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£4.99 delivered instead of £14.99 (from 121-Mart) for a Scratch Fix PRO clear coat applicator pen - fix up those scratches and save 93%
Found 1st Nov 2012Found 1st Nov 2012
good deal to get rid of scratch You’ll get an applicator pen plus an extra pen tip. Designed to help eliminate scratches and other marks on your car. Clean and easy to use - just … Read more
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These are on ebay, £.160 - £2.00 delivered.


crazybob... did it work ?


Agreed. Got one from Poundland a few weeks ago.


What a load of (*&*& yyou can get these for a £1 anyway. Yet again another BS RRP and saving. These companies deserve to be exploited and ripped off


Wish i could own a car that needed this:)

£69.99 instead of £299.99 (from Box 2000) for a 7-inch Android touchscreen tablet PC with camera and 4GB storage - save 77%
Found 30th Oct 2012Found 30th Oct 2012
£69.99 instead of £299.99 (from Box 2000) for a 7-inch Android touchscreen tablet PC with camera and 4GB storage - save 77% Its called VIA WM8850 EKEN W70… Read more
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I wouldn't get this tablet for the following reasons, low screen resolution, 512mb ram, 4gb disk space, low battery capacity, put a little more money towards something like a Ainol Novo 7 Crystal running Jellybean, IPS screen 8gb disc space, 1gb ram.


Previosuly sold (to mugs) at £299


Humm ram and screen res a bit low, I got a tablet with 1 gig of DDR3 and 1024x768 for less than this, no way anyone would buy at the quoted original price


Imagine..if you were to buy 10 of these you would be saving £2300 in total!

50437 VIA WM8850 EKEN W70

60 pack of Durex or Mates Condoms only £19 @ wowcher
Found 28th Oct 2012Found 28th Oct 2012
Just seen on Wowcher £19 instead of £50 (from Merchtopia) for a pack of 60 Durex or Mates in a range of varieties - stay safe & save 62%
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...when you have mates :)


Get them free from the docs???


who needs durex????


You're not supposed to poke through from hole to hole oO


Be out of date before I'm even half way through

Deed Poll Name Change £14 @ Wowcher  - UKDeedPoll
Found 26th Oct 2012Found 26th Oct 2012
Just seen this on Wowcher, Just incase anyone want's to change their name to something amazing :D If you're known to use the expression: "Danger is my middle name" then go on, we … Read more
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In Scotland you can legally change your actual birth certificate by applying to the National Records of Scotland office in Edinburgh- These "Deed Poll" certificates are no more than a statutory declaration that state you are using an "Assumed" name. It can be used for applying for passports etc, but it will never change your actual birth certificate. In Scotland a Statutory Declaration can be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or an Elected Member of the Local Authority, FREE OF CHARGE. A Solicitor can witness it but will most likely charge you. Deed Poll is not recognised in Scotland, so anyone who was born in Scotland is wasting their money if they buy one of these Deed Poll certificates, as it cannot change your original birth certificate. For example, if you submitted one when applying to be be married in Scotland, your real name would have to be shown in brackets alongside your new name on your marriage paperwork. My advice to anyone wanting to change their name is to always contact your local registration of birth deaths and marriages office. You will get accurate advice on the best way to go about it, depending on your circumstances. There are many companies now ripping off the public by offering services which registration offices can provide at a fraction of the cost.


This thread was not originally about deed poll scammers, you started that. I'm defending the deed poll companies because I think most of them are obviously not scammers, and it annoys me why people assume lawyers are obviously better because they wear suits, have a law degree, and charge you a lot of money. Why do only bad solicitors deserve condemnation, and not the good ones? I think pretty much all good solicitors would still charge you for a deed poll, so how are they any better than the deed poll companies? I get the feeling that you're reluctant to call all solicitors "scammers". Most of the free advice on the web actually comes from those deed poll companies. The free sites, although good, are much thinner on the ground when it comes to advice. The reason for that is that it takes either a lot of time, or a lot of money, or a lot of people (e.g. as with Wikipedia) to write decent content. What's so bad about those companies? Did you actually get scammed by one? I assume that if you pay them, they will actually send you a deed poll (after all, why wouldn't they?). I agree that it would be more satisfying, cheaper, and a better experience all round to write your own deed poll (same as a lot of things) but most people can't be bothered, just like they can't be bothered, for example, to bake their own bread.


