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Uber is a taxi company that allows smartphone users to book journeys almost anywhere in the UK. Using an army of drivers, Uber are able to offer low cost, flexible taxi services via their smartphone app. They also offer plenty of discount promotions, and all of them can be found at the Uber HotUKDeals pages. Read more

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Free uber for nhs staff over Xmas period - code for 2 x £10 trips for use between 24th & 26th DEC
24/12/2018Starts at 24/12/201826/12/2018Expires on 26/12/2018LocalLocal
Free rides for NHS staff this Christmas Travel can be tricky over the festive period, that's why we're offering the thousands of NHS staff who work over Christmas a code for 2 x £1… Read more
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That's everyone in the UK... The whole point of it is to reward workers of the NHS who work when most people don't for under average salaries. Have some appreciation.


~1.2 million people have an @nhs.net account (if I remember correctly from a news article when they had a problem a year or two ago), so a little more than 100. We can't all use this code, but I think it's useful of those who can.


Don't tell a black cab driver what your doing,they won't want you spending your money in other places.


Got to work xmas eve so fuck it might as well get a taxi to work.


Take your time. The two most common Hackneys in London will be those two. Also get the information on the tougher regs while your at it.

Uber for coaches' app Sn-ap  FREE FIRST TRIP
14/12/2018Expires on 14/12/2018Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
https://www.facebook.com/SnapTravelTech/ Tickets cost from £2 to £15 and journeys only take place during peak hours The app runs in six UK cities including London, Bristol… Read more



But with the advantage of not having to put any money in the Souters' overstuffed pockets. (y)




I was thinking more of the dodgy employment and business practices ...


True, Uber's loss jumped 61 percent to $4.5 billion in 2017

Rides for NHS staff this Christmas This year with Uber - up to £10 off two trips.
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Rides for NHS staff this Christmas This year with Uber - up to £10 off two trips.
Rides for NHS staff this Christmas This year, Uber is offering NHS staff working on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day up to £10 off two trips. You’ll be taking care of o… Read more
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The good news is it now works with a fire brigade email address!


So I need to change my personal email to nhs email to get this promo?


Theres so much love for cab drivers and uber drivers!!!


uber drivers are registered with TfL. Of people spouting the usual rubbish about Uber sexual assaults, this is based on data from 2015 of 154 allegations of sexual assault made. It was proven that 32 of these were Uber, which means that 122 weren't Uber... black cabs, illegal mini cabs etc. Put the daily mail down and look at the data, it's usually more accurate :-)


It wouldn't affect driving either. You moron.

Uber First Ride Free (£25) with Barclays using code
Found 23rd Jun 2017Found 23rd Jun 2017
Uber First Ride Free (£25) with Barclays using code
A no brainer if you have a barclays card Download the Uber app and add Barclaycard as your payment method for all rides, and you'll get your first ride free, up to £25*, when you … Read more
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Yes but not by choice but necessity to keep business strong. All the while Uber is reaping a small cut for themselves. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but it's vital that the UK cab firms set up their own rival(s) to Uber, otherwise long term Uber will just monopolise and squeeze the cab firms as much as they dare and consumers will notice they're paying more too...always happens when there is zero competition... i.e eBay lol.


Uber needs to increase the fares to at least match other taxi firms because currently they're ridiculously low.


I think the uber model is not just for the taxi trade but will eventually be adopted by the economy as a whole and it will lead to vast job losses in the future through extensive automation. Truck drivers, deliver drivers, admin jobs and anything that is repetitive can easily be automated. I don't think its avoidable as the current trends show the consumers want the cheapest price rather than paying a bit extra to support an actual job/person. Politics obviously can change all this and we all know what happens when people lose well paid jobs in defunct industries (Donald Trump)


In the long term uber wants to utilise driverless cars, whilst I don't think they will replace the whole taxi fleet with driverless cars , it will lead to lower fares for the customer as the biggest cost is the driver. With more people opting to use the driverless cars, the drivers will make less money and eventually a lot of people will have to leave the trade but this could be 15/20 years down the line. I'm glad to say that I will be quitting the taxi trade in August as I have secured a job elsewhere


When Uber was launched in Leeds the rate for fares were decent but now they're quite low and uber does charge 25% yes 25% commission on all fares so on a £3 fare the driver only takes homes £2.25 and imagine having to wait 10mins in city traffic to earn that amount.

