Changes to the standard information included in Deal Titles - July 2023

Posted 13th Jul 2023
Starting from Friday, July 14th, we have changed how we list deal titles on our Community deals and vouchers. The Community team will update thread titles to the new format as they are submitted from Friday 14th onwards. More information is provided below.

The merchant name and price are already displayed directly below the deal title, so we can eliminate the need for duplication in the deal title and allow the focus to be on the listed offer. Deal titles can have a maximum length of 140 characters. Additionally, we will begin using the 'Shipping costs' field, which is something you have asked for.

An example below of the new title layout:

And how we did share deals on hotukdeals - with the information listed in the title, and then some of those details are duplicated on the next line in orange text:

The price, shipping cost and merchant name is listed directly below the deal title, eliminating the need for duplication of that information in the title.

Here are some key points:

  • There is no longer a need to include an existing merchant name and the total deal price in the title.
  • New merchants that don't have a merchant name assigned can be added to the title.
  • Sales threads or titles with multiple items can still list multiple prices in the title.
  • For contract deals, the total cost should match the deal price, so it doesn't need to be duplicated in the title.
  • The main deal price should not include the shipping cost, if applicable.
  • Shipping costs should be listed in the relevant field. This field can be used for any collection or delivery cost applicable to the deal.
  • Marketplace listings can include the seller's name in the title, but not the platform name (e.g. not 'eBay').
  • Fulfilled by Amazon listings will list the marketplace seller's name followed by 'FBA' in the title (e.g., 'Anker FBA').
  • Subscribe and Save prices can be added to the title and listed as £price + S&S.
  • Amazon Prime exclusive deals - Free delivery can be ticked under £25 (as it applies to Prime members only)
  • Minimum spends can still be added to the voucher title if relevant.
  • UK mainland only items will be included in a merchant banner assigned to all deals for that merchant. For eBay listings, we can include it in the title as it depends on the specific seller.
  • Instore deals already list 'instore' below the title. For store specific instore deals, that aren't national, we can include the specific store location in the title. The general geographic region will display under the title.
  • Digital movies and TV series can be listed as 'Download & Keep' or "Download & Rent' in title to show they aren't tangible items (as some sellers, such as Amazon, may offer both options).

And we hope that using the shipping costs field will help make the deal price breakdown clearer.

Some acceptable acronyms for titles where relevant (and please share any other suggestions in comments for review if they would be frequently used):

  • S&S - for subscribe and save prices on Amazon
  • FBA - for items fulfilled by Amazon but sold by a marketplace seller
  • C&C - if there are delivery options but you want to highlight that the prices / charges quoted related to buy online and collect in store
  • BOGOF - Buy one get one free
  • BOGOHP - Buy one get one half price
  • w/code - With code
  • w/voucher - With voucher
  • yr - Year (e.g. 3yr guarantee / 2yr Warranty - when it’s a non-standard additional benefit)
  • T&Cs - Terms and Conditions
  • FVF - Final Value Fee
  • Prime Excl - Amazon Prime Exclusive

Also wanted to mention deals where there may be currency price fluctuations on a still live offer, if parts of the deal are fulfilled by non-UK countries, particularly for holiday sales or travel tickets outside of the UK, there may be slight price variations for the featured offer on the deal. We wouldn't automatically expire a deal because of this - but the Community team will review the thread if reported.

We aim to be flexible in terms of what is allowed and fully supportive of member feedback. Our goal is to share the best deal title format with our community while avoiding duplicating information. This approach will enhance the layout of deal titles when using the web, a mobile browser, or our app, and it will also enable the inclusion of additional deal information within the title.

TL;DR - The community team is responsible for making necessary edits, and members can hopefully have a better experience when sharing deals.
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  1. pirate1's avatar
    There doesn't seem to be any sense to separate the postage cost like this, particularly when it's hardly visible compared to the price without. Why would people be required to calculate the total cost themselves?
    The highlighted price should be the total everyone pays, otherwise it just appears misleading and only of benefit to retailers
    Mydealz_Barney's avatar
    Actually that is exactly how we are handling things on mydealz: We have the final price which includes shipping and an additional entry for the shipping costs in isolation. That way you can see that in some examples the price per item is actually much cheaper (say for example a chocolate bar), but the shipping costs make it appear expensive. This solution also shows that it might make sense to buy more than one piece.

