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Rainbow Memo Cube @ TheWorks Free C&C £2.40 With Code Provided
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Featuring a small drawer perfect for keeping all small pieces of stationery and more in one safe place.Filled full of square sheets of paper, perfect for jotting down notes at work… Read more

Yeah he’s used it in the wrong context, trying to be a smart Alec which backfired on him XD I noticed that he’s deleted the post with all the errors in!


Ironically the rainbow is straight XD


It’s ‘merely’ not mearly, also you missed the ‘as’ in your sentence! Practice what you preach springs to mind!


While you're there, try looking up predomic. It'll be fun for you.


If you spend over £10 and use code SUN25 today it gives you 25% off. This one was unavailable in my local store for click and collect but there are also a Pink Unicorn and Butterflies version available :)

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Mini Colour Pencils - Pack Of 36 @ The Works Free C&C £1
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Great Value Pack Of 36 Pencils 100% Splinter Proof.Perfect for popping in your pencil case, these pencils are ideal for drawing and colouring at home or school.
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turned into a tortoise (nerd)


Hey man, you're slowing down, I am catching up with you ;)

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Steam Time Strategy Board Game £8 with code - Free C&C @ The Works
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
7.2 on Boardgamegeeks, looks quite good for £8 only. Free click and collect or £2.99 for standard delivery (free if you spend over £20). NOW20 expires tonight, will probably go bac… Read more

17% on top cash back too


TREAT25 gives you 25% off today :)


TREAT25 is active today giving 25% off!


Just bought a few games there. Some good deals. Heat added.

Viz - Rogers Profanisaurus War and P-ss 40th Anniversary £5 @ The Works  c&c
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
The new profanisaurus celebrating Viz's 40th Anniversary. Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, first published in 1869, is rightly lauded as one of the greatest achievements of world liter… Read more

Just had to 'Prime' it yesterday...arrived today...absolutely filthy - I love it..!!! great find...! (y)


I used to have Buster Gonads T-shirt and a copy of "Bags of fun with Buster" by Johnny japes and his jesticles aka XTC when I subscribed.


No mention of Buster Go nads yet (y)


Wow Viz. Haven't heard about them in over a decade. Still going on. Wow


Another Viz top tip... Drill a hole in your fridge door so that you can be sure the light has turned off.

Little Miss Giggles Mug £2 @ The Works
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Lovely mug at a very good price in my view. As always you can do a free click and collect from store. Life is better when you Giggle with this adorable Little Miss Giggles mug. … Read more
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Thank you!


I've given them to my sister and dad. They're nice mugs for adults that haven't grown up yet.


Normal adult sized mug for kidults lol.


What size is this? Adult or child size? Any one Know?


oh this cup is so cute

Game Over: The Games We Loved to Play and the Consoles Time Forgot [Hardback Book] £3.20 with code + Free C&C @ The Works
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Thought this was a bargain for anyone who likes a bit of retro gaming. Remember the days of bad graphics, glitchy software and seemingly pointless games? What were we thinking? Ho… Read more

Can't believe all the negative comments here, you guys only paid £3 (or didn't buy it at all...) and it's actually great value for that price.This is not Edge-quality writing but the idea obviously wasn't to write an encyclopedia. Some people here are just jaded and don't have reasonable expectations towards cheap items.


Had none in my local store, but even better they had a ton of Nostalgia Nerd's book for £6 (was £15) so couldn't resist as he's one of the retro tech YouTubers I follow... Good read so far, though he's missed out my first console (Philips G7000) and for some odd reason the English in the book is US English..


Consoles? What about computers; Speccy, C64, Amiga, Atari ST etc. Looks like a very lazy book, worth finding the free pdf of it though. ;)


Found this at last in my local Works. It’s absolute cr*p - honestly don’t fret if you missed out. It’s the size of a 7” record and is mainly screenshots. The prose has such wonderful insight as “Super Mario Kart was a fun racing game”. Paper is poor quality too. 3-4 is about as much as you’d ever want to pay. Classic stocking filler.


Order successfully placed on the day, got cancelled this morning.

Surge Hydro-X Water Soaker 80p @ The Works with code (Free C&C)
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Have hours of outdoor fun with this awesome Hydro-X water soaker gun. Simply fill with water, fire with the trigger mechanism and have endless amounts of fun soaking your friends! … Read more

I know! XD The 'plastic' aspect of it, I kinda understand (if it's basically certain to fall apart after the first use and then end up in landfill), but given this probably has the same amount of plastic as three carrier bags, two plastic Coke bottles and a couple of plastic punnets that fruit or meat come in, I'm not so sure why people were complaining. The water aspect? Absolute nonsense! I'm going to start a campaign to ban sad films 'cos tears are a waste of water. Also people won't be allowed to sleep with their mouths open as that encourages wasteful evaporation...


How does a 80p kids water gun evoke emotions on people's financial habits and environmental responsibilities? Sadly enough these are probably not jokes either.


i made a 'soaker' out of wilko's 2 liters plant sprayer. it sends water up to 10 meters accurately on target. it stores pressurized air so just a gentle trigger squeeze blasts the water away. ever ready for cats and dogs visiting my property. i enlarged the front hole to 1.5mm and also drilled trough the inner spraying copper part - creating straight channel - otherwise the water was spraying everywhere as intended for plants spraying. i blocked the side spraying holes of the inner part with plumbers tape and screwed the outer part back on. all took 5 minutes. i fill it with no more than 1 liter of water to leave more space for air compression. i pump it ~75 strokes. i have fun!


