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Spotify Premium Family Philippines (6 users) only £2.82 - (£0.47 pp/pm).
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
I know this is posted alot and it's very hit or miss wether or not it works. It took me several attempts with PayPal just to get the card to link but eventually it does work :D . … Read more
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i keep getting the exact same same message. We’re sorry. We weren’t able to complete your payment or set up pre-approved payments. Please try again later. Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay. can anyone advise on how to get past this ?


Alternatively message me if you have two accounts you wish to sell


I'm unable to connect to the ph PayPal's account I created with my revolut card, keeping getting this error message when I log into paypal "We're sorry. We weren't able to complete your payment or set up pre- approved payments. Please try again Later". Any suggestions on how to fix this? I am on nordvpn Indonesia 3


If anybody has any slots could they please message me (y)


Is anybody using this method for longer than 3 month? I would like to understand how this works over time when signed up in a foreign country but using it here in the UK with a UK IP or do I have to VPN constantly to the foreign country of my choice?

Spotify Premium + Headspace only £4.99 a month for students
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
I think this was posted a couple of months ago but didn't get the expose it deserved, just found it myself today great deal for students.
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honestly nobody cares man


You used to be able to use NUS cards but that was removed because it was outdated and UNiDAYS took over, now Spotify has switched to something called 'SheerID' where you need to submit student ID.


My stereo cost 2,500 20 years ago, I am not a dog, but I can easily hear the difference between CD/LP as it fairly dramatic. I give you that the difference between streaming formats may be small but I still think its noticeable. The phone may be budget but has a better DAC than most.


Any idea how you can get this? No details and link only takes me to Spotify


At £5pm Spotify is well worth it, even as a complement to your own music library. It is worth it for the music discovery functions / content alone, and then there's Spotify Connect, which I find incredibly useful (to the point that it sometimes wins out over streaming a flac to my hifi, through sheer convenience). I've also found it difficult to find a reliable solution for streaming at full quality from my home server to my phone (I struggle by with Plex and CloudBeats), and the options for this I haven't tried cost more than Spotify! I currently miss it very much, as I've been using 6 months free Apple Music, which is way less flexible, and I find has a less comprehensive library. Also Airplay just doesn't sound as good as directly streamed content, though this may be my hi-fi's fault (which would be sad). I'm about to sign up again using their 3 months for £9.99 offer. At £10pm I start to wonder whether I could just get by without it, so I'll have to look into a family plan.

Spotify - Get 3 months of Premium for £0.99 (new accounts only)
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Grab 3 months of Premium for just £ 0.99 . Play music ad-free, offline and on-demand. Offer ends soon. Offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Offer ends 31-Dec-201… Read more

Is this always on offer? My new car has Spotify so was going to use that. But at the moment I'm just getting same quality songs off the net 320kpbs. But with that I have to load my MP3 each time I add new songs. Spotify would be easier worth it for 99p but not £10 a month. Was going to sign up. Set playlist as public so that each time I setup a new account I don't lose my songs


If you cancel the day you sign up, does it automatically drop you down to FREE straight away or do you still get the benefit of the 3 months that you already paid 99p for?


Just got this on mine... Thanks OP


I cancelled before October 2018, got this email, and Bob's your aunt 3 months of premium for a tenner. Just can't get to grips with Apple music despite having a few free months of that left... (embarrassed)


Just wanted to add this isn't necessarily for new accounts. I got this email and it states "Offer not available to users who canceled Premium after October 16, 2018. Offer ends December 31, 2018."

3 months of Spotify Premium for £9.99 (email offer possibly selected users only)
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
This is no interest to me as I have Deezer for £4.99 a month but I thought I'd share it anyway Works out £3.33 a month, for 3 months (I think you have to pay the £9.99 all at once… Read more
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ThNk you kindly (y) 🏼👏🏼🤪


Music is the BEST -F. Zappa


Good to know. Thanks for taking time to explain. Don't mid paying £9/3m TBH. So long as its not £10/m - got to be mad to pay that.