20% off 50 Uber fares below £15
Found 2nd May 2017Found 2nd May 2017
If you add the promo code LDNFAVOURITES to your uber app you get 20% off your next 50 trips if they are less than £15

So what's the point it's a stupid offer in my opinion.


Maybe not the good deal it appears to be. Not many Uber fares below £15 around London and they have a nasty habit of fare "surging" when demand is high. I suspect if Uber do give you a discount, they will "load" the fare first to cover it. Always remember it's very easy to give a discount when there is no published price list or tariff for you to compare!


​Looks like UberEATS to me


decent deal, but if it expires in 7 days it's not worth the hassle to enter the code really.


so is this Uber Eats or general use? i got same ref on my app too...

FREE £15 credit when signing up to Uber using code FREE17 ** No referral codes pls **
Found 4th Mar 2017Found 4th Mar 2017
FREE £15 credit when signing up to Uber using code FREE17 ** No referral codes pls **
Not sure how they got hold of me but just got an email from Uber offering £15 of free credit. Seems to have gone through. Use code FREE17
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Only got me 10 not 15 but I'm still happy that's a free uber for me lol


Hi Where do you apply code please?


My wife is a Guidedog owner and you are correct. But search Uber refuse Guidedog and take your pick of stories. Here's one to start you off http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-39153793


also 15 off Addison Lee with code Ocado15 if you need an English speaking driver


Worked for me, used earlier :)

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20% off weekday travel during February @ Uber
Found 26th Feb 2017Found 26th Feb 2017
20% off weekday travel during February @ Uber
Make Uber a part of your work week this week. Enter code WDAYFEB in your Uber app to get up to 20% off 5 rides.

Uber is amazing! Used daily in Australia. Those who fear progress and effeciency will naturally slate.I never waited longer than 5 minutes for a cab. Don't need cash so no Atm stop, it's amazing and less than half price of traditional taxi


I'm sure murderers and the like don't make it known to their employers / colleagues regardless. What an odd statement.


Well a private hire licence means it can be used as a taxi am I right? Then what's the problem of them driving for uber? the idea of uber was to utilise empty private cars to help some passengers save a little and meanwhile help those who wants some extra income, simple as that. You probably don't want to believe but in some countries any one (with driving licence obviously) with a reasonable size car (5 seater or above) can be a uber driver. It's like airbub, as long as you have a empty room to offer one change some extra income, you are on board! Personally I found uber to be excellent alternative to normal cabs. But it is also true the presence of uber is how future comes faster than someone expected.


doesnt work for me!


​If you're referring to a driving license? That's different! Having a driving license doesn't automatically entitle one to drive a PRIVATE HIRE vehicle for the purposes of "hire and reward". If you google something like "how to obtain PCO licence" it might help in shedding some light on the procedure.

Get 50% (up to £5) off Uber rides when paying with Android Pay
Found 17th Jan 2017Found 17th Jan 2017
Get 50% (up to £5) off Uber rides when paying with Android Pay
Just got an email from Uber stating 50% (up to £5) off rides until the end of Jan. Seems like an easy £5 just for switching the payment method! More info here: https://newsroom.ub… Read more

all set up. thanks OP.


Confirmed. Message is hiding under the Rewards section of the app. Max £5 off, next 10 rides. Ends Jan 31.


will this offer work in other countries? I'm in Poland next week and intend to use Uber there




So, being 'the best thing for mobiles ever' it's better than the feature to have a camera on your mobile or the ability to text or browse the web on mobile or the touchscreens mobile now have? It's better than all those?