    I am surprised to learn that the UK will handle it differently. If the price shown is not the total price anymore, the percentage saved over the price comparison will be way off in some cases.
  2. mike279's avatar
    Glad I'm not the only person saying that the new format of displaying the postage as a separate cost is rubbish and makes it look like something is a good deal until you then add another £3/4/5+ onto it. Needs reverting back ASAP as it's unclear on how much something is. The total cost is the only thing relevant when scrolling through deals.
  3. hi0parag's avatar
    A very regressive move to mislead people by not showing the final price to be paid ..Hiding shipping fees in a separate field and making a person to mental maths on every deal is a very bad idea.

    The one thing I liked about HUKD was the full price disclosure
  4. Discotech's avatar
    If shipping is part of the price, show it as the full price, not 2 separate prices we have to work out what the total is, what an awful change
    Sigma's avatar
    Hi we have found more community members asked for price to be split, rather than combined. To make use of all the fields available on the deal submission. Customers who make online purchases understand what an item price + shipping breakdown is, and so we can also display the various shipping options available.

    Since the change on Friday we've had far more comments and PMs saying we like this, rather than those asking to go back to the pre-change total price and ignore certain fields on the deal form.

    Retailers list their goods for sale with an item/product price without standard shipping included in that featured price, then the customer selects shipping or collection options (often 5/6 options available) during checkout

    You go to George and there would be no expectation to see that airfryer listed as £28.50 in the main featured deal price - so following the same expected layout on hotukdeals makes it easy for any member, including new community members, to immediately understand what the total cost is - as its the standard retailer price split too (edited)
  5. dcx_badass's avatar
    Can you confirm what's transparent or easy to use about the below. The hottest deals highlights makes no mention of postage and shows a price that's not in any way available, it's flat out fraudulent.

    50662753_1.jpg (edited)
    Sigma's avatar
    Hi please see my earlier replies regarding the mini hottest deal list - one of them linked below…676

    As mentioned with the old format sometimes only 1 or 2 deals displayed the merchant name as there isn't a defined merchant field. But it's only being raised now by a few members, not before the title change. but as I've said I have raised a request with the product team.

    Also as I previously recommended - the 4 hottest deals of that day are very limited and don't reflect fast moving deals (and not something members reported before as needing the merchant even when only some of the deals showed it in title). Honestly if you are genuinely interested in, and want to view the stand-out deals, we would recommend setting your landing page to For You…540

    post above gives more information and advice on settings for both, but if you would like any further help please review comments in the main For You thread…108

    Lots in information on settings and what deals you will see. It's very popular with the community with many of our members subscribing and the team work hard to make the results relevant to you personally rather than 4 random hot deals based on the previous 24 hours
  6. DealHunterChaos's avatar
    This new system is not very good for the consumers who use this website. It makes two deals look very similar until you read the grey price "small print".

    Nice the delivery charge is shown but it is not particularly user friendly and only relevant to separate if there is a pickup option.
    Mr_HDD's avatar
    They're not listening, they claim the majority of HUKD'ers prefer this new system.
    Funny how I've seen a single person on any thread agree with them...
  7. bozo007's avatar
    The problem is the font and change in the data field. Merchant name is in a different colour and smaller size making it a bit difficult to quickly understand who is the seller. For me personally, as a fast reader who mostly uses the Android app, a glance at just the title that tells me everything is far more convenient than having to see different fields. (edited)
    Sigma's avatar
    Forum view isn't too bad but I agree the font on a specific deal could be bigger. We queried this and were told improvements are planned with this too. And if our Community share feedback we can pass this on too

    But it should also save time when submitting a deal - example below:


    From Friday 14th:

    And using the delivery field now and showing price of item + price of delivery is much clearer
  8. jco83's avatar
    I'll tell you why you shouldn't have changed to this new way of displaying deal prices - because it doesn't matter if the product can [possibly] be had cheaper, what matters is exactly how much it costs someone clicking GET DEAL and buying that item (by itself) right then and there.