Because this thread is about deed poll scammers, not solicitors. You can get free advice about changing your name anywhere on the web - there's no need to go to a scammer, who may (or may not!) give good advice, but whose motive is to sell you a worthless certificate of name change that is WORSE than doing it yourself. Of course bad solicitors deserve condemnation - but neither I nor anyone else is suggesting you spend £400 on a solicitor. And while we're on the subject - why are you defending these scammers, who are no better than bent solitors, without the law degree.


I agree that you can change your name for free. I don't mean to say you should use a company on the internet instead of a solicitor (or for free). Anyone who does it for free - good for them. But some of those deed poll sites have a lot of advice, and, although there is a lot of bad advice out there, some of it is actually quite good. And they don't charge you for reading it - credit where credit's due. People are really quick to dish out flak when someone charges them for something they think they can get for free, but solicitors deserve a lot more flak, and they don't get nearly enough of it. If you went to a solicitor and asked them about deed polls, how likely is it that the solicitor would tell you "oh just copy the stock wording off the internet"? No way - he would charge you just for giving you that information, at £80 per hour. (Or he probably wouldn't tell you at all.) They can't just run their solicitor's office for free. But people don't mind that!! Where are all the people complaining about that? I mean you spent some harsh words for the deed poll companies, that they are all scammers, but you didn't talk much about solicitors. In my eyes, solicitors are the real scammers. If the companies on the internet mean people spend less money on solicitors, well that's good for everyone.


Changing your name is free, this is a rip off!

Buy a £15 voucher from Wowcher for only £5 for William hill Bingo
Found 26th Oct 2012Found 26th Oct 2012
Highlights Enjoy a range of games with 75, 80 or 90 balls. Simple to use - just create an account and start playing. No need to provide bank details to set up your account. New cus… Read more
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Or because many people consider it wrong to encourage gambling.


But existing players can take on this deal x


think you are getting negative ratings because if you sign up to willhill bingo via topcashback you get £21

Will Writing Service for £18 instead of £160  (allegedly!!) @ Wowcher -
Found 13th Oct 2012Found 13th Oct 2012
Mobid but necessary: Woucher offer on Will Writind Service as detailed below: Highlights Make sure your loved ones are taken care of. You'll start with a consultation that takes … Read more
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Don't touch it with a bargepole.....! My sister used a will writing service, who were absolutely terrible. They are generally not formally legally trained, they do not have a professional body to regulate them and only subscribe to a voluntary code of conduct which you have no real right to enforce! If you want a will done properly, go to a solicitor. At least with that you have The Law Society to fall back on in the event of complaint or error. The will service my sister used had drafted the will incorrectly four times (I should know, I am a solicitor myself) and we had all on getting a refund after the fourth attempt at them trying to get it right.


What you see is what you gate? Huh? Anyway, poor deal, this isn't something that should be taken lightly and quite inappropriate for Wowcher to be offering, I feel.


Only certain unions, not mine. This is crap. if you have very little then write your own on documents that can be bought. Their advice for £60 is nothing more than you can already get on the Internet. If you have property, lots of children, siblings etc then get it done properly by a solicitor. You will avoid so many mistakes and get good advice. The hard part is being forced to think about things most people don't want to consider e.g guardianship, power of attorney etc. These things always sound simple but when you are given lots more info, you need time to mull it all over. You won't get that for £60


Get a free will writing on a bit of paper, but that still doesn't mean this isn't a service that wouldn't be of value to someone with a more complex estate to divide. Do some people just hang around this site to criticise all the deals?


get free will if you are in a trade union

£4 Cineworld Cinema Tickets (upto 2 for £8 per customer) available from Wowcher - Codes Sent Immediately Post Purchase
Found 9th Oct 2012Found 9th Oct 2012
Did a search and couldn't find it posted - received an email heads up fro Money site: You can get tickets to see all the latest Hollywood blockbusters at your nearest Cineworld ci… Read more

Adam, I also received the same email. I've called customer services and they've confirmed the refund of the extra tickets I had to buy. Really pleasantly surprised with Cineworld's handling of this.