-create new Spotify accounts (using different emails), then just copy your playlists. -there is always a 99p for 3 months Spotify deal (or similar) on somewhere - just Google it Same with Taste card - google 'free trial Taste card'........Free Amazon Prime 1 month trial can be had by simply registering with a new email, then cancelling subscription, etc...etc.....


99p for new customers not having had premium before. £9 otherwise. Not sure why voted cold. I posted same thing last week with mixed reviews. And there is a third post also before mine..

Spotify premium 3 months for £0.99 (New customers)
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Spotify premium 3 months for 99p
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Yes just done this


Just signed up. Can you cancel straight away and still use for the next 3 months?


this is what happens to me and and have used all the cards in the house aswell


I tried with a new email but they still told me I was an existing customer. Do they check payment card details too?


Tempted to go for this although I think I've had a similar offer many years ago. Hopefully a new email will work. Also how does Spotify compare to amazon music? Which I'm finding totally rubbish as I like others to do my playlist for me lol.

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Spotify - Come back to premium 3 months for £9.99
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Come back to Spotify Premium 3 months for £9.99. Only £9.99/month after. Offer not available to users who canceled Premium after 16-Oct-2018. Offer ends 31-Dec-2018. Terms apply. … Read more

I think ill pass on this one, I'll just make a new account and get 3 months for 99p instead.


Wow this is really nice to see them offer something for existing / past customers nice one Spotify :) Thanks OP too (y)


Spotify itself is free. What you're alluding to is a cracked version of the Spotify app that will, temporarily give you some of the premium features until Spotify update their app and the cracked version no longer works. In the meantime you're having to install an apk that could be of dubious origin. I've tried them before and gave up. So no thanks given. I'd rather set up an overseas account through a vpn and invite a few friends to join the family plan - everyone gets the full premium experience for a fraction of the price.


Because you can get Spotify for free there.


Huh? "ac market"? Why would I be thanking you?

Spotify: Get 3 months of Premium for £0.99 (new members only)
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Get 3 months of Premium for £0.99.Only £9.99/month after. Cancel anytime. Offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Offer ends 31-Dec-2018. Terms apply

If you sign up to the 99p a month for 3 months £9.99 premium, and really wanted the family account £14.99 a month, if you change your account during the promotional period how does it affect the offer? I don't suppose it's as simple as them adding £5 a month for the first 3 months?


:/ Problem is with region


dont have an alexa but works fine with my Nvidia shield and denon amp


Any chance to make it work with Alexa ?


Thanks for the intel about tweakbox - I see you can get it on android - but one thing; can you use it to stream to Sonos. I have a Play 1 - lovely sounding speaking but massively infuriating that I cannot listen to my music freely on it.

Free Google Home mini with all Spotify Premium Family Accounts
Found 12th NovFound 12th Nov
Sign up to Spotify Premium Family(£14.99/m) and get a FREE Google Home Mini. Ts and Cs Spotify Premium Family can be used across 6 devices, and everyone gets individual accoun… Read more
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Misleading from Spotify saying US when the promo banner has a £ sign before the price halfway and a $ one only at the bottom


Agreed. It’s a shame companies don’t treat all customers the same regardless of where they live but . Fair play to Spotify for offering it to existing customers, too often it’s ‘new customers only’ with deals like this.


Gutted... Hope the deal comes to the UK soon.


Doesn’t work in the UK


"We're sorry, but only family plan master accounts in the United States are eligible for this offer.". Cold.

Three months of Spotify for 99p for students
LocalLocalFound 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Three months of Spotify premium for 0.99p for students
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Spotify no longer use UNiDAYS which sucks it's something weird called SheerID and you need to be in university with a university ID.


Is there a way of getting a myunidays account without enrolling on a uni course?


spotify no longer use myunidays


Want to keep all my music in one place so I'm not wanting to constantly keep switching streaming providers.


Blimey, is there anyone out who actually pays for a music streaming app? I've gone from 6 months free Apple music with EE, to a free 3 month trial with Amazon, to 3 months with Spotify for 99p, back to 3 months free with Amazon via Groupon, and now another 3 months with Spotify for 99p!