    If something can be had for cheaper by way of *insert reason here* then that's great - an added bonus. But what actually matters MOST to a deal is the "how much to buy it then and there by itself price" that ANYONE can click through knowing that is the final price they will pay (or even better due to *insert reason here*).

    Call it a "worst case scenario price" if you like, what matters is the average Joe knows they won't be asked to pay any more than the highlighted deal price when they click through and go through the purchase process only to find out it will actually cost more than they thought = LOST CUSTOM . LOST TRUST . BYE-BYE 👋

    What the change has done is introduce unnecessary doubt, and risks losing trust.

    That is my opinion. Rant over.
    mrsandmum's avatar

    Amazon EU does not offer free Click & Collect neither do they offer free delivery over a certain threshold.
    I've posted twice from Amazon Germany since the changes and both times I have added the delivered price but they were edited.
    P&P should be included at least for the Amazon EU deals, as they are misleading when comparing with UK retailers (edited)
  9. Sigma's avatar
    HI for supporting information that can be shared in the main description. As a general guide the title format would be product (title and platform for a game deal) - so for your example: Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Xbox One)
  10. Jason's avatar
    Thanks for the feedback. Just to go back to the point made earlier, makes good points about how we reached this decision. .

    We first started talking about making changes about 9 months ago as we knew we did want to change it because we have all of these fields on the submission form and it would cut down the work the member has to do to submit their thread but also the time it takes for the team to moderate. The biggest factor was to simplify the title to make it easy for users to see the product plus the key specs or information without having a big duplication of content.

    The biggest stumbling block was the format of the price. Last year we surveyed many users and presented to them the three options:

    1. Total price includes the product price + shipping and we stop using the shipping option.
    2. Total price is product + shipping and we add the shipping price in too; and
    3. Total price is product price without shipping and shipping option displays the cost to pay on top.

    Option 1 feedback was that it looked like the product was more expensive because of the shipping and sometimes the shipping could be avoided (minimum order thresholds, subs, free delivery codes missed etc) and option 2 was overwhelmingly the least favourite because members told us it looked like the shipping price was on top of the main price which also included shipping.

    The overwhelming preference from surveyed users was option 3. They told us they could easily work out the cost and they wanted to know what the product cost + the shipping.

    So that is what we went for and it tied in with our desire to simplify the title because we could present the costs in the available fields at submission.

    The fact that this is actually a pretty big change visually to the most visited section of our site, we've been so happy with the feedback so far and for those not quite on board, lets give it a bit more time and if there are things you think we can do better in terms of the presentation or format do let us know.
    nimbusgamer's avatar
    What would the title, product price, shipping price be for this made-up deal, which has multiple purchase options?
    £10 doughnut box on 1st May (in-store or £1 c&c/pre-order or £4 delivery) (edited)
  11. nimbusgamer's avatar
    I have keyword alerts for certain merchants that would appear in title, which I find incredibly useful. Will this change mean I no longer get alerts for them?

    On bulky titles, it could be made best practice for titles to use shorter synonyms. Fewer characters used mean more space for actual info.
    [1] via 'code' instead of via 'voucher' / 'voucher code' [EDIT: / 'discount code'] where applicable
    [2] 'select users' instead of 'selected' 'specific' 'accounts' 'customers'
    [3] '20 locations' instead of 'select locations' if locations are easy to count (edited)
    Sigma's avatar
    I have keyword alerts for certain merchants ... Will this change mean I no longer get alerts for them?

    50604426-eEChR.jpg (edited)
  12. chigger1's avatar
    Hi, the recent change to the advertised headline price not including maditory changes such as delivery and other charges should be included as before. This new change has had be going on to deal links and not finding the price shown.

    Please revert to the more sensible previous policy as users should not be duped when using HDUK. Thanks
    Sigma's avatar
    HI, after reviewing the overall positive feedback from members in messages and reports, as well as observing how members naturally complete the deal submission form, there are no plans to revert to the older format. We previously received regular report queries asking why we merged the price with delivery, stating the breakdown wasn't clear, and we should instead use the available delivery field.

    Additionally, titles are restricted to a specific character length, and the new format enables us to share more relevant information without the need for duplicating information. Previously, a significant percentage of thread titles needed to be cropped to accommodate the duplicate information, as many submitted deals didn't include the duplicated information in the title. As a result of these changes, we now find ourselves making fewer edits to members preferred deal titles compared to before the change.

