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Igenix IG9703 Portable Air Cooler - White £88.43 @ Stuff
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Igenix Portable Air Cooler with Remote Control and LED Display, Oscillation Function for Home or Office Use, White IG9703. Three fan speed settings 7 hour timer setting and th… Read more
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Worth checking Amazon Warehouse, I picked up a damaged box Pifco one for less than £30 recently.


I brought the mentioned model for £62.69. They have increased the price to 72.


Thanks. Found them. There are a few under £100.


Hsd online MYLEK Remote Control Portable Air Cooler £62.69


Can i ask where and what you brought

Logik LAC07C19 Portable Air Conditioner 7000 BTU - £228.99 delivered Currys PC World Business
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Includes window kit Keep your home comfortably cool with the Logik LAC07C19 Portable Air Conditioner . If you're struggling to sleep on warmer nights, the air conditioner has a … Read more
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That's good to hear. Ordered one the other day. Does the hose kit fit any type of window?


Just collected one from curry’s, it’s brilliant. Neat and modern looking. Ice cold air coming out, powerful. Of course it’s noisy but unless you get a split unit for over a £1,000 installed where the condenser goes outside, you’re obviously going to hear it running. Absolute bargain for £229.


It has one 150mm exhaust and one to drain water which is much smaller. The water one does not need to be connected if you are happy to drain every now and then. I haven't drained mine yet. There is another one similar to water drain but I don't think it is documented anywhere, the purpose of it.


Sorry spec say Exhaust hose and Hose inlet is this twin hose system?


Don't suppose you have any idea how long the hose is? Just wondering if I might need to order a slightly longer one 😋

Inventor Magic 12.000BTU Portable Air Conditioner heating and cooling £355.99 @ amazon sold by Inventor Appliances.
216° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
12.000BTU 5-in-1 multi functional air conditioning unit with AUTO, COOL, DRY, FAN and HEAT functions a good price i thinkl
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No, I kept it way I got done as it works like a dream. Just be careful with your set up as the pipe cranks down outside- see manual as it could block airflow


Hey @PawelZarzycki did you try setting it up with the ceiling air extractor by any chance? I saw through the photo you posted that you ended up replacing the glass, but I was interested in knowing your findings regarding the ceiling air extractor. I have a similar situation, floor to ceiling windows, can tilt it but it would mean more noise during the night from a busy road next to it, so I would rather use the ceiling air extractor (120mm)


All installed properly through the wall and it works really nicely, cools my room right down, the noise doesn't bother me as I am used to google home's white noise when sleeping. Sleep mode is nice, it keeps adjusting the A/C on an off with 1c as well, alternated between fan mode/air con. Only issue atm is that there is some rattling with the top grill that sits on top where the fan blows out, will try some cable ties later on. Just need to patch up the wall and seal with silicon and done! (y) The a/c is on a deep pile carpet btw. I couldn't get the hole perfectly lined up with the a/c unit unfortunately, it is off by about 40mm and it was an absolute pita to drill these bricks, i don't want to do it again with my Dad's 20yr old drill and this cheapo core drill bit I bought. For anyone who wants to do this, either pay a plumber or buy a really good core drill and bit so it goes through like butter!


£459.99 now lol 27c + next week


Mine arrived yesterday and I'm rather impressed, I've had an ecoair portable AC 3 years ago and I returned it shortly after I got it, it was incredibly loud, and while this is by no means quiet, it's a lot more manageable than I thought it would be, I measured 48 decibels with a phone app from a distance I would usually be away from it, only thing that would make it better would be if it had smart capabilities

New Breeze 9 Air Conditioner with Remote Control (9000 BTU version not 7000 BTU) - £315.99 @ Wayfair
171° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
This Klarstein New Breeze 9 air conditioner gives summer heat the cold shoulder and leaves the high temperatures outside, letting you find a temperature that you can really relax i… Read more

There are in general two types of 'air con', 1st type is more like an air chiller, where a water tank (requires refilling) is used to chill the air, which increase humidity in the room, and chilling ability is kinda poopo, but they are much cheaper (those around £100-300). 2nd is compressor type air condition, where no water tank is required, instead a hose is needed to vent out hot air. Those are MUCH MUCH better at cooling the air, but the unit itself are generally physically bigger, and more expensive (£300-£2000). This is from my research before buying a compressor type air con last month, I am not an expert, so people feel free to correct me.


