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HiQuick LCD 4-slot Battery Charger for AA & AAA Ni-MH Ni-CD, Type C and Micro USB Input, Fast Charging sold by HiQuick FB Amazon

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[Individual Charging Slots] HiQuick intelligent battery charger has 4 Individual charging slots and supports mixed charging mode, fits for AA, AAA NI-MH batteries.
[Micro USB & Type C] Micro USB & Type C provide you more choices to fulfill your batteries, more convenient and time saving. Please pay attention not to use the 2 charging ports at the same time.(type c data cable is not included in the package )
[Intelligent LCD Screen Charger] Intelligent LCD Screen can monitor battery charge status, process, and detect broken battery.
[Rapid Charging Function] HiQuick battery charger has advanced high current mode and quick charging technology to fulfill your batteries.
[Safety Protection] Controlled by MCU and multiple protection, over charge, over current, over voltage, over heat, short circuit protection. Constant current charging protects the batteries from current fluctuation.
Warm Tips: Please check the product details page carefully before purchasing our product, please confirm that the battery you are going to use our charger to charge is a rechargeable NiMH NiCD AA AAA battery.
If the battery is over-discharged and the voltage is lower than 0.3V, it will be recognized by the charger as a bad battery, and the ERR alarm will flash at this time. Need to use other equipment to restore the battery voltage to above 0.3V, and then put it into the charger for charging
If a non-rechargeable battery or a rechargeable lithium battery or alkaline is inserted by mistake, the charger recognizes that there is a problem with the battery, and the ERR alarm will flash. Need to take out the battery and cut off the power of the charger to avoid overheating of the charger and damage to internal parts. This charger can ont use for alkaline lithium battery
Please note that there are only two reasons why all the lights of the charger do not display. One is that you do not put the battery in after connecting the power, and all the lights of the charger will go out after a short period of time. Second, if you have put in the battery after turning on the power, but all the lights are not displayed, it means that your adapter is not suitable and cannot be connected to the charger.
Please note that after the battery is fully charged, it is normal for the battery to show half of the charge after taking it out of the charger and putting it back in again. Insert the battery, the charger will have a detection process (it takes time just like turning on the computer). After the detection is completed, there will be a trickle charging process, the current is very small, and it will be fully charged in about 20 minutes.
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  1. PAULTRD's avatar
    I've got this charger and its garbage. Always throws up errors on batteries that charge perfectly fine in other units.
    alpha's avatar
    I have similar issues with another charger I have so was looking at this one.
    Do you have any recommendations?
  2. tasker's avatar
    Whereas I have this charger and it's brilliant
    Charges amazingly quick, never had a problem since day one
  3. stec77's avatar
    How does the IKEA charger compare for £5 but £4 postage which could be combined with buying batteries aswell?
    banshee3099's avatar
    You don’t have to assemble this one yourself
  4. namGB's avatar
  5. TheWarmCoconut_'s avatar
    Had this in my basket for about 4 months, can it charge one battery at a time? I have a Duracell one and it will only charge if there's 2 but some things require 3 batteries
    bpanther's avatar
    Can charge any combination of batteries.
  6. phunny12000's avatar
    There's a post for the 8 slot one I've just bought for £8
  7. stec77's avatar
    After looking at the listing I see this alternative:
    52610833-sOOx8.jpgIt seems to charge each cell independently?

    Edit: after looking at lower starred reviews and a video, then maybe this also could be described as garbage!? (edited)
    Phil_Bob's avatar
    I was looking at that charger however, it has a micro USB port. It's so annoying not having USB C in 2024.
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