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Wowcher allows UK customers to purchase voucher deals for a huge range of experiences and products. At any one time, their website could feature spa breaks abroad, golfing holidays, gourmet meals, designer clothing or cosmetic treatments, all with big discounts thanks to Wowcher’s crowd-sourcing business model. All their latest offers can be found as they are announced at the HotUKDeals Wowcher listings. Read more

All wowcher Deals, Discounts & Sales for June 2018

Personalised Fruit of the Loom "KEEP CALM and" T-shirt, £8.99 @Wowcher
Found 18th Jan 2012Found 18th Jan 2012
Good quality T-shirt in lots of colours and sizes. FREE P&P. I assume that you can add TWO words, each appearing on a separate line. Asked company about number of characters a… Read more

I don't understand why people still think Fruit of the Loom are good t-shirts :|


keep calm and vote cold :)


The hackneyed Keep Calm series belongs in the tired cliché bin, along with LOL and all that malarkey. Can't wait until I'm dictator....


Keep Calm and Vote Hot?


Good deal, voted hot!

Change your Name Legally by UK Deed Poll £14 instead of £36 at Wowcher
Found 11th Jan 2012Found 11th Jan 2012
Wowcher are currently doing a deal with UKPD to change your name legally by UK Deed Poll for just £14, reduced from £36. Highlights -Change your name for less. -Deed Poll is reco… Read more



Micheal Macintyre (not Scottish and no doubt mis-spelt) does a great sketch about Scottish notes and 'legal tender'


I changed my name without doing it by deed poll.. never had a problem getting a passport, I just said I'd changed my name and what my original name was.. easy... same with my brothers.


Scottish money is not legal tender anywhere... Not even in Scotland.


Good chance for anyone with derogatory names like Gay, Bender, Cockburn or Pratt to get it sorted....

£10 for £20 worth of ink cartridges from Printer Inks –beat down the cost of printing at home and save 50% + FREE DELIVERY @ wowcher  (
Found 8th Jan 2012Found 8th Jan 2012
Printer Ink Highlights Keep your home printing cheap! Cartridges available for all major models. All colours available. Voucher is valid with existing … Read more

whoooosh :)


Yeah, we should all pay £40 for a set of cartridges instead of £2.40, cor i'd be bankrupt in a month the way the kids go through the ink. :D


I buy quality non original cartridges for £1.20 each delivered and cheap ones for 60p each delivered. These people are £5 ea for copy cartridges .... wow EXPENSIVE. COLD COLD COLD


epson carts might be cheap but the canon its so expensive even with 50% of not worth it...I will keep an eye on bayy


try this link copy paste

A medium (£1) or large (£3) pizza with your choice of toppings from your local Domino's Pizza - Available in Nottingham, Loughborough & Derby with wowcher
Found 13th Dec 2011Found 13th Dec 2011
Get a medium pizza (11.5”) with your choice of topping for only £1! Really hungry? Get a large (13.5”) for only £3. Choose from Classic or Thin and Crispy crusts. HURRY - Limite… Read more

still available, click here


Nice one, there's one take away you can't feel guilty about! Thanks!


whats a wowcher?


still not hot enough for front page :(


Seems too good to be true. Ordered!

Rattan stackable 4 piece garden furniture set with table £325 (inc delivery) @ Wowcher - (was £1078)
Found 22nd Nov 2011Found 22nd Nov 2011
This look likes a quality set of furniture and could be the right time of year to buy for a big reduction if you have the cash lying around.I like the handy stackable torpedo syste… Read more

looks great abit to big for my garden................heat given


The real worry for me is, not the shape of my love torpedo, but the fact that my wife thinks this deal look like a giant vibrator, and I didn't even know she had a giant brown vibrator


Phallic.... chriiiist, I'd hate to see the shape of your hampton....