    The delivery information is now clearly displayed both in thread view and list view across web, mobile, and app platforms. This format allows for the inclusion of other shipping options and pertinent deal details within the deal titles. Previously, such information had to be omitted.
  13. EQL's avatar
    There's some feedback about the new deal titles in this deal's comments:…72/
  14. MrAlbert's avatar
    This is a brilliant change and I never understood why people put the price in the title when it was displayed directly underneath!

    Does this mean we can get compact view back? I think one of the reasons given for getting rid of it was no one used it because they couldn't read all the details of if the title
    pirate1's avatar
    I agree that it's nice that the price is left out of the title now, but are you happy that the total price is no longer displayed anywhere if postage is extra?
    It's obviously fine if you are, but I'd be surprised if a majority of users prefer it this way. (edited)
  15. awiew's avatar
    The new delivery charge format is misleading.

    When you see a deal you see the price, and then in small tiny writing you'll see the delivery charge. What's the point in that? Everyone here is looking for good prices and then the delivery charge stated below just kills it. Always unnecessary changes and overthinking from your end. Just put the complete price including delivery charge in the title of the post.
    Whitedot's avatar
    Apparently I'm permitted to agree, so long as it's here and not on a deal. Because that could cost clicks, I guess.
  16. sidesey's avatar
    I’m a bit late to this and never knew it was changing until I commented on a post and it was removed. I can see why it has changed to some extent but it now makes it harder to see an actual deal. That is what I thought this site was for. If we have to have the new system then surely first have total price including postage larger as that is the deal after all. Then can have postage and price without postage if that is what people want.

    Personally it annoys me when I see a great deal on here or elsewhere for example that costs £5. I then sign up to the site put in all my delivery details and get to the checkout and find out it’s £8 postage and I can get it elsewhere with free postage for £7. I won’t use that retailer again. I don’t think I’m alone. I’m not seeing postage clearly on here now so it’s very similar.

    Hopefully some sort of remedy will be found as now a lot of things that seem a deal on first glance are actually not.

    Also is there a way to hide certain retailers? I asked this before but so far I have not found an answer.

  17. innocent's avatar
    Personally don't mind duplication of information, rubs it in better as I am slow on the uptake!
    Sigma's avatar
    You post so many great deals - saving time on each deal could potentially allow you to share even more Also with less 'filler' info search results might improve and potentially produce less random matches. We'll see how it goes tomorrow though and this is a soft introduction - as deals are shared in the new format other members of the Community will be more likely to copy. And if there is a reason to share certain information in the title that is totally fine too. We want to focus on clearly duplicated information. And we've had so many 'yes finally, using the delivery field' comments too when discussing. (edited)
  18. 64bit_Dan's avatar
    Please revert back to how this was before. So many deals now are getting inflated "heat" because the majority of users see the big price shown in orange and vote hot/cold based on that.

    You can see in nearly all deals being posted having comments littered about them voting hot but then noticed the shipping when they got to checkout (as the shipping being shown separately in small grey text is very easily missed).

    IMPORTANT: Remember the main deal pages are feeds, people scroll through them quickly briefly looking at the title and the big price shown and then quickly vote based on that (not small text, like postage). (edited)
  19. HappyShopper's avatar
    As this is now live, does seem much 'cleaner' - just a bit of adjustment on my part to read the second line for info that was previously contained in the title.

    Just wanted to make a suggestion - would it be possible to incorporate the retailers logo by their name in the second line?
    Sigma's avatar
    hi we'll share your feedback with the product team for consideration when planning future updates. Thank you
  20. joshp's avatar
    Love most of the changes, except the price being displayed without shipping. So much more hassle having to try and check each deal if postage is included in the price. Feels a step back
    Sigma's avatar
    We did use a combined price before and left the shipping blank and then would add something like 'delivered' or 'total price' to title (removing character space for the item description). Then members would reinstate or message us asking why we aren't using the delivery field. Plus, I've mentioned another post, that there can be multiple delivery and collection options now - so being able to highlight these rather than having to remove from title is great.