Ubergiving 10th Dec - Collection of donations FREE
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Ubergiving 10th Dec - Collection of donations FREE
Uber will pick up clothes for Age UK on10th dec. I think it's great they're doing this - will make it so easy to donate to a good cause. What: Donate Clothes Books Shoes Toys C… Read more

CSR ***** from Uber, how about paying some tax and paying your drivers a decent wage


Either way even if it's good publicity for uber, The charity...but more so the people in need are the a big winners


I think it's a bit sad that this is not as hot as some of the other threads where are you can get deals on freebies for yourself, rather than helping others


'Uber' may well get the Kudos for this but what does the driver get? already being ripped off on below min wage, they could keep the clothes with my blessing. Uber a really VILE company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brilliant what theyre doing

FREE uber rides up to £10 in Bradford, Dewsbury and Huddersfield @ uber
Found 2nd Sep 2016Found 2nd Sep 2016
FREE uber rides up to £10 in Bradford, Dewsbury and Huddersfield @ uber
From the email I just received: Ride free this weekend Whether it’s a trip to the local pub, a ride home from the shopping centre or you're planning night on the town, trips in… Read more
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Free UBER Taxi Rides in Sunderland 2-4th September
LocalLocalFound 1st Sep 2016Found 1st Sep 2016
Free UBER Taxi Rides in Sunderland 2-4th September
Ride free this weekend Whether you’re heading out for the day, coming back from the shops or planning a night on the town, we’ve got you covered. All this weekend, trips in Su… Read more

well, there's nothing I can do to convince someone who's in favour of a low wage economy on the race to the bottom. I am totally against the idea of Uber, I was one of those who voted for Brexit against this whole globalist, capitalist conspiracy against the common working man. Uber drivers in London already earn less than the legal minimum wage, never mind a living wage. But ****'em, and all the other taxi / minicab drivers, because you saved yourself 2 quid. If you want to economically depress your local economy by using uber, you'll eventually not only shoot yourself in the foot but everyone else's foot around you.


Yes and the fairies come out at night and nurture and harvest the fruit in the bottom of the garden and all other garden myths


local taxi drivers are simple folks, who most likely will just spend their money locally or buying stuff. what they don't do is to squirrel the money away or set up cross border tax avoidance schemes. it all goes back into the pot eventually. except in Uber, this doesn't happen, 25% is extracted overseas to San Francisco. You know why quantitative easing doesn't work? Because the banks are too rich. Give rich people a tax break and they will save it. Give poor people some money and they will go out and spend it, having a multiplier effect in the economy.


Thankfully our traditional, local taxi drivers declare each and every penny to HMRC, DWP and the Local Authority..........Oh yes they do you know.


And you only use corner shops not supermarkets?

Get 4 FREE ice creams / ice lollies delivered via Uber (Friday 12th Aug Only)
Found 11th Aug 2016Found 11th Aug 2016
Get 4 FREE ice creams / ice lollies delivered via Uber (Friday 12th Aug Only)
This Friday from 11am until 7pm you can get 4 delicious ice creams delivered for FREE from selected cities Limited avalibilty and demand will be high sign up on link for a remind… Read more
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https://instagram.com/p/BJAnHeBAkzg/ Thanks for the post or not I will have missed it! I got this from Uber Bath :p what a wonderful morning. I wanna share back with this photo: the great sun and nice view. Delivered by a Mercedes-Benz!


He's not.


got nowt, load of crap


None all day in Manchester : (


Recieved mine at around 3 in Brum, B20 area

Free Uber Rides in August  - Various Deals Around The UK - New & Existing Customers!
Found 6th Aug 2016Found 6th Aug 2016
Uber are offering a free rides promotion. This is an example of the Nottingham deal but other cities available and valid on different days and date ranges throughout August. "Fre… Read more
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If a driver doing something bad is a one-off event, then nothing can completely protect you. But a guy driving under drug influence for example has likely done it before, and if he's not been fired already, would have a bad rating. Less seriously, a rude driver will get a bad rating, even when passengers would not feel comfortable confronting him or making a fuss with the company. (EDIT: and someone who's already erratic or rude may well do something more serious down the line, so it's good to have prior warning of a dodgy personality). That's where it helps and is way better than getting an unrated stranger turning up on your doorstep. BTW for balance, I just spoke to a driver who wasn't happy - not enough customers yet, Uber's cut is too high, promising things they don't keep, and apparently drivers are leaving. As for the rest, you're missing my point. Just complaining about Uber won't get cab companies very far - they have to compete on features, or they will lose customers. I suspect small / local cab firms can't build a software platform like that (at least not something that isn't badly cobbled together), so they should consider joining forces/resources to build one quality competitor platform that they all get to use. If they manage that, they can run their business any way they like (and if it's better/more ethical than Uber, great). But sticking their head in the sand won't do it.


