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Posted 17 July 2023

Tower T17088 Dual Air Fryer 9L - 2600w - 3 Year Warranty - 2x 4.5L Baskets - Match & SYNC Cook - With Code

£94.05£995% off
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Best price this long established dual air fryer has ever been I'm sure. Get it at this price by using the code shown. And good to know that Tower have uprated the power rating to 2600w from the 1700w it originally launched with.

Good price for this considering the 3 year warranty (2nd and 3rd year on registration) and chance to use it as a 10.1L single basket air fryer with an optional purchase (see below)

The code is pretty much all over the 'net and also appears as a pop up on C&M's site.

Crampton & Moore started trading in the year England last won the World Cup (for our younger readers that is 1966!) and also have an excellent trustpilot rating.


Interesting development for those who maybe would like a dual air fryer but are put off by the fact you can't cook something big like a turkey due to the constraints of the 2 baskets. Instant's Versazone is a good attempt at getting round this but as it uses an insert to convert the whole basket into 2 you are always going to have to wash a rather large basket even if you've only used half of it!

Then I saw this review of this Tower on Amazon.

Confirmed as working ON BOTH OF TOWER'S 9L DUAL AIR FRYERS by a kind poster on a previous deal


I suppose some would ask why not just buy the Duronic with the optional big basket? Crucial difference is warranty - 3 years on the Tower, 1 year on the Duronic! Plus this combo is cheaper anyway.


4168552_1.jpgLink to the large basket, which is in stock and ready for dispatch.

  • amazon.co.uk/Duronic-Drawer-AFD1-Specifically-Cooking/dp/B0BMGGFC8C/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2SKH4RPOWIK0C&keywords=duronic+afd1&qid=1687711269&sprefix=duronic+afd1,aps,235&sr=8-3

    Tower T17088 Vortx 9L Dual Basket Air Fryer with Smart Finish

    Its quick and easy to cook a range of delicious recipes with this 9L Dual Basket air fryer. It uses rapid air circulation technology to cook food 30% faster and with 99% less fat from just one spoonful of oil. With Vortx frying, you lose the fat, not the flavour, cooking your ingredients with extra-crispiness and the same delicious fried taste. By switching to your air fryer, you can slash your energy by 50% energy as it uses less power than a conventional oven.

    It can cook chips that are crispy and golden on the outside but still fluffy on the inside in only 15 minutes. Cooks twice as much food than a standard air fryer, so you can whip up deliciously healthy meals for all the family with minimal effort and with its match cook function, you can set both baskets to cook at the same temperature.


    Get more from your air fryer with minimal effort using this feature. Simply set to cook different foods in each basket – both ready to enjoy at the same time, to feed the whole family together

    99% LESS FAT

    Little to no oil is required, all while keeping the same great taste, so you lose the fat not the flavour


    Rapid air circulation creates crispier textures across your mealtime favourites, 30% faster than a conventional oven


    Cooking food 30% faster, Tower Air Fryer use less power than conventional ovens. Save on up to 50% on your energy by simply switching to Air Fryer cooking


    Cook deliciously-crisp and golden chips in only 15 minutes, for quick and easy meal times


    Cooks twice as much food than a standard air fryer, so you can whip up deliciously healthy meals for all the family with minimal effort


    Choose from 10 one-touch presets for all your air fryer favourites including fries and chicken, with individual control over each compartment to cook different foods at different temperatures


    The handy match cook button quickly sets both baskets to cook at the same temperature.


    Standard 1 year guarantee with 2 year extension when you register the product online


    Tower is an iconic British brand boasting over 100 years of quality in manufacturing and design excellence. Tower is the UK’s fastest growing SDA & Housewares brand loved by millions of households.
Crampton & Moore More details at
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    Hi! Anyone who owns this, please could they comment on the “non-stickability” (!!) of the shelves in the drawers please? Our Salter one is non dishwasher safe, and a PAIN to keep clean (grease and grime build up meaning I have replaced the drawer unit once already….. not super expensive, but annoying!) - thanks in advance!
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    Don’t know it it helps but due to the size of the tray rather than dishwasher it I put hot water and bit of fairy liquid and put it on for 10-15 minutes works a treat so far.
  2. Palm_Tree's avatar
    I’ve taken the plunge and ordered. I’m surprised this deal is not hotter as it’s the best price around for a very well regarded product. Thank you Op!
    bellboys's avatar
    Very welcome

    Ps I agree
  3. Mathew8787's avatar
    Good price
  4. 1RedRose's avatar
    Seen that this model was advertised in the free paper Metro so had a look on here and bingo, got it cheaper than advertised. Thank you so much…now to buy the large basket for it too.
    bellboys's avatar
    Very welcome

    Yes, always worth checking on here before buying anything
  5. 1RedRose's avatar
    Has anybody found a silicon drawer liner for the AF24 Duronic Drawer, please?
  6. Palm_Tree's avatar
    I’ve had mine a couple of weeks now and there’s 1 thing that is frustrating me… the time it takes to cook chips.

    Other frozen potato items like mini waffles or smiley faces cook quickly, but oven chips take forever… like 30+ minutes where it should be more like 16-18.

    Does anyone have any hints or ideas?
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