Well I received a good email today :D "Dear Cineworld Customer, We have been contacted by a member of the Wowcher Customer Liaison Team, to advise us that you were unable to redeem your online booking made with Wowcher booking codes when you arrived at the cinema. I am really sorry to hear that you experienced a problem with your Wowcher Cineworld booking codes; I appreciate that this must have been very frustrating, and I would like to apologise for the disappointment and inconvenience caused by this issue. The problem that you experienced was caused by a technical fault and our IT team have now resolved the fault to ensure that this does not happen again going forward. If you had to purchase tickets at the cinema as a result of this issue; we will of course be happy to refund your ticket booking. To enable us to process your refund, please call Customer Services directly on: 0844 815 7747. Our lines are open between 9:00AM and 5:30PM Monday to Friday, and between 10:00AM and 6:30PM on Saturdays. In addition to this, by way of an apology for your experience, I would like to offer you two complimentary Cineworld cinema vouchers (valid for any film, including 3D films in any Cineworld cinema). In order to enable us to dispatch these vouchers to you, please respond to this email to my direct email address: with your full postal address, and I will arrange for the vouchers to be sent by post. If you have any further comments or feedback please feel free to contact Customer Services on 0844 815 7747. Kind Regards Ed Thompson Customer Services Cineworld Cinemas" I have responded with my address and when I have the time I will contact their customer support team regarding reimbursement of my cinema tickets (I'll let you all know how that goes).


I have just posted 2 x tickets in the For Sale/Trade section if anyone's interested - I can't go until next week and they will have expired then:(


Adam and Adam, I received a reply from Aidan Coleman at Wowcher. He said he contacted Filmology, which is the company that did the actual deal with Cineworld. The latest update from yesterday was that Cineworld customer service will contact me directly by tomorrow (Wednesday). Really hope to hear something. Will update here.


One thing that did come to mind was a mate once said that if you book online you need to pick up the tickets before the film start time. On a few occassions he has had his bookings cancelled as he arrives later as he does not want to sit through 30mins of adverts. I did the same on Saturday and arrived 10mins after the alloted start time and this happened. But he always goes to the counter and shows them the booking info and he gets his tickets without paying or messing around with refunds.

£10 for a £20 voucher to spend on any printer ink and toner cartridges at + FREE DELIVERY - save 50% @ Wowcher
Found 3rd Oct 2012Found 3rd Oct 2012
This is a Wowcher Deal Voucher is valid with existing 3 for 2 offer! Keep your home printing cheap! Cartridges available for all major models. All colours available. Delivery is F… Read more
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Perhaps because the deal excludes original and OEM cartridges....


Why so cold, no-one has given a reason..

Cineworld tickets £4 or 2 for £8 @ wowcher (can use any time / day for 2d films)
Found 25th Sep 2012Found 25th Sep 2012
Good price Tickets must be booked online before 25th October 2012 - whatyadoinsucka

if i buy the tiket today can i go to the cinema tonight ?how does it work?thanks


Raise a PayPal dispute they'll refund you rather quickly.


Transaction cancelled but money taken off paypal what the hell..


One of the best deals on here, don't take my word for it. Check the screenshot....


Looks like Groupon are doing a similar deal for Odeon. Its 2 for £8, but they just emailed me a £5 off code so even better!!!

