon over the years but my experience has really put be off buying any large consumer items from them. I had the standard unit which is identical but doesn't have any wi-fi/alexa features despite the fact that the item description on Amazon (for the standard model) has a large section claiming that it does. I wasn't aware of the different models when ordering and simply placed my order based on the information displayed on the description of the standard unit, when I complained to Amazon and made them aware of the error in the listing they were totally dismissive of what I was telling them and refused to admit that the description was/is incorrect and misleading to customers, despite this denial they did say they would change it but I see they still haven't. Anyway, rant over, wifi features or not, they're still completely useless at cooling.


Little review Got this from Amazon Warehouse Deals with 20% off so comes in at around £230 fora returned Item. To be honest 9000 btu is okay it can cool a small room but generally the bigger room will get cold after a few Hours. Iset it on at 20:00 and its cold in the room by 23:00. Otherwise sit in front of it! These are also really loud- bare in mind The Pipe they give is really small so unless your power near a window - They recommend you do not use an extension cable so you need a longer pipe around £30 on Amazon. Plus depending on how wide your window opens (I have 3 - 1 on left and 1 on right and one in small middle) My Middle does not open wide enough for outlet pipe in my whole house so i have to risk it by pumping out my big window - which means a thief can just climb in! Anyways just though this might help someone on the fence.In Any case Amazon are quite good if you dont want it you can return.



Swan SH3060 - 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit £236.98 delivered @ Very
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
Swan SH3060 - 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit £236.98 delivered @ Very
£236.98Very Deals
Seems like a good price for a 9000 BTU air conditioner. £229.99 + £6.99 delivery = £236.98

Reviews made my mind up. (horror)


That’s if it arrives in one piece the first time...


By the looks of it it's XL delivery via ArrowXL so by the time it arrives it might cool down again

TCL AC12 12000 BTU Eco Smart App WIFI Portable Air Conditioner for rooms up to 30 sqm Alexa Enabled - £369.98 @ Appliances Direct
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
TCL AC12 12000 BTU Eco Smart App WIFI Portable Air Conditioner for rooms up to 30 sqm Alexa Enabled - £369.98 @ Appliances Direct
£369.98£439.9716%Appliances Direct Deals
What stands out Aside from the fact it’s not from Viking Direct, this looks like a nicer unit that the Igenix, higher cooling capacity, and replete with all the accessories compla… Read more
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Managed to get it to work with Ghome. But only turns on and off. Can't seem to change temperature. Are you able to change the temperature on Ghome or Alexa? If so, what command do you use?


Ended up getting this thanks to this helpful post and deal


Some definitely are quieter than others, yes, but I imagine the quietest ones are the most expensive, before you even get into spilt units. Quite! The devil is in the detail with Hue. Look at the research and development that’s gone into their app, and now HUE SYNC, WHICH HAS BLOWN MY MIND! If anyone else is still reading, the Alexa thing is the key feature here. This is not the cheapest air conditioner on earth.


Noise doesn’t bother me too much I can sleep with a fan going but with this air con unit I have sounding like a mini aeroplane preparing for take off I struggle it’s shame because I do like them. I’m wondering if some are quieter than others by using some sort of sound dampening materials that might be missing on cheaper models. I know what you mean about the bulbs I installed HUE GU10s recently starter kit plus 3 bulbs at £50 a piece my family thought I was mad for spending that much :D


They’re all loud, because the entire workings are in the room with you. Compressor, evaporator, fan, exhaust, the works. Not sure about remote/cloud control via WAN, but if your Alexa is set up right, you should be able to use that platform to control from anywhere. What I can’t fathom is why this post got killed! It’s literally the cheapest Alexa-integrated AirCon out there, or at least was, before the demand increased and the supply decreased! I think it’s like all the home automation posts. Lots of people miss the detail, and you end up with “£35 for a lightbulb? Are you mad? I can buy one down the market for 50p! And it’s LED colour-changing too!”

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Igenix 9000BTU Air Portable Air conditioner £258 @ Groupon
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Igenix 9000BTU Air Portable Air conditioner £258 @ Groupon
A decent deal on an Air conditioning unit.. Yes the very same one in last weeks infamous Viking 'deal'... (strong)
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Unit arrived today. (3 days delivery). Love it!


Well Viking screwed me over as well, so why not. Been not spending as much money so I could buy one at full price (just melting here), so this'll really help! Fingers crossed an all that.


Just checked and found my Viking payment refunded. They haven’t even told me it was cancelled.


Yep. Live chatted with them and order confirmed. Money taken!


