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Posted 15 July 2023

Vitus Sentier 27 VR MTB Bike - Bomber Z2 fork 1x11 Dropper Post

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Fantastic spec, the fork is only a couple of hundred less than the whole cost of the bike!

Available in S, M, L & XL at this price. Previously on sale for £30 cheaper at CRC but this is still an absolute no brainer at this price.

Reduced from £1,249.99 to £649.99 plus £19.99 postage.

Dropper post,
140mm fork,
2 pot Shimano or 4 pot Clarke's hydraulic brakes,
180mm brake rotors,
Nukeproof finishing kit &
boost wheels.

If you want the same spec in a 29er see this link although it's currently £100 more:

Wiggle More details at

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  1. banton1's avatar
    Had a 2016 Vitus Sentier, bought it second hand. Took it to pieces to sell during pandemic and doubled my money back and invested that in a Nukeproof. You might think I am about to say something bad about the Sentier. It was a flawless good looking bit of kit. I'd honestly still be happy with it now.
  2. apr_1985's avatar
    I am 6’8 and usually ride an XXL 29er. 
    however the size guide for this bike says the XL will go up to a 37” inside leg and approx my size which is interesting. 
    anyone have one to confirm the sizing being larger than normal?
    OccasionalDeals's avatar
    Me and my neighbour both have vitus bikes, both completely different models to this, and based on our experience, I'd say the bikes are slightly larger than other brands, but at the same time, the size guide is slightly generous about the rider height that the size is appropriate for. We've both kept the bikes, so it's not a terrible guide, but I think it should bump people up a size slightly earlier than it does. (edited)
  3. zoidster's avatar
    Wow! Kind of wish I needed a new bike right now!
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    N+1 is a thing
  4. sparklehedgehog's avatar
    My neighbour bought this this week and its mental value for what you get. Absolute bargain
  5. welder77's avatar
    Small sold out
  6. Aznar's avatar
    This is a seriously good bike. Fantastic value for money.
  7. roady's avatar
    Ordered the 29er version, cheers !
  8. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    If you're still looking
    Jonno329's avatar
    Yeah thanks mate, already purchased bought some of those horizon pedals today to go with it
  9. muppet31's avatar
    Looking for a new bike and everyone that's been posted last week or so looks good to me! 27 or 29 inch wheels, is there any consensus to which is better or just personal preference?
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    How tall are you?
  10. Allan_'s avatar
    I posted this at £619.99 already. It has gone up £30 but still a great deal.
  11. james_marchant's avatar
    My only annoyance with the sentier being it still hasn’t hit internally routed cables. Other than that. A Sterling hardtail. Great value. Always has been
    OccasionalDeals's avatar
    Other than looking slick I'm not sure internal cabling is really an advantage!
  12. Jmr's avatar
    I want to get this but I fall in between L/XL sizes. I'm 6'/183cm tall but my inside leg is about 88-90cm. What's more important, height or inside leg? My instinct says go for L. Any advice?50610115-LAQLn.jpg
    Allan_'s avatar
    Sounds like you have long legs for your height. I would definitely size down. Long legs can be accomodated by raising the saddle, but there's nothing you can do if the reach is too long.
  13. Ben_the_wolf's avatar
    Just ordered a medium, looks very good spec for the money.
    Allan_'s avatar
    I got mine last week and had the first ride on Sunday. It feels like it should cost a lot more than this. If anyone is not keen on the frame then you could buy this and swap the frame and I reckon might still be worth it. It even came set up straight out of the box. All I had to do was stick the front wheel and handlebars on and good to go.
  14. Ramirez's avatar
    I’ve got the XL - received yesterday. Looks great but came with raceface cranks (not deore) and Clark’s brakes, which admittedly they did say they might sub in for shimano.
  15. Gavin2624's avatar
    OK so I'm not clued up with bikes at all...

    But from reading the comments this appears to be pretty good money for value.

    I'm 169cm tall

    The sizing for the medium is 170cm to 180cm.
    Will a medium be OK.

    How hard are these to put together?
    welder77's avatar
    Very easy
  16. JackCampbell-98445.49899's avatar
    Struggling to decide over this or the full sus Jamis Dakar that is also on sale for around the same price (edited)
's avatar