Looking to buy an aircon but know nothing about them - what makes this one better than the ~£100 ones everywhere - even on the same website. this one looks nicer, but whys it better than cheaper variants?

jrw Not sure on install cost but I have this unit:


Which company did you purchase from and how much of the £1200 was installation cost? Thinking of getting a fully installed system as well.


Looking to buy one of these, is this a good model or brand?

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Igenix IG9901 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with Cooling Fan - Used - Very Good £99.48 @ Amazon Warehouse
109° Expired
Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Igenix IG9901 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with Cooling Fan - Used - Very Good £99.48 @ Amazon Warehouse
9000 BTU if not happy send it back Used - Very Good read descriptions worth a try 104.83 Used - Like New also
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A phone call might get you 20% off ? As long as you are happy


Not even bothered right now. True to igenix word not only did they post them without question and completely free they also sent it at light speed as they arrived today.


Nice perhaps amazon might give back a discount for you to get a relpacement Remote (y)


And with a shocking turn of events, I contacted igenix asking if they could supply replacement parts which I would see if amazon could refund the cost of. Igenix said they have the parts and would send them out completely free. That's some excellent customer service from igenix so far


They're willing to refund the money for postage just an absolute pain having to deal with it myself after they have sent an item with broken parts and missing parts. It's a bloody large item. It's gonna cost over £25 for me to do it and they'll refund it once they've received it but surely this costs them more to do it this way and is an utter pain for me to have to arrange considering who screwed up.

Air Con Regas £35.95 with code via studentbeans or £40 without code @ Kwik fit
35° Expired
Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Air Con Regas £35.95 with code via studentbeans or £40 without code @ Kwik fit
£35.95£4010%Kwik Fit Deals
Anyone looking to regas their aircon ? Do you have children aged 16 or over ? Register your childs school e-mail account with and you can get discounts fo… Read more

UPDATE - 6 weeks later and the air con still works fine.


This is still available, and to update all, my air conditioning is still working fine since having them do this at this price.


Took my car in today after pre paying £35 on line. They took my keys, put the kit on it that takes an hour - same kit as in the video link I put on this thread, I sat and waited, they tested the result - ( because if it did not work they were going to immediately refund me) - it all worked perfectly, gave me my keys and a computerised invoice for the work and off I went. No one tried selling me anything even though my handbrake was faulty and my rear number plate bulb holder was missing.


Kwik fit and good deal in the same sentence (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Air con has nothing to do with summer - so I will not bother commenting. Enjoy your ATS deal that you preempt......can I have next weeks winning lottery numbers while you are at it

Simoniz Car Air con refresher and trim black at Tesco, Milton Keynes (Kingston) - £1
222° Expired
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th FebLocalLocal
Simoniz Air con refresher, worth a try at £1. Back to black bumper and trim reduced from £5 to £1.50. In the reduced section near the pharmacy at Milton Keynes Tesco (Kingston)… Read more

This is good stuff I use it two or three times a year gets rid of the smell of cheeseburger and chips from my kebab shop visits


Very true, this only masks it for a few months. But, if you don't have time/money for a regas, for £1 this does the trick.


Nasty smells is usually mould in the hvac system so this may only mask it, a regas would boil off any moisture killing the smells but you may require additional parts to fix any leaks.