    Pepper carried out a survey at the end of last year and asked the community members which was the preferred method for listing the price. And members first choice was price (in price field) + shipping (in shipping field). And if you buy from any retailer you see the price before delivery options are applied so its the standard layout if anyone has purchased something online - to show a breakdown until final checkout / charge and after you have already added to basket.
  21. qal1h's avatar
    This change takes something away from the user and only seems to help the retailer get clicks and in turn HDUK to get referrals if someone buys despite seeing a £4-10 increase to listed price.

    So I can see why HDUK would do this, but is an anti-hduk'er move. (edited)
  22. aaron1uk's avatar
    Could we potentially have a setting to include delievery in total price, to many times have I thought there is a great deal but the greyed out delivery price is something I don't notice.
  23. JohnnyBlazeon's avatar
    Feedback: the change to the way deal prices are displayed has introduced friction to the deal process. Now we have to do mental arithmetic (or grab a calculator) and do even more deal comparison calculation to figure out if a particular deal is actually worth it. Removing the total cost of the deal is a mistake for that reason.

    For example, I was wondering if there was a Mario Wonder deal for closer to £35 and I thought the was one posted from Amazon France for until I found out there was an additional delivery fee that wasn't included in the total deal price. Not particularly happy with this change.
  24. merb0786's avatar
    - I understand the changes (I am familiar with the way Mydealz title format) - however the way in which this is turning into an actual rule might be a bit much, considering the things you are not allowed to mention.

    After all, it is not a rule on Mydealz either, but rather best practice so I hope HUKD adopts a similar approach (I see you mentioned flexibility, so will try and provide feedback where I can).

    Thanks. (edited)
    Nathan's avatar
    This would be a general format guide for how deals should be listed. As it is a change from how we had previously listed deals, we thought it best to let everyone know and allow members to ask/feedback in a central location. Providing it follows the general format, there is an element of flexibility and we want to empower members to make the most of the format change - including more examples, product info ect rather than the character count being taken up by long merchant names or terms such as "subscribe & save".

    If you have any specific titles you wish to check before posting or to see what would be fine then feel free to share and we can confirm
  25. imdurc's avatar
    I think there are two main issues that I am seeing with this new change:

    1. Today, I viewed a deal where the postage was not shown in the title or the deal price. Having to click on the deal just to check the description for this kind of extra cost, is an easy way to waste a users' time when skimming deals on the site.

    This info change has created an extra step here when checking a deal on the main page.

    And 2. The "Hottest" section on my front page no longer indicates which store/webpage a deal is from. This means that you can't quickly skim deals in that section. Again, the problem created here is that a user has to click on each and every deal in this section to see where an item is being sold. Combine that with the other issue I've listed above and it really slows things down.

    So, while I can see the point to the change, and how it can clean up the formatting of a deal, it appears to have introduced some issues which are problematic.
    Nathan's avatar
    Are you able to link to that deal? The postage cost should show on the deal card next to price / merchant name.

    Hottest widget has been raised internally for what info is shown - both lack of merchant and postage field
  26. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Not sure this is what the people that gave 'positive feedback' were expecting.
    It's leaving many people confused, even more so when mods go removing important information from deal titles that leave deals looking very vague and people then need to go through comments to find out simple details that should be seen from the title.

    Take this deal for example -…847

    OP put in the title that the deal is for iOS, but a mod decided to remove 'iOS', leaving the deal showing it's sold by 'App Store'... What app store? Windows? Google? iOS? Any other app stores?
    Deleting 'iOS' helped exactly 0 people.

    I haven't seen a single positive comment about these changes since they happened.

    This old phrase comes to mind - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". (edited)
    Crossbow's avatar
    They should rename it to iOS App Store & that would settle it. The Google one is called Google Play so no confusion there.

    The other day, a mod apparently removed OLED from the title of a tablet deal…503 - but it's one of the standout / main selling points, so that was a strange decision! Perhaps they did it by accident?
  27. Mr_HDD's avatar
    The delivery information is now clearly displayed both in thread view and list view across web, mobile, and app platforms.

    Small light grey fonts on the delivery price compared to the large bright Orange fonts on the item price doesn't make it that clear.

