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Posted 17 July 2023

Suncare Bundle SPF30 5* face sunscreen 50ml + Kyla Hydrating Facial Mist 50ml Free just pay P&P

£3.95 ·
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  1. KoDc's avatar
    shipping £3.95
  2. clavier3895's avatar
    Unless there is a free click and collect option, the deal needs to be amended. £3.95 for shipping. Mods chop chop
    Lloyd's avatar
    Hi we have changed the way in which we display delivery fees, you can find these just under the main deal price. You can find out more info here.
  3. reddeviluk's avatar
    50606786-YsPJf.jpgThese are pretty tiny folks...
    Deal_searcher's avatar
    It does say 50ml. Probably average price for that of delivery cost Vs competitors out there
  4. Kati3's avatar
    I can’t find the ingredients list for them?
    reddeviluk's avatar
    50613127-WrXWY.jpgThis is the cream

    50613127-b3liS.jpgThis is the spray
  5. azzap's avatar
    What’s facial mist?
    Moonmonkeys's avatar
    I think it's where you hit the headboard instead (edited)
  6. bollockskid's avatar
    put off by the reviews, a lot of the products appear to last only a few washes - not even worth the postage it seems
    penguinito's avatar
    Why are you washing with sun cream?
  7. Jayb664's avatar
    Delivery is £3.95
    s_bart's avatar
    That’s where I closed browser
  8. JonDOnnis's avatar
    NOT free as delivery is £3.95

    Just go to Asda and get proper sunscream for the same price
  9. Philmassive's avatar

  10. x80ssm's avatar
    Best to add delivery to title
  11. RedXI's avatar
    Not free. Cold.
  12. sarahelkins's avatar
    Ordered - thanks
  13. jjmmww1's avatar
    Got these with the vodaphone offer but came with a soap as well
  14. samsmith66's avatar
    Shipping is £3.95. Might just as well go to Lidl or Boots and get some suncream.
  15. Sam223's avatar
    love how they try to upsell you and "upsell" is actually written in the URL
  16. lmulli's avatar
    Quite low sun protection at SPF30, only a 50ml bottle and £3.95 postage. Think I'll stick to my SPF50 200ml bottle from Amazon for £1 more.
    DealsRus's avatar
    I don’t think Amazon has a 200 ml bottle for a pound
  17. hackboski's avatar
    Ordered thanks -- pity didn't know about htis earlier before going on holiday!
  18. dparv's avatar
  19. aircub's avatar
    ASDA spf30 spray for £4 came top in a recent WHICH test and actually worked unlike some other brands.
  20. kulcrowd's avatar
    Thanks @pikachu545
  21. Kati3's avatar
    Thank you!
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