Oh, i thought it was a air re gas type of thing..thanks


And dont do the same mistake I did and didn't switch my AC to recirculate the air! One can wasted! (fierce)

Pre-Reg Vauxhall Viva SE 1.0 5 Door Air Con Edition £7995 (Delivery miles) @ WJ King Group
437° Expired
Posted 18th Oct 2019Posted 18th Oct 2019
Pre-Reg Vauxhall Viva SE 1.0 5 Door Air Con Edition £7995 (Delivery miles) @ WJ King Group
£7,995£10,05020%W J King Group Deals
Because this is a Vauxhall I genuinely expect this to go cold BUT for genuine value for money, 5 doors air con etc I think this is a good buy personally. NOTE THIS IS THE SE AIR… Read more
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Ours is 4 and still going strong... :-)


Parts cheap but needed replacing very often. So no long term saving.


It won't last 3 years


Had an SL for two years with heated seats/steering wheel. Brilliant little car and drive really well. Only sold it as our first child arrived and the boy space was non existent. I didn't pay much for it brand new (assuming they've gone up over the years).


Ok I'm looking for a city car but with all the nice bits such as navigation parking sensors etc. I want a very small car. Can anyone help me with some good deals ?

Davis and Grant Air Conditioner A007G-05CH 5000BTU £71.99 Groupon
278° Expired
Posted 30th Sep 2019Posted 30th Sep 2019
Davis and Grant Air Conditioner A007G-05CH 5000BTU £71.99 Groupon
£71.99£79.9910%Groupon Deals
I know this will only do a small room but i thought this was still a brilliant Price for a proper AC unit and will save you a small fortune when trying to buy one in the summer

The house soaks up the heat. Got my bedroom down from 29°c to 21, and the cold air was great. I couldn't justify mounting an expensive external system for the maybe 20 days a year it might be used, gathering rust the other 345. The portable units work if set up correctly, albeit inefficiently. In a warmer country definitely go for an external unit.


If the air drawn in is cooler then you might be better off with a fan in a window as they're cheaper to run. I'm thinking of this year's heatwave where it was something ridiculous like 35C indoors and 33C outdoors. On days like that it's best to seal your house as best possible then use a dual hose unit to cool the sealed in volume of air.


If the air drawn in is cooler then you might be better off with a fan in a window as they're cheaper to run. I'm thinking of this year's heatwave where it was something ridiculous like 35C indoors and 33C outdoors. On days like that it's best to seal your house as best possible then use a dual hose unit to cool the sealed in volume of air.


You're right, portable air conditioners are inherently inefficient, but in the UK, even on warm summer nights, it's usually cooler outside, so the air drawn in is cooler. I have a portable air conditioner. It's quite effective at drawing the heat out of a hot bedroom on the very few nights it's necessary, then stored in a cupboard most of the year.


As with all single hose portable air conditioners, this unit takes cool air from the room, dumps heat into it to cool itself down then pumps it outside. In doing so it creates a mild vacuum which sucks air from outside into your home through any cracks. This makes them super inefficient and while they'll cool a local area they'll make the rest of your home hotter. Unfortunately dual hose (use outside air to cool themselves) or window units are rare as hen's teeth compared to minisplits which require drilling holes in your wall. Us renters just can't win.

£5 off a Service 10% off MOT / £5 off Air Con Re-Gas with Voucher Code @ Formula One autocentres
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Posted 2nd Sep 2019Posted 2nd Sep 2019
£5 off a Service 10% off MOT / £5 off Air Con Re-Gas with Voucher Code @ Formula One autocentres
195Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Code Description SEPT195 £5 off a service SEPTMOT19 10% off… Read more
Read More

This people are unprofessional


The one in my home town is crap................


used them at the weekend as my service light was on, £5 off code and 4% or was it 8% quidco, can't really complain, booked it online they serviced it next day by late lunchtime. Just say no to any special oil or wheel alignment phone calls they might give you while they have the car.

