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Nintendo eShop Sale : Thumper £3.99/ Darksiders II £10.99/Battle Chasers: Nightwar £10.49/ MO:Astray £5.69 & more
Posted 17 h, 23 m agoPosted 17 h, 23 m ago
Matching the previous low price for the game. Description Thumper is rhythm violence – classic rhythm-action, blistering speed and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Br… Read more

Made by one of the guys from the fearsome noise duo Lightning Bolt!


Ahhh! I'm waiting on The Mummy Demastered, The Messenger and a few other older titles to show up.


Picked up The Takeover, cheers!


Implosion was good fun as one of the games i enjoyed in the early days of the eshop


Dicey Dungeons is really good. Great for all you rogue like slay the spire people but WITH DICE.

Katamari Damacy REROLL (Nintendo Switch) £3.99 @ Nintendo eShop
Posted 16th SepPosted 16th Sep
Nintendo Switch is ready to roll... Are you? The stop-at-nothing pushing prince is back and ready to reroll! When the King of All Cosmos accidentally destroys all the stars in the … Read more

Royal Rainbow!! 🌈


did this get a physical release? (confused)


Brilliant, it's one game I missed in the ps2 days, thanks


An HD remaster, yes. The main differences are detailed here


Is this a remaster of the original ps2 release?

Filament Nintendo Switch £5.99 at Nintendo eShop
05/10/2021Expires on 05/10/2021Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
The truth is out there. Somewhere. Board The Alabaster, one of The Filament Corporation’s flagship research vessels, and try to wrestle control back from a mysterious complication… Read more
Super Tennis Blas Nintendo Switch £6.74 at Nintendo eShop
05/10/2021Expires on 05/10/2021Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Start your professional career in the World Tour mode, train your skills and become a tennis legend playing on courts around the world. Host couch parties playing tournaments in s… Read more

that was a good game the original


This is a remake of the original super tennis on snes?

Teslagrad Nintendo Switch £4.04 at Nintendo eShop
22/09/2021Expires on 22/09/2021Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Command electromagnetic forces as you puzzle your way through an ancient conspiracy in the steampunk-powered platformer, Teslagrad for Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch . With … Read more
Nintendo eShop Sale : Immortals Fenyx £19.99/ AC III £11.09/ Mario+Rabbids £11.09/Rayman Legends £7.49/Scott Pilgrim £7.79 & more
Posted 14th SepPosted 14th Sep
Matching the previous low price for the game. Description Rediscover the beloved 2D arcade-style beat 'em up inspired by the iconic comic book series and movie Scott Pilgrim vs.… Read more

of course that's an alternative, and provides the added incentive of reselling once complete. But some people also like the handiness of a digital game, no waiting for delivery etc.


Game Collection has the physical copy for £14.95 shipped. Just buy it physically lol.


£15.86 if you fancy changing region to Russia.


I'd like to buy a used copy of Scott Pilgrim physical as don't want to buy digital, or open my sealed physical. If anyone is looking to shift on a physical copy give me a ping.


The game collection have the physical at £15.95.

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Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice (Nintendo Switch) - £17.99 at Nintendo eShop
Posted 11th SepPosted 11th Sep
Hey Ladies! I am not done yet and still dreaming of you in Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Dry Twice. I left New Lost Wages, and had prepared to marry my only true love, Faith. But… Read more

£25 looks like the current best price. Doubt it'll drop but also doubt this will command the same crazy prices as the first release


I would say that the problem with Nintendo was always Nintendo of America, all the Japanese games were always censored by NoA when were released in USA. Then, we were getting the pal editions using the American version as base game.


Didn't know this, that might mean it holds its physical price well, I wasn't too bothered about buying it, but that makes it more interesting if can get it for a good prices. Is arguably on some level an iconic gaming character.


Read that the physical copy was exclusive to Europe, so it's quite rare now since ppl from other regions were also buying it up


Nintendo changed tack since the Wii U. Bayonetta's Nintendo costumes were originally a bit more conservative before Nintendo made some suggestions. Now, they allow more freedom if it fits the content. (not sure we'd ever see Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball Nintendo costumes though!)

Green Hell on Nintendo Switch - £5.62 @ Nintendo eShop
06/10/2021Expires on 06/10/2021Posted 10th SepPosted 10th Sep
75% off. Seems to be for the first time ever. Good deal at this price.

I bought it and played it. I really like it. It plays very well on Switch and it’s exactly what it says it is - a tough but fair survival game. I think it’s quite addictive as well. For the fiver I’ve got great value so far. (y)


I had my eye on it for a while, but never seemed to go below 12 quid, so this was a surprise. Sorry you can’t get a refund. It happened to me before as well.


Thanks. I've seen some trailers and I think I might hold off for PSN sale and get it there. It is seriously temping for 6 quid though.


Bought this in Switch about a month ago, I think, for £12 on the eShop it's definitely worth the price it is now.


Seems to be ok. But I don’t have the PC version. Interesting to see that a new patch was just released as well as some tips on the e-shop news channel. I guess they dropped the price when they had a new patch. (y)

Chess Ultra (Nintendo Switch) - £3.99 at Nintendo eShop
Posted 10th SepPosted 10th Sep
Chess Ultra features stunning visuals, seamless online* multiplayer and Grandmaster-approved AI to offer the ultimate chess experience. Explore an array of intricately crafted env… Read more

I wasn't overly impressed by their puzzles (as a club level player) but others might enjoy them. Generally found their puzzles rather direct and uncreative. The AI is quite good at least and the historic match segment is fun. It's a pain to play offline though because it regularly checks for an internet connection. I also find their sets lovely but distracting as the pieces aren't that easy to make out - it's a pity Chess Ultra completely misses out on a 2D option that was present in the Wii U release. The correspondence-style chess option is great and you can have some good matches there.

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