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WAHL Refurbished Clippers & Trimmers - From £28.99 @ Wahl Store
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Just a quick heads up for anyone looking for Wahl trimmers, refurbished by Wahl themselves. Can pick up detailer for £37.99 instead of £57+, same for the Balding Clipper and etc. … Read more
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They have probably refurbed the clipper i shaved my ass with for years.


Refurbished clippers?? Hahahah!






No thanks I have my own hair clipper

Wahl clippers - refurbished at great prices - cordless lithium trimmers £12.00 plus £1.50 postage
Found 25th Sep 2016Found 25th Sep 2016
I was looking for a pair of hair clippers and came across the wahl refurbished site. There are some great bargains to be had. Postage is £1.50. MBRIZ has just found the same sel… Read more

I bought a lithium ion one. But the battery had no capacity. So I returned it. I guess they don't do much to refurbish them.


I did try some oil when it started to get loud, didn't make a difference. I'll avoid refurb shavers in the future.


Are u using oil on n the blades


mine went rusty after a few months and are sooooo loud! Work well enough tho


Thanks :). Free same day delivery too!

Wahl Refurbished Stainless Steel Ion Trimmer £17.49 delivered @ Wahl Store
Found 10th Aug 2015Found 10th Aug 2015
Been looking around for a good beard trimmer and came across this. Lithium battery stainless steel trimmer. Shows as factory refurbished and restored to original factory spec. RRP… Read more

Great product. Well built and worth the price


Arrived today. Happy with it! Didn't rip my face apart like the last one.


Thanks very good price


Is it good. I have a Remington one. That is ok


Yes. You get the trimmer! You get everything.

Reconditioned beard trimmer / hair clippers £15.99 + £1.50 del @ wahlstore
Found 28th Jun 2015Found 28th Jun 2015
Just picked up this beard trimmer. It's reconditioned but is only 15.99 down from 79.99. There's loads of other clippers available in the reconditioned section so plenty of selecti… Read more
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No idea why this deal is so cold? Thanks OP, just ordered.


£20 reduced new at tesco


Having said all that I've bought one - grab it from eBay for free delivery


Good deal but not a lot of flexibility in the cutting lengths - read several reviews that say grade 1 is too short and grade 2 is too long. There is no in between like with other trimmers


Ha it's from wahls main site not some market stall

Wahl Ion Triple Play Shaver (refurb) £33.98 @ Wahl Store
Found 3rd Nov 2014Found 3rd Nov 2014
http://www.wahlstore.co.uk/wahl-refurbished-triple-play-shaver.ir?cName=personal-care-refurbished-consumer-clipperstrimmers This shaver was recently given a 5G rating on the Gadge… Read more

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wahl-Refurbished-Triple-Play-Shaver-SSP-89-99-/321571900496?pt=Shaving&hash=item4adf2dcc50 Cheaper on their own ebay store.


Shame they have doubled the price, they were selling for £14.99. If you buy through Ebay, you can get free P&P making it £29.99 instead of £33.98


Saw the Gadget show, and the OP is correct was given 5G


This looks a good deal....anyone got a view?

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Wahl Refurbished Detailer Trimmer £29.49 @ Wahl Online
Found 24th Sep 2014Found 24th Sep 2014
Refurbished Professional mains operated Detailer Trimmer, with a professional rotary motor specifically designed for edge lining & detail work. T- Shaped Blades adjust to zero… Read more

Cost around new around £45-50


Surely a pi55take


Refurbished hair trimmer...nice!


Thirty quid for a second hand hair trimmer?!

Wahl Refurbished Pro Series Animal Clipper £20 @ whalstore
Found 24th Sep 2014Found 24th Sep 2014
Have been waiting for these to come back in stock for a while, only limited stock available... The Refurbished Pro Series Recharagble Clipper/Trimmer is highly versatile, which ha… Read more

I got whal for a few quid last time there was am offer. They are no more than just normal clippers. ok for taking a some hair here and there but choke too easy.


Agree with the above post , if you buy these it will end it costing you more. Oster are the way to go.


*later - meant oster


if you seriously want to cut your own dogs fur, then buy clippers like OSTER GOLDEN A5 etc. they cost another £100 but they work perfectly and last a long long time. new blade heads will cost another £20 when they become blunt BUT its what all the industry use. they don't waste money on the likes of the wahl dog trimmers etc that you see for sale for £30. just saying. but we have 2 dogs and later clippers pay for themselves in very little time.

Wahl super outlet deals - Wahl Refurbished Stainless Steel Ion Trimmer  £19.99
Found 13th May 2014Found 13th May 2014
I stumbled into loads of deals on wahl outlet. I personally bought Wahl Refurbished Stainless Steel Ion Trimmer for £19.99 with RRR of £79.99. http://www.wahlstore.co.uk/wahl-refu… Read more
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lots of other good deals too...


You wanted to be looking a couple of weeks ago when someone posted the Easter discount code...sorry.

Wahl Refurbished Academy Trimmer £18.74 with code @ WahlStore
Found 24th Apr 2014Found 24th Apr 2014
Im a barber myself and i use these for outlining, pretty good. I paid £70 for these literally a couple of weeks ago in sallys. Think this will be helpful for any barbers/hairdres… Read more

Your obviously unaware of what refurbished is, if you think your going to get what somebody else has already used, that's second hand. These will have had the blade changed and the shell, just that they will come in a brown unofficial box. P.s what a moron


Eh ? I think that's a little can't say harsh but it's a little too much like I live in a bubble wrap suit and my house is made of cotton wool reply.