Philips AC2889/60 Connected Air Purifier - £259.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 28th Jul 2019Posted 28th Jul 2019
Philips AC2889/60 Connected Air Purifier - £259.99 @ Amazon
£259.99£40035%Amazon Deals
Fast: captures 99.9% of bacteria in 1hIdeal for allergy sufferers: removes 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pet hair and pollenApp controls the air purifier with advice on a… Read more

Picked some up super cheap on Ebay, it's worth keeping an eye on the prices because they can vary a lot


Lots of links about,search for "Xiaomi air purifier 2s" ...random Ebay link . There's also a cheaper version without the LED screen but with the same WiFi functions


Yes, the air is noticeably cleaner and less congested after use. It has a gentler impact on smells, which maybe related to the thinner activated carbon filter (@Jaybeam) but it's a genuine 3 stage HEPA filter for £72. It improves air quality definitely which is what it's designed for, wouldn't recommend for people who produce a lot of smells. (y) I use it in a small room 15ft x 15ft. Appreciable benefit takes 15-20 minutes and continuing over time. I tend to put it on for a few hours here and there, after vacuuming, whilst using wood burning stove, or just when the air is feeling 'muggy'. On the lowest setting the sound is unobtrusive and low wattage so I leave it on to keep turning the air over. I have had black mould in the room, used the Levoit after cleaning that off (with masks on etc), it hasn't come back and I trust the HEPA filter is working. I did some research before buying and the HEPA filter did well in tests catching pollutants - better than Philips.. Looked into CADR ratings which is basically how quickly it turns over the air (clean air delivery rate), so relates to coverage and airflow. The Philips has a CADR of between 179 and 211 cfm, the Levoit CADR is 110 cfm. So it's just a bit over half the "power", but even at £260 the Philips is nearly four times the price, is a lot bigger, noisier, and running costs are high as it consumes more power and filters are expensive. But the Levoit (the model I listed) is only designed for a small room (or to use in proximity, in a larger room). I think for a 15ft x 15ft room it's great. Bigger room and I'd look at their next model up or a Vax. The Levoit appear to be being honest in their claim of 129ft² coverage, which I'm exceeding just a bit (but it's OK). Philips however claim 79m². That's 850ft² or just under 30ft x 30ft. Unlike CADR, this figure is not independently tested, it's the manufacturers claim, which Which? just regurgitate (had a look) - and that reminds me not to pay too much attention to Which?, and given the CADR (Which? don't specify that either)... I doubt it! TLDR / Levoit seem a good honest brand. Works nicely in smaller rooms, more for air purifying than combatting odours. Ideal for someone who wants an air purifier but doesn't want to spend a lot and wants low running costs.


Exactly, worth reading a bit and understanding cadr rating. But even then need to know that cadr is tested at highest fan speed, so should really go as high as possible.


Tried the bigger levoit sent it back. The low speed doesn’t move enough to be effective and I couldn’t sleep with higher speeds. Also the amount of charcoal in the filters is laughable. The honeycomb is not even half full, probably the reason that even spraying air freshener ( which incidentally is toxic) and waving nail varnish around the air intact didn’t register. This small one is not big enough to do anything in a normal size room. Unfortunately, the claims of most “air purifiers” is over exaggerated. You have to spend a lot of money and move a lot of air to be effective

Air conditioning unit 9000btu £154.99 delivered
-87° Expired
Posted 26th Jul 2019Posted 26th Jul 2019
Air conditioning unit 9000btu £154.99 delivered
Thought this was an amazing price for the current summer weather. Use the site wide code 'SAVE247' Also has free delivery. Only bad thing is the up to 7 days waiting time. Also 12%… Read more

Got mine delivered the other day. Really like the size of it and the weight isn't too bad. However am surprised that the fan is pretty noisy. Even at low I couldn't sleep with it (without AC cooling on). Still a really good price, will have another go before the 16 days to see if I want to keep it or not.


Code 'PICKUP20' brings it down to £79.99... had to buy one at that price




The hose isn't quite long enough. Could anyone recommend a longer hose that will fit this unit?


