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Posted 17 May 2023

soundcore by Anker A3i Noise Cancelling Earbuds - £32.99 @ Amazon

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Thumping Sound: Thoroughly enjoy pure sound and powerful bass thanks to 10mm oversized drivers and BassUp technology.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling: The Bluetooth earbuds block and filter out all distracting noise to keep you fully immersed in your favorite music, games, audiobooks, or podcasts.

AI-Enhanced Clear Calls: 4 dedicated microphones and an AI algorithm enable you to speak with extreme clarity even in noisy spaces.

Up to 36-Hour Playtime: A3i noise cancelling earbuds last for 9 hours on a single charge or 36 hours with the compact case when ANC is turned off. When in ANC mode, get up to 24 hours of non-stop playtime or enjoy 6 hours of listening on a single charge.

Soundcore App: Choose from 22 EQ settings, customize your sound profile, or switch between your preferred modes within the Soundcore app.

Transparency Mode: Keep your ears open to what's going on in the world around you while still enjoying your favorite songs.

Charge Fast: If you require extra juice, fast charge A3i noise cancelling earbuds for 10 minutes and enjoy 2 hours of playback.

All-Day Comfort and Light: Long playtime is matched with comfort and lightweight wireless earbuds, making them suitable for extended wearing periods.

Instant Pairing: Effortlessly connect A3i noise cancelling earbuds to a paired device the moment they are taken out of the charging case.

Bluetooth 5.2: The latest Bluetooth technology ensures better connection, faster transmission speeds, and lower power consumption for smooth music playback.

Solo Bud: Take either earbud from the case and use it conveniently for music and calls.

Water-Resistant: Equipped with IPX5-rated protection to withstand sweat, rain, and water splashes.


Driver size: 10 mm x 2

Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Impedance: 16 Ω

Bluetooth range: 10 m / 33 ft

What's in the Box

Soundcore A3i Noise Cancelling Earbuds

S/M/L Ear Tips

USB-C Cable
Amazon More details at

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  1. 0103953's avatar
    Have these and love them. The shape looks a bit odd but they are actually quite comfortable and fit snugly in the ears so don't stick out much. Noise cancellation was surprisingly great and reduces the majority of the background noise of the train when commuting (the actual noise from the train running on the lines)

    A tip for anyone who uses these. Create a custom EQ profile and use the following settings. I found this when reading a review on the headphones. Sorts out the treble and sounds alot better than the default EQ profiles they have.


    Frank.Rizzo's avatar
    For God's sake man, charge your phone!!!
  2. Lil6ix's avatar
    I have these got them for £28 from a deal on here excellent buds would recommend.
    amillstone's avatar
    Echoing this. Got these from another deal and love them. Great sound quality and the ANC is good. Battery lasts ages too.
  3. dancingmeggy's avatar
    These are brilliant, totally block out the plane sound when flying which is what I wanted them for
    tinfoilhat's avatar
    I'll buy then. thank you
  4. stevogums's avatar
  5. Beast4romDaEast's avatar
    This or the A1 version for the gym?
    Beast4romDaEast's avatar
    The A1 is IPX7 but without noise cancelling and A3i is IPX5 with NC
  6. greenlump's avatar
    Query that hasn't been resolved from a (quick) Google search, do these have wear detection?
    Frank.Rizzo's avatar
    No, they don't.
  7. k7gixerboy's avatar
    Can anyone give me an idea which is better please? These or the P3i's below?

    delboy0007's avatar
    Just got the p3i for my birthday last week, they are great. Via the download app you can see how much battery and change the sound settings for personal use
  8. Paperinik's avatar
    Got a pair of these and they are really good quality, still play around to figure out what's the best eq settings, but they are small enough to fit inside the ear without bothering me even with an helmet on and sound is crisp. Any suggestions on eq settings?
    0103953's avatar
    I made a suggestion earlier in the thread for EQ settings.


    I find it way better than any the default EQ profiles. Hope that's helps.
  9. tinfoilhat's avatar
    what's the noise cancelling like on these please?
    hukdjps's avatar
    It's like..."What? I can't hear you speak up"

    Then you take them off and it's like .." Why are you shouting so LOUD"

    Very good
  10. gaijintendo's avatar
    I bought a third pair, these are brilliant. Especially for the price. I use the transparency mode and my partner being able to get my attention is a marriage saver. Buying in case I lose one of the other sets.
    ChildofChaos's avatar
    There is an even better mode on these, it's called noise cancelling, will improve your own personal relationship with your wife even more.
  11. Andrisakins's avatar
    Cold, they wont work anymore after washing them in 40 degrees for 2 hours 🫣 (edited)
    morrig's avatar
    But clean and wax free.
  12. Suede's avatar
    Thought they were boxing gloves by the main (small) picture!(embarrassed)
    Sho_Nuff's avatar
    Same here. We can't help it if we're pugilists.
  13. sorin_matei's avatar
    Do they stick well in the ear or come off easily?
    Frank.Rizzo's avatar
    I imagine that's more to do with the individual than the buds. Mine fit much better in my right ear than my left.
  14. gaijintendo's avatar
    One other thing, these are almost alright to sleep with. Not perfect, but bybfsr my best set for relaxing sounds when I'm having a bad time getting off to sleep.
  15. stevogums's avatar
    Took delivery of the A3is yesterday and have to say they are superb for the money .Sound quality is a huge improvement over the A1s I've got.
    You will not be disappointed with these air-buds .
  16. Jworsley's avatar
    This is genius: the 'Frequently Bought Together' pairing on Amazon implies that they block out snoring.

  17. Mrepg's avatar
    Bought a set to try
  18. JasonWells's avatar
    Lol, seriously thought these were boxing gloves for a minute
  19. stevogums's avatar
    Also took a punt on these reviews on YT are decent and I've had my A1s for just over 2 years now.
  20. emontes's avatar
    Got a sony wf-1000xm3, they sound great but battery is appalling. How's the battery on this one?
    0103953's avatar
    I'd say around 6+ hours without noise cancellation and 4+ hours with noise cancellation on. Battery case holds alot of charge and is quick to recharge the earbuds
  21. degsie's avatar
    Just-Blondie's avatar
    They’re back on, just ordered some
  22. taffyjock1's avatar
    Impressed with my Q10 and Q30 cans, still yet to find inears that make reasonable calls as the microphone is just too far away.
  23. vimar's avatar
    How do these compare to the ASUS ROG Cetra?
    stevogums's avatar
    I would think you tube may give you some info .
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