Is this legit? Hope it not just some guy who ordered a job lot from Viking as theres no company details on Groupon :S

cheap air "con" recharge
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
cheap air "con" recharge
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i did it on mobile so too hard to paste details etc, if you click the link you'll get the details. 8)


Details details.....


Heat added for the thought and time gone into constructing this post (y)

Challenge 8000BTU Air Conditioner £79.99 at Argos Clearance Bargains (Durham)
LocalLocalFound 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
Challenge 8000BTU Air Conditioner £79.99 at Argos Clearance Bargains (Durham)
£99.99 on price tag but 20% discount. I just bought one. Three left. Two of them are boxed plus one out on display. Good deal and more powerful than the more expensive ones at home… Read more

Trolling other people’s posts to look for minor faults in their details and Starting your comment with “this is not a criticism” from someone who’s never posted a deal. Pathetic


There is one left but they wouldn't give me the 20% off. Wasted journey!


Friend just went for one and says they are all gone. For anyone reading tomorrow is delivery day so give them a call or drop in tomorrow afternoon. You might find more out then


According to Argos Q&A it's about 65db You can certainly hear it and it's not something I could sleep in the same room as, but it's not too intrusive. I can still hear the TV if I turn it up slightly and the AC noise isn't distracting to me. Half the noise is compressor vibration. It didn't like my laminate floor but I grabbed the door mat to stand it on and it's a bit better. If you have carpet it should be absolutely fine.


Whoops. Valid point! I thought the furniture one in Darlington closed down. It's the one in Stanley. I should have made it a bit clearer. It's delivery day tomorrow and they apparently expect more of them as they have sold well the last few weeks. If you miss out on today's stock potentially you have a chance again tomorrow afternoon.

iGENIX Portable Air Conditioner IG9902 £145.99 Delivered w/code @ Viking Direct
Found 30th JunFound 30th Jun
iGENIX Portable Air Conditioner IG9902 £145.99 Delivered w/code @ Viking Direct
I already submitted one deal yesterday for an iGENIX Portable Air Conditioner but I think this is also a very good deal and could be better for some as it functions as a heater too… Read more

Viking took a lot of heat on Trustpilot over this, although they seem to have challenged a number of the reviews. Their existing Customer base seem to have tried to restore their reputation by becoming Trustpilot reviewers and leaving positive scores, albeit with brief comments.


I checked and was told that my order had been cancelled due to a pricing error and that they should have sent me an email (they didn't). Don't hold your breath for them turning up!


Has anyone had a dispatch or delivery notice or cancellation notice ?




Sometimes wonder if this is a ploy to collect email address for marketing purposes

iGENIX Portable Air Conditioner 9000BTU 3 in 1 - £109.99 (with code) delivered @ Viking Direct
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
iGENIX Portable Air Conditioner 9000BTU 3 in 1 - £109.99 (with code) delivered @ Viking Direct
£109.99£27059%Viking Direct Deals
I've just bought this and couldn't believe the price. Don't know if it's an error but had to snap it up. Don't really need it as I already have two portable air conditioners but th… Read more

im still sat here on 30 aug with pending PayPal payment to viking and no cancellation email or phone call (mad) how can i cancel PayPal payment ?


I recieved a £10 voucher as compensation? Had to be spent within a couple of months so bought a chair that was on kffer half price less the £10 voucher, (mad)


I had to email their (viking) credit control department with the paypal transaction ID to cancel it


It worked for me but no idea why yours is different


Just checked my PP too - no option to cancel and the pending payment at the top.

Blyss WAP-08EC13 2-Speed Mobile Air Conditioner 1300W - £147 delivered / C&C at B&Q
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Blyss WAP-08EC13 2-Speed Mobile Air Conditioner 1300W - £147 delivered / C&C at B&Q
Was £198 Free Next day delivery Finish Gloss effect LED display LED display BTU 4500 Btu Power output 1300 W Safety cut out Yes Remote control Remote control Timer 24 hour timer

Dear Viking customer, We are very sorry, we updated our internet site with incorrect prices on a number of air conditioning units due to an upload malfunction. We are unable to supply these units at these unbelievably low prices and are sorry to have raised your hopes. The order and any payments have been cancelled. This may lead to a few days where an authorisation appears as pending on your credit card due to the way the system works but no funds have been taken from your card and therefore no charge will exist. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Sincerely, Your Viking Team


they sent me an full email statign there had been an error with pricing on air con wont be coming 100%


Our portable Aircon has no problem cooling our 12ft by 12ft bedroom down from 26c to its minimum setting of 18c in about an hour with the hose sticking out the window and the curtains closed. If yours won't cool it down I would suggest it's because it's not powerful enough rather than because you have to put the hose out of the window. We are using ours every night at the moment to cool the room before bed, then turn it off and continue through the night with just a desktop fan on is enough.


