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Spotify Premium - Come back to Premium 3 month for £9.99
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Come back to Spotify Premium 3 months for £9.99. Not available to anyone who cancelled premium after 15/4/18. This Re-Engagement Offer is limited to those users who subscribed to… Read more



If only that was true wewtwewt. I'm constantly losing young staff, due to the housing problem. I therefore work with them to try and find a way that they can one day afford a property.


Totally agree past 3-4 years I was hardcore saving buying only what I need, now that I bought my first house I can splash out on unnecessary crap I don’t need but I don’t even do that I’ve learnt to budget. Prime example last week I went into a costa to claim my free Wuntu coffee the guy in front opens his banking app and has minus £900 yet spent £7 on coffee and sandwich?


I’m ok with using my brothers Spotify account (lol)


I actually completely agree with this, and I'm a millennial that bought a house 11 months ago. I have an oldish phone with a cheap sim only contract, I drive an old car, I don't by designer clothes and I eat out very rarely. I also have friends on similar money to me who have the latest phone, drive a nearly new car and are always out drinking at weekends. They also complain that they don't have the money for a deposit! Cancelling Spotify by itself won't make any difference on it's own at £9.99 a month, but multiple cut backs on luxuries (which is what they are) can quite easily add up to make a huge difference.

Spotify: Get 3 months of Premium for £0.99 (new members only)
Refreshed 20th MayRefreshed 20th May
Get 3 months of Premium for £0.99.Only £9.99/month after. Cancel anytime. *Only £9.99/month after. Offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Terms apply.

Accidental glitch from using new card on existing account. It charged £9.99 so cancelled. It gave me 3 months for £9.99. Good glitch if you want to use same account.


Get a revolut premium account gives you virtual credit card numbers


Random question for anyone clued up on GDPR... If I write to Spotify and ask them to delete all of my payment and email details from their system....would they be obliged to do it? I'm running out of card numbers and PayPal accounts 😁


They may have done in the past. But as of May 25th they will not be allowed.


Nope - tried PayPal a second time as well and the account was declined. I imagine it's just as easy for them to identify the previous use of a PP account as it a card. Regardless of whether you think they're allowed to do it, they have undoubtedly declined my applications for accounts based on payment methods used, as all other details used - emails etc - were different and the only time I had success was when I'd not used a particular payment method previously.

2 months spotify for £1.99 with Playstation
Found 29th AprFound 29th Apr
New accounts only, but you can make an account with a new email. Will auto renew so make sure to turn that option off.

Care to share where the link for this is? Cant find it. Thanks


They are generally either 'stolen' or shared accounts. Or part of the family option which allows 6 users for £15 a month, so you are buying one of their slots.


How do the 1 year subscriptions on ebay work?


Is there a way to get this from mobile or pc? I have a psn acc but no ps4


Didnt work for me either....created a new email but cant change my ps account for obvious reasons!

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Spotify Premium 60 days free trial (via Spotify Australian website)
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Link may suggest it's for MS Groove customers only but in fact it isn't. I used VPN to change IP to Australian and to create new PayPal account, linked my card with it. Then new S… Read more

I don't think we need to know that! :o


Well my EBay/Paypal were set up in AU ;) still have my Aussie address on the eBayaccount (y)


🇦🇺 hear i come.


Won't work without VPN or a quick hop to Australia. A bit of a convoluted method imo.

Spotify Premium FREE for 60 days - new users only (via the Spotify German website)
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Use Google Chrome to translate if needed. Cancel subscription after signing in. 60 days free stays.

This deal has expired. Now back to the regular 30 days


I used my card not paypal on the mobile website did not ask me for a post code or address.


So long as the paypal account and card have not been used to register previously, it should theoretically work the first time round. If you encounter an error and you get a 30 day trial instead...the card that you have used in that instance will not work in my experience...hope that helps...


Didn't get any errors...used a credit card and google chrome as my browser to help in translation ... My premium service seems to be back on as well, so am guessing that it must have not updated itself from the previous expired login...happy days :) problems with download quality which someone seemed to have mentioned


Interested to hear how someone has got this working with a UK card? It's voted hot, but can anyone actually confirm with steps how it is a valid deal for UK customers?