    It's like something an unscrupulous retailer would do hoping people didn't notice the delivery cost...
    Sigma's avatar
    I actually agree with you on font colour and style. Personally, I would prefer the delivery price to also be in a bold orange font, and it is a review request that we have shared with the product team. Grey for the delivery field van logo, but bold orange font for the actual delivery amount, possibly.

    But the grey platform colours are standard on all Pepper sites, so any changes would need to be reviewed at a global, rather than country, level. But the review request is with the team

    Just a few examples above from some of our other Pepper communities. The price and merchant name are in the same colour matching the site branding, while NBP and delivery fields are grey currently.
  28. Whitedot's avatar
    That's not the price of the item (the Xbox controller); there's a £4.99 delivery charge on top which is a significant increase and makes it far less of a 'hot deal'. Misleading website design.
  29. Frank30uk's avatar
    This is much better
  30. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    All looks good to me.
  31. martinmarv's avatar
    This change does make sense, and it looks good in the Android App as the information is still grouped together in a similar style.
    In the web browser (desktop AND mobile) view, it's hard to read. I would recommend changing the colour of the price and retailer to match the item title (black/dark grey), and lining them up vertically - so it would be title above retailer above price (just like in the app view, although the price there in a different colour doesn't bother me as much.

    (I'm also an RSS user and would love the retailer and price to be added to the rss item.title field so it works like it used to, but I appreciate RSS users are few and far between).
    Nathan's avatar
    It's certainly something that has been discussed as well as changing the text size to make it quicker to lock your eyes onto. No specific news right now, but we're looking at it
  32. Change_Me's avatar
    bring back the store name in title it makes using the search button even harder
    Sigma's avatar
    You can filter your search results  by a specific retailer, just swipe to second filter option screen:


  33. Justintime12's avatar
    9 out of 10 times, these deals seem to be one off deals in a b&m store in dudley or an out of stock item in outer Mongolia

    Am I the only one who just doesn't bother looking into each and every hot deal listed on the front page at the top as it doesn't now show the merchant or shipping ?

    Some don't even have any price


    Don't get me started on the headline price of every deal now not including the p&p....

    Rant over (edited)
  34. Sigma's avatar
    When we discussed this change in the current format of deal titles, we received lots of positive feedback. We hope that it will make it easier for our Community to share offers, as titles can now focus on the deal without the need to add duplicated information. Additionally, viewing on mobile browsers and apps should improve. However, we would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
  35. Sigma's avatar
    hi, quick request - can we please keep comments in this thread on topic and relating to this change in title formatting. We have other threads in Announcements and also in the Feedback forum if you would like to discuss something else. It allows us to review feedback and engage in on topic discussions much easier. Thank you
  36. pb-live's avatar
    Interesting changes, I can see the logic behind them. I agree with the seller change as it's already below but not sure about separating price and postage, surely will just make working out the full price that bit more time consuming (or perhaps there's an initiative to make HDUK users more adept at Maths? )

    Anyway, it will possibly take a little getting used to but I can't see anything majorly wrong with this change. (edited)
    Nathan's avatar
    My quick maths adding delivery/collection fees have certainly improved over the years
    As it currently stands members are often adding costs into the field on submission, we then delete it to include with the main price - as many members already use it or many members already take the time to add it up (an extra step) then it hopefully it shouldn't feel like more work for it to be included. As you say it's something that just takes a little time to get used to in terms of viewing deals - please feedback at anytime once we make the change if it is taking longer than you'd hope or have any suggestions
  37. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Mixing terms of "merchant" with "seller" may cause confusion, and in attempt to apply in comparable context to OP statement:

    how is
    The merchant name.. displayed directly below the deal title
    decided in relation to sellers / webstore operators who are not the actual merchant?
    Will it be similar to Amazon marketplace where the "platform" is not mentioned?


    1) Motorola UK webstore items are not sold by Motorola; the merchant appearing on sales invoices indicates products from that site are
    sold by the company Digital River UK Ltd. (limited liability company based in Netherlands)
    indicating the consumer is contracting with a foreign company.
    Similarly, the Lenovo UK Outlet webstore states:
    Digital River UK Ltd is the authorised reseller and merchant of the products and services offered within this store
    (although that version of Digital River UK Ltd is confusingly not based in Netherlands. Go figure),
    yet on the checkout page the merchant changes to
    Digital River Ireland Ltd. is the authorised reseller and merchant of the products and services offered within this store
    so another foreign merchant not otherwise obvious to HUKD members if the brand is stated as the merchant under deal title.