This is tiny - Height (mm)622mm.


I had this delivered Monday. I put the hive in the bedroom (away from the unit) and have a large bedroom. The room was 31.6 degrees and within 4 hours it had dropped to around 25. It now keep the room between 23/24, which isn’t cool, but isn’t the oven it was. Worth the money in my opinion to be able to sleep 😴

Air conditioning re gassing £40 at Halfords
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Air conditioning re gassing £40 at Halfords
Halfords offer a £40 re gassing service. Which is a flat rate and also due to new regulations have to check the system is not loosing has first. This is a flat rate so no matter ho… Read more

If you've got air con (cold button), use it when you need it, then periodically throught the colder months. If it's climate control, set your temperature and leave it on. I owned a Volvo for 18 years from brand new, never turned the climate control off and never had to regas it!


Don't have to leave it on . But I'd run it for 5/10 minutes every two weeks at minimun to circulate the lubricant . I use mine even in winter anyway to demist the windows .


No, just for 10 mins or so once or twice a month (even in winter ) is sufficient to exercise it . Think I said that earlier in the post .


This is basically what Halfords told me today. So it's true to leave the AC button on throughout the year then?


My mistake, I was getting confused with global warming potential. Regardless, I was referring to the increased cost of regassing, but thanks for the information.

ATS euromaster aircon recharge £34.99 / £33.24 w/code  @ Groupon
Refreshed 14th JulRefreshed 14th Jul
Just got an email from groupon for this deal. normally £55 but now £35 - Also try using code SECRET25 for £33.24 Depending on your local ATS you might get someone who is helpful … Read more



Complete con. I got mine done a few weeks ago in Gateshead and it worked fine for a few days. Used it again yesterday and it's no longer working. They claim to check for leaks before doing it but they clearly don't. Going to contact Groupon and see if I can get a refund.


Avoid the Urmston one, said I had a big leak somewhere mentioned the condensor but really was just having a stab in the dark and it would cost £400 wtf!! bloke didnt even put the caps back one just left em under the bonnet. Useless.


Read back what you’ve said


Despite the negative reviews, they did a great job on mine. Even included a free anti bacterial recharge as it had not been recharged for a while.

Air-conditioning recharge £29.50 at ATS Euromaster with Groupon
Found 25th JunFound 25th Jun
Air-conditioning recharge £29.50 at ATS Euromaster with Groupon
Groupon are offering an air con recharge for £29.50 through ATS Euromster. The cheapest I've seen locally is around £55.
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Tool mine in last weekend. No problems.


Anyone had any problems with these? I had a strange experience. As I was leaving my car, I was forewarned by the two people behind the desk that if the air con stops working in a month or so, don't blame them. It's probably a leak. I get a call an hour later. They tell me they can't do it because there's a leak and I'd need that repaired (which they don't do) before having it regassed. I took it to Halfords today and was told there is no leak, it's all fine. In the end I just had Halfords do it and will get a refund on the voucher. Just seems very strange the way they acted beforehand and then declaring there's a leak when I've now been told there isn't one.


Now here, but more expensive?


No longer available, £49.99 on Group on


How do you use this in conjunction with Quidco or voucher cloud please?

Arlec  5000 BTU Slimline Portable Air Conditioner was £225 now £150  Homebase
Refreshed 25th JunRefreshed 25th Jun
Best price I've seen in the market, £150 down from £225! Available for home delivery and reserve & collect. Heatwave coming next week....!
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I've had a few of these things and they seem to vary. One I can hear a sound like water running when I switch it off (like you I drained the condensate) another occasionally makes a howling noise on startup which then goes away. Still others I can't hear any refrigerant noises. My fridge/freezer makes a range of noises, from whooshing (which I assume is the refrigerant boiling) gurgling etc. The f/f uses R600a which I read can be noisy. Anyway, so far no problems so assuming it's fairly normal. Most fridge manuals suggest these noises are fairly typical, so I expect similar to apply to air con, though it would be nice for it to be quiet.