Memory Foam Pillow £10.99 @ Wowcher -
Found 5th Sep 2012Found 5th Sep 2012
Memory foam pillow on Wowcher. reduced from 50 to 11. First time posting so go easy Available @ Chums through Wowcher - readingbrown99 Highlights Pressure sensitive memory f… Read more

speaks someone who dont know anything, has never put up a deal either


I once dealt with Chums, they sent me the wrong items and it took ages to get them returned for a refund, had to involve the credit card company, would not deal with them again.




I bought the silent night one’s from Tesco when they had an offer on for £10 each, the only thing they remember is how to be rock hard, wasted my money!


Works out about the same on their ebay outlet for a pair:

Heart rate monitor watch £8 delivery - 80% Saving @ Wowcher
Found 16th Aug 2012Found 16th Aug 2012
Sister's doing London and Brighton marathons next year so looking round for gadgets like this. Seems good for a runner in training, and cheap!

Anybody got any advice on a decent heart rate monitor? Don't really want to spend too much though! Cheers.


i have the exact same one. They work well (well-ish for the price) at home, however in sunlight it doesn't seem to very consistent. Also it takes 15 full secs in which you have to hold perfectly still !!! . and yaa it looks hideous and the blue paints starts scraping off the edges in about a week of use. Also I one forgot to take it off whilst taking a shower at the gym and the screen was foggy for over a week !!! (stayed alive though).


If shes doing 2 marathons and she needs to keep an eye on her heart rate for real reasons then spend some money and get a proper monitor.


I bought one of these on ebay and it's nearly identical. Not worth it at all - you have to hold your fingertip on the sensor, which isn't particularly sensitive. Could not get an accurate reading sat on the couch, never mind while exercising or after when you're not exactly sat still. I spent £15 on a better one from Lidl the other week that had a chest strap (much more accurate apparently), but I haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet.


% saving another reason for OFT to investigate these group buying sites. Over priced and a con. As above you can get it a lot cheaper on ebay bought one a while ago for the wife for £4 and it is poop

7 inch android tablet for only £79.. Not bad I guess... @ Wowcher
Found 13th Jul 2012Found 13th Jul 2012
Just seen that deal... Seems good to me.. But not sure for everyone.. Be gentle, it's my first post

Screen Display: 7 inch LCD (800x480) Touch Panel: Multi-touch capacitive touch screen


No mention of screen resolution...


Nexus killer.....................HDMI & SD.


if you dont have the cash for the google nexus, then this Sumvision Astro+ 7 Tablet PC is a right bargain had a play with one today (i currently own an advent vega) and I was very impressed with its features, size and performance. No its NOT the google nexus, but for 80 quid, after a year you can give it your kid to use!!!!


It looks like the seller blue bud were sellingvthem for 99 prior to the deal so only 20 off the price.

£49 instead of £295 (from INTESOL) for a 100 hour online TEFL course
Found 2nd Jul 2012Found 2nd Jul 2012
Just recieved this through my emails from Wowcher for a 100 Hour TEFL course for just £49 (normally £295) I thought that's not a bad price for anyone looking to do this :) I hope … Read more
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What level qualification is this course the equivalent of, does anyone know? A Level? GCSE?


From what I've read, most employers aren't interested in anything less than a CELTA/TRINITY certification - though the price for these runs in excess of £1000. Needless to say, I've had to save up for this, and will be booking my place in the next couple of months. Not voting either way as this has relevant arguments both for, and against.


Seems good value to me. Voted Hot


For those wondering what this is: Once the course has been completed students will have gained an accredited TEFL Certificate, which will allow them to teach conversational English either overseas or in the UK.

William Hill £30 voucher for £5 with a £10 deposit @ wowcher  - free money?
Found 16th Jun 2012Found 16th Jun 2012
First deal on here so go easy on me, But Wowcher are offering a £30 William Hill voucher for £5 as long as you deposit £10 and are a new customer. The £30 can only be used on the… Read more
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Is the stake returned also ? Normally with these free bets the stake is not returned....? p.s. Agree with the earlier post IF your'e doing this, £19 on Red £19 on Black and £2 on Zero would be wiser, paying £38 min £72 max (or even £1 on Zero and £1 on your favourite number, potentially paying max £74)


Yes. Here's the link-


Yes. Here's the link-


Would be better putting £19 each on black and red and £2 on 0


Groupon did a similar deal before, I'm sure there was a thread on here. As its 25% return you have to bet your £40 4 times. Wise to always put something on 0.