Spotify Family (6 users) only £2.82 - (£0.47 pp/pm) via Phillipines
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
(party) Here we are with the 3rd VPN streaming service deal this week then! (party) You want to listen to My Heart Will Go On even when you're offline but its too d@#n expensi… Read more

Wtf?! I finally managed to work out how to transfer playlists from my old account, so I could bring over all my old music, and then the app limits my downloads!! It says that I have to remove tracks hehe I can download more and that there is a 3333 dying limit! That's sh*t! The only reason I want premium is to access my music offline. Why should I have to pick and choose which tracks I store on my device?? As much as I hate the idea, I think I'm going to have to move to deezer 👿 This is ridiculous! I had 30gb of music downloaded to my phone on Google play music with zero issues


managed to get this going, got a spot on the family membership if someone wants to take it just PM me.


Converted to USD. and tried it multiple times using all above methods and still no luck :( Could someone do it for me?


You should try and exchange the first payment amount into USD or EUR in the Revolut app


What's the exchange trick?

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Spotify Premium Free 60 Days For New Accounts
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Saw Spotify offering 60 Days free premium instead of 30 Days usuals. Worth making new email id for this

looking for a family plan to join if anyone is setting one up? :)


wondering the same. I could be tempted to set one up if I can get enough interested people.


30 days only now, Deal needs expiring. Anyone got a family account i can join?


So if you do a family set up and the master user (person who pays the bill) creates the email addresses and password for email - with the person who gets the account changing the email password for security then all the email addresses are at one household. so say etc then surely this is an easier way to ‘share’ a family account


Isnt it just easier to create an alias within your regular or fake email account?

Spotify Premium 3 months trial 99p (new members only)
Found 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
This offer has been run and posted previously but I can't see it at the moment. 3 months Spotify Premium trial is 99p for the 3 months period instead of £9.99 a month. Offer on u… Read more

I already have 3 slots filled it and if you wish you can join in.


3 months comes to an end 31st march & i'll be downgrading to free. Will be looking to take out premium on the family&friends plan 6 people for £14.99/mnth (so £2.50 each). If anyone is interested then let me know :) (ps. not sure i want to be the person responsible for organising the f&f plan!)


You must have an option to cancel in "account overview" tab.


Now how do I cancel it ? :/


I missed this offer so if anyone needs a 'family' member once this offers done let me know or know how might I get the free no add premium now. Thanks

Add Headspace to Spotify Premium - Free for 3 Months £9.99 @ Spotify
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
The deal for students is even better, add Headspace for FREE for as long as Student Status, just £4.99/month (y) After 3 month period, Headspace is half price at an extra £4.99 in… Read more

Realised this is a repost. Expired.


I tried Headspace but wasn't impressed. It's expensive for what it is. There is a huge amount of free stuff on the internet - including the Insight Timer app, which has hundreds of free guided meditations. If you want a simple app with a few meditations, the basic version of Destressify is free.


"Headspace is a digital service that provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. Its content can be accessed online, or via their mobile apps. In April 2016, Headspace claimed to have over 6 million people using the app."


Yes, Headspace and Spotify are both separate apps though.


What is it exactly?

12 Months Spotify For £90.90 @Spotify
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
If you're new to Spotify then simply take the deal for 0.99p for 3 months (yes, that's 99p for all 3 months! NOT 99p per month) and then pay £9.99 per month for the next 9 month… Read more

You have a link?


Thick as a whale omelette! (party)


I signed up to a Vodafone contract 9.99 a month with 8gb data And got Spotify free for 12 months There are so many similar deals And for me 9.99 is afar too much for Spotify


Why cold though?


nice shot... thanks

12 months Spotify Premium for £99 @ Spotify
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
I use spotify daily and love it, personally find it better than Amazon Music / Deezer but thats personal opinion Get a year of Premium for just £99.00 Save on your year-long Pre… Read more
SuperEd Get dealGet deal

Had spotify for years, and just moved to family deal for me and the mrs as our NUS student deal ended. £15 a month between us is a bargain. Having used other streaming services I don't think any are that close to spotify (apple music is probably the closest imo). Spotify UI is fantastic, and spotify connect is effortless. This week you can now use multi room playback via Amazon Echo's, this is perfect for me as it turns my Echo setup in the house into more like a Sonos system (albeit much cheaper and not as good quality - but thats fine for me). Can play spotify in work, on my phone, in the car, in the house, on a plane with no wi-fi, playlists are very good, radio stations based on genre or songs or artists, podcasts, and most importantly no adverts. How anyone can say £99 for a year of that isn't worth it is baffling to me...