I TOTALLY agree that water is a precious resource that mustn't be wasted, but to pick on this as a source of water 'wastage' is really unfair, ineffective and unless you live such a miserly existence that you go around drinking out of puddles to reduce your water 'footprint', I think it's also hypocritical.


Get them to shoot the water gun at plants

Disney Princess Decorate Your Beauty Bag @ The Works Free C&C £6.40 With Code Provided
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Great Set Here And A Great Discount. • Design It Yourself Beauty Bag • Disney Princess • Makeup set • Adult supervision • Ages 3+ Includes • Beauty Bag • 6 badges • Eyeshadow • Lip… Read more

“Ages 3+“ Thats great, the wife is much older than that, and she was hinting about needing a new bag...


Thanks op orders 2 for my nieces birthdays


Brilliant, thank you. I used TREAT25 for 25% discount. Free delivery over £20.


thanks :)


Thanx AC (highfive)

Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - Any Road Will Get Us There - £8 + £2.99 delivery at The Works
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th JunLocalLocal
The first official book from Noel Gallagher, this is the behind-the-scenes story of his biggest ever solo tour and the making of the critically-acclaimed album Who Built The Moon?.… Read more
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£8 I got for Instore not sure why hukd changed my price and picture

The Works-Little Miss Collection - 36 Book Box Set SAVE £117.64 (82% Off RRP) Only £26 In Stock
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Little Miss Collection - 36 Book Box Set RRP:£143.64 SAVE£117.64 (82% Off RRP) Only £26 Mr Men books are £30. Little Miss and Mr Men are £56-huge saving there. Please see posts b… Read more

Ty. It says excluded from promotion codes, eek


Lovely deal and some codes here for you @mysmugcat


Heat added on behalf of my heroine


Not bad but slightly cheaper (£24.99) at the book people for the "world" edition which has the 2 newer books. EDIT: POST10 for free delivery A couple of weeks back they also had an extra 20% off code which took this down to £19.99 - I don't think that code works anymore but if you're prepared to wait there might be a similar code in the near future.


Great books my little one loves these good price 🔥

Blue Foldable Nest Swing now £30 Delivered with code @ The Works
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Fab price for one of these Nest Swings - normally around £50+ - although Aldi are selling one for £34.99 in their special buys section hence the NBP :) Currently £40 at The Work… Read more

17% Quidco it anyone wants that extra saving (assuming Quidco bothers to track, or they decide to keep the commission themselves) Bear in mind, the Works version is going to be suited to smaller kids - frame is 90CM wide and is 100KG max and also Works stuff is usually inferior quality. The Aldi one is way better, given that its 100CM wide, holds 150KG max and comes with 3 Year warranty. Personally, having just built a heavy duty climbing frame, I wouldn't buy either of these, the mash will discolour and they sag and are uncomfortable with more than one kids, as its just material. Better of with a full sturdy rope version with a cushion on top.


We’ve got the one from Aldi so heat 🔥 for this deal 🔥


I was just going to ask what do you stick these to


You don’t get a frame with this do you, so you’d need a swing frame already

The Long Earth - 5 Book Collection - £12 at The Works
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
I saw this in the Works and later looked up reviews, seems good and I may go back and get it. You can get more money off using Works frequent discount codes e.g another deal here i… Read more

TREAT25 GIVES £3 Off so effectively free delivery


I've read (and thoroughly enjoyed the first one) didn't have the level of humour you'd expect from Sir P, but still a good read.


Any good these? Love Pratchett and I've read some Baxter.

Toy Stories By Miles Kelly @ TheWorks Free C&C £2.40 With Code Provided
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Thanks To @NP23 For The CodeThis wonderfully entertaining collection is packed with tales from every child's dream toy box.Best-loved characters such as Pinocchio and Raggedy Ann… Read more

Great price. I have the book and it was a little disappointing, as it's just a collection of excerpts from other books, and so it's never a full story, and thus it can be a bit hit and miss


thanks :)


£2.40 with code DEAL20 :)

Popcorn Cart - Popcorn in 3 minutes (oil free) - £18.75 with code + Free C&C @ The Works
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Bring all the fun of the fair into your own home with the Elgento Popcorn Cart - a fantastic little appliance that's great for parties! Featuring a classic fairground cart design… Read more

There's a full size one of these in the Trafford Centre! 😄


If you like Marmite, you can make nice popcorn really easily. Frying pan, melt butter/veg spread (or perhaps oil?) and Marmite. Drop in popped popcorn and swirl it round, coating it. Then... Eat it


If you like Marmite, you can make nice popcorn really easily. Frying pan, melt butter/veg spread (or perhaps oil?) and Marmite. Drop in popped popcorn and swirl it round, coating it. Then... Eat it


I own one of these. It's absolute junk. My sister in law bought it for the kids at Xmas. Honestly, it's nigh on useless.


Difficult to get salt to stick to the kernals, ending up with disappointing bland popcorn

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