£39 for 2 nights camping for 2 in a luxury bell tent, or £70 for 4 people, at the Kirkhill Mansion, Edinburgh - save up to 65%. WOWCHER
Found 16th Jun 2012Found 16th Jun 2012
£39 for 2 nights camping for 2 in a luxury bell tent, or £70 for 4 people, at the Kirkhill Mansion, Edinburgh - save up to 65% 2nt Glam Camping Break … Read more

not great looking from the photos on trip advisor.


Luxury and camping, there's two words I thought I'd never see used in the same sentence. Still,voted hot if you like sleeping in the outdoors though.


No kids allowed


Can't even read what the deal is because the company name and advertising annoys to the point of shouting at the TV in a rage....


Working now!

£29 instead of £60 for a 7 day hamper of calorie counted meals from Diet Chef – diet the easy way and save 52% - £4.95 delivery
Found 17th May 2012Found 17th May 2012
Highlights 7 days of chef-prepared calorie-controlled meals. Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every day. Pick from great dishes like curry, lasagne, risott… Read more

The brand Look What We Found ( Good quality healthy ready meals) make some of the Diet Chef products Full price never But at this as a kick start to a healthier life there are much worse things to try The food industry is designed to keep us all addicted to fat & sugar Good luck to anyone trying beat any addiction & live a better life I am so jealous of all the hatters & trolls out there whos lives are perfect Again if your trying to sort your life out Good luck (Jan 2008 34st 10lb Today 19st 7lb)


If people actually need a delivered pre-packed meal just to eat healthy, then there is really no hope for the human race. Cold in principal.


as said it stuff easy enough to cook or ready meals, do that and you will save money. All this is is loads of ready meals, why not buy them instead.


7 Days of water and nothing else will get better results and save you £33.95.


nowt here you cant do yourself, unless you're a fat lazy sod.

Pizza Tavern Wilmslow £9 for 14in pizza + 2 sides + 2 desserts + bottle of pop DELIVERED
Found 7th May 2012Found 7th May 2012
3 days left. heard about it on real radio today. The place scores 4.5/6 on just eat. Offer must be paid to wowcher. its not directly available at the tavern unless you get the vouc… Read more
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Extremely disappointing to say the least. The famous '30 minutes late and you eat for free' rule has well and truly been blown out of the water here. No answer all Friday night (perhaps they feared the masses would set upon them with this once in a life time deal) and then ordered this evening at 19:28 for 20:30. The gentlemen did mention that it may be closer to 21:00 ( fair enough, a Saturday night probably would increase the estimated delivery time by 30 minutes). However I now feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway; I fear I may well have grown a beard and learnt to catch fish with a home made spear (that is if I can possible muster the energy to make such a tool, given that I've not eaten for so long) by the time my pizza arrives via a vesper, aeroplane and taxi all the way from the back streets of Milan. I get the impression that this deal has some what overwhelmed the pizza producing oven, my wait continues. I apologise for this 'comment'. But I needed something to pass the 'delivery time'.


Nice spot, thanks :)

£9.99 instead of £30 for 2 front circle tickets to The Netherlands National Circus, Wanstead - save a magical 67% @ wowcher
Found 3rd May 2012Found 3rd May 2012
2 Circus Tickets Highlights Your seats will be in the front circle. Enjoy a 2 hour long spectacular. Watch a combination of theatre, dance, trap… Read more

Is this as good as the moscow state circus?