    2) EE UK webstore items are not sold by EE; the merchant appearing on sales invoices indicates products are sold by British Telecommunications plc and buyers
    are still contracting with British Telecommunications despite seeing EE branding
    Similarly the Eufy UK webstore states the merchant as
    Anker Innovations Technology Co., Ltd

    3) What will happen for unidentified merchants such as Lenovo UK webstore where no merchant is stated within the sales t&c that the customer accepts at checkout,
    but as
    all orders issued hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York
    the merchant is assumed to be based in US, so yet another "hidden" foreign merchant if the brand is stated as the merchant under deal title.
    Nathan's avatar
    Merchants are the stores - for your first example we have Motorola as the merchant and it is what appears under the title. When a merchant appears on a deal we will have reviewed and vetted the merchant to ensure it is suitable for listing for on-site.
    If you posted a new merchant right now we'd check for contact options, addresses, company account history, reviews, returns policy to name a few. We understand members trust content shared on-site so we are quite stringent in terms reviewing merchants before they are allowed on hotukdeals. Should a store operate as Motorola does, with the sale going through Digital River UK Ltd, we'd still list it in the same way but Digital River UK Ltd would also be reviewed as part of the procedure for allowing that merchant. Essentially merchant names show up as what the store is called and what members would search for. Nothing is changing here other than it not being included in the title.

    If there is an issue with an existing merchant please flag and we can pass it onto the team. I have recently flagged Motorola following member reports and with that it was noted that Digital River UK Ltd actually had accounts overdue so that's currently under review.

    If an item is shipped from outside the UK we will always look for the shipping field to include the location where it is from:
    Sellers are what would be found on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Back Market ect and we'd include their name in the title as we always have, but after the change drop the merchant name.
    Take this deal for example. The current title is Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) - 825GB - Disc Edition Console - White - Refurbished Excellent - £390.99 with code @ eBay / musicmagpie - seller for this item is musicmagpie with the merchant being eBay. Following the change we wouldn't need eBay in the title as it is duplicating info but would include musicmagpie so members are aware who the item is sold by as it is crucial for marketplaces due varying support and for members search for deal or report duplicates. (edited)
  38. rad.'s avatar
    Should we separate the price and shipping cost for deals from Amazon DE/FR/ES/IT? (edited)
    Sigma's avatar
    Hi, that's a really good question. After discussing with the Community team, the answer would be yes. Shipping charges apply to all items from non-UK Amazon sites for non-Prime members, and the price that we were previously sharing included the combined item and delivery cost total.

    Amazon shows the price split before payment on checkout, so it shouldn't be an issue to list two amounts and utilise all the fields instead of combining them into one total. This also means that the same guidelines apply to all Community deals whenever possible (edited)
  39. PaulLFC's avatar
    I don't think this change works, as it doesn't consider that one outcome is that it breaks HUKD RSS feeds.

    Now, all deals are shown without pricing, so it's impossible to know if a deal is a good one without visiting every single one, which isn't practical.

    I hope this change is reconsidered and reverted.
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    Hi we have had a lot of positive feedback on the updated title layout and it is the same format on our other Pepper sister sites who also use the same product to provide their RSS feeds. So if there is an issue that needs us to raise a bug report please provide further details and we can investigate further

    And no, to answer that question, we won't be reverting to the old format as it was causing issues with title length and many threads needed heavy editing simply to duplicate already displayed information. Plus on the app and mobile browsers the longer titles looked bulking and the duplication of information was even more obvious.
  40. N898TS's avatar
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    Rather than manually replicating the same information on every thread if certain terms apply to the offer, and having to partially delete the description of the actual deal item main thread title to fit it in, we have automatic information banners assigned to the deals in the main description which can include clickable links and additional information. These banners have been in place for some time, and before the title layout update:

    If you do spot an existing banner that needs an update - standard T&Cs can change or new link suggestions - please click on the report link on a deal for that retailer and provide more information in the report message. You will see these banners on many deal descriptions, and they can display above the main deal text and also below.
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