It's phallic design makes me feel inadequate, I can only imagine what the neighbours would think of me if I had an erection in the back garden, and what would it look like if a dirty great seagull pooped right on it's tip, ohh the shame of it all. Have some heat.


im sure groupon did this same deal months ago and people had a nightmare with the deliveries on the items. probably cant compare, but maybe drop shipped from same supplier

£40 of groceries and year's Midweek Delivery Pass for Ocado for £38.99 plus TCB/Quidco
Found 8th Nov 2011Found 8th Nov 2011
I know this will go cold..but posting for people who want to try Ocado deliveries. NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY Highlights =========== Get £40 worth of shopping delivered to your door. Get… Read more

Anyone know where the voucher code goes? Doesn't work for me!


yes. they arent gonna deliver a pint of milk for free ;)


Am I right in thinking that even after the first shop you have to spend a minimum of £40 each time to get your free deliveries?


Yes. I've been a new customer about 15 times with them. Just politely listen to them explaining their service when they arrive, and they don't seem to care.


good quality own brand food. Just a shame that in general, the branded items are far cheaper elsewhere.

Jays a-Jays One In Ear Headphones - £15 @ Crowdity (mymemory)
Found 3rd Oct 2011Found 3rd Oct 2011
+ 10.1% at TopCashback. Same deal as July, reached 234 degrees then - Flat cord claims to be ea… Read more

could'nt agree more, great for the money.


I bought these back in July too, good headphones for the money... have some heat!!


Whoops, didn't realise I could get TCB on this as well! Ordered a second pair (bought one ages ago off Kelkoo Select). Disappointed that it's gonna take over a week for the deal to expire and the vouchers to go live. Made the age-old mistake of not reading everything before hitting 'buy'. Oh well.

Free 'The Shopping Club' membership for a year (RRP - £29.99) + £1.99 p&p @ Crowdity
Found 27th Sep 2011Found 27th Sep 2011
Sorry if already posted
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ended at 1790 out of 5000 :( looks like they have reposted the deal and it's at 2518 already with nearly 2days to go. > link <


They might do it - it's 3.30pm and they're now up to 1368 (27%), and there's still more than 8 hours to go.


Give it a few hours, may be some exposure on HUKD will help. 152 out of 5000 as of 8:21am.


Also noticed that 5000 customers are needed to make it a done deal, and they're only at 2% of that right now. 15 hours to go, this won't happen.... cold.


Would of thought the RRP of £29.99 would cover their costs for the year, or is that just pure profit.

£10 FREE Red Letter Days Voucher with No Minimum Spend
Found 26th Sep 2011Found 26th Sep 2011
*NEW LINK* (It doesn't seem to let me change the link in top right...) From Crowdity: This amazing deal is exclusive to Crowdity and the best… Read more

149 more people until the target is reached!


i assume it didnt get the required number of takers - plus theres another voucher will even less people signed up. if theres nothing for £10 probably a waste of effort.


Oddly if you follow the above link it reports offer expired at 39% complete. If you then click on Current Offer it then reports still available and currently at 64%. Lucky me to get my £10 voucher. I have since browsed through the red letter site and I see why they offer £10 free what with the stuff there. There is only one offer at £10 which is paintballing for 8 people for 7 hours. Beyond that then all other others bar one start at £20. The one exception is 25% off a family photo shoot for £19, expensive photography. I will have a closer look when I have the time when I am a big value shopper and not worth getting there, even with the £10 offer, if the same can be obtained cheaper elsewhere.


Looks like the extended it another 24hrs :)


is this valid in Scotland as well?

3 Hour Open Top Bus Tour of Must See Sights in London £8! (half price)
Found 6th Jul 2011Found 6th Jul 2011
Good price for a 3 hour tour - ideal if you are visiting London and want to see the sites. Golden Tours, located in Victoria, is offering this fantastic deal to all Crowdity member… Read more

Offer EXPIRED : CHECK Thanks for the link and I have used it and but i took the last bus which was at 4pm So it was just for one loop (if i get down, i cant catch next bus because that was the last bus on tour) Was good experience and my wife enjoyed it.


thanks have raised a quidco claim as the cashback didn't track


I went on the tour yesterday with my family. No complaints really, other than the traffic was horrendous and as the guide expected the trip to last 4 hours, we only did west london as we thought 2 hours was about as much as we could handle on a bus.


quidco yet to track


Never mind. Found out where to print vouchers.