You insinuate that non Uber taxis are more likely to carry out rape or take drugs. You also presume that the rating system with Uber stops the chances of someone taking drugs while driving. I would really like to see evidence of this. I presume you have no evidence. The whole benefits of convenient functions and ratings system does not override the drawbacks to Uber in fighting for a wage to the bottom, siphoning Uber profits over to tax havens and stealing from the treasury, taking 20% from the driver and most importantly, destroying a career for thousands. Many people will justify their decision to use an immoral system, say for example if you have no choice. If you have a choice, make it one that benefits society (if you can).


Here''s the problem: a bad-apple cabbie can be a guy on drugs driving like he has a death wish (happened to me twice over the years, with a reputable cab firm). Or someone who drives your daughter into the woods to rape her (luckily not, but it's a concern). Or a horrible racist, bully or just someone really rude (those can happen regularly). For the worst of those, one is too many. The others aren't fun either. Uber largely solves the problem. Cabbies have a feedback rating, so you can avoid bad ones before they even turn up (haven't had anyone below 4.5 out of 5 yet, and all have been decent to very friendly). And of course you get to rate them, and it even asks you what specifically could be improved (driving style, interior etc). And the car is constantly tracked, which also means they can't overcharge you (also happened to me a lot). It's the right way. Also better for the drivers as they get to rate customers too. Fares are paid automatically so people can't do a runner. And customers are registered, so if they behave badly or soil something, they can be held accountable (one driver told me how he did exact my that). Another said that Uber hold regular meetings for drivers, problens are listened to and actually addressed. I think all I spoke to said they worked for other cab companies before but were much happier with Uber. Is that representative? No idea. But Taxi companies need to catch up or its all over.


I'm not calling you racist. If you read my comment properly you will hear me say that it is discriminatory to judge all cabbies based on a few bad apples, thus is a similar discriminatory tactic used by for example racists, people judging public service workers based on a limited experience, and any other use of discrimination. I assure you that I am stable and balanced and care about others, thus the issue I have with multi national tax avoiders such as Uber. If you felt I was calling you racist I apologise for the misunderstanding as I was definitely not calling you racist.


Calling my post racist is not only unjustified but it's deeply offensive. If you do have a point it's so deeply buried in your obvious mental imbalance that it's struggling to reach the surface. I suggest in future if you want to prompt serious debate that you refrain from unsubstantiated accusations and find the appropriate place to vent your wide range of troubled personal issues.

Free Uber rides all week long in BOLTON only
Found 6th Aug 2016Found 6th Aug 2016
Free Uber rides all week long in BOLTON only
Just received this email from Uber Free Uber rides all week long Since launching in Bolton last May last year, Uber riders have travelled more than 250,000 miles together. To ce… Read more
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how do the drivers make their money in this free week? Do they get the money back off uber or are the drivers going to have to do it for free as part of the deal?


Which isn't really much use now, most people I know order their taxis in advance using Uber. Uber isn't filling a gap, it is taking money out of the pockets of hard working people, and putting it in the pockets of millionaires.


But taxis also have the massive advantage (in Nottingham at least) of being able to pick up fares in the heart of the city centre which is exclusive to taxis and buses. The problem they all seem to have is not enough daytime work and there is not enough Thu, Fri and Sat night. Hopefully uber can fill this gap.


I think most industries are wide open to being under-cut by huge investment combined with low waged staff and tax-avoidance. Not a lot you can do when someone with a lot more money than you, undercuts you using immoral means. Also, taxis have higher costs, licensing, and regulations than Uber do, so it's not really fair competition.