The unit itself is identical it's the cooling capabilities that differ so will take slightly longer to cool a room down vs the 9000 BTU unit but at £89.99 it's worth getting, i picked another one up for the upstairs @ this price (y)

Davis and Grant Air Condition Unit - £169 Delivered @ Groupon
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Posted 25th Jul 2019Posted 25th Jul 2019
Davis and Grant Air Condition Unit - £169 Delivered @ Groupon
Air conditioning unit plus use code welcome for 15% off

Mine arrived and it works pretty well. Medium sized double bedroom and it cools it down nicely. Yes its fairly loud but only on par with having the 2 fans going we had on before. Its not the worst noise its certainly worth putting up with and i sleep alot better being cool cuddled up with the wife rather than laying apart sweating and turning all the time. Well worth the money although i assumed it would be even more cApable of cooling than it is but hey its a bottom end ac unit not a 3k integrated one


Thanks for replying. Much appreciated (y)


Yes should be there I think I took front off and looks like it’s made to fit there hope that helps


Thanks. Could I ask if you found polystyrene around the vents on the front ? Some have and not sure it should be there. Thanks


Works good

electriQ SILENT10 - 9000 BTU Quiet Air Conditioner (rooms up to 25sqm) £309.92 Next Day Delivered @ Appliances Direct
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Posted 25th Jul 2019Posted 25th Jul 2019
electriQ SILENT10 - 9000 BTU Quiet Air Conditioner (rooms up to 25sqm) £309.92 Next Day Delivered @ Appliances Direct
£309.92£37918%Appliances Direct Deals
Seriously considering this, it's too warrrrrmmmmmm! Decent price considering you can get it for next day delivered with a 60 minute time slot. Quiet operation Small and … Read more

Dodgy company


Just looked as I was putting it away - it is a 9000BTU unit. Maybe it has a better type of gas in it to cool things quickly?


Dont know what you are talking about. I am using a 9000 BTU in a large master bedroom and it cools the room down very quickly. Feels cool within 2-5 minutes and the temperature drops from 31 to 25 in just 10-20 minutes.


I had the Vida 9000 BTU one from.ebuyer for a week, it didn't touch the room temp in a 4.5x4.5 so I'm sending it back


Yes, i know exactly how they work, and i do own one.

Amcor SF8000E Portable Air Conditioner £209.93 Delivered at Appliances Direct
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Posted 11th Jul 2019Posted 11th Jul 2019
Amcor SF8000E Portable Air Conditioner £209.93 Delivered at Appliances Direct
Could have done with this the past few weeks! Suitable for rooms up to 18sqm. Worth noting this is same price on ADs sister site, Aircon Direct. ALL-IN-ONE AIR CONDITIONER … Read more

I'm sending mine back. I contacted appliances direct in the hope of a replacement, but apparently this is the normal operating volume I literally had complaints from the neighbours


£329.97 now! talk about take advantage of the weather! lol


Showing as £279.97 now


Look it up for yourself....lazy


How much dues this cost to run and what's its efficiency?

Simoniz 150ml Car Air con Refresh spray £2.50 INSTORE & ONLINE (Free C&C) @ Wilko
185° Expired
Posted 8th Jul 2019Posted 8th Jul 2019
Simoniz 150ml Car Air con Refresh spray £2.50 INSTORE & ONLINE (Free C&C) @ Wilko
£2.50£4.5044%Wilko Deals
Reduced from £4.50. Found instore at Cannon Park, Coventry. Also available online with free click and collect. Have seen this at Asda for £4 and Poundland for £3 over the past wee… Read more

Just ordered so back in stock


This is useless, my car smelled worse after I used this.






Is it anti-bacterial or not?

£5 off Services 10% off MOT £5 off Air Con Re-Gas with Code @ Formula One autocentres
-36° Expired
Posted 1st Jul 2019Posted 1st Jul 2019
£5 off Services 10% off MOT £5 off Air Con Re-Gas with Code @ Formula One autocentres
G15Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Code Description JUL195 £5 off a service JULMOT19 10% off MOT 5OFFACRG15 … Read more
Read More

Definitely don’t go to them, rip off merchants to the highest degree


Worst company I have ever dealt with. Find faults that don't exist. AVOID at all costs.