FREE SPOTIFY PREMIUM 60 DAYS! (New Customers Only)
Refreshed 28th OctRefreshed 28th Oct
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Solved! Reading back through all the posts a bit more carefully there was mention of not using the same payment card/paypal account. Although I created two new email accounts to register for this deal, I'd used the same Paypal account as I'd used previously for a Premium trial so it as obviously being picked up at the payment point! Just used a card instead of paypal and the 60 day trial was accepted. Now to set a reminder.


anyone know when this deal ends? cant see a date. Id ideally like to sign up around the 4th November


I I still get the 60 day promo landing page using Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers..are you using Chrome? Thought that may be why its not working for me i.e. the deal is over but just tried chrome and seems ok...


See my posts above. Link no longer valid for me and cannot find ANY reference to a free 60 day premium account


I've tried with two different email accounts now, went through paypal but when I look at my subscription it tells me I'm on Free and would I like to upgrade tp Premium for 60 days free? Anyone else have any issues actually getting the deal?

Students! Get Headspace free with your Spotify subscription! £4.99/Month
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
All us students can get Spotify Premium for £4.99/month. However, today I found out that we can also get headspace premium for free bundled together. All you need to do is follo… Read more
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Anyone get this to work with premium subscription linked to a Vodafone contract? Can verify my student status, but doesn't seem to want to "merge" the two account types.


Nice!, sounds interesting, no bad, thanx. :-)


Headspace is an awesome managing your mind better with different themes. It is a guided meditation app which may sound totally hippy dippy but it helped me get through and survive some of the worse years of my life as my even kit doing gten mins of meditation a day you are literally rewiring your brain in a more useful way. MRI scans Nd research have proven it surprising. It gave me a more grounded, calmer repine and experience to anything that is going on around you. Sounds hippy but does really help. Even when ( especially when you think ah, cannot do, or I have to keep bring myself back to follow the meditation as I am thinking about this, that and the other. They have some cool little animations that explain it better than me. Anyway, just ten mins away can make big difference to how you experience life in my... experience. You just have to keep doing it everyday. Whatever is going on. My friend started at 5 mins now does 2 X 30 mins a day, getting up earlier to do it


What is headspace? (never heard of it?). Or am I the only one in the World that genuinely has no clue as to what the hell all that is ... lol.


Apologies, misunderstood...... From what I remember last time I renewed, If you have access to a uni email address, you can get the discount......

Free 60 day Spotify premium new accounts
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Spotify 60 day free promotion deal featuring Paul McCartney. This offer is valid to new Spotify accounts, so you need create a new one by signing up with a fresh email. You can … Read more

deal ends in 2 days - Friday 28th September


Now you got caught, it's a "joke" 😄


Can you do the old "move the dot" in the email game to get a new account?


You clearly don't get jokes, do you?


Anyone know what quality this is equivalent to in MP3 terms, or maybe even wav? Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a) Channels: Stereo Sample rate: 44100 Hz Bits per sample: 32

Spotify Premium for Students 3 months 99p / Spotify Premium for 60 days free  (new accounts) @ Spotify
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Spotify have just launched a promotion for students, giving 3 months premium Spotify for 99p (new account). Cancel aftter the 3 month period to avoid ongoing monthly fees. For th… Read more
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Working for me on non rooted


Do you need a rooted phone for the cracked APKs to work? Not working for me on stock android.


I want to pay by PayPal and i get message We’re sorry. We were unable to set up pre-approved payments. Please try again llater Any solution?


Why don't I get the option to pay with PayPal? I've registered Turkey Spotify but when it comes to payment NO paypal


Not entirely true. There was a ban wave, whereby Spotify banned or atleast booted a lot of accounts out of the cracked APK's.. it seems though that since then, they've not done it again so the mods are working again. It's really no secret where to find the APK's.

Spotify Premium Free for 60 Days (New Accounts only)
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Free spotify premium for 60 days via US Spotify site for new account holders. Time me to make a new account I guess. ;)

If Anyone has 2 spaces on Spotify family...let me know please. Thanks


I PM'd you no reply.