not as good as a philipine account :P


I used to buy an album a week in 1979 when they cost the equivalent of about £10 in today's money. So £10 a month for all this music available on my PC at home and phone when out seems like voodoo to me; adds Voodoo Child (Slight Return) to playlist. I've tried other services but Spotify for me has by far the best software and the integration between the Android and PC version is slick. Still on a deal with Vodafone for 20GB and Spotify for £8.50 after cashback and redemption.


NUS cards are gonna take a hit. I recall a poll suggesting that 70% of people taking out an NUS cards was due to the half price Spotify.


£99 is not a lot of money for "supporting" good quality artists and musicians. But with the so many "short term" promo from Deezer, Amazon Music or Google Play, I can't really get around myself to pay this amount. Afterall, I noticed that I've been listening to the same group of musicians and most of the platform has good coverage of newer songs anyway.... So, no heat or chill from me. Just sharing :)

Three Months Spotify Premium - £9.99 - Spotify (Existing accounts)
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
This popped up yesterday on my iPhone, but didn't pay any attention. If you follow the regular premium link, you should get the offer for an existing account. Feel free to cancel … Read more
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Moderators just changed the link to one I just posted (but got removed for duplicate) Works now, but very cold from old offer....


If I use my facebook account its £9.99 - If I use a random account its 99p


If you cancel after the 3 months do you still have access to what you downloaded during the trial or does the downloaded music become unavailable?


Works for me (y)



Three Months Spotify Premium - 99p - Spotify (New accounts)
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
One for the Spotify fans, and a better deal than the previously posted 2 months for £1.99. The boring part... If you have subscribed to the Premium or Unlimited service or ha… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

You need to log in to the website version, and not using the app. From there, you should be able to click on 'Profile', 'Account', and you should be able to cancel your Premium from there.


(annoyed) How do I cancel my 3 month trail package for .99 cent? And if I can't I will call my bank and void ALL payments to you.


Enrolled mine last night (highfive) Thanks op.(angel)


Any family slots going? all other threads seem to be filled. would i keep existing playlist currently on free version? thanks


thank you!!

Spotify Premium 2 months for £1.99
Found 18th Nov 2017Found 18th Nov 2017
I was looking for a new deal and found this, there was a similar one in the summer, it shows as $2.00 but if you go through it will covert to £ currency, you need to sign up for a … Read more

thanks. worked for me. i have a ps3 but haven't uesd it in ages. i just clicked your link, made new PSN account with a new email address, clicked through, put in the same new email address into spotify, made new account, paid by paypal with a different email address, and a bit more clicking and it's working on my phone and pc etc there's a 99p for 3 month deezer offer too at the moment, so i've now got both


Already done via PSN, so would have to make a new account there too


Thanks OP. Requires new Sony account but hey - that’s the beauty of a Gmail email address.


Just use a new email address


"Open only to users who haven't already tried Premium."

UNIDAYS 50% off Spotify Premium!
22/10/2018Expires on 22/10/2018Found 22nd Oct 2017Found 22nd Oct 2017
50% off Spotify Premium for 12 months, No code needed just log into Unidays find the deal and activate! Good saving for students who regularly listen to Music!

Because a lot of people don’t know about it- see the heat


This is Standard price for students, why is this even a deal?


Ahh thats good then!


Yep! I registered under my education email address which is actually a .net - when you go to sign up, it asks for the institution (highfive)


I do a part time college course so have a valid student pass but don’t have access to a PC so don’t have a Spoke to UNiDAYS support and they accepted a photocopy of my id and registered my account to personal email. Worth trying if you have an id. They don’t accept NUS Id though.

Spotify Premium Half Price Student Discount £4.99 - UNiDAYS
Found 10th Sep 2017Found 10th Sep 2017
Spotify very recently ditched NUS for UNiDAYS. You can no longer get a half price Spotify subscription from NUS, but if you have a UNiDAYS account, you can get it from them now.
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Yeah, they've just stopped me getting 4.99, i'm on nus, not on unidays. Unidays don't accept my place of learning, anyone got a valid cheap unidays supported institution, ideally one that qualifies for nus, studentbeans and unidays!