Little bit short notice, would have been nice to go with the family. Good price though, have some heat

£1.99 cinema ticket with WOWCHER any 2D film anytime!! Today only!
Found 3rd May 2012Found 3rd May 2012
Similar to the Groupon offer I have used WOWCHER before and they are just like Groupon easy and saves you lots of pennies! Valid with 5% Quidco too! With so many good films out … Read more
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Still awaiting the arrival of my voucher from these mugs. Was emailed a code, input that into a website and it said voucher will be delivered within 7 days. I'm guessing that means in the post. It's been 3 weeks now so I've emailed Wowcher to see what's going on. I'll think twice about using them again.


Better than the Odeon deal (for us North Westerners anyway), plus not as restrictive which is nice. Thanks OP.


They don't have to be subtitled films?! All films except 3d at any time 7 days a week at participating cinemas


So this is a voucher that is only valid for Northerners who can read? Limited market then *wahey* :p


Only for Northerners

ocado offer - save %55 £49 @ wowcher
Found 2nd May 2012Found 2nd May 2012
£50 of groceries delivered to your door 6-month anytime delivery pass unlimited deliveries seven days a week for six months plus one-year ocado total saving pass. save 55% new… Read more

tesco are offering £2.50 for all deliveries on bank holiday monday. sorry you thought the offer was coldddddddd Lucifer - you must be used to infernal heat where you reside:)


ok, now i see, where do you safe 55%... no thank you, i can get a delivery for 3 pounds from asda tesco or anywrere else


You’ll also get a 6 month Anytime Delivery Pass (priced at £49.99 on that gives you deliveries at no extra charge anytime. Woo hoo! Plus, just because we like you, we’re also offering you a Total Saving Pass (priced at £8.99 at that gives you at least 10% off over 600 branded goods all year round!


did someone tried to buy on this site? i dont understand the promotion? is it that you buy something for 100 pounds and pay just 49, or hoe it works?


london bleugh coldddddddddddddd

£69 instead of £204.95 for a Pioneer CD / MP3 car stereo with remote control from Car Audio Centre – save 66% via Wowcher
Found 27th Apr 2012Found 27th Apr 2012
Pioneer Car Stereo Highlights Play CDs and MP3 CDs. Features an AM/FM radio and remote control. … Read more

amazon got it £84.99 ..... so RRP is just show fff

Binoculars Vivitar 8x50 delivered for only £14.99!! From Wowcher. Remember Quidco
Found 8th Apr 2012Found 8th Apr 2012
Good deal here, cheapest I can find, cheaper then what is on Amazon I believe Get a pair of Vivitar 8 x 50 binoculars. 8x magnification. Multi-coated optics for clean, sharp view… Read more
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£12.99 in ebuyer


Lidl do these binoculars every year and in the past they have always been well reviewed, and made by Bresser which is a well respected brand on the continent. Although they are branded differently this year, they appear to be the same old Bresser underneath. If you have a Lild nearby I recommend checking them out tomorrow - I'm certainly going to.


10x magnification 5 year guarantee bak 4 lenses You really can't go wrong for £16.99, and the brand is Auriol. I have never found that has mattered though when it comes to these 10x50s at Lidl, always great binoculars, whichever guise they come in.


Vivitar named brand Lidl unknown?


Not bad, But these that are available in Lidl from Monday for 16.99 will be better than the ones posted, only £2 more.

Paintballing at various locations £3!!
Found 5th Apr 2012Found 5th Apr 2012
Highlights Get an action packed day of paintballing. Includes equipment hire and 100 paintballs. Complimentary refreshments are available throughout the day. Lunch and additional… Read more
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The only way to make those 100 starter paint balls last would be to use one of these: Oh, and demand that the opposition follow the Napoleonic engagement doctrines.


Paintballs - 100 for £8.00, so expect to allow another £30 to £40 per person based on average usage.


[quote=lumoruk]voted cold, entrance fee is 1% of the cost. Post up how much the balls are.[/quote oh gosh, so sorry. I really thought it was a good deal oO I've not been paintballing :(


It sounds cheap! Sucker you in. The 100 paintballs are used within the first 10 mins, then you enjoyed it that much you have to buy more and there not cheap! Think I brought 1000 for £60 last time I went between 2 of us, as it was the cheapest way buying in bulk, but still had to buy more 200 packs ends up being an expensive day!


voted cold, entrance fee is 1% of the cost. Post up how much the balls are.

