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Posted 16 October 2022

Up to 40% off cinema tickets @ The cinema society via Lidl + App, Adult tickets £4.77 at selected cinemas

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Decent offer prices from £4.77 adult ticket (Mon-Thursday & £4.63 child (Any Day) at selected cinemas.

Just download the Lidl+ App and tap ‘Partner Offers’ then register and choose your tickets.

Other cinema savings to be had depending on date & location etc.

LIDL More details at LIDL
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    The claim is based on peak time tickets, ie weekends, so your Monday lunch ticket will not have as great a saving as it could.
    People need to understand that their purchase is not made with the cinema, but with wearesparks who will sell you a voucher that you trade
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    O2 Priority free Odeon ticket every week (any day), includes LUXE, no booking fee

    Just checked a few prices at my local Odeon, Monday to Thursday screenings are available for £5 in a standard seat.
    So only saving 23p with this deal. (edited)
    That's good. My local £6 Monday but Tue to Thurs £10 to £12.50 standard screen, standard seat. So this is good deal for me.
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    Does anyone know if there’s a booking fee on top of the ticket price?

    Have registered, thanx Op.
    Yea plus 95p booking fee i believe
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    Maybe it's because I'm in N.Ireland - but there is no 'Partner Offers' tab?
    Tbf lidl+ in NI has more and better offers then lidl+ in GB - it's part of Lidl Ireland.
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    I do enjoy going to the pictures I was there 5 times last week. Odeon, showcase and Cineworld. Sadly streaming services have made it more difficult to attract people to the cinema. As new releases are shown on them within weeks. While cheaper prices will attract more customers. Some of the cinemas were doing that long before the pandemic. People complain about the prices but some of the new releases on sky movies are £15.99 to rent! Which is outrageous imo so get yourselves to the pictures whenever you can. You can take your own drinks and snacks without worry. I've found Reel cinema charge more sensible prices for their drinks and snacks. In comparison to the other chains.
    £16, family of 4, = £4 per head.
    Cheaper than the flicks, and no surcharge on the snacks. That's how it is probably expected you should view it.
    Meanwhile it costs Sky little to send it.
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    48461288-5RjSh.jpgthese are the 'luxe' seats at my local Odeon!!! Would you be willing to pay a premium price to sit in this condition no wonder people aren't going to the cinema.Its like the broken window effect on a building!! If you are happy to let this be,it will always get worse and people will treat it worse!!! Come on Odeon,sort it out and maybe you will get people spending money
    Crikey! They aren't that bad in the Leeds/Bradford one, that's not good at all.
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    Used this before, its easy to use. Good value
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    No good for my local Vue cinema. The discount site is telling me the tickets there are normally £6.99 and offering them for £4.99. When in fact tickets for my local Vue are £4.99 so I’m not saving anything
    Mine is £4.99 for the "super saver" seats. So you can get a cheap ticket but only if you sit right at the front or side.

    For a while they were doing £4.99 for all tickets all times but they've found a way to keep that headline price while squeezing every penny they can get out of you.
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    Wish they wouldn't make you register all your details before you know whether there are actually any worthwhile deals there.
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    Bit confused, but does this exclude Odeon Luxe? There isn't any cinemas nearby my location which aren't luxe anymore. Great deal otherwise but O2 priority free ticket makes this less sense. (edited)
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    Our local Everyman cinema tickets are £15, with extortionate bar and food prices. You cant hear the film above the masticating. Cine world tickets are £13, but a 15 minute drive away. I’ll have to stick to Netflix I think.
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    Are you allowed to buy two adult tickets, or is the offer just for one ticket only? Thank you.
    Buy as many as you like
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    Would these work with meerkat codes 2-4-1 ?
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    Does anyone know if this will work on IMAX?
    I have a feeling that you'll buy a standard ticket and then have the option to pay an uplift when booking for IMAX? A bit like you can with the 02 odeon Freebie. You can pay an extra £3 for iSense showings.
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    Good deal this is Heat added
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    We're seeing so many cheap cinema deals lately (even free tickets), cinemas must really be in trouble. Since the pandemic I'm wondering how many of them will survive. (edited)
    Most in London now don't offer early film showings and first film usually around 2.45pm.This is a management decision to save money which makes sense in the current climate with energy/wages going up,bit a sure sign the cinema may well be a thing of the past in the not to distant future...??
    I still don't understand why all cinemas don't reduce ticket prices to say £5 max,and people would flood in...except the greedy film makers won't let them charge less!!
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    Not worth
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    Someone told me that Vector Sigma created Optimus Prime, is it true?
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    Just downloaded the app and some coupons are locked. How do you unlock these?
    Is there no "contact us" option?
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    Cinema society, never heard of them.
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