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UGREEN RG 65W USB C Charger, Nexode 3-Port Robot GaN Fast Charger Plug Type C Power Adapter Sold by UGREEN GROUP LIMITED UK FBA

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Awesome deal, looks like same offer on the Ugreen Website as well...
About this item
  • Robot GaN Charger: Introducing our futuristic and adorable 65W USB C Robot GaN Charger, this UGREEN small robot-shaped charger combines functionality with fun, making it the ideal accessory for all your charging needs on the go
  • LED Display of Charging Status: Equipped with a smart mini screen, which shows the charging status in real-time when charging is in progress or when it has finished charging, please note that the LED display will only light up when plugged into the power strip
  • Powerful 65W Charging: The USB C1 port provides full 65W power when used alone, this Robot GaN charger only takes 30 mins to charge MacBook Air M2 from 0 to 51%
  • 3-Port Intelligent Charging: With 2 USB C ports and 1 USB A port, the UGREEN Nexode Robot GaN charger supports fast charging for 3 devices at the same time through an intelligent current distribution system, providing a total of up to 65W of power
  • Multiple Safety System: Built-in short circuit protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, and overvoltage protection are ready for all-round security

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  1. Uri's avatar
    I’m very confused.
    Is this a gimmick product with no real reason for it having feet and a face?
    OpineDevine's avatar
    I think it is supposed to be cute. People like cute
  2. rahhjarr's avatar
    They should have made the legs a battery pack so it would double up as a charger and power bank.
    pingsteruk's avatar
    A 230v battery pack?
  3. omgpleasespamme's avatar
    What's the point of this when the folding pin version is cheaper? amazon.co.uk/dp/…X1Z
    Alex_H's avatar
    It's simply for the robot face. If you don't care for that, much better options for sure.
  4. indyjukebox's avatar
    I think this a cheaper way to call it a travel plug by offering plug protection. Plus you can charge extra for the cuteness factor. Still not a bad price for a novelty item.

    The standard 65W charger @ £23 if much better value though.
    anouj's avatar
    the plug protection is just a cover for the pins nothing else
  5. wipe0wt2097's avatar
    100w minimum I would say these days
    indyjukebox's avatar
    What for? Everyone has different needs. Not everyone wants a bulky 100W charger.
  6. scottydogg81's avatar
    99% of people have wall sockets makes the face part of it useless 💁‍♂️
    paxku's avatar
    On a wall socket the face would be looking up, wouldn't it?
    Is the ground prong not always up?
  7. Matt222's avatar
  8. Codify's avatar
  9. anonymouse0's avatar
    does the LED screen still work while it's plugged into the feet? otherwise this could be seen as false advertising
  10. taz.miah's avatar
    Completely unrelated... Plus it's a kick-starter project, which means would probably never make it
  11. Skwoddie's avatar
    I have the not-robot, folding pin travel version of this charger; with 2x USB-C & 1x USB3 ports. It's outstanding. Charges a variety of Android devices (OnePlus 9 Pro, Samsung S23 Ultra, Xiaomi Note 12 Pro, Poco F5 & my Samsung Tablet, all at max speeds. Even charges my son's Chromebook (67W).

    We've paired it with 2x 3 metre Ugreen USB-C cables (right angle connector) for when we're on the sofa and it still provides max wattage.

    The robot face is a gimmick, but it's on an already excellent product.
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