Just like the good old days...£2.99 cinema ticket for midlands area -
Found 4th Apr 2012Found 4th Apr 2012
Highlights See any 2d film including the latest blockbusters. Valid any time, 7 days a week. Available at The Regal in Leicester, The Quad, Galaxy, Cinebowl, Savoy, Palace and Reg… Read more
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just wanted to say thanks for the update on the OP x


There is! Google it?


No such place as Palace Cinema in Nottm!


Just purchased. In the email I received it says I will not receive my voucher until midnight 8th April, which is when the deal closes. So for those wishing to use it by then, stay clear. This is the email.. "Thank you for ordering from This email is to confirm that your payment has been received. Your order details are below. If we accept your order, then shortly after the deal closes at 23:59:59 on Sunday, 8th April 2012, you will receive an email with your Wowcher(s) attached. If you don't receive the email within a few hours of the deal closing, please contact quoting your order number."


You have to register to purchase and it's linked to your account so there's no way to purchase 2. You could always create another account but I'd check the tnc first.

£159pp for a 2 night stay for 2 inc. flights and breakfast at the Santa Maria hotel, Faro with Viva Holidays
Found 27th Mar 2012Found 27th Mar 2012
Highlights Get a 2 night stay for 2 in a 3* hotel. Includes breakfast each day. Plus return flights from Stansted, Bournemouth, East Midlands, Leeds or Bradford to Far… Read more
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the time u slap on the sun cream its time to get back on the plane!


Does this include transfers ? Can we pick our own dates ? Ie, can we fly out and back over the easter weekend (6th to 9th April) ?

£89 instead of £412 for a 7 night Marbella break for up to 4 people in a 1 bedroom self-catering apartment, from Petchey Leisure - save up to 78%
Found 16th Mar 2012Found 16th Mar 2012
7 Night Self-Catering Marbella Break Highlights Get a 7 night stay for up to 4 people in Marbella. Minutes from the beaches, shops & bars of the n… Read more

Just enjoy the week and you will have excellent accommodation for £89.Done these before and a great way of getting cheap holidays.You just have to stick to your guns and say 'NO' to their offers


Avoid like the plague, friend of mine did this with another deal. Waste of £100


OP suspended already! oO


One further thing....Once a crimeshare company get your name address and phone number they will never leave you in peace again. If the "holiday" is worth £412, why is the annual maintenance charge for the apartment once bought by a fly-buy fool over £900?


Avoid like the plague...........This is a timeshare promotion,and as such this will cost you dear,and when was Riviera Del Sol in Marbella?............There will be the cost of flights (of course) but many other unexpected costs and charges,fees and surcharges,and i can assure you that most people that buy the "voucher"at £89 DO NOT follow through with the holiday and write off the £89 as a total loss......just like most if not all crimeshare purchases.

personalised spoof Mother's Day newspaper from wowcher for 4.99+postage
Found 14th Mar 2012Found 14th Mar 2012
My mum is getting one, looks cool and is half the normal price.

The adverts on TV for wowcher, make me physically sick! I would like to slap the person who gave the go ahead to telvise that!! :{


Awful. Cold.


these are about £2 on card town, moonpig etc with lots of £5 off for new members vouchers around


Perrrrrrrfetic item ;-p


I'm afraid having watched their tv advert I have pledged NEVER to buy anything from them. Their advert is simply horrific.

4 zumba dvd box £9.99 @ Wowcher -
Found 29th Feb 2012Found 29th Feb 2012
80% off on 4 set of dvd instead of £50

I love Zumba and first heard about it last year. I've done the classes and now do it at home with the 4 dvds! I recently wrote about Zumba on my blog. I am hooked and think it's the best fitness program I've done in years!


Delivery should be included in the price!