Not sure if anyone is still monitoring this deal, but I have a question about this unit and portable AC units in general. I've had a few before and the compressor sound was quite noticeable, however this one seems to be silent in that respect and no vibrations which is nice, obviously it has fan noise but it's just a moving air sound which I don't mind so much. What is bothering me thought is I can hear the refrigerant gas going around the heat exchanger/condenser or whatever it's called, it's not loud, but noticeable. I guess its the gas heating up and moving around, it's hard to explain but like water? but not sure if it's normal or not and does anyone else who has this model or any other portable AC unit notice this? I've never really noticed it before as my last units had loud compressors. It's nothing to do with actual water, I checked all that.


Bedroom down to 18c, quite happy with that. Just the right BTU for this room. I've had a 12000BTU before but in all honesty overkill will cause the compressor to constantly click on and off more than it should if the room is too small.


Just picked one of these up for £150 in Homebase, for 5000BTU it works VERY well, I tried it in my living room and bedroom and a noticeable difference within 10 minutes, the only gripe is that the pipe is 150mm!! I need to make quite the hole in a wall. It's very well made and a perfect size for a bedroom. It's pulling 487W flat out from the wall which is close to what I use in the winter on my Delonghi Bambino oil filled radiator incidentally This looks very similar to the current Currys "Logik" branded unit, probably the same OEM And they are 5000BTU. Still undecided on trying the CPC 9000BTU unit, wonder if anyone has tried both.


I think the drain is more for if you use it as a dehumidifier, then there will be a lot more water, if you live in a damper place that is.

Igenix IG9901 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, 9000BTU £229.99 at Amazon
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Igenix IG9901 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, 9000BTU £229.99 at Amazon
£229.99Amazon Deals
Even cheaper than the recent deal at £239.89. Great little air conditioner. Condensate gets evaporated through the vent hose so no need to drain off. I paid £286.99 … Read more
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I have 3 portable units and the Igenix is the quietest. Having said that I do not sleep well with it running due to the noise. I find it best to seal the room as best as you can and run it to cool the room before going to sleep.


Ceiling fan works well, cheap to run and no vent but I guess this is cheap so hot for that.


These are too noisy to sleep. Leave your window open, Squire


Yes, unless sweating like Satan's ball sack is your peferred method of sleeping (y) (devil)


Do you need more than a fan in this country? At home anyway.

Car Air Conditioning Inspection and Service with Re-Gas at KP MOT Centre £21 @ Groupon (New customers only)
LocalLocalFound 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Car Air Conditioning Inspection and Service with Re-Gas at KP MOT Centre £21 @ Groupon (New customers only)
£21£2516%Groupon Deals
At KP MOT CENTRE based in Manchester. Cheapest I have seen it in the north west bargain price. While you wait Service too. Call up and book by phone not online.

Good post,welcome to the from me for price..


Sorry I’m new to this first time posting a deal


Great deal but needs to be marked as local really


Call 0161 6374823 to book. Got me in same day when booked in. Not sure what there schedule must be now. Got good reviews online Facebook etc.

PRO ELEC PEL00460 9000 BTU/h Air Conditioner £191.94 CPC Farnell
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
PRO ELEC PEL00460 9000 BTU/h Air Conditioner £191.94 CPC Farnell
£191.94£238.8020%CPC Farnell Deals
Currently the best price by a small margin I can find for a new unit of this output. I seem to recall these sold out quickly when the hot weather hit last year, I think they only … Read more

Anyone know what size the vent pipe is on this, tempted by one for the living room. Just bought the Homebase one for the bedroom and its 150mm!


yeah would have been nice if your website had some kind of stock counter means I wouldn't have received an email saying the product was no longer available post order and now missed out on the alternative I had debated upon. Safe to say you guys aren't on my Xmas card list going forward


Hi - Can this be expired please? - We're out of stock on this Unit now. Thanks :)


Assuming this has an IR/RF remote, then yes with something like a £30 broadlink RM pro and a cheapo android device, and then add your own custom alexa commands.


I have a similar looking unit as OP with a pipe out the window, very noisy but it's amazing when it's a hot day! One day i'll get a split unit with an outlet in the bedroom and in the lounge but for now these types of units will do. I tend to turn it on 2 hours before bed to bring the temp down, then set a timer for 1 hour after I fall asleep.

Igenix IG9901 9000btu Portable Air Conditioner £239.89 at
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Igenix IG9901 9000btu Portable Air Conditioner £239.89 at
£239.89£259.998%Costco Deals
Good price on a compact air conditioning unit. I paid £286.99 for this a month ago. Buy one before the next heatwave when they all sell out.
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£289 now :(


Good price for this unit, especially compared to Amazon. Don't worry about stock, Amazon will just whack the price up to £430 when time comes. That should stop it selling out.


thanks Chuggee





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