2 Free Uber Rides in Leeds today up to £10, 10am-6pm.
Found 6th Aug 2016Found 6th Aug 2016
2 Free Uber Rides in Leeds today up to £10, 10am-6pm.
Just got an email stating above, clicked link to check it out and it opened the genuine Uber App I already have on my phone and gave me the notification pictured so seems genuine. … Read more

Can anyone substantiate this?


A few people have confirmed they were told about this last night by Uber drivers

Free Uber Rides in Tyneside Tonight
Found 5th Aug 2016Found 5th Aug 2016
Free Uber Rides in Tyneside Tonight
Just received an email from Uber, not sure if this is a freebie or a deal but posting as I'm sure a lot of people can take advantage of it. Ride free tonight! Whether it’s a tri… Read more

Same for me , i do 36 hours work before earning a penny . Any idiot driver who switches to Uber from private hire company is making it worse for all drivers in the long run by further fragmenting the work . I never let the Uber idiots out at junctions whereas ill let any other taxi driver out !


they offer nothing that a private hire company doesnt already do and charge more during peak times , never have enough drivers except in London so end up waiting ages then give up and call your reliable local private hire / minicab company.


Wipe out competition then increase prices? Then others forced to join Uber, then completes the monopoly, then maximise number of drivers to increase revenue and take a cut.


That's how uber work. You still have insurance and fuel to pay, plus any car payments if you lease or rent. Other offices charge you office rent per week. You don't pay the office a % of your earnings but you have to pay tgr office £xxx for the privilege of them sending you work.


Uber prices are similar to North Tyneside/Newcastle private hire firms. Prices in Newcastle are crazy cheap. My cousin is a driver and he has to work ,40+ hours to cover fuel,rent and car. This is before he makes any money before himself.

Found 13th Jul 2016Found 13th Jul 2016
How does it work? ...Click on Get Deal for page in Birmingham Mail with details.... Download the Uber app. ******Choose the Ice Cream option between 11am and 7pm and set your loc… Read more



Canceled due to the attacks in France x


From the App: "Now is the time to pause and reflect so we are cancelling Uber Ice Cream for today. After last night's tragic events, our thoughts are with the people of France, including our community of riders and drivers in Nice."


It's been cancelled


They wont do it.

FREE UBER Rides all weekend - Belfast Only
Found 3rd Jun 2016Found 3rd Jun 2016
FREE UBER Rides all weekend - Belfast Only
Get £100 worth of FREE Uber Taxis this weekend in Belfast - so 10 free rides upto £10 per Ride ! Ride for free up to £10 in Belfast this weekend After launching in Belfast last D… Read more

What the hell are you talking about. Nonsense


All Taxi/ Private Hire drivers are tax dodging crooks too!


If you're phone' battery is about to die - Uber will charge you more!


Well Apple accomplished it with their iSlave model in both the East (China) and the whole of the Western world :) We're all iSheep!


Well depending on what taxi I book I get charged between £3~£7 for the same journey home, I swear they base it on the amount of alcohol they can smell on me! I don't use Uber Taxi, never will either, several reasons...

Free Uber Taxi in Leicester this weekend up to the value of £10
Found 15th Apr 2016Found 15th Apr 2016
Free Uber Taxi in Leicester this weekend up to the value of £10
Yes free rides; whether you’re already signed up or not. So, whether you’re heading to the station to catch a train out of town for the weekend, painting the town red on Belvoir St… Read more
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I hope that is a sarcastic comment...


How many Uber drivers are there in Leicester now? Still two?


If I was still at Uni there I would have rinsed this!


Why? Leicester is a cool place. The collection of German Impressionist art in the New Walk museum is outstanding.


To book a ride because our black cabs are right out of a horror film, and our scumdog "mayor" has dug up all the roads for cycle lanes.

Free cupcake from Uber Birmingham only
Found 12th Feb 2016Found 12th Feb 2016
Free cupcake from Uber Birmingham only
Did someone say cupcakes on demand? To celebrate our first year in Birmingham, on Friday 12th February between 12pm-4pm, in partnership with local baker Kiss Me Cupcakes, we’ll be… Read more

is it spark hill only ?


lies been waiting 20 minutes, where is the cup cake cab?