Usually Wowcher/Groupons all have a postage fee so should really state this if so


Does it not state 4.99 postage?


good price, noninformative post

Infrared Luxury Bamboo Home Sauna £1595 @ wowcher -
Found 29th Feb 2012Found 29th Feb 2012
Today’s deal is more than just a product: it’s a lifestyle. Invest in a touch of luxury and you can forget spa prices and sharing your sauna with sweaty, overweight men..
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This site is all about how much you save not how much it costs. Funny how the £70+k Aston Martin got lots of 'hot deal' votes..... Yet this deal has a better percentage saving...Therefore, this should be the hottest item on the site right now...


If you want luxury, you get lime-tree/ash/birch cabin with heated stones etc... But it takes good few hours to get to the right temperature, is expensive to run and as I said not all people can take them. Infrared on other hand is very cheap to run and ready in 15 min. My cousin has both installed at their house - steam sauna is used for special occasions and infrared for everyday use.


Nah, they really do suck compared to the steam versions. And I have used both. I guess you are going to have to trudge though life knowing someone disagrees with you?


Stupid comment. Have you ever been to one? Not all people can use steam (Finish) sauna because of health issues but infrared one is very good alternative and does have a lot of health benefits. £1600 price is outrageous, one should pay £600-800 depending how many people can sit...


Ok guys I get it, lol. But I am new at this. :D

5 nights in Dubai in the 5* Millennium Plaza Hotel inc. flights and transfers, from Crystal Travel £650pp  @ wowcher
Found 27th Feb 2012Found 27th Feb 2012
£650pp instead of £1113pp for 5 nights in Dubai in the 5* Millennium Plaza Hotel inc. flights and transfers, from Crystal Travel – save up to 42%

Yeah what's wrong with wowcher, I've used them before and not had a problem.


whats wrong with wowcher?


whats wrong with wowcher?


It was all looking great until I saw 'wowcher'...


Seems a good deal inc flights and 5* heat added

Harrogate Break for 2, for £99 at Kimberley Hotel, Harrogate, on Wowcher
Found 21st Feb 2012Found 21st Feb 2012
Hi I'm new to HotUKDeals but I just spotted this on Wowcher! Looks a pretty good deal if you fancy a short break! You will be saving up to 71% ((£240).

Good spot tomimp. Great name too!


Decent site but like groupon watch out for the small this deal says includes a bottle of wine but you only get that if you pay for food in the restaurant


I've had a look at them and they seem very similar to Groupon. I would expect them to be good. Have seen them advertised on tv recently too!


Nice deal, nit no experience with wowcher, is this groupon clone reliable?

wowcher : Time2Touch Android Tablet 2.3 £99
Found 10th Feb 2012Found 10th Feb 2012
Not sure if this is a good deal - looking for peoples opinion in comparison with the Arnova tablets which have been posted recently this week that i've almost bought ie this one ..… Read more

cold just for their b annoying tv ads


Time2touch Android.....Sounds like a Love Honey Deal!???


Need to add "Postage costs an additional £9.99" and allow 20 days for delivery. So about the going price for a tablet like this spec wise.


Seems ok for the money - the £199 rrp is laughable though. There is so much competition between £99 and £199 that it's tough to make a decision - particulalry when there will be some serious price drops soon on 'bigger' names I would think.


looks like a fab tab!

£79 for a double "Valencia" faux leather bed, or £85 for a king size Delivered @ CrazyPriceBeds through WowCher
Found 8th Feb 2012Found 8th Feb 2012
They say a third of your life is spent in bed. Bearing this in mind, don’t you think it’s time for something more comfortable and a lot snazzier? The beds are low lying, with a co… Read more

Agreed, I am only 12st and slats kept breaking on me so I went back to a divan base with a good mattress. Slats are a waste of time, they offer little if any support.


Delivery charges added to the post.. thank you..


£50 delivery for ANYTHING from this company to Northern Ireland!


Add a tenner delivery, seems a better deal here


Price is about right, good bed but the wooden slats aren't very sturdy.

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