I'm sure they've changed the blade.... Plus does your hairdresser/barber use a new trimmer everytime when you get your hair cut??


Seriously who's voting hot for this refurbished item. It's like buying used underwear!!!


why would I want a second hand ball shaver?

Wahl Refurbished Clip n Trim Clipper (refurbished) £6 delivered @ wahl
Found 24th Apr 2014Found 24th Apr 2014
Use code Easter2014 to get this price. Quality brand mains trimmer AND battery powered detail trimmer Refurbished Clip N Trim Hair Clipper With FREE Definer Trimmer. This 2 i… Read more

Ordered - Hot! Thanks OP! 8)


Has anyone's order been dispatched?


out of stock


Thanks. Have asked mods to unexpire Edit: Just looked again and it's gone back out of stock ;/


its back in stock. Don't know how unexpire from android device.

Wahl Pet Multi-Cut Clipper [Mains Operated] (Refurbished) £6 with code @ Wahl
Found 24th Apr 2014Found 24th Apr 2014
Use code EASTER2014 Mains operated Multi Cut Clipper with taper control for variable cutting lengths. Designed to cope with most coat types. Quiet, perfect for noise sensitive an… Read more
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Jony Ive at Apple would hate you...


I Purchased A Set Of These For My Lhasa Apso, Iv Used Them A Number Of Times && Had No Problem With Them So Far. Only Thing I'd Advise Is Anyone Clipping Their Animal Should Make Sure They Have The Time && Patience Before Trimming Pets As It's Not A Quick Job Espacially On Animals With Long Thick Coats.




yep, you need Oster or Anders


Got one of these for the cat before. You're right, they're really not very good for their intended purpose. They don't seem to be any different from their "human" ones. I'm certain they've just labelled one of they're regular items as suitable for animals without any design alterations. They work perfectly well on humans though! So might be worth getting one for yourself.

Wahl 300 series Dragon clippers -  refurbished -  £8.00 @ Wahl store
Found 5th Feb 2014Found 5th Feb 2014
Bought a set of these the other day and they came today, great set for £8, came with the clippers, 8 combs and the dragon vanity case, despite the description stating it only co… Read more

Y cold


Currently 4 available on the ebay link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321243820211?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649


Ordered this only £4 more and get a extra thing lol. Hope it comes with a good number of clippers.


Out of stock !!


Thanks, ordered the 300 series set which includes a hair trimmer, only £12 Heat added.

Wahl Factory Refurbished Vogue Clippers (£4.80 Delivered) @ Wahl Store
Found 19th Sep 2013Found 19th Sep 2013
I know that this one is most probably not for everyone but at present there is a 20% discount on all of their refurbished clippers, trimmers & straighteners (Consumer, Pro &… Read more
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Mine arrived on Friday and when I went to use it I noticed the blades were loose (on greater examination one of the plastic retaining pins had snapped) - I rang up their customer services and BANG - a brand new blade arrived on Saturday morning! Am very impressed with their service.


Paid £6.30 for Vogue clipper delivered. Received this morning and excellent quality.


WOW! How fast was that to get delivered - great job Wahl!


oos booooo


Out of stock

Wahl Clippers half price £16.49 (£20.48 delivered) @ Wahl Store
Found 2nd Jul 2013Found 2nd Jul 2013
Wahl Baldfader Clipper Ultra Close Results RRP: £32.99 Our Price: £16.49 The Wahl Baldfader is the ideal clipper for ultra close cuts, high n tight & fades. This clipper a… Read more

Go to this deal instead; Wahl baldfader clippers £16.49 @ ebay wahloutlet


Have you found this cheaper? I've looked elsewhere, but this was the cheapest with £3.99 delivery.


Total price £20.48 delivered - are you on the shandies ?


£20.48p? "RRP: £32.99 Our Price: £16.49"

Wahl Lithium Ion Hair Clipper £47.99 @ Wahl Store
Found 21st Mar 2013Found 21st Mar 2013
Great deal on this lithium ion cordless hair clipper, £45.99 plus £1.50 P&P direct from Wahl UK. The equivalent clipper is on sale at Boots for £69.99 only exclusive at Boots b… Read more

Silly price - far too much. Cold.


Does it work when you unplug it from the mains?


i'm happy with the £5 mains clipper i got from currys which never loses its charge


Some Argos reviews here CLICKY


Lithium ion? Really any need got this?

WAHL Frothee Coffee / Hot Chocolate Whisk - Just £2.99 Delivered - Wahlshop.co.uk
Found 31st Jul 2008Found 31st Jul 2008
Great price for a brand named one of these. Most are about £6.50 or more on google Battery operated, pulsing milk frother. Complete with stylish chrome stand and chocolate shaker.… Read more

Got same email. Money refunded. Oh well


Same with me. Money refunded. Due to demand. Now out of stock!:evil:


Just had an email to say they have refunded my money NO EXPLANATION OR NOTHING! Websites dissapeared!


Bought a cheapy one from ebay for £3 You should of posted this a few days ago and i would of got this one :( Heat added


Link doesnt seem to work anymore,probably out of stock?