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Posted 15 July 2023

Smarty 1 Month Contract - Unltd Min/Txt, EU Roaming, WiFi Calling - 100GB for 12 p/m // Unlimited Data for £16 p/m (£12 for Social Tariff)

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100GB Data, Unltd Min/Txt, EU Roaming, WiFi Calling - £12 p/m

Unlimited Data, Unltd Min/Txt, EU Roaming, WiFi Calling - £16 p/m

Unlimited Data, Unltd Min/Txt, EU Roaming, WiFi Calling (Social Tariff) - £12 p/m

Possible £12 cashback via Topcashback Premium if you go via Uswitch (except Social Tariff)

Minute/Text: Unlimited Minutes/Texts
Network: Three
Contract: 1 Month

  • No credit check
  • Unrestricted tethering in the UK
  • No speed caps
  • EU Roaming
  • All plans include WiFi Calling to supercharge your signal

100GB Data, Unltd Min/Txt, EU Roaming, WiFi Calling - £12 p/m


Unlimited Data, Unltd Min/Txt, EU Roaming, WiFi Calling - £16 p/m


Unlimited Data, Unltd Min/Txt, EU Roaming, WiFi Calling (Social Tariff) - £12 p/m

Who is eligible for the Social Tariff plan?Anybody who is in receipt of income-based employment support, income-based job seekers, income support, pension credit or universal credit are eligible for our SMARTY Social Tariff.

How do I check if I’m eligible for a Social Tariff plan?SMARTY have teamed up with DWP to provide validation for receipt of benefits. You can use our short form to provide your details which we can share with DWP to validate you are in receipt of the eligible benefits and therefore are eligible for the SMARTY Social Tariff.

How long does the SMARTY Social Tariff plan last?We complete validations checks at least once every 12 months. On checking, if we find that you are no longer in receipt of the eligible benefits, you will receive a notification confirming that we are migrating you to a standard plan available at that time, which will be at no higher cost that the SMARTY Social Tariff.

Smarty More details at

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  1. andywedge's avatar
    No need to go via Uswitch. I've added the direct links
  2. durhamdurham2017's avatar
    Smarty has been brilliant for me coming from EE. Signal is the same and the price is a steal. 4gb for a fiver
    gump1031's avatar
    Same here, went from ee to smarty and coverage has been far better. Peak time performance is also better on smarty as well. I get over 300mbps down in my office in Exeter as almost any time of day. Ee would drop to less tha. 10mbps during the day while doing 250mbps in the early morning.
  3. MrPinchPenny's avatar
    Good prices, but 3 network, I swore never again
    one_eight_seven's avatar
    PSA: get a PAYG SIM for a network you’re looking to moving to before you commit to them long term, opt in to one of their bundles/packs/whatever and test for a week or two. It will cost you £5-20 and save you a lot of headache!
  4. sashablue's avatar
    Have the unlimited data only SIM in a router.I was seeing great speeds until "We are working on masts in the area" .As it's a rolling contract I'm prepared to wait until the speed goes up again.(Not everyone will I appreciate that). (edited)
    GothBoy's avatar
    If it's like the "We are working on masts..." situation near me expect it to last at least 5 years. There's still no useful data throughput on 4G+ here and there hasn't been any above 100-200Kbps for about 8 years. 3G+ was the fast option (up to 4Mbps) until 5G started this year at up to 450Mbps. Sadly, 5G is now having "mast issues". I'd move from Three if there was another option than Vodafone. Ironically voice is excellent via Three, as is signal strength on all bands.
  5. shutsy2003's avatar
    12GB EU roaming let’s it’s down for me
    Cleggstar's avatar
    Id mobile seems to be the best with 30gb EU roaming with unlimited SIM which can get via useitch £15 pm
  6. Otto.uk's avatar
    Hi guys, what router would you recommend please?
    sashablue's avatar
    I got a refurbished Three Router from an Amazon seller.Its 4G+ L.t.e class 19.Hope that helps
  7. rj2023's avatar
    I am thinking of buying one of these for a trip to Spain in September - has anyone any experience of using these abroad? What network will they attach to in Spain?
    caroleburt's avatar
    I can’t remember the Spanish network but worked with no issues in the canaries.
  8. flykiller123's avatar
    Smarty is also on Barclaycard cashback rewards for those interested. £15 cashback offered for first £10 spend. This will be stackable with other offers . Offers differ per customer x
  9. rincage's avatar
    Run all my home internet off a smarty unlimited SIM with a 4g router. Works really well and cheaper and faster than the fixed line broadband I had before.
    OhTheMajesty's avatar
    Do you run a data only sim, or get the cheaper unlimited data sim that includes unlimited calls and texts?
  10. FlyingLlama's avatar
    Went to Smarty from EE and it's been bang on so far for me 3 months in.
  11. samsmith66's avatar
    Great price, bad network, especial countryside and indoors. For me. (edited)
  12. rj2023's avatar
    12GB will be more than enough, it's more the calls and texts I need, and this seems like a great deal.
  13. sb99nufc's avatar
    Which network do they use please? Want out of virgin/vodaphone asap!
    TheBlueRaja's avatar
  14. Thackers's avatar
    Is it possible for me to get a smarty sim from a shop and then activate today rather than wait for delivery
's avatar