FREE £20 off £40 for Ocado @ Crowdity
Found 21st Jun 2011Found 21st Jun 2011
£20 Free Ocado Vouchers - Quality Groceries Direct to your Home Don't forget Quidco for £7.50 cashback for new users! - zomg Voucher code: VOU0837678 Voucher value: £20 Minimum… Read more
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Anyone got any cashback via quidco?


My £20 voucher is still there when i go to checkout,does that mean there are honouring them for everybody that signed up for the offer?


it was working yesterday i made an order and got £20 off


abit peed the code didnt work after sitting there for 2 hrs sorting out my list!


£40 worth of tobacco for £25 delivered arrived today, pretty pleased with that ;)

4 Free Paintball Tickets UK Wide (RRP £100) Paintballs Not Included Min 100 Balls (£11.50) to Purchase @ Crowdity
Found 13th Apr 2011Found 13th Apr 2011
Crowdity have teamed up with Ministry of Paintball to bring you this incredible offer. 4 FREE tickets RRP £100 valid for 3 months to make a booking to play anytime in 2011. Paint… Read more

this site does not say anything about using your own paintballs?


This isn't as good a deal as it sounds. Mosts sites only charge £10 for the day fee thats for the equipment and perhaps lunch. Then they sell you paint at about 6p per ball, with an estimated day using 700 paint that's gonna cost you £42 on top. When you're paying the cost per ball of this offer, add £20 to that. If you're gonna play, just ring your local site. A days play is going to cost you at least £50, but you can play for half a day for half the cost. I'm taking a group to Skirmish at Studley near Redditch, they have an offer on of £45 for the equipment, lunch and 1000 paint. Send me a message if you want to tag along.


That is a better deal imo.


I used to run an Airsoft site , which we shared with a Paintball company. Their business model relied on getting £80+ per person per day, with little chance of repeat custom. They did this by insisting you use their own paintballs, which were of a thicker skin than you could buy yourself, so if you hit someone at long range it was less likely to register a hit. They also ran the markers ( I refuse to call them guns plumbing equipment is more appropriate ) at a lower pressure so again there was less chance of the ball breaking. Also they started games such you could see the other team at extreme range and would waste ammo trying to hit them. I you are interested in this sort of thing, give airsoft a try, its much more fun and a lot cheaper ( Hint my business partners are still going and will sell you 5000 rounds for £8, that will last 2 of you all day. )


+1 thtas exactly what i said but my comment either didnt get posted or dissappeard stupid ipod touch

Free Restaurant Discount Card - 2-4-1 @ Crowdity
Found 8th Apr 2011Found 8th Apr 2011
Get 50% off and 241 at 145 top London restaurants with this FREE my restaurant card (RRP £25 a year). Sign up today and it will be delivered straight to your door and is valid un… Read more
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Handy for travels, cheers!


Thanks! Am going to London for few days with family in next couple of weeks so this is very welcome!


thanks :D


Good deal, but it only lasts for the next 6 weeks or so, so have to get out there and eat fast!!



£30 Hot Diamonds Voucher For £12 @ Crowdity
Found 18th Mar 2011Found 18th Mar 2011
£30 gift voucher for £12 is the offer today on crowdity Award winning brand Hot Diamonds sells beautiful silver and gold jewellery at a reasonable price; and is exclusively offeri… Read more
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This has expired - but where the hell do you put the code to buy the item? Can't find it anywhere?




working for me


Wont let you order, there is a banner over the buy button.......

