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Posted 17 January 2023

Vodafone 100GB 5G data, Unlimited min/text + £87 cashback - £15pm/12m = £180 / £93 (£7.75pm effective cost) @ e2save

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Save over £87 Cashback by redemption on vodafone
Save over £87 Cashback by redemption on vodafone

Send your claim in line with the Cashback Claim Process below and we will credit you by cheque with £17.59 each time.

This will save you £87.95 over the 12 month duration of the contract. In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £7.67 per month.

Cashback Claim Process:
Claiming your cashback couldn't be simpler. You will need to send in your mobile phone bill at months 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12

It's so simple to workout when you need to claim your cashback, please see the below table on when you should send your bills to us.


You can make your claims via your My Account which you'll be able to register for once you've placed your order. It's a quick and easy process which will allow you to redeem your cashback throughout your contract.

Remember to register an account with your chosen network provider too, this will allow you to download the bills for the required months to claim

Please note: the above calculations are based on the basic line rental of the tariff and do not include itemised billing.
e2save More details at e2save

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  1. wh9's avatar
    Code not working for me, tried entering on checkout
  2. jack201's avatar
    Possible £10 cashback from topcashback aswell
  3. ciaranf's avatar
    I miss their free data roaming
    Scrouge1953's avatar
    TM then
  4. DellB0y's avatar
    Refunds by monthly cheques sounds like a royal pain in the ..
  5. theasterix's avatar
    If you are already on vodafone and looking to renew, another option could be just talk to them, they offered me50% off i.e. £7.5 per month on 15gb data, however that does not include EU roaming. I can buy that at £8 for week if I need.

    Saves hassel of dealing with cashback (edited)
    jack201's avatar
    That's a rip-off
  6. flashjohny's avatar
    Please beware.. I got a vodafone 100GB contract from e2save in Aug 2022 last year, and so far haven't received any cashback. They approved the claim, but don't send the payments despite chasing multiple times. Apparently the cheque has got lost in Royal mail 3 times !! Incredible (edited)
  7. Jony5deals's avatar
    why would you go for this when you can get a TM deal for the same without all the faff of cashback and on a monthly basis so no CPI increase in April which I'd guess this will be liable too?
    unknown_k's avatar
    What's TM do you have a link for it?
  8. KayJay89's avatar
    Is there any deal with EU roaming?
  9. hotsir's avatar
    Wow that’s a deal - thanks Saj
  10. JCMITFC's avatar
    Is there evidence that this offers VeryMe rewards?
    JCMITFC's avatar
    The answer is yes.
  11. phantom123's avatar
    Is this a 'Basics' sim?
    sajidtg's avatar
    No, this is full speed sim
  12. The_narrow_path's avatar
    I'd hold on a bit longer for a better deal from them. They had up until a week ago 200GB for £7pm after cashback (£15 before cashback).
    anthony69's avatar
    I was about to post this too, on that deal also
  13. jnm21's avatar
    Sorry, but surely this is now RRP - when was the last time, other than when 200GB was on offer at the same price a couple of times, that this was not available?
    sajidtg's avatar
    Good point. I will keep an eye and if this doesn't change, I may not post again.
    Thank u
  14. rossybearr's avatar
    Anyone know if this includes their international roaming?
    rossybearr's avatar
    49335821-FjsCi.jpgnevermind, its the basics sim
  15. j4mrk82's avatar
    Well u can get it for £7.00 pm at mobiles.co.uk cashback
  16. vddjff010's avatar
    My contract is due to end this month, does anyone know how I can get this deal using my existing vodaphone number?
  17. jredo2's avatar
    Hi two months ago i bought 5G unlimited data calls text on one of this cashback deals and Im ot happy for the second time in few years unlimited for them means max 50 mb speed only somtimes usualy is about 10 mb speed or less during day time .5G what only 4G nearly whole day I had EE is much better my mistake I wont do this again but i need to suffer for next 22 months
  18. spatel6's avatar
    Wonder if anyone can help. My current Vodafone SIM only contract is ending. This was a e2save cashback deal too. How can I move from my existing Vodafone SIM to this without getting a Tesco pay and go sim
  19. Ianaf72's avatar
    Was going to sign up to this for my daughter but the trustpilot reviews aren’t great - quite a few complaining about the redemption process not working.
  20. Ruben_Neto's avatar
    Can you keep the same number? Vodafone are saying you can’t use it
  21. LukePriestley's avatar
    Is this for unlimited download speed, or is it one of the reduced strangled versions?
    The_narrow_path's avatar
    No speed caps.
's avatar