Why not get Spotify++ from TutuApp?


I love Spotify and when used with echo's to create an 'everywhere' group it's amazing. The family membership is excellent value at £14.99.


Do you still have a spot available? I'd like to join. Thanks

Spotify £1.57 / Spotify Family £2.35 per month (Via Turkish VPN) Guide @ Spotify
Refreshed 13th AugRefreshed 13th Aug
Lot of people looking for a cheaper Spotify option. If you have a VPN that has servers inTurkey, you are in luck! Beware, this is a bit of a process, so definitely not for the f… Read more

Sold all mine sorry. Someone else might though. Good luck


Hey there! I would love to join your plan. I from Germany, but I guess that should be no problem (cheeky)


Thats one gone and I still have three avaliable if anyone wants in! (y) XD


Yes please - how do we sort it out?


I have space in my family account if anyone is interested at all?

Spotify Premium - Come back to Premium 3 month for £9.99
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Come back to Spotify Premium 3 months for £9.99. Not available to anyone who cancelled premium after 15/4/18. This Re-Engagement Offer is limited to those users who subscribed to… Read more



If only that was true wewtwewt. I'm constantly losing young staff, due to the housing problem. I therefore work with them to try and find a way that they can one day afford a property.


Totally agree past 3-4 years I was hardcore saving buying only what I need, now that I bought my first house I can splash out on unnecessary crap I don’t need but I don’t even do that I’ve learnt to budget. Prime example last week I went into a costa to claim my free Wuntu coffee the guy in front opens his banking app and has minus £900 yet spent £7 on coffee and sandwich?


I’m ok with using my brothers Spotify account (lol)


I actually completely agree with this, and I'm a millennial that bought a house 11 months ago. I have an oldish phone with a cheap sim only contract, I drive an old car, I don't by designer clothes and I eat out very rarely. I also have friends on similar money to me who have the latest phone, drive a nearly new car and are always out drinking at weekends. They also complain that they don't have the money for a deposit! Cancelling Spotify by itself won't make any difference on it's own at £9.99 a month, but multiple cut backs on luxuries (which is what they are) can quite easily add up to make a huge difference.

Spotify: Get 3 months of Premium for £0.99 (new members only)
Refreshed 16th JunRefreshed 16th Jun
Get 3 months of Premium for £0.99.Only £9.99/month after. Cancel anytime. *Only £9.99/month after. Offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Terms apply.

I've just got an echo dot, I am on Amazon unlimited music for now does Spotify give you the ability to add songs by voice to playlists seems a silly restriction to get you to use Amazon unfortunately now you can't locally store songs on Amazon won't persuade me to stop my dual system with my pirated mp3s


It doesn't give me the deal.


EE gave me 6mths free Apple music including free streaming data. I found the ui was lousy and slow. I cancelled it within a week. Spotify is miles better.


v Captune app ;)


How you get it for free?

2 months spotify for £1.99 with Playstation
Found 29th AprFound 29th Apr
2 months spotify for £1.99 with Playstation
New accounts only, but you can make an account with a new email. Will auto renew so make sure to turn that option off.

Care to share where the link for this is? Cant find it. Thanks


They are generally either 'stolen' or shared accounts. Or part of the family option which allows 6 users for £15 a month, so you are buying one of their slots.


How do the 1 year subscriptions on ebay work?


Is there a way to get this from mobile or pc? I have a psn acc but no ps4


Didnt work for me either....created a new email but cant change my ps account for obvious reasons!

Spotify Premium 60 days free trial (via Spotify Australian website)
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Spotify Premium 60 days free trial (via Spotify Australian website)
Link may suggest it's for MS Groove customers only but in fact it isn't. I used VPN to change IP to Australian and to create new PayPal account, linked my card with it. Then new S… Read more

I don't think we need to know that! :o


Well my EBay/Paypal were set up in AU ;) still have my Aussie address on the eBayaccount (y)


🇦🇺 hear i come.


Won't work without VPN or a quick hop to Australia. A bit of a convoluted method imo.