Movie Club At The Courthouse Hotel: 3 Course Meal & A Movie For Only £19 (London) @ Crowdity
Found 28th Feb 2011Found 28th Feb 2011
Looks really good for a relaxing night out in London - £19 is pretty cheap for a movie and 3 course meal at a really nice restaurant! The Michelin recommended Silk Restaurant in th… Read more

Looks good although they don't have much idea about this as its a brand new promotion. Booked it and give it a go though!


This looks good, thinking I shall book. Though it says one per person and others can be bought as gifts? I can't work out how to buy a gift one? Edit: [Does it mean if I buy five I can't go five times, I'd have to go once with four guests?]

£8 for £25 voucher to spend at photoworld from crowdity
Found 27th Feb 2011Found 27th Feb 2011
I think this is a good deal i have never used crowdity before but get daily e-mails. We have just had a baby boy and my OH wants photos on mugs etc this offer means we could get 3 … Read more

Thanks - ordered. EDIT: **** - thought this was PhotoBox!


Terms and conditions One per person but others can be bought as gifts Voucher applies to one transaction only, Value cannot be split across separate purchases Can be redeemed off anything from the website To redeem, go to Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer Valid until 28th August 2011 Postage and packaging is £2.99 - £4.99 depending on product size and weight Voucher value cannot be used for Postage and packaging

Free Taste Card @ Crowdity
Found 14th Feb 2011Found 14th Feb 2011
Valentines day sepcial. I used these people to get my £15 voucher off red letter days. Great site and do not bombard you with daily emails. All you have to do is sign up (takes no … Read more

who will u be using it on ;) lol




The fact that you advertised a tastecard offer and then promote a website instead is not really appealing.. cold for me


Isn't it a one month trial, which you can get anytime from tastelondon

FREE entry into paintball (usually £20) for 8 People at!!! See Description...
Found 28th Jan 2011Found 28th Jan 2011
There are a few steps for this deal, so please read: 1) Crowdity are currently doing a deal for a FREE £15 Red Letter Day voucher (2 days remaining to sign up).… Read more

Thank you :)


Maybe 400 for half a day but alot more for the whole day!


£28 pp is still good. Should be hot IMO.


It's the Same at most places- at least this is giving (what normally would be) £20 off


Which is why I put that deal at the bottom of the description

FREE Box of 12 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!!!  See details....
Found 28th Jan 2011Found 28th Jan 2011
There are a few steps for this deal, so please read: 1) Crowdity are currently doing a deal for a FREE £15 Red Letter Day voucher (2 days remaining to sign up).… Read more

i have just sent you my one ... enjoy (_;)


Red Letter Days seem to have decided all those unused 'Krispy Kreme Valentines Gift Card' will now be given away in a competition: It also looks like a London competition only aswell, given that the 'cupid' has to be spotted at a tube station! If they're giving them away anyway, why didn't they just let us use our crowdity vouchers? :(


can anyone pm me your code if you have decided not to use it? thanks!


Got my tree today, nice for a £1.;)


KOPPYKING.. that guy in ur avatar.. whats his name?

£15 FREE Red Letter Days Voucher with No Minimum Spend! with Crowdity
Found 28th Jan 2011Found 28th Jan 2011
Free £15 voucher! What more is there to say. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it is often difficult to choose that extra special or different present to give to your loved o… Read more

Found it, had to go in with Chrome....what a lame site!


So....where is the voucher code box? Im really struggling! URGH!!


what a waste, everyone on there is a total rip off. iv got a spare if someone wants it


You could always use it for toilet paper.


can anyone pm me your code if you have decided not to use it? thanks!

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour only £5! (RRP £10)(London) with Crowdity
Found 7th Jan 2011Found 7th Jan 2011
Voucher valid for 1 year - so you could book at your leisure. Something to do while you visit London at half the cost - ideal to do as a group! The story of the Whitechapel murders… Read more

Everyone know's it's the third ;)


Is this like the one from the Apprentice? Cause I know for a fact that the Thames is NOT the second largest river in London...