I can 2nd that, they will always try and rip you off avoid and warn others.


Go in with a car, go out with a scooter. Plus they will make you pay £1000 for it. Rip off merchants

Vida 7000BTU Mobile Air Conditioning Unit - £159.99 at Ebuyer
210° Expired
Posted 28th Jun 2019Posted 28th Jun 2019
Vida 7000BTU Mobile Air Conditioning Unit - £159.99 at Ebuyer
£159.99£199.9920%Ebuyer Deals
Rated Voltage: 220-240V Rated Frequency: 50HZ Product size: 330 x 680 x 280 Refrigeration: R290/140g Rated input (cooling): 785W
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It's safe to say that guy sucks even more .


Sounded like you where describing my ex-gf for a minute. (shock)


I'd avoid all portable units as most can't be regassed Purchased a couple over the years never learned my lesson. When the units start failing to cool a few months after warranty expires. I then find out it's not possible to regas these cheaper units. The more expensive ones do have the ability to regas. So yes they're cheap but think of it spending your money on something that'll last a couple years


Living in London, buying one of these smaller air con units a few years ago was the best thing I ever did.


Got a couple, other brands though. Very noisy but got used to it. Didn't make a huge different but nights were comfortable. As I switched to a larger room, had a proper split unit fitted with heating and cooling. Whisper quite now. The portables came with cut out foam for extractor flu and to seal window. Also needed regular water draining.

Vida 9000BTU Mobile Air Conditioning Unit - £182.44 @ eBay / Ebuyer
51° Expired
Posted 28th Jun 2019Posted 28th Jun 2019
Vida 9000BTU Mobile Air Conditioning Unit - £182.44 @ eBay / Ebuyer
£182.44eBay Deals
Mobile air conditioning unit. Much better than the air coolers that require constant topping up with ice and water. Free delivery too!

Even cheekier now due to the heatwave we've been having the price has been increased to £240 on their website & £275 on their Ebay !! (lol)


Probably only 12 months


Does it come with any warranty?


was about to buy this with the code, but the code is expired... it is getting hotter now.


Yep I figured, unfortunately in this case it almost nullifies the voucher.

Comfee Air Conditioner 7000BTU [28.06.19] £199 @ Lidl in-store
257° Expired
Posted 27th Jun 2019Posted 27th Jun 2019LocalLocal
Comfee Air Conditioner 7000BTU [28.06.19] £199 @ Lidl in-store
Comfee Air Conditioner Output 7000BTU Energy efficiency class A 755 watts Suitable for room size up to 25m² Size: H70.3, W35.5, D34.5cm Temperature range from 17C – 35C 2 sp… Read more

Bought two today, after borrowing a 9000btu unit for a week, these 7000btu just take a longer to cool but I am impressed. I just want it bearable on hot days not after really cool 21/22 celcius is great when it is high twenties outside. Got to reasonably seal outlet window and close doors. I use couple of pieces of white hollow soffit board cut to fit opening n cut 5" hole in it. I will probs make an inlet pipe and fashion a velcro on adapter to feed outside air to it like the more expensive n more efficient two pipe versions.


Hi I have been looking at the comments about the comfee 7000 and am confused because some said that the unit is only for room size 25 cubic metres but the box states upto 70 cubic metres.Can anyone clarify please


Can it be used as just a fan without ac aswell?


7000BTU is about the same as 2kW so, if a 2kW heater is enough to keep you toasty on a cold day, this should be enough to keep you cool in the heat.


We have economy 7 meter aswell but you can still have a single rate tariff as we do. All you do is supply your day and night meter reads and they bill all your usage at the same rate. We've been doing it for years, no need for a meter change.

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