Gutted I missed out on this - only have a NUS card


How can you get around the university verification though for this?


Yes they have stopped doing NUS discount but if you already signed up with NUS, your discount will be honoured until it expires which I believe is 12 months after you signed up to spotify premium using NUS.


Thanks for the info claire, essentially - when my fee's go back up to full price (£9.99) I'd be happy to "gift" 5 of my close friends/family for the extra £5 per month. :)

2 months Spotify Premium £1.99.
Found 24th Aug 2017Found 24th Aug 2017
I did a quick google and hotukdeals search this morning to find any current Spotify deals and this showed up. and still works , credit to the original poster woldranger https:/… Read more
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This should be unexpired as it still works. Follow these steps: 1. Make sure you are logged out of any PSN/spotify accounts. Close and reopen your browser to make sure (this is for a desktop PC - more effort may be required here if using a mobile phone). 2. Create a new spotify account with an email address you have not used before for spotify or PSN. 3. Click the "get deal" link above and follow the instructions, creating a new PSN account using the same email address used for spotify and linking the two accounts. Use genuine contact details (country, city etc.); at least I did and it worked. 4. You should see that 2 months Spotify is available to you for £1.99 (if you selected UK as your country, dunno what happens otherwise). I pay for this using paypal as I've done this several times now and they don't seem to mind that it's the same person paying for multiple sequential accounts. 5. Go into your account settings on playstation music and disable automatic renewal for spotify (under "media") and delete any payment methods (eg. paypal) in the "wallet" section. This is to avoid getting charged a tenner after the two months are up. 6. You've now got 2 months of Spotify premium for £1.99. Enjoy


Does this actually work at £1.99? Not had a premium account so why is it trying to charge £9.99 😡


Banks now have a system that sends your new card details directly to the businesses signed up with them. Crazy.


"£9.99 per month afterwards. Open only to users who haven't already tried Premium." Does not work for those who have tried premium before.


Page you requested cannot be found :(

Xbox Spotify app coming today - official
Found 8th Aug 2017Found 8th Aug 2017
After a number of teases the last few days, the Xbox Spotify app is officially coming today. Works with Spotify free and premium and includes background music

It will be on featured or recent apps if your scroll down on the store page it doesn't come if you search it


Not showing on mine, have reset etc


No Spotify sub required


Do you need a sub for this or can you use free Spotify


Anyone tried this today? Haven't played my Xbox in ages but stuck Spotify on and tried playing Forza 6, it seemed to struggle 😳, music kept breaking up and stuttering, the moment I paused the game- it was perfect... haven't tried it with any other games though.

Spotify Premium 3 months for 0.99p
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
This just popped up on my Facebook feed. I think it may have been on HUKD about a month ago, but with only 7 days left, might be worth a reminder. Needs to be a fresh account.
Get dealGet deal

No, they pay that a month. I know as I pay my daughters each month


Just signed up for 30 day free trial, cancelled immediately. Could come in handy for a BBQ with the Google Chromecast plugged into the surround sound.


I signed up to try spotify for 3 months for 99 cents. Now my face book has charged me $3 for what I don't know, something need to happen and all the ads that I am getting on facebook but it needs to stop and I want my money back. I will wait for my refund


yup i would say so


Link now says "Try Premium free for 30 days. Only £9.99/month after.*" Expired?

Spotify Premium 3 months' offer £9.99 (For those who've tried Premium before)
Found 31st May 2017Found 31st May 2017
3 months for £9.99. Better deal exists for those new to premium. This would however be suitable to those who've had Premium previously as long as it was cancelled before 15/4/17.

I contacted them to ask about this but they just told me they don't give a **** :)


​Doesn't that require an entirely new email address and new account overall?


Why not just start a new membership up for 99p? I do this every few months...


Usual spotify website hassle keeps reverting to US site then saying zip code not valid. Clearly says UK at the bottom of the page but click on it and it gives the option to choose country, I choose UK and next page is 3 months $0.99 went round in circles with this last week I'm now giving up.


Nice one, cheers. Will let it run a month and get 4 months for £20, if only they'd charge that normally and I'd happily pay for the rest of my life.