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Posted 4 July 2023

Tower T17102 Vortx Vizion Dual Compartment 11 L Air Fryer Oven, New & Sealed - £79.99 delivered @ Essential Appliances / eBay

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  1. hotukbeard's avatar
    I have this and it's my first air fryer.

    It's not bad but I think I'd rather have gone for a single compartment over a double. While it's nice being able to sync the finish timing when cooking etc, you can't actually put much in each side, certainly not big enough to do a chicken etc.

    Also I wish you could turn off the bloody BEEPs every time you press a button. The default time/temp when you turn it on is 180 / 30 mins. So if you want to use it in the morning and be quiet, good luck. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.

    Why does everything has to BEEP.

    Edit: It's also a bit fiddly to clean, the doors have lots of little ridges that trap crumbs and grease. (edited)
  2. Jaspalsin's avatar
    States refurbished.
  3. steevieboy4u's avatar
    Why don't they make the dual air fryers so the separation wall can be removed making it one big air fryer, seems like a simple solution that many users would find very useful 🤷🏻
    kinetic's avatar
    The Instant VersaZone does exactly that.
  4. joniuk's avatar
    Great air fryer this
  5. EnaHia's avatar
    Icon's avatar
    Says: 'New, Sealed'
  6. Icon's avatar
    This looks good as it has a metal basket, therefore, would assume no plastic chemicals/carcinogens leaching into your food (as is the case with some models/brands).
    J_Anything's avatar
    Now I'm curious, which ones use plastic baskets?
  7. squeakybot's avatar
    How big is each tray
    jumpinoffthbed's avatar
    Half of 11 litres I would imagine
  8. yeababyyea's avatar
  9. maxyone1's avatar
    Ninja or this?
    yeababyyea's avatar
    U cud buy 2 of these for the price and invite the neighbours round
  10. Bowler_man's avatar
    I have this and it's a great unit, never use our oven these days - much better than the bucket type air fryers. Just need to swap the top try and bottom tray to even out cooking and the drip tray is a god send for cleaning.
  11. billymacs's avatar
    All gone.
  12. nickb43's avatar
    States refurbished and no manufacturer warranty
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