Two Hours Professional Cleaning & Oven Clean £28 (RRP £66) with Crowdity (London)
Found 6th Jan 2011Found 6th Jan 2011
Just posted an offer with Groupon and found this one on Crowdity - depends if you have any credit or what you want doing really, both are very good offers. This voucher is valid fo… Read more

so many electric ovens are self cleaning though mine is from the 90's and has a self cleaning cycle so have never really had to clean it apart from the occassional wipe


I've been chatting to their online customer service and these guys are really helpful. They are fully aware of the deal (you would hope so) and have been very descriptive about what the voucher entails. Ring up first to confirm they cover your area though. Awesome deal a friend of mine has already booked and another is thinking about it. Oven cleans normally cost £40 alone!


I'm not saying this is one of the companies, but there was a feature on a consumer television programme recently (Watchdog?) where companies offered knocked down prices for a professional clean only to visit you and give a hard sell for a more expensive clean on arrival. When declined, the advertised professional clean wasn't up to scratch, and wasn't really worth the knocked down price. Just a heads up in case! Found the link to the programme (focuses on a specific company, and "bait and switch"):


Awesome deal thank you, our oven needs a serious clean!!!


I wonder how much of that original £66 goes to the cleaners. Assuming its little above the minimum wage. Still, good offer though if you're lazy or just need a deep clean.

Home Teeth Whitening Kit by Mint Cosmetics for only £39 @ Crowdity (RRP £100)
Found 24th Dec 2010Found 24th Dec 2010
Mint Cosmetics home teeth whitening gel kit offers the same amazing results as the dentist but with no heavy price tag or lasers! Offered exclusively to Crowdity members to save 61… Read more
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Much safer to have this done professionally - by which I mean a dentist, not some girl in a white coat at a beauty parlour next to a chippy.


Can get the same kits on ebay for £15. They use the exact same gel stuff. I know someone that used them and it worked pretty well. They didn't get perfectly white teeth, but it was definitely an improvement.


aren't these really bad for your teeth? my dentist told me they use too high an acidity and damage the enamel


You can achieve the same by having your Hygienist clean your teeth professionally (for about the same price). None of the available whitening sets will bleach your teeth to white, if your teeth are natyrally yellow. You need a dentist to do that, and even they can only one or two shades. If your teeth are yellow (naturally) you need to have them capped as the only solution.


For all the Richard Hammonds out there.(_;)

£25 FREE at Alexander & Pearl Luxury Lighting and Furniture from crowdity.
Found 27th Nov 2010Found 27th Nov 2010
Alexander and Pearl is an online retailer of exquisite chandeliers, lighting, armchairs & sofas, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture and home office… Read more
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Got this in my emails this morning too. Couldn't believe the prices on their website oO They can afford to take £25 off, they'll still make a killing!

heres the link to the alexander and pearl site. link quite expensive but thought £25 free will help if your buying something from here.

Free £10 Voucher Red Letter Days @ Crowdity
Found 25th Oct 2010Found 25th Oct 2010
£10 FREE Red Letter Days Voucher with No Minimum Spend Sign up today for a £10 FREE voucher to spend on an experience or gifts of your choice with no minimum spend! Red Letter Day… Read more

Don't forget QUIDCO - They are offering 16% cashback on Red Letter Days at the moment!


YEP - Its in the 'latest discount voucher' deals on MSE so they should reach the target now! :) I'll probably just end up growing my own chillies for £7 ... If they grow!!!


I don't know if there will be enough time but I hope they DO post it in the newsletter as there is just 1 day to go and only just over half the target reached ... So they need approx 1,500 more people to 'buy' the deal so we all get ours! So stick it everywhere eg Facebook - Yes its free advertising for them and they get new sign ups but thats what group buying is all about ( eg Keynoirs £1 Amazon and Cinema deals! )


when a certain amount of people(the target) sign up it ends then voucher no. emailed to you


whats this about target to be met and how do you get ya voucher number

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